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What happens when reioka and I talk

reioka: For real?! Tony’s tiny, not person sized?!
ifdragonscouldtalk: No XD hes person sized in the fic
But it would make it funny
Imagine bruce trying to find a needle small enough to get a blood sample
reioka: I mean… ask a bird vet probably
ifdragonscouldtalk: Tony hanging off Steve’s pinky finger by his tail
reioka: The idea is very adorable, if impracticle
ifdragonscouldtalk: Bucky has a cat. The cat likes little tony. Tony does NOT LIKE the cat
reioka: Awww.
Wait like like “dinner” or like like “person!”
ifdragonscouldtalk: We dont know. Tony screams when Cat gets within 3 feet. Steve keeps Cat out of the room now.
reioka: Aw poor kitty lol
Poor Tony
“It’s big! It’s get sharps everywhere! EVERYTHING IS SHARP!”
ifdragonscouldtalk: Bruce puts a filter in the tank. Tony doesnt like the filter. It swirls the water around and blows him away. Tony launches a war with the filter. Bruce is Not Happy.
reioka: Smol Tony building tools with the rocks at the bottom of the tank, sacrificing one of his pieces of seaweed to tie them all together to fling into the filter and cause it to jam
ifdragonscouldtalk: Hes smug af cuz he clearly Won until he sees Bruce’s face o h s h i t
reioka: Lmao does he even understand WHY he needs a filter
Does he want to swim in his own excrement
ifdragonscouldtalk: He lived in the ocean before reioka
All he knows is before the waters were still and now they are Not
He probably doesnt notice XD
reioka: Lmao the waters were never still you water horse you were just too far down to notice

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hoo boy friends the mental illness train never stops does just, hoo hoooooo boy howdy, gol’ dang. *slaps engineer cap over knee, heavy knit leather gloves stained by coal and smoke and burns* boy, doggy hoo howdy. i tell you hwhat.

IRAQ. Basra governorate. Basra. April 3, 2003. A soldier serving with Number 1 Company 1st Battalion, The Irish Guards, looks for possible Iraqi enemy positions, as Royal Engineer technicians prepare to cap one of the burning oil wells within the city of Basra.

Photograph: WO2 Giles Penfound/MOD

how to make wings!

due to the popularity of the wings post i did i made a tutorial on how i make these :>

i will show you how to make something like this (this method can be applied to all sorts of wings so don’t click away!) :

they can be used as wings for your doll or as the ones i made for this tutorial for a costume (these will go on a dolls head )

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DID YOU KNOW: Joseph Laroche, an engineer born in Cap-Haïtien, Haiti, was the only passenger or crew member aboard Titanic known to have been of “pure” African ancestry? Laroche was returning to Haiti in the company of his then-pregnant French-born wife and two daughters, Simmone and Louise. In fact, the pregnancy of his wife was the reason the Laroche family was aboard the Titanic - Joseph desired his third child to be born in Haiti, causing him to advance his travel plans for the family. 

Joseph Laroche died in the sinking, though his wife and daughters survived in Lifeboat Number 8. Upon reaching New York aboard the RMS Carpathia, Juliette Laroche decided not to continue to Haiti, but instead returned to France with her daughters, where she gave birth to a son she named “Joseph” for his father.

Joseph’s daughter, Louise (shown on her father’s lap above), was among the last surviving passengers of the RMS Titanic when she died on January 28, 1998.


Been working on some new merch,  stoked on these new engine hats, came out super clean,  including Cone and Genny Shovel, which Shovel riders sure appreciate.  Working on other stuff too, I’ll post when I get a chance, time to go on a spin on the scoot, and fresh up my whiskers.

Hats start at $12 on KILLSCUMSPEEDCULT.COM

Fire and Ice (Part Nine)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Fluff

Summary: You have been recruited by Fury to help Tony with some work in the compound. At first you’re closed of from the group, especially with your secret powers. But as time goes by you feel yourself being attracted to the mysterious man called Bucky Barnes. Will you let Bucky in and show him your true self or will you push everything away you come to love?

Word Count: 1.255

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You opened your eyes and were met with sun light shining in your eyes. You shield and stretched your limbs.

You hand hit something hard and you turned to the side to see Bucky lying next to you. He was still sound asleep.

You smiled softly at him and got out of bed. Clint had told you the night before that the two of you had to share a room, luckily you didn’t mind.

You pulled your Y/H/C hair into a messy bun and grabbed together some clothes. Instead of your usual skirts and blouses you chose skinny jeans, a flannel shirt and a simple tank top. You went into the ensuite bathroom to get dressed.

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Here’s part two of Exporail! Unfortunately I couldn’t send all the other engines, as Tumblr caps off photo sets at ten images. I managed to include all the unique ones here, however!

Mun was especially excited to see CN 805, who goes by the name Autumn. Her type, the General Motors G-12, is phenomenally rare. VIA 6921 was also a sight to behold. She is one of the last engines ever built by Montreal Works, and one of the forerunners of Canadian high-speed rail on the Toronto-Quebec City corridor.

…My stars, I could go on for hours about everyone at the museum… Everyone is in such high spirits, it’s just wonderful. Even outside, in the elements! I’m so happy that everyone is safe and sound, saved from the torch. ^u^

Again, if you have any questions about anyone at the museum, feel free to ask myself or the mun!