I finally got back to school so I got my rig put together. The Fireball is really solid. I think it takes pedals a little better than I remember my old Powerball handling them.
The gain knob with the ultra gain engaged is pretty much fullbore which is lame. But I’ve been making it work.
I’m fine with a shared EQ but honestly, there should be two gain controls.
We’ll see how long it sticks around.

Current rig for my band (Dumbsaint). Matt’s compressor is amazing, by the way. Not sure if he has made any more of them for anyone besides himself. He should. Also, what’s better than a Blunderbuss? A Fix’d in the same box, obviously.

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Submitted by Brendan

This is quite the rig, dude. I feel you on the Blunderbuss, though I sometimes love the Fix’d and other times I don’t care. Blackout forever though. The whole board is really sick, wish I could have a go at that Compressor. I plan to have some stuff done asap by Atomium. Awesome work. I always wanted a Mayones too. Very cool. Sunn on an Engl cab isn’t a common combo but I’m about that. Would love to hear this rig. Thanks for sharing!