Kai, 22

“I’m wearing Béton Ciré cap, Moscot sunglasses with clip on, a Ralph Lauren jacket decorated with vintage pins, Brooks Brothers white crew neck, Tom Ford chinos, Dr Martens × Engineered Garments 1461 shoes. I’m ispired by actually everything around me but especially people doing something different like structuring music, acting for groove and any cultural things interesting to me. Corduroy addicts recently, my every single outfit have at least one part of that material. Cheap CHIC is my bible.”

Sep 17, 2017

Kind Of Squarzi

Today’s outfit is sort-of inspired by Alessandro Squarzi (the founder of Fortela) who’s image you would have no doubt seen all over the internet (usually for an article showing stylish older men).

I’ve noticed that he likes wearing white jeans, a vest and a double-rider or M-65 jacket. It’s a great look that is easy to put together and relaxed. I’ve taken my cues from that but changed it a little - the jacket is a light overshirt and the jeans are faded blue not white. The chukkas are crepe-soled which makes them very comfortable to walk on and this shade of suede actually looks really good with dark denim.

Jacket - Engineered Garments

Vest - Man 1924

Shirt - River Island

Jeans - Orslow 107 Two Year Wash

Socks - Anonymous Ism

Shoes - Trenery


Kapital Century Denim

Like yesterday’s trucker jacket - this is a pair of jeans I haven’t worn too often but should. The denim is persimmon-dyed with indigo-dyed threads running through the fabric using sashiko stitching - all in all, a very interesting pair of jeans. You can see this in the close up of the fabric. The persimmon is a bit of an unusual colour so I’ve treated it like brown here. The cardigan is lined on the inside so it’s really more like a jacket - a furry, wooly shawl collared blazer that feels like a hug when you put it on. I love chunky knitwear like this! Rather than a dark pair of boots, I’ve gone for some contrast here in colour as well as texture. The socks are a blue marled pair from Anonymous Ism and tie in with the stitching on the jeans.

Cardigan - Engineered Garments

Shirt - Orslow

Jeans - Kapital Kakishibu Century Denim (Stone)

Socks - Anonymous Ism

Boots - Crockett and Jones Coniston


Denim and Corduroy

For a comfy combination (and I’m all about comfy combination), it’s hard to beat denim and corduroy. Both are hardwearing fabrics that look great the more beaten up they get.

I got the idea for this outfit from the recent Permanent Style book but it makes sense to me. I chose some suede longwings for today because they’re great and I haven’t worn them recently. I think the whole denim, corduroy and suede combination works pretty well.

It’s a perfect outfit for sitting at home and staring into the garden with a smile or comtemplating life over a cup of coffee at your favourite cafe.

Jacket - Engineered Garments

Turtleneck - Uniqlo

Shirt - Wrangler

Jeans - Orslow 107 One Wash

Socks - CHUP

Shoes - Alden