england floods

It was old time-y England and I was the guy who traveled around the world in 80 days, except the moment my hot air balloon was in the air, England flooded and princess Diana shot down my balloon from a balcony with a sniper rifle.

livingmeatloaf  asked:

Hello! I'm not sure what category this falls under, but what kind of insurance rate increases and housing price/property value decreases could you expect to see in an area with regular or increasing superhero/villain/fighting occurances? Especially fighting where property damage is the norm.

SUPERHEROES ARE MY JAM! You’ve come to the right place, my friend.

You’re definitely going to get both insurance rate increases and property value decreases if supers are trashing the area on a regular basis. If your house gets knocked down every other year, your insurance company isn’t going to keep charging you a nice low rate, because they hate forking out to rebuild your house. They need to cover the cost of continuously rebuilding your house, which means charging your characters a lot more money. They might even refuse to provide insurance at all if they deem the area too high risk: after flooding in England some families couldn’t get house insurance for love nor money, just because of where their houses were situated. Likewise, if the Joker is running around torturing kids every third weekend, you aren’t going to want to buy a house there for your young family, are you? A lack of demand will drive house prices down until property values (could) hit close to the value of the bricks and mortar, and nothing else.

Unfortunately, the exact numbers are impossible for me to quantify, because everything comes down to a matter of extremes. You have villains running around that aren’t particularly harmful to the general populace, like Catwoman? House prices won’t be so badly affected, though your contents insurance might hit as yet unseen heights. But Juggernaut busting down walls every third month? That’s gonna have a much bigger effect on property prices and insurance rates.

In summary, the extent of these problems is entirely up to you. Are your villains pretty cuddly, or brutal mass murderers? And what about your heroes? Do they care about property damage? Do they even care about keeping your civilians alive?

Tumblr is so American focused. I haven’t seen anything on here about all the flooding happening in England right now.

It’s like America is the only country in the world.

People in Cumbria are flooded and will not be in their homes for Christmas. This happened a couple of years back too and yet I saw nothing on tumblr.

Please keep these poor people in your thoughts. They are loosing homes and livelihoods.