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Petition to stop training girls to think maths is hard

omg I’m so angry about this I think I’m gonna make it my life’s mission.

Stop teaching girls that drama lessons are fun and exciting but that maths is hard or boring or scary.

Stop teaching girls that you have to be super clever to do maths.

Stop enforcing the mindset that makes girls think that people who enjoy maths are ‘geeks’; stop enforcing the mindset that people who enjoy maths are weird or different or should be excluded or bullied.

Stop enforcing the mindset that makes girls embarrassed to admit they enjoy maths.

Stop selling t-shirts with crappy anti-maths slogans; stop making jokes on tv and in films that normalize girls being bad at maths.

Stop making it so ok to not like maths that girls think it’s ok not to even try to understand it.

Stop permitting the mindset that you’re never gonna use maths in real life, because it’s inexcusable.

Teach girls that maths is easy.

Show girls what maths is used for.

Show girls all the incredible things that people, and that women, have used maths for.

Show girls how to use maths to make your life easier, cheaper, better, to get a better job and a better career, to get a higher salary.

Show girls how maths is useful no matter what your career is, whether you work in science or marketing or product design or dressmaking or in a shop.

Teach girls that maths is logic, that it’s instructions. That it never changes, that it’s just simple rules that you follow.

Teach girls that maths is easy, because training them that its hard from infancy will create a block in their mind and stop them from ever being able to enjoy it.

Maths is fucking awesome, and everybody should know that.

Training girls that it’s hard is criminal.

Germany Economic Facts

- Germany is the most populous country of the European Union
- Ethnic groups: German 91.5%, Turkish 2.4%, other 6.1% (made up largely of Greek, Italian, Polish, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, other European); Danish minority in the north, Sorbian (Slavic) minority in the east
- population is well educated with modern and cosmopolitan views
- fair amount of plurality in the lifestyles and diversity in the cultures
- demographic challenges such as aging population, immigration issues, depleting incomes due to world economic crisis
- the business culture in Germany is unique in the world
- engineers and managers are given higher appreciation than accountants and lawyers; the people on the job have good academics and technical proficiency
- hierarchy is prominent in almost every organization and most of the power is vested in the hands of top level senior managers
- roles and responsibilities are strictly defined and the business processes are very well defined
- people tend to be less social in the working environment and separate work life and personal life
- teamwork could probably be best described as a group of individuals working to a specific leader towards a recognizable goal
- one of the qualities of Germans is that they put facts ahead of emotions and hence behave very objectively
- they have a direct communication style  
- German industry is very diversified and in many sectors it is a global leader
- Germany’s greatest strength is its automobile industry
- the country committed itself to developing renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power
- infrastructural facilities are very strong in Germany which facilitates the growth of any business in the country
- it has one of the world’s most technologically advanced telecommunications systems
- the broadcasting media, especially TV and radio, is deeply penetrated as more than 90% of homes have cable TV, which provides ample opportunities for effective business promotions and marketing
- internet population is 20.416 million which is 5th-largest in the world despite a population of only about 80 million
- well-developed transportation systems in terms of airways, railways, roadways, ports etc.

Source: A YUM brand/Taco Bell Market Analysis info sheet on Germany

Below is a list of tumblrs who do research! Interdisciplinary researchers might be listed more than once!








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You have no responsibility to live up to what other people think you ought to accomplish. I have no responsibility to be like they expect me to be. It’s their mistake, not my failing.
—  Richard Feynman, Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!: Adventures of a Curious Character.

turtletotem  asked:

"Erik, I really don't think that's how it works."

“Erik, I really don’t think that’s how it works. Or, well, at the very least, not how it’s supposed to fit together.” Charles purses his lips and does his level best not to laugh.

“Is that so, Charles?” Erik’s eyebrows lower until he’s positively glowering at Charles. “Perhaps you’d care to have a go at it then?”

“Goodness no!” Charles waves his arms and then rotates his wheels back once, twice, creating more distance between himself and Erik. “I’ve no idea where all these bits and bobs are supposed to go.”

“Exactly.” Erik all but snarls at the cylindrical “bob” in his hand, as though it has somehow affronted every sensibility he has. The look of complete consternation on the face of a man who is always so calm and together, makes it so hard for Charles not to giggle that he literally has to bite down on his cheek to prevent it.

In the end though, he really cannot help but needle Erik further. After all, if you don’t get to tease your husband, who do you get to tease? “You do have an engineering degree you know. Actually, at last count, I believe you have two of them.”

The consternation turns murderous.

“I am quite certain that someone with neither any engineering nor design education created this- this- monstrosity! Quite possibly to torment those of us who do. A sick joke. That’s what it is!”

At this point, and despite his best efforts, Charles cannot help himself any longer and a quick snort of laughter escapes.

Erik’s eyes flick from the ‘monstrosity’ to lock squarely on Charles’.

“This is funny to you?”

“Not- not- not at- at- all” A peal of laughter escapes, it becomes the point of no return, and Charles is doomed. One peal follows another until he’s laughing so hard he’s crying. He’s quite sure Erik is saying things in the interim but he cannot hear a single one of them. After a time, his mirth abates and Charles regains control of his faculties. He wipes at his eyes to bring Erik back into focus.

“I’m sorry, love-”

The roll of Erik’s eyes demonstrates how much he believes the truth of that statement.

“Oh come on Erik, just look at yourself, the great mutant activist Magneto brought down not by the government, not by legislation, but by this- ”

Charles sweeps his hand over the scene to demonstrate his meaning. Pieces of assorted pink plastic surround Erik in a decidedly girly maelstrom, as do screws, rods, and other assorted ‘bits and bobs’ that are meant to come together to create a dollhouse for Wanda.

Instead of finding the same humour in the situation that Charles does, his anger dissipates and his shoulders slump in defeat.

“Her birthday is tomorrow.”

“Yes, I’m well aware.”

“And her wonderful stepfather Charles, who has always been better at all of this fatherhood nonsense than I have, has undoubtedly purchased her the perfect present, as he always does.”

This time Charles’ shoulders sag, just slightly. “Erik…”

“No, Charles, I’m sorry. Don’t say anything. I’m being ridiculous and I know it. Having you, here, in our lives, is the best gift Wanda, Peter and I have ever received, whether they are aware of it or not.”

Erik doesn’t look at him as he says this, expressing his emotions a rare and challenging thing for him. Charles can sense no true resentment, only lingering frustration over the still un-assembled dollhouse and the imagined look of disappointment on Wanda’s cherubic face.

An idea dawns.

“Erik you are a design engineer…”


“And, you can manipulate metal at will…”


“Then why don’t you and Wanda create the most unique dollhouse on the planet… together?”

Erik blinks. “Out of metal?”

“Yes, out of metal. I suppose it’s not the most traditional material for a dollhouse, but why not? She can let her precious little imagination run wild. She’s hardly the most traditional girl at the best of times. I’m not even sure she likes pink all that much. Wanda probably would have inhabited the thing with all her Avengers figurines, as well as her barbies, anyway. Why not let her create the Avenger-Barbie Headquarters or Base or Underground Spy Facility?”

Charles watches as Erik considers this, mulls it and turns it over in his ordered mind.

“This way she could even have you change it each time she becomes obsessed with something new.”

Erik blinks again and Charles can sense the moment it all clicks into place.

“You’re a genius.”

“Yes, well, I think my monumental intelligence is already a well established fact-”

Charles is cut off by his wheelchair suddenly jerking forward under Erik’s influence.
The man simultaneously sweeps aside the offending pieces of pink plastic and pulls Charles down into his lap.

“Careful, you’re about to ruin your moment of genius with you over-inflated ego.”

“My wha-?”

But Charles is again cut off, though this time by Erik’s lips.

See, silence is better.

Charles hums appreciatively.

He can’t argue with that.


As I’m not even partial to dadneto fics I have no idea where this came from but yay! Got me writing something quick, unpolished and off the cuff, which is exactly what I needed write now. Sometimes I get too up in my own head about my ‘serious’ fics.

Cheers @turtletotem

Women in Science You Should Be Following On Social Media
Your Guide To #WomeninSTEM on Social
By Sci Chic

Hey check out who made the list ;) 

This list does a great job of covering a bunch of different fields within STEM so even if you are not interested in space there will be something for you!

pfh-mod  asked:

It seems that I can draw bodies and limbs, clothing and (half the time) even perspective, but my heads and faces have always seem lacking. What do you recommend for me? I'm trying to draw anthro and feral, pony and non pony.

I believe that one of the best things you can do to help yourself in that regard would be to pick a few examples from your preferred aesthetic references for each of the kind of heads you would like to improve, and perform some reverse engineering on them to educate yourself on what makes them “click”. Deconstruct the chosen art into simpler components. Take particular notice of used shapes, ratios and distances. Identify which of those aspects you would like to assimilate into your own style - it’s perhaps best to work with one element at a time, kind of like a science experiment: if you only fiddle with one variable at a time, it will be easier for you to identify how that variable affects the final result. Then you can take any conclusions you reach and attempt to apply them to your own creations.

If you’ll allow me to exemplify, and since it would be kind of cheating to do so with my own art, let me do so with a head taken from the gallery of my friend @fairdahlia-art, since I believe that she would not mind having her creations used for the purpose of helping others. Feel free to chastise me if you feel that I’m overstepping my boundaries, buddy. ;)

Please be aware that I’m not advocating for outright emulating your preferred artists’ style - and even though I ironically ended up doing just that in the example above, it’s undeniable that quite a few elements of my personal style still show through pretty blatantly. I’m just too set in my ways, and my personal aesthetic sense still has a big sway over the way I eventually do things, and the same will happen with you.

That being said, I don’t believe it to be inherently wrong to build your style around that of an artist whose style is particularly aligned with your aesthetic sense - as long, of course, as you don’t try to impersonate that artist or pass their work as your own (one would expect these things to be common sense, but there you go). Inevitably, your style will reflect the whole gamut of influences you’ve been exposed to throughout your life, so don’t worry about “copying” for this effect. We all stand on the shoulders of those who came before us, and that is nothing to be ashamed of.

Study, analyse, deconstruct, experiment, tweak, and eventually all of this will not only help you define your personal style, but also improve your skill and proficiency at expressing it.

This is probably more long-winded and comprehensive than you were expecting, but I still hope it will be useful to you!

The Signs as Majors

Aries: Biology

Taurus: Computer Science

Gemini: Education

Cancer: Psychology

Leo: Sociology

Virgo: Engineering

Libra: Pre-law 

Scorpio: English

Sagittarius: History

Capricorn: Physics

Aquarius: Musical theater or Dance

Pisces: Nursing

There are 2 cognitive biases that (partly) explain why girls fall behind in STEM

Men dominate women in jobs related to technology, engineering, and math — at a ratio of roughly four to one.

But psychologists now understand that this may happen (in part) because boys are often pushed toward these fields when girls are not. This systemic behavior occurs in the classroom and beyond. 

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