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how the fuck do you even build an emf meter what kind of brain does it take to make something that advanced? and it works too, shit. it's been 12 years and i still can't get over that fucking meter because without youtube tutorials or whatever it is kids use these days, probably without a computer at all he just figured it out. damn. maybe form books he's never read. probably

I have no fuckin idea dude. I was on the robotics team in high school and we had shitloads of help from a bunch of professional engineers, and that was just making robots with basic sensory cameras that could kick a ball…

I mean, he built it out of a fucking Walkman. You know how many parts and factory functions a Walkman has that can be used for measuring environmental information and outputting that data in a usable fashion? Basically none.

Some people just take to this engineering/programming shit like fish to water. They just get it somehow. I bet Dean is one of them. He just doesn’t happen to really need computers for his life’s work so he isn’t putting it to any disciplined use. You know, the kind of person that’s a genius at shit to the point where they have so many talents that some of them just have to fall by the wayside in terms of developing potential.

I mean. Look at this. Look at this definition of EMF from the official website:

Electromagnetic field meters (also called EMF detectors). Meters that measure the derivative (rate of change) of the surrounding magnetic field; thus, these meters are sensitive to changing magnetic fields (fields with a frequency above 0 hertz). Most EMF meters are most sensitive to frequencies of about 30-10,000 hertz, while some have a wider response. Paranormal investigators and ghost hunters use EMF meters while conducting investigations. Unusual activity in the form of high readings on these meters signifies that there is some type of paranormal activity, such as the presence of a ghost or other supernatural creature.

Forget just the programming and engineering. This is actual, hard science. Dean knows enough about fucking magnetic fields to create devices that not only measure them but that are tuned to tell the difference between regular and supernatural occurrences. He’s clearly created prototypes and gone through testing to figure out what works and what doesn’t. It doesn’t just beep when it hits a certain level, he has a sliding scale that he can use for analysis.

This means that this isn’t just about “Dean being good with his hands” like people dismissively claim, Dean is a regular Science Man™. Dean’s superior ability for pattern recognition isn’t some kind of one-use talent, it’s evident of an analytical mind that can put together abstract data with ease.

Maybe it doesn’t sound like a huge deal at first, but you’re right that Dean had no formal education in this crap. High schools don’t teach this. Average kids don’t just figure this shit out on their own no matter how many books they have at their disposal, and I’m willing to bet Dean didn’t have any kind of mentor in the field. An EMF meter is not a baby’s first. Like… At all.

Hell, the wiki says he’s still using that thing all the way up in S7. Shit wasn’t a cute little science project, it was built to last, not just in how sturdy it’s built but in how accurate it is. You would usually expect things built by characters back in S1 to be completely obsolete by S7, but that’s not the case here. It’s just that good.

It’s also proof that we aren’t blowing smoke. If something happens in the first season and is never mentioned again, it might be dismissible, but when it’s still brought back 7 seasons later what you have is authorial intent.


June of 44 - Have a Safe Trip, Dear


Taehyung picks up his vlogging camera, ignoring his messy hair and the bags under his eyes. He was wearing one of Jungkook’s old T-shirts and a pair of boxers. He wasn’t looking his best, but he really couldn’t care less because he was finally going to Jeju with Jungkook today. They planned on staying there for two days, since Jungkook had to be at work right after their trip, but two days was all Taehyung needed. The two never had enough time together anyways, so Tae takes what he can get.

“Hello everyone, it’s Tae here!” He whispers to the vlog.

“Jungkook is still sleeping and it’s… 4:45 right now.” He turns the camera around to show Jungkook’s shirtless sleeping form, his lips slightly parted, showing off his bunny teeth.

“Today we are finally going to Jeju island! I’m going to head to the kitchen so I don’t wake up Kookie.” Taehyung tiptoes out his room, shutting the door behind him. He makes his way to the kitchen, their puppy Kookie, wagging his tail following in suit.

“Yeah so I’m going to try to vlog as much as I can but Gukkie doesn’t really have that much off days so I want to spend a lot of time together. I hope you guys understand.” He says truthfully, running his slim fingers through his unkept hair.

“We leave at around 7-ish, so I’m going to make us some naengmyeon.” Tae sets the camera down, making sure to get a view of the kitchen before cooking. As he was working on the noodles, he felt two arms around his waist and a head on his shoulder.

“Morning, hyung.” Jungkook mumbles, inhaling his boyfriends scent.

“Good morning Kookie.” Taehyung turns around giving Jungkook a morning kiss, before turning off the stove and putting the noodles into two bowls. Jungkook helps set the table while Tae puts some food in the puppy’s bowl. Finally, they both sit down to eat, Jungkook constantly complimenting Taehyung with, ‘This is really good babe’ and ‘I think you’ve gotten better’. Once they’re done, Jungkook collects their dirty dishes and heads to the sink, but not before he steals a kiss from his boyfriend, who was now heading back to their room.

“I finished packing last night, I think I packed too much… but there’s nothing wrong with being too prepared!” He states, showing the viewers his duffel bag filled with his clothes and other necessities. Kookie then trots into the room, and jumps on their bed, settling next to Tae.

“I’m also still upset that we couldn’t bring Kookie with us, but don’t worry, Jinnie-hyung and Namjoon-hyung are going to take good care of you aren’t they?” Taehyung coos at the puppy, Kookie then proceeds to nuzzle his snout against Taehyung’s thigh.

“Oh look! The other Kookie has appeared!” He exclaims when he sees Jungkook enter the room. Jungkook lays down on the bed, pulling Taehyung with him. The older giggles as the younger leave kisses on his neck.

“Well we’re going to get ready now! So I’ll see you guys soon.”


After a quick bed wrecking session, the two had taken a shower and had put all their belongings in Jungkook’s car.

“Okay guys it’s about 6:30 and we are just waiting for the hyungs to pick up Kookie.” Tae was rested on the steps, holding onto Kookie’s leash with Jungkook sitting next to him, scrolling on his phone. Taehyung was dressed in a white t-shirt with a denim jacket and some black pants, his black mask resting under his chin.

While Jungkook wore a black t-shirt and some ripped jeans, along with a beanie and a white mask.

“Oh look! They’re here!” Taehyung points, watching Jin’s car (Because God knows Namjoon can’t drive), pull in. Kookie wags his tail in excitement, as the couple gets out of their car and heads towards them. Taehyung gets up, dusting off his bum before latching on to Seokjin.

“Jinnie-hyung!” Seokjin just chuckles, returning the hug. Jin was basically like a mom to him and Jungkook, making them meals or keeping Taehyung company when Jungkook was away.

“Hey you two, you guys have everything you need?” Jin asks, his motherly instincts coming out.

“Mhmm, everything is in the car,” Jungkook says after greeting Namjoon. Taehyung hands Jin Kookie’s leash and gives his little bag of necessities to Namjoon.

“Please don’t break him Joonie-hyung.” Tae warns, Namjoon glares at him while Jin just laughs.

“Don’t worry guys, I’ll make sure nothing happens to this cutie.” Tae smiles, petting Kookie one more time.

“And you take good care of our Tae, hm?” Jin tells Jungkook. Wrapping an arm around Taehyung, Jungkook smiles at his hyungs.

“Don’t worry he’s in good hands.”


Jeju was a good two-hour drive to the airport from where they lived. Their car ride consisted of loud singing and Taehyung rambling about the things they could do when they get there. They stopped at McDonald’s, Tae begging for a McFlurry because, 'Gukkie, I haven’t had one in so long!’. After happily eating his M&M McFlurry and getting good film of the car ride, Taehyung ends up falling asleep an hour in. Jungkook keeps his eye on the road, stealing a few glances at his cute boyfriend. He has one hand on the wheel, while the other rests on Tae’s thigh as he hums quietly with the radio. When they finally arrived at the airport, they make their way through the security check, surprisingly bumping into a few fans as well. They boarded the plane and took their seats. Taehyung leaning onto Jungkook shoulder, still tired from packing last minute. Jungkook places his head on Tae’s before they both end up falling asleep.


Jungkook woke up first, a few minutes before the plane was landing. Taehyung was still sleeping peacefully on his shoulder. The younger nudged the other softly, causing him to squirm around.

“We’re here baby.” He hears Jungkook whisper. Taehyung opens his eyes slowly, rubbing them before letting out a yawn. The flight attendant had announced that the plane was landing and Taehyung was practically bouncing in his seat. Once they got off the plane, they walked through the airport, hands intertwined, collected their luggage and got into a taxi. They arrived at their hotel room, checked in and were now headed to their room.

“Hey, guys! We are finally here in Jeju!! Ahh so exciting! We got here at around 1 o'clock and I managed to get us a room with a nice view of the beach.” Tae says, showing the viewers the beach. After a quick room tour, the couple leaves their hotel to explore the island. Clutching his blue pool float, Taehyung makes Jungkook hold the waterproof camera as they walk on the beach. Once they found a decent spot to put their stuff, they head into the water. Well, more like Jungkook throwing the smaller over his shoulder and dumping him in the freezing water. They spent some time splashing in the water before Taehyung spotted people renting a jet ski.

“Gukkie, look!” Pointing towards the jet skis. Jungkook looks in the direction before, he tugs Taehyung towards the vehicles. After renting the jet ski and listening to the instructor about how to use it, Jungkook gets on first before Taehyung sits behind him. He wraps one arm around his boyfriend’s waist while the other one was holding the camera. Jungkook started the engine, taking off, the jet ski gliding over the water.


They had left the beach and taken a shower and were now heading out for some dinner. Taehyung decided against taking the camera with him, wanting to spend more time with Jungkook.


Dinner was great, the only downside was having a waitress who wouldn’t stop flirting with Jungkook, making Taehyung feel uncomfortable. But Jungkook basically ignored her, even kissing Taehyung in front of her right after she gave him her number. It warmed Taehyung’s heart to know that Jungkook only had eyes for him, even though he knew he wasn’t anything special.

“Are you okay, baby?” Jungkook asks after they left the restaurant. Tae just nods, sticking close to Jungkook side. Jungkook uses his free hand to shuffle into his pocket, taking out the piece of paper with the waitress’ number and tossing it to the ground.

“Kookie, that’s littering,” Tae says, pouting. Jungkook just chuckles, leaving a kiss on the shorter’s forehead


Once they got back to the hotel, they both collapsed on the bed, Jungkook crushing Taehyung with his weight.

“I still need to end the vlog,” Taehyung says trying to push the heavy body off of him.

“You can do it later.” Jungkook nibbles on Taehyung bottom lip. The elder lets out a soft moan, trying his hardest not to give in.

“Ah, fuck it.”

“Hey, Tae?”


“Happy anniversary.” Taehyung pauses, he realized that they haven’t even said that all day. He smiles and kisses Jungkook before replying.

“Happy anniversary.”


They woke up at around 10:15 after their late night. Taehyung grabs the camera, multiple purple marks in view that Taehyung hadn’t covered up with concealer yet.

“Hello, guys! It’s our last day here, I’m sorry I didn’t get that much footage from yesterday. We just ate dinner and did some… other stuff.”

“Anyways~,” He says, continuing, “Jungkook is in the shower, then we’re going to get some breakfast. We’re also going to see Jeongbang waterfall!”

“And if you guys didn’t know, Jeju island has a small Teddy Bear Museum and Gukkie is going to take me.” For those of you who don’t know Kim Taehyung, their apartment consisted of three things, food, video games, and teddy bears. When Taehyung is your boyfriend, it is quite hard to say no to the elder, which is why their bed was crowded with Rilakumas and Kakaos.

“You ready, Tae?” Jungkook asks while exiting the bathroom, hair still damp and a towel still slung over his shoulder. His collarbone had a few love bites scattered here and there, but it wasn’t as bad as Taehyung’s.

“Not yet, I still need to cover all these.” He explains, pointing at his neck.

“You don’t need to cover those, it shows your mine,” Jungkook smirks, leaving Taehyung in a blushing mess. Red-faced, Tae kicks his boyfriend in the butt before heading off to the bathroom.

After multiple layers of concealer, the two head out, wearing more sport-like clothing since they were going hiking to see the waterfall. They walk to a nearby cafe, stuffing there faces with pancakes before calling a taxi and heading towards the hiking trail.


They had been hiking for about an hour now, taking a small break since Taehyung begged Jungkook to carry him. Taking a few chugs of his water bottle, he passes it to Jungkook, who fixing his hat.

“We’ve been walking for an hour now, I think we’re almost there. Ahhh this better be worth it, my feet hurt~” The elder complains, rubbing his feet through his Puma sneakers. Jungkook scoffs at his boyfriend, rolling his eyes.

“Please hyung, you barely walked.” Taehyung pouted, getting up from the rock he was sitting on.

“Shhhh, no one asked for your input.” Sticking his tongue out at the younger. “Now let’s go!”


Not too long later, Taehyung hears the loud splashing of water.

“Wow! Look Gukkie, there it is!” Jungkook turns his head in the direction Taehyung points. He sees the beautiful waterfall, staring at in awe. Taehyung gets his camera, and Jungkook takes out his phone snapping pictures of the waterfall, then of him and Taehyung.

“We’ve made it guys! It was definitely worth the walk, look how pretty it is!” Taehyung turns the camera around, showing the water running down the cliff. Jungkook stared at his boyfriend, who was infatuated by the waterfall. To say he was thankful was an understatement. Before he met Taehyung, his life consisted of large stacks of paperwork and coming home to an empty apartment. He now has someone to come back to, to help him when he’s stressed. Now, Kim Taehyung is his life.

“Kookie? Are you ready to go?” He hears Taehyung ask, snapping him out of his thoughts.

“Oh, yeah.” He grabs the other males hand, as they head down the trail.


They stopped for lunch before going to the Teddy museum. Jungkook can see the excitement in his boyfriend’s eyes as they grew nearer to their next destination. Taehyung practically dragged Jungkook inside, paying the fee to get in before running over to one of the bears.

“Ahh, Jungkook! Look how cute it is.” Jungkook follows behind his lover, holding the camera so the viewers can see. Taehyung does his signature boxy smile at the camera, hugging the life-sized stuffed bear.

“Oh my god! They have Kakao here!” Taehyung sequels before running towards the next bear.


At the end of the day, Jungkook is left with a crying wallet and a handful of pictures of Taehyung. Taehyung skips in joy, holding Jungkook’s hand in his right and a huge Kakao bear in his left. Jungkook wasn’t complaining though if Taehyung was happy when he was happy. They enter the taxi, the driver giving them a weird look because of the big bear squished between the two. When they got back to the hotel, they decided on ordering room service, too tired to go out.

“We’re now back at the hotel, I’m pooped from how much I’ve walked today. But thankfully, I have a sweet boyfriend who bought me this.” He says snuggling his bear. Jungkook was laying next to him, his head rested on Taehyung’s back.

“We just ordered room service, so after that, we are going to watch a movie and go to bed. I hoped you enjoyed this vlog, I know it wasn’t much, but I had a really fun time here. What about you Kookie?”

“I had a really fun time too. And I got to spend more time with my baby.” Jungkook says to the camera. Taehyung smiles, pinching his cheek.

“Jungkookie is just the sweetest. Anyways, don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe to my channel if you liked the video. Bye bye~”

[Korrasami] Theory of Operation

Original Prompt: “Korra getting lessons in engineering so that she understands Asami’s work, and hopefully impress her.”

Notes: For @the-fragile-knight​. I can’t figure out how the reply option works on Tumblr, so here you goooo. Shoutout to @anonymousclone for the abstract algebra bits.

[Read on AO3]

Having a genius as the love of your life is pretty great, most of the time. But sometimes Korra wished she could understand what Asami was saying.

“I really think hydropower is the most reliable and cost-efficient energy source available to us right now,” Asami said, as she rolled open her blueprints. “I mean, employing firebenders to power electrical engines is great, but—if you have an automated device that combines the rapid response load-following and balancing capabilities of hydroelectricity generation, as well as its peaking capacity and power quality, plus the accessibility of combustion energy, hydropower can surpass coal power plants in no time.” Asami beamed at Korra. “An invention like that would be a game-changer.”

“Uh-huh,” Korra replied.

Asami blushed. “Sorry, this is boring, isn’t it?”

“No, no, it’s not. Uh, I really like the part about—planting. Powerful planting. That sounds really interesting.”

Korra knew she had said the wrong thing when Asami smiled kindly instead of lighting up in excitement.

“Why don’t we go over what the the president wanted for the Republic City Aquatic Center?” Asami asked.

“Yeah,” Korra said, secretly grateful, because it involved repositioning spirit vines—something Korra understood—instead of this newfangled thing known as engineering

“Why don’t you just try to—I dunno, learn it?” Bolin asked her, when they were getting drinks at Swamp Munches the next day. “Like, pick up a book from the Central Library—”

Korra shot him an irritated look. “I did. But they had all these—letters. Mixed in with weird symbols. And I couldn’t read any of it, even though the librarian swore the book wasn’t written in a foreign language.”

“What about metal benders?”

Korra threw her hands up. “I mean. I asked Chief Beifong if she knew what Asami meant by ‘hydrodynamic stability,’ and she looked at me like I was possessed.”

Which was a legitimate concern, given Korra’s line of work.

“I don’t think metal benders know anything more about this ‘engineering’ than we do,” Korra concluded.

“Huh.” Bolin tapped his chin. “Well then. There’s only one way out of this, isn’t it?”


“Consult the only other guy we know who understands this—” he made jazz hands, “—engineering.”

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Kick some ass


Word Count: 1.9k

Pairing: MOC!Dean x Reader 

Characters: Dean, Sam, Death (and of course the reader)

Warnings: Lil’ bit of angst, tiny bit of violence, platonic Sam-fluff, swearing, pregnancy

Summary: Sam and the reader find Dean who summoned Death to send him away. What happens when Dean has to make a decision about whether or not he should kill his brother. Will he be able to protect the reader and his unborn child? Does the reader have a say in all of this?

A/N: Heya everyone! I’m back with the fourth part of “We can fix this”. I’m so freaking proud that I wrote this one in time and I enjoyed writing this part a lot! Thank you guys for reading, liking and reblogging my stuff! You make me so so happy!! Have fun with this chapter and lets see if I can pull another one out my sleeve for you…Feedback is highly appreciated guys! Lots of love xx

Catch up here: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Where we left off:

“Look, Sam… Yes I am pregnant I’m very aware of that but if there is one thing I sure as fuck will not do, it is to sit around while waiting for you to miraculously save my baby daddy, got it? So get in the damn car.” I spoke with a strong voice as I sat in the driver’s seat.

The engine roared as Sam sat shotgun. He didn’t even try to resist me.

Y/N on her period was bad but a pregnant Y/N was ten times worse and he was not about to start a war he would lose.

My mood changed from being afraid to being unyielding and tough. I was not about to let that green eyed idjit sacrifice himself because he thought he had to protect me.

The younger Winchester and I drove silently to the destination Dean had asked Sammy to come to. The drive was longer than I expected. Neither of us tried to break the silence, both he and I drifted away into our own thoughts.

Dozens of questions popped up in my head.

What was Dean trying to do? What was his plan? Obviously, he could not kill himself since that would turn him into a demon again. What other option was there?

Whatever he was planning on doing, I would do everything to stop him. The Winchesters had a tendency to sacrifice themselves but I had enough of that.

This had to stop once and for all.

By disappearing, Dean would not do our unborn child any good. A baby needs its father no matter what. He had known life with a father who was not present all the time. How could he believe that he was acting the right way?

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Eisbrecher (Icebreaker) Stettin :)

A friend and I went to Cuxhaven on this ship (^-^)
It was a great idea to take this ship instead of the usual ones :3
It was a bit more expensive but to an engineer and kind of technology Otaku this was just so much fun :3
Especially because you could see the steam engine running and on old ships like this one most things that move are visible like the steering cables running to the rudder, the gears of the winches, the linkage for the oil pump, etc. :3

Steam engines like this one are quite fascinating as they take advantage of water steams properties to increase efficiency by using differently sized pistons and rather than feeding all the cylinders from one line the steam is fed successively through all the cylinders :)
This way you can optimise the first cylinder for fresh steam off of the boilers, the second one for the used steam of the first cylinder and so one leaving a fairly cooled down and low energy steam to escape the system and really using most of the energy within the steam :3

Seeing the engine run is fascinating :3

Since back when the ship was built electric motors were kind of soso for most applications they used small and tiny steam engines to run all he auxiliary things like the winches articulation for the air intakes and pumps :D
This ship is basically a steampunk fans dream :D

I don’t think I’d want to feed the boiler furnaces though (^-^;)
The guys doing this were quite busy and it seemed like a very exhausting job (^-^;)
<=Not that I mind hard work but it seemed awfully dull to me (^-^;)
I felt very happy that they seemed to like their work though :)

The ships hull is a steel plate and rivet construction which looks kind of nice :)

I was very happy throughout the trip and had a lot of fun that day (o^-^o)
I’m quite thankful and happy my friend (who’s neither an engineer nor too much into technology) was patient enough to bear with me being kind of in Otaku mode and talking a lot about how the ship works and things related to ship construction and things (^-^;)

One thing that I like about steam engines is that they are relatively silent and don’t make too much noise :)
You can be next to the engine and still talk with each other without having to raise your voice :) <=I don’t like loud things (^-^;)

The ships crew was very friendly too :)

One thing made me chuckle while visiting the engine room was the “Panda Generator” :D <=last photo :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend too and some friends who are patient despite not necessarily sharing the same fascination with something you find oddly captivating (^-^)

I wish everyone a great start into this new week and sweet dreams (^-^)/

Greek oil spill forces closure of Athens beaches
By Helena Smith

An emergency operation is under way to clean up an oil spill from a sunken tanker that has blackened popular beaches and bays in Athens’ Argo-Saronic gulf.

What had been thought a containable spill is being described by officials as an ecological disaster after thick tar and oil pollution drifted toward residential coastal areas.

By Thursday, four days after the 45-year-old Agia Zoni II sank off Salamína island, mayors in suburbs south of the capital were forced to close beaches, citing public health risks.

“This is a major environmental disaster,” said the mayor of Salamína, Isidora Nannou-Papathanassiou. “Clearly the danger [of pollution] was not properly gauged, the currents have moved the spill.”

The vessel sank while at anchor in the early hours of Sunday. It was carrying 2,500 tonnes of fuel oil and marine gas when it went down in mild weather. It has emerged that only two of its 11-strong crew – the captain and chief engineer – were on board when it began to take on water. Both men have since been charged with negligence but freed on bail.

Water in Have One On Me

Or how I am worn to the bone by the river, and, in the river made of light: I’m your little life-giver, I will give my life.

Sit and see how the fog from the port of the bay sits like snow at the foot of the roanoke.

Saying, even then, that there’s a light in the river, and there’s a river made of light. Come on, you little life-giver: give your life.

It was hotter'n hell, so I lay me by the spring for a spell, as naked as a trout.

Farewell to loves that I have known; even muddiest waters run.

Like after the rain, step out of the overhang. That’s all.

We heard the rushing slow intake of the dark, dark water and the engine breaks.

We take a walk along the dirty lake. See the goose cussing at me over her eggs. You poor little cousin, I don’t want your dregs; a little baby fussing over my legs.

The creek is lying flat and still; it is water, though it’s frozen.

We picked our way down to the beach, down to the waves dragging out of our reach. Tangling tails like a sodden sheet. Dangling entrails from the gut of the sea.

My heart became a drunken runt the day I sunk in this shunt.

My home, on the old Milk Lake, where the darkness does fall so fast it feels like some kind of mistake.

But there is another, who is a little older. When I broke my bone, he carried me up from the riverside. To spend my life in spitting-distance of the love that I have known: I must stay here in an endless eventide.

Some nights I just never go to sleep at all, and I stand shaking in the doorway, like a sentinel, all alone. Bracing like the bow upon a ship and fully abandoning any thought of anywhere but home, my home.

Well, the water, it ran deep, my darling, where it don’t run wide.

Breaching slowly across the sea, one mast a flash like the stinger of a bee, to take you away - a swarming fleet is gonna take you away from me.

I’ll wait for you along the ocean and make do with my no-skin.

I took a blind shot across the creek at the black bear.

We lay on the rocks in the sun, watching you and your mama row in.

It’s a beautiful town with the rain coming down: blackberry, rosemary, jimmy crack corn.

And all the while, rain, like a weed in the tide, swans and lists down on the gossiping lawns saying “tsk, tsk, tsk.”

Over the hills, the rain clouds roll. I’ll winter here; wait for a sign to cast myself out over the water, riven like a wishbone.

There is a spring not far from here. The water runs both sweet and clear. Both sweet and clear, and cold. Could crack your bones with veins of gold.

I stood a-wagging at the tap, just waiting on the lagging, rising sap. I held the cold tin to my lips, and in the shrine of a thousand arms, I lowered my eyes to sip.

We came by the boatload and were immobilized.

And, with your knife, you evicted my life from its little lighthouse on the seashore.

I picture you rising up in the morning, stretching on your boundless bed, beating a clear path to the shower, scouring yourself red.