This is what my food day looks like while at work work work work work

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My follow up cholesterol test results

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I promised you an update on how my weight and cholesterol is since we did the 30 Day Challenge.

I’m happy to report that I am still running every couple of days using the C25K app. I have also had little meat and dairy, I plan to continue to strive to avoid them.

Beer is back and I’m happy to report that too, but I’m paying special attention to how much I have. Let’s face it, the nectar of the gods is chock full of calories. I also can’t imagine drinking light beer, it’s terrible.

The tested today shows the following things… some I’m very happy about, others I still need to work on. Based on the Engine2 diet, my goal is 150 for total cholesterol.

Here’s where I was August 1:

Weight 194
Total Cholesterol 187
LDL Cholesterol 126
HDL Cholesterol 47
TG 70

Here’s where I am today, September 11:

Weight 178
Total Cholesterol 169
LDL Cholesterol 104
HDL Cholesterol 48
TG 86
non-HDL 121

As you can see things are improving! I was shocked by my weight, but I did notice my stomach getting smaller.

As you can see my total cholesterol is still not at 150 where I would like to get it. This means I need to work harder. I had planned to have this test done on Sept 1, but I kept forgetting to fast before. I should admit that I’ve had a few beers and pizza since then. I wish I had done the test before I allowed myself the bad stuff again. Ah well.

We’re back on the vegan diet again for now. The picture above is of a vegan paella I made for dinner tonight. We also defrosted a frozen vegan lasagne (that we made a couple of weeks ago), so we’ll be ready for dinners this week. I’ll up date you here when I get my next cholesterol test.

I recommend you have one done soon too, this will show you how susceptible you are to heart disease.

No oil salad dressing recipe

2 tsp mustard (called for Dijon, I used regular)
1 tsp red wine vinegar
1 tsp balsamic vinegar
1 tbsp water
Agave to taste (I tripled the recipe to have some extra and use 1tsp agave when tripling, so just a couple drops if only making one serving.

Then I added a dash of garlic and onion powder.

It was really good!!

And after work I’m stopping by whole foods to grab an enormous salad to eat with my new love.

taco night!

i’m kind of obsessed with food & especially with the food i prepare. that’s not me being cocky, that’s me being proud of myself because i was once a not-so-great cook & didn’t even like preparing meals. anyway, i’ve been considerably health-conscious for the last few months & it all revolves around food, because i sure as hell don’t use that $12/month gym membership of mine but my discount card at work (whole foods) is consistently swiped at the register.

the other night i bought taco fixin’s & had dinner ready to eat by the time my roommate got home from work. talk about gold-star housewife status. ;)

whenever i make tacos it’s pretty much the same, but that’s because it’s so good!

  • a can or two of black beans. i put in fresh chopped cilantro, cumin & garlic powder.
  • roasted sweet potato, red bell pepper, onion & corn (seasoned with oregano, cumin, & black pepper). i usually start by roasting the sweet potato for about 20 minutes & then add in the other veggies since they don’t need to cook as long. i also don’t use oil when i roast them. i just put some vegetable broth in & stir it so everything is coated.
  • caramelized onions. just sautéed in some water, agave nectar & a sprinkle of black pepper.
  • fresh avocado, tomato, romaine, cilantro & lime.
  • sprouted corn tortillas.
  • & i never forget the aardvark hot sauce! :)

excuse me while i devour some leftovers! :)

Veggie burger!

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This picture is not enhanced, our pasta was this green tonight! I created one of the best pestos ever! And it has a secret ingredient. Served it mixed in noodles, with chopped sun dried tomatoes, my bean balls from my site and my hemp almond Parmesan from my site. One the best meals we’ve had! The kids really loved the green pasta and told me that dinner was their favorite. I’m making this again for the blog because I just have to share it!! #veggiesdontbite #vegan #whatveganseat #plantstrong #nooil #glutenfree #wfpb #cleaneating #eatyourgreens #forksoverknives #engine2 #buzzfeedfood

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Meatless, dairy free, turkey and cheese sandwich on early bird multi seed bread with a side of earth balance vegan cheese puffs. First step is to try and eat what I normally would, in a vegan way. It makes the switch a lot easier. Soon enough, I’ll crave vegan foods anyway! #day1 #mandsgovegan #vegan #veganuary #engine2 #healthy #lifechanges #2015 @malia_rodrigues
(mands is short for Malia and Skye, makes tracking easier)

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