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AKULA Ballistic - Concept Design ~ EDONGURAZIU

Concept Design of a futuristic weapon platform using case-less ammunition, heavy CHF-B (cold hammer forged barrel), NRPC (nylon reinforced polymer chassis), ergonomic extendable stock with integrated monopo. Modular for either Human and Non-Human use. Chassis can be attached to frames of choice with the rail-track on the bottom side. Using EOI (External Optic Interface) it can be suited to fulfil multiple roles with few adjustments of optics, barrel and ammunition.

The 1955 Ford Mystere promised a push button starter, a radio telephone, a flip-over steering wheel that allowed it to be driven from either of the swiveling front seats, and a gas turbine engine under the rear deck. This would be replaced three years later by a ‘small nuclear reactor’ in the extraordinary Ford Nucleon.

you know what’s most hilarious about people bitching about Mercy being white?

what’s funniest I think about this?

Mercy’s the only straight up white european person there.

All the other Support heroes are:

  • Ana, an Egyptian sniper formerly affiliated with Overwatch
  • Lucio, a Brazilian musician/resistance fighter
  • Symmetra, an autistic Indian engineer (whose concept art seems to have originally had her as a white woman)
  • Zenyatta, an Omnic Guru that formerly followed a heavily Asian spirituality influenced philosophy as a monk until he disagreed as a leader and left. He’s basically culturally Asian while also being an Omnic, an in universe minority

like. You’re getting mad at. The single white woman in the entire cast that’s a Support Hero.


You like castles, don’t you?


Memory castle is a virtual place for you to build room by room on your PC, Mac or mobile device.
In this place, you can collect your ideas and write notes while navigating freely throughout the tridimensional space you created. 


While studying for my finals I needed a solitary and calm place where I could focus without any distraction from the outside world: I began to imagine myself in an old medieval castle, in front of my desk, with my notes and books. Immersing myself into this alternate world really helped me not only to stay focused but also to remember what I was studying because I could visualize it mentally in my medieval study.
With this idea in mind, I started very recently this project using the game engine Unreal Engine 4 so that I and other people could create a virtual castle.


As a visual tool Memory Castle allows its users to:

  • take notes and write down ideas in a new and compelling way that takes advantage of the tridimensional space;
  • create a memory palace to memorize anything through visualization and spatial memory;
  • concentrate while studying;
  • explore other people castles and read their stories;
  • relax and look at every nook and corner of your creation.


You start by building your castle room by room: choose the style and the shape of each room, there will be a wide range of options and customizable characteristics. 
Once you chose your room, which might be a cozy medieval study, a busy kitchen, a dungeon or a lush courtyard garden, you can furnish and decorate placing any kind of 3D object. 
Every object can store a text or a picture: you write a note and associate it with an item. 
When you need a new room you can place a ‘door’ item, which can be anything from a real door to a mousehole, and use it to create and go to a different space.
You can expand your castle or create multiple ones: in one of them you could keep your ideas; you could use the next one to learn a new language etc.
At this point, you might consider sharing your castle and your stories with others.


As humans, we are not good at remembering complex historical events, series of numbers or the periodic table, but we are good at remembering places. Memory palaces, also known as mind palaces or memory journey are a mnemonic tool that allows practitioners to memorize complex pieces of information taking advantage of spatial memory. You can create one by navigating a familiar place in your mind and choosing several loci (latin for places) you can later use to store what you need to remember through visual association.

More on the subject here

This is relevant to the Memory Castle project because it can actually be a great tool you can use to build palaces. In fact, many people are using video games as memory palaces and find them really helpful given their nature and memorability but this places are not personal or customizable, and can often be problematic to use and this is where the memory Castle project comes in.

That’s all, thank you, everyone, we hope you will find this project interesting and entertaining. 
Please let us know what do you think, we will be glad to hear your thoughts.