england nails

Reminds me of absurd stuff the upper class would do in history just to show off the fact that they didn’t have to work
Like the English upper class wearing so many layers of clothes that they couldn’t run or breathe too deeply without passing out, upper class ancient Mayans purposefully making themselves cross eyed, etc


Working on my design for fem!/nyo!England. I still haven’t nailed down a hairstyle, so let me know which one’s your favorite!

I kind of like C even though that’s basically just male England’s normal hair, pffft.

Appreciating Mycroft

What starts out as Sherlock questioning why Molly always takes Mycroft’s side in an argument turns into everyone showing Mycroft how much they appreciate him. Mention of Warstan, Sherlolly and Mythea if you squint. Mycroft and Sherlock are good bros.

“Why do you always take Mycroft’s side when we get into an arguement?”

Molly looked up from painting her toes, surprised at Sherlock’s query.

“Because no one ever takes his side,” Molly answered. She dipped the brush once more into the nail varnish, applying just one more coat. Sherlock made to sit down, but she stopped him. “Jostle me and I’ll put you on dish duty for a month, this is my third coat.”

Sherlock rolled his eyes, moving instead to his own chair. “Anyway, you were saying? Of course, people take his side, he’s got half the government in his pocket.”

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Hetalia's habits
  • England: Bites his nails
  • Germany: Runs until he can't feel his legs, it started as an accident and how he can't stop
  • America: Bouncing his legs during World Meetings
  • Russia: Picks out his hair
  • Italy and Romano: Sucks their thumbs
  • Canada: Rocks his body at night
  • Prussia: massive head banging