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HOUSTON AFTER HURRICANE HARVEY:  How urban planning (or lack thereof), contributed to the “natural” disaster

Since Hurricane Harvey hit Houston and other parts of the Gulf Coast in August 2017, a debate has arisen in the press and urban planning sites about the role of local policy in the flooding. While there was going to be massive flooding with a weather event of this magnitude, there is broad agreement among that enlightenedNew York Times, 11 NOV. 2017 urban planning and public policy could have lessened the severity of the environmental devastation to some degree.

Despite the appeal of unregulated growth in what has been called “free-enterprise city,” it is time for Houston and other large metropolises to reflect on their growth patterns and see how to conserve environments that contribute to resilience, while protecting residents’ lives, health, homes and real-estate investments. Ed Glaeser, the Harvard economist and author of “Triumph of the City” says that Houston could restrict housing in its flood plains and preserve more open space from development without substantially raising housing costs. 

An excellent review of the lessons from Hurricane Harvey in Houston by Michael Kimmelman of The New York Times (11 NOV. 2017), from which the map above is drawn, also includes the following commentary:

The story of Harvey, Houston and the city’s difficult path forward is a quintessentially American tale. Time and again, America has bent the land to its will, imposing the doctrine of Manifest Destiny on nature’s most daunting obstacles. We have bridged the continent with railways and roads, erected cities in the desert, and changed the course of rivers.

Built on a mosquito-infested Texas swamp, Houston similarly willed itself into a great city. It is the country’s energy capital, home to oil and carbon-producing giants, to the space industry, medical research and engineers of every stripe. Its sprawl of highways and single-family homes is a postwar version of the American dream.

Unfortunately, nature always gets the last word. Houston’s growth contributed to the misery Harvey unleashed. The very forces that pushed the city forward are threatening its way of life.

Sprawl is only part of the story. Houston is also built on an upbeat, pro-business strategy of low taxes and little government. Many Texans regard this as the key to prosperity, an antidote to Washington. It encapsulates a potent vision of an unfettered America.

Harvey called that concept into question. It may have been an unusually bad hurricane, dumping trillions of gallons of water in a few days, even more to the east of the city than to the west, in the prairie, and setting all kinds of records. But it was also the third big storm to slam Houston in three years, dispelling any notion that Houston shouldn’t expect more of the same.

Source:  MICHAEL KIMMELMAN, New York Times, 11 NOV. 2017

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Now that you've mentioned Keith's bike I'm curious about where it may have come from. Another memento of his mom? Something that the people who brought Blue to Earth left behind?

Believe it or not someone was just talking to me about this. Credit to dhaarijmens who I… cannot @ for some reason, for this screengrab:

So the poster up behind Hunk’s head, at a glance, would seem to be an advertisement for the bike. Oh, mystery solved, it’s normal Earth technology and Pidge just had coincidentally never seen anything like it before. Pidge… the… science enthusiast. Hm.

So I went deeper.

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Alexander Wang’s Spring/Summer 2015 RTW collection running across the runway with sneaker inspiration

  • Chalk Bi Color Optical Mesh Polo Dress w/ Collar inspired by the adidas Originals Stan Smith tennis sneaker
  • “Black and Airforce” sneaker bag inspired by the NIKE Air Force 180 OG black royal basketball sneaker
  • Cement print top inspired by the NIKE Air Jordan III “Black Cement” sneaker
  • Air Force Bi Color Mesh Tee Dress w/ Engineered Stripes inspired by the NIKE Flyknit Lunar2 vivid blue/white/game royal running shoe

I got bored “oh no” and I did the one thing I know I’m not suppose to do “No, Suzanne, no” and I messed with SFM more  “No, Suzanne, no!” and I came up with this! “God dammit, this isn’t what we paid you to do!” But I really wanted Eskimo Kisses!

Eskimo kissing is the one that’s on top. It’s when you’re rubbing the tips of your nose together! That’s freakin’ adorable! But not the whole nose! Ain’t nobody wanting your snot all over their face! And if they do, well,congrats! You’ve got yourself a soulmate for the rest of your little, odd life! And the other two just were just because.

And now I’m thinking this is why I commission people to do my ideas. I tried. Oh! I have full body versions I can share! “No, Suzanne, that’s quite alright, you can keep those.” Oh but I Insist! “God dammit.”

((Side note, after looking through all these again, I have a new OT3. Soldier, Engineer, and that yellow striped pole. It’ll be Helmet Poles and it’s going to catch on like wildfire!))(should I crop out the pole? It’s a nice pole though. All yellow and…poley)
Darling, Watch Me Gasp
By Organization for Transformative Works

Niall has been warned a thousand times not to go near him, but something tells him that Zayn maybe isn’t as bad as he seems, and he can’t help but melt every time the leather-clad bastard gives him one of his rare smiles.

Or Niall is a good boy from Ireland and should be listening to his best friend and staying away from boys like Zayn, but apparently his sanity has gone out the window. Zayn sleeps with anything he finds beautiful and is a little too honest for his own good. Harry takes far too many drugs to escape the badness in the world. Louis just wants to love Harry. And Liam just wants to strangle them all.

Written By: Phillipa19

chaptered/wip + university/au + mature

Note: When your brain warns you that you should stay away from wip fics. But your heart tells you that this is the best friends with benefits you’ve ever read and the drama is going to make you cry. /shot/

- Kendra

#BestGiftEver: The Sporty Girl

5 gifts to give the sporty-minded girl

For the girl who enjoys the outdoors and whose idea of a Saturday well-spent is a long hike, consider gifting her something that will help feed that appetite for exercise. Whether she plays recreational sports or frequents the yoga studio three times a week, you’re sure to find something that she’ll love in our top five picks below. Read on for why each item would make the #BestGiftEver.

1. Sports Bra

No girl wants to spend more than the price of a spin class on a sports bra, but if you surprise her with an ultra stylish and comfortable one, like Alexander Wang’s Engineer Stripe style below, she’ll never want to take it off.

Engineer Stripe Sports Bra

2. Laser-Cut Leggings

Blue Life Fit’s laser-cut stretch leggings are perfect for the girl who prefers workout gear with a unique design.

Blue Life Fit Laser-Cut Legging

3. Yoga Mat

If she’s at all into yoga, gift her this latex-free PVC yoga mat by La Vie Boheme, which will put her in a happy, zen-like state whenever she unravels it.

La Vie Boheme Yoga Mandala Yoga Mat

4. Sneakers

Stella McCartney’s line for adidas is on every stylish athlete’s wish list, and these subtle pink and yellow running shoes will be her new favorite all-purpose sneaker.

Studio Nylon & Mesh Sneakers

5. Gym Bag

Any gym-going girl would appreciate a new gym bag, especially one that stands out in a sea of sweaty black gym clothes. Give her this bright shoulder bag from adidas and she’ll be the coolest chick there.

Adidas Originals x Farm Airliner Indigo Bag

Yes, that’s right: before DeLorean, drivers stuck their arms out the window to indicate a turn. DeLorean’s other innovations made major impacts as well, though the actual tally of those inventions and patents ranges from 3 to 200, depending on who you ask. Most agree that a short list would include a recessed windshield wiper, the overhead-cam engine, and racing stripes.