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Not bad for a little comedic procedural that mostly flew beneath the radar. Never a critical darling, never a smash success, never beloved by the Fox network, Bones was the Little Engine That Could. Moved around the schedule like a sacrificial pawn, Bones nevertheless survived longer than anyone could have imagined.
—  Hart Hanson Pens Emotional Farewell to Beloved Fox Drama

To The Man I Loved So Badly For So Long

I could remember the way you smiled at me, the jokes you cracked in class, the way you smelled when you said you haven’t taken a bath for days because that’s what engineering students did. I could feel your hand touching mine as we sang “The Lord’s Prayer” when you and I went to church on a Sunday afternoon after I accompanied you on your Christmas shopping. I could even taste that buko pie from Laguna or Tagaytay that you bought for me on your way home from your field trip.

The random dates, oh! There were a lot. You would ask me out every time you were available, or should I say, every time you were in between relationships. I, on the other hand, also had a couple of legitimate boyfriends over the years. But never ever in those ten years were you really out of my mind.

Back in college, I told myself that I would find you once I graduated and got a stable job. But my jobs were not stable for three years. I moved from one company to another, trying to search for where I would fit in. And when I finally found the job that I loved, you had a serious relationship with someone else. And worse, you moved to another continent.

We still kept our communication lines open. You still maintained your original mobile number because of its sentimental value, like you said. But even when you broke up with your serious girlfriend, you NEVER pursued me.

We confessed our feelings to each other explicitly and implicitly countless of times. I waited. I thought to myself that maybe, you were still enjoying your bachelorhood. I waited for years. Though we would go out whenever you were on vacation in Manila, you never said a word about our status. You would just text me whenever you felt like going out on a date. And I would just say “yes" every time… until I could say yes no more.

I am sorry for not having waited a little longer for something that would or would not come. I am sorry for not being aggressive enough or vocal enough to tell you how much you meant to me when it could have still made a difference. But I am just like other girls who prefer being loved and pursued to loving one-sidedly.

There’s nothing I can do now. I won’t pursue you anymore. I won’t hold you back from loving other women. I won’t ask for your attention anymore or your time or for even just a short reply to my messages. I am letting you go. You may own a piece of my heart forever, but I won’t let you own all of me anymore. Not because I stopped loving you. I still do. It’s just that I got tired waiting for you to man up… so I married another man — a man who loved me back like you never did.

—  rachelrosecruz 

News crews and supporters of the protesters have flocked to the Standing Rock camp sites to keep Americans abreast of the latest updates. In doing so, they’ve helped turn what started as a tiny demonstration on the plains of North Dakota into perhaps the banner environmental protest movement of the 21st century.

The future of that movement remains uncertain. Trump will be president in less than two months, making for a formidable enemy. The Army Corps of Engineers could change course and rule that laying the pipeline under Lake Oahe is an environmentally sound decision after all. Meanwhile, Native Americans face related environmental conflicts across the country. Fallout from the Gold King Mine spill in Colorado continues to impact Navajo people along the Animas and San Juan rivers. In New Mexico, the proposed Pinon oil pipeline is its early planning stages, laying the groundwork for what could be another iteration of the Dakota Access battle.

What is certain is that it will be increasingly difficult for these conflicts to play out in obscurity. Once the conscience of a nation is awakened, it’s hard to put it back to sleep. If the Dakota Access pipeline protests have taught Americans anything, it’s that the vitality of indigenous protest lives on, despite years of their opponents hoping they’d finally been written off for good.

— Zak Cheney-Rice, The Standing Rock protests face an uncertain future. But this moment won’t be forgotten. | follow @the-movemnt


Did Teresita Basa solve her own murder? Born in the Philippines in 1929, Teresita moved to Chicago, Illinois, where she became a respiratory therapist at Edgewater Hospital. She was known to be a very reserved woman. On a crisp cold evening in 1977, the shrill sound of a fire engine could be heard speeding towards an apartment in N. Pine Grove Avenue.

As they extinguished a fire in 15B, they were more than horrified to find a body hidden under a mattress. They were even more aghast to discover that the body was nude with a butcher knife in the middle of her chest. The body was that of Teresita Basa. After a couple of months, the case went cold. That was until lead detective, Joe Stachula, found a note on his desk telling him to call the Evanston Police Department. When he called, he was told a bizarre story about a Dr. Jose Chua. Jose had told police that his wife, Remy Chua, was possessed by Teresita Basa.

He explained that his wife would go into a comatose state and would claim to be Basa. While this story sounds absolutely ridiculous, Mr. Chua soon became intrigued when his wife blurted out what she claimed was the name of Basa’s killer - Allan Showery. She told her husband that Showery had also stolen jewellery from Basa’s apartment. Police decided they would investigate these claims, even though they assumed it was just fabrication. Lo and behold, it just so turned out that a man called Allan Showery worked with Basa.

Police called Showery in to question him and after catching him in a number of lies, he confessed that it was true - he had murdered Teresita Basa. When police went to search his home, they discovered a number of pieces of jewellery that had been stolen from Basa’s apartment. After pleading guilty, Showery was sentenced to fourteen years for murder and four years for arson and robbery. However, he was released in 1983 after serving less than five years.

  • Fitzgerald: Getting rid of me… Won’t save you. You’re your own worst enemies! Both of you!
  • Atsushi & Akutagawa: *look at each other*
  • Atsushi: No, I’m pretty sure you’re worse, man.
  • Akutagawa: You’re definitely worse.

Korrasami/Fullmetal Alchemist crossover

(or: maybe just an elaborate excuse to draw abs)

I SAID I WAS GONNA DRAW IT tumblr this crossover is giving me a lot of feels~

Reasons my classes got cancelled in college
  • Theatre: My teacher scored an audition for Monk.
  • History: My teacher couldn't get in the damn parking lot
  • Communications: Teacher straight up wasn't feeling it today.
  • Film: Teacher had to guest star on "All My Children" reunion
  • Journalism: Teacher was still trying to get PHD and needed to wrap up a project
  • Art History: Teacher was super pregnant
  • Photography: Teacher could not get access to the lab
  • English: Teacher had so many goddamn papers to grade just give her a sec
  • Engineering: HAHA like I would go to an engineering class god I could be so much richer by now

Henry is about 8.8 metres (29′) tall, making him the second largest engine on Sodor. His build is thick and stocky, comprised of soft shapes beneath the thick jacket he wears to keep himself warm. It’s rare to see him with foot or headwear, but he occasionally pulls out a stripy green toque on particularly cold days.

After his rebuild Henry looks as he appears here, but before then he looked a great deal like Gordon due to their similar blueprint origins. This caused Gordon to take an intense curiosity in him, as he resembled his own brothers in Doncaster, but their relationship had an extremely rocky start that had set in ever since Henry heard he was coming…

but that’s another story.



I’M SO MAD!!!!!

(also she was force sensitive esp as it related to the natural world apparently wow just gimme a prequel to the prequel already feat. scientists in the star wars universe thx)


The soviet A-90 Orlyonok ekranoplan (ground effect vehicle).

The Orlyonok was designed as a transport and also as a beach assault vehicle. Unlike other Soviet Ekranoplan designs, the Orlyonok was amphibious and was equipped with wheels for beaching and land based takeoffs.

The layout of the engines on the Orlyonok was unusual and a testament of the special needs of such an unconventional aircraft. Mounted in the top of the tail, it featured a massive Kuznetsov NK-12 turboprop, the most powerful turboprop ever made, which provided cruise power. The nose of the aircraft mounted two Kuznetsov NK-8 turbofan engines with the intakes on top of the nose and the exhaust along the side of the fuselage, the thrust of these engines being vectored under the wings to produce PAR thrust (increased lift and extra propulsion) for takeoff. Under cruise conditions and in ground effect, the front engines could be shut off since their power was unnecessary to keep the aircraft lifted, this also minimized intake of water, salt and ingestion of low flying birds.

Both takeoff and landing were assisted with large span-length flaps that greatly increased lift and could capture PAR thrust for increased air pressure. Water landings were assisted with a hydro-ski that extended out of the belly of the craft below the main wings.

The front end of the Orlyonok was hinged behind the radar dome and the whole assembly could open sideways to speed disembarkation of the infantry it carried, or of a BTR armoured personnel carrier. The Orlyonok had a built in folding ramp that allowed it to load and unload vehicles with no external support.

From wikipedia.

Only three flying units were build, usually stated as four as the first one crashed as was latter rebuilt, which stayed in service with the soviet and then russian navies until 1993.


English heavy tank Mk.V experimental “flexible” tracks from a certain designer by the name of Johnson, while ispiti in mucky somewhere near Dollis hill in North-West London.

It is unknown how successfully passed the test (we only know that the tank is equipped with a more powerful 225-horsepower engine could accelerate to a mind-blowing 20 miles per hour), but afterwards the tank was taken to Bovington, where after some time was dismantled.