We're The Jones' | Chapter 54 |

Rated T for Fluff
Trigger Warnings: Phobia of Flying, Alcoholism/Drug Mention

Featuring David Jones and his domestic life. Meeting the lady of his life and building a home and family with her…


Instead of flapping and honing in on his fear he focused on the things that he did enjoy about a plane flight. Even if few and far between. The motion itself did relax him. The feeling of floating, could be just as comforting as it could frightening. The whir of the engine and that consistency in the near distance, all the same. He felt neutral towards the mid-air journey, it was definitely the take off and landing that had him shook the most. He didn’t make a big fuss. He never did usually make a scene out of his own thoughts or feelings, if anything, plain and poignant statements here and there. One could always tell something was wrong though. If it hadn’t of been so far away, and he had been travelling alone, he’d have gone for the QE2 over the flights. But he did not want to delay their moment, he was too excited to wait the full weeks of the journey on the boat.

But what had instilled such fear in him to fly in the first place? Well it was not exactly the safest industry out there but then again; more so than cars. He remembered the time that truly left him terrified to ever board a plane again. It was on the return to England from Cyprus in 1971. He had invited Woody and Mick along with him and Angie to take a short holiday in between their hectic and flourishing career. Their flight there had been a little rocky, but nothing unusual. Concords were still in commision back then, flights were quicker, but almost blew your ears out in the process. The journey home, David had settled upon a window seat as he did like to let his gaze linger, needing something to keep him busy, even if that meant the whooshing clouds and pinprick outlines of villages below. But it hadn’t been quite as serene as he intended. Halfway through their flight terrible turbulence had struck and the plane jolted and jived like nobody’s business, a storm had came on and they passed through the violent atmosphere, the planes rattling and finding it hard to remain in control, and lightening rapidly hitting both the wingtips.

Poor David had almost left his body in shock. He already had the creeps for airlines. This had just been the absolute factor of reasoning against flights for him. Colour completely drained from his already abnormally paled face, he almost passed out in fear. Woody had looked after him, being less prone, terrified all the same but able to remain composed for his frail friend. That had been his reasoning factor for avoiding flights at all costs, ever since. Time and money didn’t matter to him, if it meant steering clear of aircraft. He just didn’t feel safe. It seemed there was always another tragedy involving planes on the news everyday, headlining the papers. He had only taken very few planes since, and only on the grounds of having no other choice. But he had taken a brave, and bold move flying again now. He did feel a streak of bravery when he was around Iman, a rush of adrenaline, he felt safe when she was close. Even if that was illogical, her being closer, or sat next to him, wouldn’t magically prevent the plane from crashing, or any accidents.


“Easy on the wine darling,” David pecked her cheek goodbye, and followed her to the door, dragging his flat tail along behind him. Of course he didn’t mind her going out to socialise. She had invited him and he knew he was more than welcome. But he didn’t fancy the hecticness of a night out tonight, he had convinced her to go after he dropped out himself. He couldn’t deny his sense of abandon and lost feeling when she was gone though, he was like a pup fending for itself all over again. Iman was such a dear to him, she had cooked dinner, made sure he was bathed, and been particularly endearing before she got ready to leave. He smiled after her and waved, shutting and locking the door, he had made sure she had her key.

Honestly, he was so used to being the tirelessly bubbly character of a situation that seeing Iman swanning out pridefully and without even a speck of jetlag showing was stunning. He turned his back to the door and sighed softly, standing there for a moment, thinking to himself, before he shuffled off towards the lounge and bounded down onto the sofa, kicking his feet up and grasping the remote at once. He had yet to unpack, but he truly, just wanted to relax and unwind for a while first. He had been taking in what Iman said and following her advice more. She knew he was hard on himself often, especially when he truly didn’t need to be. She told him to follow his heart, and cave in to desire. So he did, with a pitcher of milk, fluffy pajamas, documentaries and relaxation. Exactly what he desired in this current moment.



The front door opened with a swift swing, almost banging against the wall but the clumsy, aloof Iman caught it and stumbled on in, heels in hands, handbag loose upon her shoulders, dropping her keys on the side as she kicked the door shut behind her and snuck into the kitchen first.

“Hmm..” David awoke with a start and faced the flickering screen of the television, squinting heavily, turning his head away and looking down at his watch, he had heard the door go. It was quite late. But oddly, early for Iman! He wasn’t controlling, he did expect to see her by morning, but he didn’t give her curfews or anything as daft. They kept their freedom, it kept them ticking, and they were both pretty free flowing spirits anyway. He tried to blink himself awake, breathing deeply, grasping at the side of the sofa. He must’ve drifted off at some point, he was pretty knackered, he wouldn’t have survived a night on the road. He could only do so many, especially these days, he was settling as an elder man, definitely noticing and feeling the change, but he embraced it. The seventies had already been a lifetime enough for him, wild and promiscuous, he was always hanging from the edge of a cliff. He didn’t know if his fluttering heart, and rattling bones could take that anymore, not quite as much. Whole weeks of no sleep was definitely off the list.

Iman grabbed herself a glass of water and carefully tiptoed down the hallway, seeing the light blaring from the lounge doorway and peeking in. “Somebody had a good night..” David remarked softly, smirking, seeing her wobbling, failing to hide it. He only added the soft advice of going easy for the sake of saying so, he knew she would do whatever she wished. Being around handfuls of drunk, drugged people was not really his scene anymore. Partially because he could not indulge himself, he was clean, happily so, and not intending to return to that dark place anytime soon. But just because, they were a damn handful. All goofy, and loud, and reckless. He ended up looking after them all, and watching in amusement, wondering what it had been like in his case. Probably approaching with palms outstretched, eyes wide, and gentle words of no harm meant. He was a paranoid bugger back then, awfully so, he was afraid he’d almost lost himself entirely. He could’ve done at any point, he was shocked, and yet never more thankful he didn’t. Joe needed him, he was been a big driving force in running from that fantasy world once and for all.

Mmm..” Iman giggled and bit her lip, smirking mischievously. He switched off the TV and got up, tugging his robe over his shoulders and coming to escort her out of the room. “Come on then missy..” He tutted sarcastically and smiled after her, letting her hold her arm around his shoulder as he took her to bed. He actually rather enjoyed being the one on the outside now, he didn’t mind looking after people rather than being the one in the embarrassing mess. He had control here, he liked being in control again. That’s something he had been in draws with during that dark time, he didn’t admit it, nor show it too blindingly, but he liked to be in control, it was almost a must for him. He asserted his dominance one way or another. When he was on all those cocktails of drugs, he could hardly even cipher a clear thought. He was trapped, and that had sent him loopy, that had given him terrible waves of paranoia alone.

David came up behind her and unzipped her dress swiftly, keeping her balanced as she stepped out of it and letting her flop down into bed as he placed her shoes aside. He wandered off for a moment or two, locking the front door and returning with a big glass of water and some painkillers for when she woke up. Wine always managed to properly screw a person over. Leave their head throbbing, mouth dry, eyes watering, stomach turning. Wine hangovers were the worst kind in his experience, he took extra care, and left them on her bedside table, before he shrugged off his robe, kicked off his boxers crawled into bed and snuggled up next to her. It was habit. He was nudist at heart, he did like to roam his own kingdom like the lion of the jungle. Not that she minded that one bit, or rather, adopted that nature for her own and became the proud lioness.

The scent of red wine was thick and hit him quickly, but he snuggled closer, he was a cuddly man, he radiated affection around her, her particularly. Something had switched up in him around Iman. He had never felt such a desire, such a must to be so affectionate with anyone else. Iman simply endlessly continued to fool and daze David in a dreamy state, as he drifted off with his arms around her, slipping off into a peaceful sleep quickly. Each night, he was contradicted by the excitement of another day well spent with his soulmate, but also the peace, and utter comfort he found cuddled up to her. He slept soundly, and felt well rested every morning, with a bright enthusiasm for the next.

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Google’s Algorithm Update: Tips To Face The Upcoming Penguin Update and Stay Penalty Free in 2016

We already know that Penguin sits at the core of algorithm and is specifically designed to take out the sites that make us of tricky ways to improve search engine visibility. It is expected that the new Penguin algorithm update 4.0 of Google will be a “real-time version”.

anonymous asked:

I was reading the bios and I was wondering if you could tell more about Douglas' abandonment issues?

Tl;dr- Douglas is dependent on Donald bc of mental illness and past trauma, and they’ve been thru a lot together. When Donald starting dating Duck, that made Douglas feel that 1) Donald was going to abandon him and 2) Duck was trying to steal Donald. One of his biggest fears is his twin abandoning him for good

Elaboration below the cut

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if you get this, say 5 facts about yourself, then pass it on to 10 of your favorite followers ❤

((I received two of these. Congratulations. You get the IC responses.))

Five facts about myself, hmm? A bit forward of a stranger to ask; but, sure. I’ll bite, Mate.

Lochlyn, reaches up to remove the nigh-ever-present visor wrapped around her head at eye-level; revealing mech-engineered black ocular implants with golden irises. “While I’m quite well aware that eye patches are the fashion statement of rough brigands and battle-worn soldiers; I rather prefer to remain on the front lines. So, in the absence of the sapphire eyes that were taken from me, I engineered functional replacements.

Reaching across the table, Lochlyn retrieves a black bottle the size of a shot glass and uncorks it. A playful smirk slips smoothly across her marred features. She arches a brow, her expression offering a mild challenge. “I know. I look like I might have drawn the eye once. Perhaps. But, being flayed alive will change that.” She pauses to take a sip from the little bottle as the ebony fluid burns down her throat. “Better than an eye patch, eh?

The smile slips from her scarred lips as she taps the bottle lightly on the table a few times. “What else? Hmm. Ah, I own a brewery of tremendous renown throughout Azeroth, from which Horde and Alliance are like to purchase our specialty drinks.” another smile - more impish than the last. “Not for the meek, though. Our brews are strong enough to do any Dwarf proud.” she says as she let’s go the bottle and rests herself more fully against the back of her seat and crosses her legs.

Pursing her lips briefly, she pans her ocular implants about the room. Silent. “I’ve been forged in the fires of combat for a quarter of a century. And that is where I expect to die.

Silence lingers, her slim eyebrows knit in thought. Something somber - sobering - simmering beneath her features. Finally, she looks up, her expression cool and neutral. Whatever she’d thought of saying, clearly dismissed. Replaced by, “I suppose I’m rather fond of the Light.” she says with a shrug before rising from her seat to take her feet. “As much as this game intrigues, however… I rather prefer to listen. Perhaps, one day, you’ll share your truths with me. Until then…

Lochlyn bows her head respectfully before heading toward the door.

The year is 2039 and it’s been over 25 years since the first class of Gleeks graduated and left the halls of William McKinley High to pursue their dreams. Some either went off to explore the streets of New York City or ventured out to sunny Los Angeles, while others stuck around their hometown of Lima, Ohio.

Eventually as they began to settle down and get married, start their own families, they started to migrate to a place called Lakewood in Colorado. A town just on the outskirts of Denver, the Mile High City. While Denver isn’t quite as popular as New York or LA, it’s still a place full of opportunities for anyone interested in things such as music, film, theater, athletics, education, and engineering.

Now that all of our favorite McKinley alums are in one place again - with their children - one can only imagine how much history can repeat itself.


Since you don’t have Tumblr account
31 year year old, runner, hit on me for the last two hours
Speaks German
Plays piano
Mechanical engineer
And so on
And all I saw was you
And I keep being reminded by others
You don’t love me
And it rings like the loudest bell in my head
The tears stream down
And I walk away

WHY I FUCKING lose sight of what to do with myself, my future and education

It is because I have a family who downplays ANY field I would like to go to. They also get angry easily and easily insults me.

An example would be I wanted to go into business psychology, my brother told me that HR positions are mostly for women, and that they would not hire me.

He also did it with engineering, saying that I am too lazy to work hard, like shit-I WORK EFFICIENTLY why the fuck would I need to work hard for something that is easy?

Oh, you want to get into pilot slots? you’re too short - brothers. 

I have great analytical skills, interpersonal skills, and a mind that is able to learn quickly. 

The vehicle rumbles on idle for at least a couple of minutes before the key is turned and the engine goes dead silent. This is your typical early morning run with Negan and company, weapons brandished to take care of any walkers that might wander in their direction or decide to jump out from corners and dark spaces. Nothing they can’t handle, really.  So with a vehicle left behind the men are on their way to find some goodies that might just be waiting for them.

“Hm, I see something.”
Alex had this way with the urban land that stems from pre apocalyptic practices, those scars and callouses on his hands from quite a bit of practice put into his pleasure. For some time now Alex has gone from a rather apprehensive savior, to a pretty damn good runner when it is needed of him. It always is done with a kind of grudging silence, like he bit his tongue out of interest for his own safety.

That is not far from the truth.

Alex hands his rifle off to one of the men with them and begins walking along the side of a rather spooky string of buildings, boarded windows usually tell a story; someone tried to survive here at one point. This is better done quietly in his opinion, so backing from the door and barricaded windows he looked up to a window that is partially cracked, causing the drapes to sway in what little breeze there is. Sure, they could always knock down the doors and the boarded windows, but Alex is thinking more on the lines of possible safe haven should he ever find himself lost around here at night. Better to have an in-tact safe house than a damaged one.

“I’m pretty sure there could be stuff in here. I could also be wrong, but it looks untouched.” He explained, before turning towards Negan and pointing up, “I can get up there, too. Whatcha think?”

He offers no suggestions on doing this quietly, preferably just doing things Negan’s way at the end of the day so he does not feel like he is getting himself into shit for being a smartass.

devilsmilcd  asked:

Have you seen ZACHARY DUNN around Firefly? I hear he is a CISGENDER MALE and work as a NUCLEAR ENGINEER. I think they’re about THIRTY SIX, because they kind of look like DOMINIC COOPER. I hear the darkest secret they have is that THEY ARE HEAVILY INVOLVED WITH THE OCCULT. ( it me ) * aggie's connection

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“It seems I managed to best them even while unconscious. I am that amazing.“

Prompt: Warden for Best PC || ACCEPTING

    “I… I see.”

    Brows raise at his response and furrow shortly after. It had been a rough encounter. With no Pokemon of their own wandering about at the time, neither really held much a chance to defend themselves when the Mankey came flying from the grass, small but fists flailing with such speed one might have thought him run by an engine. She supposes they’re both lucky that it was a weaker of the species.

    Still… Maybe Nurse Joy should take a look at him. 

    “You were hit pretty hard… Are you alright? Does anything feel off?”