england challenge

“I challenge all the Romanos (or literally anyone I’ll fight everyone) out there to fight me!! Anyone whose got the balls, step right up!! I’m ready to fight you, your mom, your dog, and your gold fish.”


This is my gift to @cnerr for the @frukgiftexchange! I tried to use two of your wishes, so I made a mini comic where Arthur and Francis are spending their first Christmas with their adoptive sons, and soon they get into a silly snow fight that ends with a sweet moment between the two of them~

I hope you’ll like your gift and I wish you a wonderful year full of happiness <333

Day 15 of my lent exercise challenge, a lovely 2.5 mile walk with my man through the local park 😊 spring has officially hit, I saw a wild bunny today 🐰


Allies Sexuality Headcanons

America: bisexual
England: polysexual
France: pansexual
China: greysexual
Russia: homosexual
Canada: pansexual

Source: art by Himaruya and pride flags
Suggested by: nellyemmamaria and an anon
Pansexual!Canada suggested by: drawinmysleep