It’s Women in Engineering Day

Today, June 23 is International Women in Engineering Day. We have many talented women across NASA that contribute to our success to reach for new heights and reveal the unknown for the benefit of humankind.

Happy Int'l Women in Engr Day! Love working @nasa to plan spacewalks, train astronauts, & flight control! #INWED17 #IAmANASAEngineer #nasa

— Grier Wilt (@grierlauren)

June 23, 2017

Hearing from them illuminates the vibrant community of dedicated women who play a vital role at the agency. These women have pushed to pursue their dreams and make a difference everyday at NASA. 

Happy International Women in Engineering Day! #INWED17 #IAmANASAEngineer

— ~Alexandria~ (@DOPECHICKBEATS)

June 23, 2017

We hope that these stories will inspire girls everywhere to reach for the stars and explore the myriad of opportunities available to them through pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Proud to call these awesome @NASA_Johnson women engineers my friends! Happy Int'l Women in Engineering Day! #INWED17 #IAmANASAEngineer @NASA

— Jenny On Console (@JennyOnConsole)

June 23, 2017

Join us as we celebrate the achievements of our outstanding women engineers.

Happy International Women in Engineering Day!#IAmANASAEngineer #INWED17 #INWED2017 #KSC @NASA_LSP @NASA @NASAKennedy @kelleyjoooones

— Laura P. Rose (@lauraprose)

June 23, 2017

Learn more and hear stories from the Women at NASA community by visiting

We are the smart, incredible women of @LockheedMartin that are building @NASA_Orion at @NASAKennedy ! #INWED17 #IAmANASAEngineer

— Chelsea (@Queen_Of_Quarks)

June 23, 2017

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Ok, so I’ve been thinking a lot about Alien Covenant since I saw it 24 hours ago and I think I finally know what’s really going on here.


So, back when Prometheus came out five years ago, we wondered what was going to happen next. Were we getting a new spinoff franchise based on the Engineers/Space Jockeys? Or were we getting more actual Alien movies starring the good ol’ “xenomorphs”?

It really looked like it was going to be the later, I mean the movie flat out had “Alien” in the title and the publicity campaign made no secret that the classic aliens were in it…

But we were wrong.

This really IS a new spinoff franchise, but not in the way anyone expected. The Engineers are not actually the focus of these movies starting from Prometheus onwards…

It’s David. This is David’s franchise now. He was arguably the most beloved part of Prometheus, now he’s the main character, the villain, and the monster. An unstable super android in his journey to wipe out humanity and replace it with his own creations.

In fact, he’s the modern equivalent of Victor Frankenstein from the 60′s Hammer Frankenstein films (the one played by Peter Cushing). Like those movies, these are about the escapades of a wicked creator of monsters, now IN SPACE. And while the aliens may be present in these movies, so was the Frankenstein’s monster and derivatives in the Hammer movies. 

Alien: Covenant is actually a David movie, Prometheus is retroactively a David movie, and now we wait for the sequels.

This may actually be the new direction the series needed. A very different kind of central character to Ellen Ripley. We’ll see. For now, well played, Fox; you may not have Star Wars anymore, but at least you have space robot Victor Frankenstein played by Michael Fassbender.

For Flint

So, I’m an engineering major and am trying to come up with a way to obtain clean water for flint. I’m thinking of using condensers from old AC units to use to pull water from the air, and then panning it through a filter. It would pretty much generate the water from outside. And I’m also trying to make something people can hook up to their sinks to purify the water. If you know any other engineers or are into this yourself please message me so we can make this happen for flint!!!

I saw Alien: Covenant for a second time recently and I liked it more. I guess I was able to better apreciate it’s own merits instead of being distracted by the homages and references.

It’s not perfect nor the movie I personally wanted, but there are things to take from it. I really liked the theme it took from Prometheus about “finding yourself through creating vs. finding yourself through your creators”, especially since it’s not spelled out but reflected through the characters’ actions and reactions.

What really gives novelty to this movie is the direction they took with David. He offers a different point of view by regarding the aliens as fascinating and seeing no value in human life, rather than being another survivor. He’s a very different recurring character to Ripley and that’s for the better.

I loved the “neomorphs” and the aliens came across as formidable for the most part, albeit brute. I suppose they aren’t “perfected” yet, though it really didn’t need to be two of them. I would have prefered the first one to just get into the ship, even if it has been done before.

I didn’t like what the movie did with Shaw at all. I find it very different to the deaths of Hicks and Newt in Alien 3, wich greatly contributed to the tone the movie was going for. Shaw’s end is especially hard to believe after her defining scene in Prometheus had her going to great lenghts to save herself from a monster embryo.

I did like what they did with the Engineers, surprisingly. They got killed and removed from the narrative without going deeper into what’s up with them. This means they get to be mysteryous in a way the aliens may not be able to anymore, wich I think may be for the better. There is enough in these two movies to speculate about them so we can at least have that.

I’m waiting for the following movies and wouldn’t mind if they change their mind and decide to make the series about David’s experiments rather than explaining how the aliens came to be. I don’t think that needs explanaition.

This text post ended up longer than I expected so here’s a gif:

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