Ever wonder how trains survive winter storms? Like an SUV towing a trailer during the winter, locomotives can lose their grip on slick rails if they’re pulling too much behind them. GE locomotive engineers have developed the Advanced Rail Cleaner (ARC), a software-guided supersonic air blower that keeps the train tracks clean even in the midst of heavy snowfall and rain.

The system directs high-pressure air in front of the lead axle of the locomotive to blast away moisture. The added software detects when the locomotive is in danger of slipping, and automatically activates the ARC to clean the rail. Read more about this game-changing technology at GE Reports.

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I was doing some GIF/cinemagraph practice.  Not exactly sure where these would fit in, but thought I’d share anyway.

They’re taken from evilmrfrank’s Unreal 4 videos. which are time lapses of him building environments that he usually does over a weekend.  You can see his latest one here.

The movement in the forest scene might be a little hard to see if you’re on a small screen, click to expand, or you can see the higher resolution versions on imgur.

[Higher resolution here]