engineer stripe

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"Please tell me you're joking"


SHE HAS HAD TO DEAL WITH HER FAIR SHARE OF UNHAPPY customers before, of course. none of them, however, were princes with cars that costed more than her entire life. jiyeon runs a hand through her hair, smearing a stripe of engine grease across her forehead as she does so.   would you laugh if i was

its a terrible attempt at relaxing the tension that hangs, tangible, in the air between them. but… whatever it takes to keep her head firmly on her shoulders.   it was an accident, i promise !  just a little scratch and you can barely see it. i’ll even paint it, free of charge !  jiyeon’s fingers are then pushing a few buttons on the register, before the machine pops open with a ding. she scoops a few bills out and pushes them toward him.   hell, i’ll even pay you. just don’t get mad, okay ?  i’m sorry.
Darling, Watch Me Gasp
By Organization for Transformative Works

Niall has been warned a thousand times not to go near him, but something tells him that Zayn maybe isn’t as bad as he seems, and he can’t help but melt every time the leather-clad bastard gives him one of his rare smiles.

Or Niall is a good boy from Ireland and should be listening to his best friend and staying away from boys like Zayn, but apparently his sanity has gone out the window. Zayn sleeps with anything he finds beautiful and is a little too honest for his own good. Harry takes far too many drugs to escape the badness in the world. Louis just wants to love Harry. And Liam just wants to strangle them all.

Written By: Phillipa19

chaptered/wip + university/au + mature

Note: When your brain warns you that you should stay away from wip fics. But your heart tells you that this is the best friends with benefits you’ve ever read and the drama is going to make you cry. /shot/

- Kendra