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If you are thinking : ‘What a simple question, I know the answer to that! It is used to control the temperature on my refrigerator’

You are absolutely right ! In fact most people I have asked this question seem to know thus far. But how does turning a knob control the temperature ?

The refrigeration cycle

The fridge works in a rather simple way:

Refrigerant (liq) takes up heat from the object you want to cool

Changes state from liquid to gas

Compressor pressurizes fluid, heating it up. ( Why ? for better heat exchange )

This hot gas meets the cool gas outside, changing state back to liquid

Further de-pressurizes as it heads back


The thermostat switch

If the temperature inside the fridge goes up, the compressor must be turned on to circulate the refrigerant.

Here’s the crux of the post :

That knob determines when the compressor is to be turned on !

That knob is coupled to a screw type mechanism which lowers or moves up as it is rotated.

A bellow ( like a balloon ) keeps expanding as the temperature inside the fridge increases until it hits the arm and flicks the thermostat;

Compressor : ON ;

Refrigeration cycle : START

That’s the story of that mysterious knob that had baffled me for quite some time.

Have a great day!


I’m having too much fun photoshoping some of my characters together!  *^_^*  hehehehehehehe

1st couple: Dak Clevergear & Vellenay Sugarwhisker. Their legions keep them busy, but they’ll often finagle a way to still see each other as often as possible. (Iron & Ash, Engineer & Thief)

These two goofs are my pod-twins; Valiant Aleron and Dorrander. 

During the cycle of noon, Dorrander awoke 1st, which caused complications for his smaller twin. The menders watched over Aleron until he finally awoke from the dream during the cycle of night. Because of this, Dorrander often acts like an overly protective brother, in a way trying to make up for almost killing his twin, while Aleron will often just want some peace and his coveted alone time. But while they’re not annoying each other, they make a good duo; with Dorrander being the stoic warden-in-training, Aleron takes it upon himself to lighten the mood with sarcasm and terrible ideas/bets/challenges. (thief & guardian)

Sentry Stonegear & Purlane. Both curious scholars who love art, books and magic. A very sweet couple who’ll probably give you cavities. (Necromancer & Elementalist, Iron Legion & Cycle of Dusk)

Ok, last one!

Dak Clevergear and Aviator Sayll. Sayll wants to learn all that she can about aviation and building aircraft, but her A.D.D. was making it difficult for her to keep up with her peers at college back home, so now she’s an intern and an honorary member of the Gear warband with Dak as her mentor. She loves building airships and testing out new contraptions with Dak and Sentry. (Both engineers. College of Dynamics)

Shuffle the Deck

For a while now I’ve had a very docile plot bunny about a Happier Star Wars AU, the basic premise being what if the order of Qui-Gon’s Padawans got switched up and everyone was better off because of it. Until yesterday I’d never written a word of this plot bunny, but last night this one scene grabbed hold of me and demanded to be written.  There’s a whole story built up before and after this scene, but I’ve tried to make it clear enough to stand by itself, since I’ll probably never get around to writing the rest of the story.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@quiobiweek, this is probably the closest I’ll come to having a contribution for this week. If background QuiObi counts, let me know and I’ll add this to the AO3 Collection.

~ and now, a snippet:

Anakin keeps his face all but plastered to the window as the shuttle flies from the Senate Rotunda to the Jedi Temple.  From the seat beside him, Padawan du Crion leans over Anakin’s shoulder and points out various landmarks as they travel through the skies of Coruscant.  The young Jedi has an endless stream of stories, whether of criminals he has chased into this building or that canyon, or where the best local diners can be found for a meal during an illicit trip to the underlevels of the great city-planet.

(mobile users, there’s a cut here)

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Tarch’s Old Fanarts - Day 5
Title: The lost ocean animation
Date: 17th August 2013

This is a frame from a short animation of Toothless diving and flying over a body of ocean. The animation itself is forever lost though, sadly. Also, I think it’s worth mentioning that all of these initial fanarts (up to the end of August 2013) were done using my old old computer (Dual Core CPU and 2GBs of RAM), and I used the ancient Blender Internal rendering engine. Cycles was in its infancy, and I also didn’t have the computing power necessary for Cycles.

However, the end of August changed that. ;) But we’ll get to that later! One more “Blender Internal Engine” fanart, and we move on to the glorious “Cycles era”! :P

Day 2 - Rain Dance

First rest behind us, and it’s an early rise to try and race the storm heading south. The skies are overcast, much like a mental fog that somehow exists everywhere except for long stretches of highway.

Traces of what this journey means on an individual level start to seep thru, scabs start to peel from hours of wind, and white noise. Grim has been scribbling away in his notebook, Jarnefr is thinking of short spoken segments detailing what each mile brings him, Hornsmith is shooting video, and I am here…cathartic.

At each stop we palm pavement and knock out 50 push ups, half a feet of ego, half to get blood back into our fingers. The Hornsmith is somewhere around 500.

On the horizon the dark clouds churn like an old steam engine cycling thru the mountain pass, and after conquering the electrical gremlin on Jarnefr’s Dyna, we duck heads and barrel into the storm.

At first the light splatter of mist on windscreen is a welcomed sensory input, amidst the learned scenery, but as the droplets increase in size, they do little to sooth sunburnt skin.

Trial is a given on any quest of the spirit, but wet gear needs attention, as much as stomachs need sustenance.

Drenched, smiling, we pull into Holiday Inn and make plans to get dinner with new friends who are eager to show support for the ride.

As the night draws down and packs are repacked, goodbyes to Road guests are said, a rhythm starts to develop, and though the song has yet to be played, its heartbeat is formed.

maawi  asked:

It was dark and stormy night. [>D]

It was dark and stormy night. The Minister paced the length of the relatively small hangar, glancing fretfully out at the landing pad and muttering to himself, hoping the Republic Ambassadors would arrive soon. The shields kept out the rain well enough, but the cold and damp crept into his very bones, and he wasn’t much fond of it. 

Finally, finally he saw a ship approach. It landed neatly, and cycled its engines down to idling and lowered the ramp a few moments later. Two hooded figures emerged, one impressively tall—perhaps a Wookie, the Minister mused—and a much smaller form just behind, taking two steps for every single stride of the larger being. 

The Minister hurriedly powered down the shields and went out to greet them, immediately finding himself lashed in the face with icy streams that sent water into his hood and down his collar, and the wind ripped the words of greeting from his mouth as he hurried over to meet the Jedi. Yet the two bowed and offered a proper (if politely abbreviated) greeting in return. The Minister decided protocol and redundant security measures could go flying straight to the Wastes for all he cared, and waved them quickly inside. 

In the hangar, they finally shook off their hoods. Minister Grachi was surprised to see that both were human. 

“Welcome, Ambassadors,” he said, utterly mortified at the chatter of teeth that garbled his words. Damn. Grachi forced a shiver to shake off the worst of it, but the Jedi only stood calm and still before him. 

“Thank you for greeting us,” the taller of the two replied, infuriatingly smooth and seeming completely unaffected by the horrid weather. “I am Master Qui-Gon Jinn, and this is my apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi.” 

“Honoured by your presence,” the Minister forced out, then turned briskly and waved for them to follow. “I’ll show you to your quarters.”

Twenty minutes later the Minister was back in his own office, where he had a nice couch, and a bottle of brandy that was even nicer at the moment. He poured out a small measure with shaking hands and tipped it back quickly. Then thought about it and poured another, slower this time and more coordinated. Truly abominable weather, he thought, staring out his windows. 

Well, no reason to really fret about it. The cold season would be over soon, anyway. Now that the Jedi were here, they could hammer out an agreement with Ford Flow AgCorp for the agricultural equipment, and the business representatives would leave. In the next cycle, they’d be able to boost production, in another four cycles, exports. Everything was going to be all right. 

Grachi tossed back the last of his brandy, kicked off his boots, and quickly shed wet layers in annoyance, glowering when it turned out to be all of them. He pulled out his spare change of clothes, laid it out on his desk, and collapsed facedown onto his trusty old couch, pulling a knit throw over himself. It wasn’t exactly the best possible blanket, but he didn’t care in the least. 

Everything was going to work out just fine, he told himself, and was asleep the next moment. 

And then the murders began. 

haaaahahahaha. Ford Flow.
F o r d   F l o w.
are u with me yet. 
f  o  r  d  f  l  o  w 
o f  f  w  o  r  l  d 

if Voldy can have a middle name of Elvis in French for translation purposes, then I have the right to declare on April-damn-Fools day that Offworld gets a shell company called Ford Flow AgCorp that purportedly deals in agricultural equipment. (They have nothing to sell. This was all a con. gdi Xanatos Qui raised you better.) 

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Star Wars: In the Silence and the Dark: Holding Pattern, Part 8

Also known as “why we do not let the Padawan with psychometry fly the shuttle stolen from someone who works for a fucking Sith lord”.

@poplitealqueen @mysoultogive

DescentPart 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Escalation

Word Count: 524 (4346)

Quinlan has not felt this ill at what he knows in a long time. Not since Tholme brought him to the Temple. And even then, at least the worst of the cruelty had been death. Not. Not the things that lurked in the shadows of the complex where Jinn was being held, or even in the little shuttle they’d stolen from one of the smugglers who ran supplies to the moon the complex was on.

He shivers as he lands the shuttle at the Temple, glad it’s his job to come back and report to Windu, and not to stay on the moon with one of the others. Even if he’d had to stay in this shuttle so not to lose any time getting back, rather than abandoning it and taking commercial transports back to Coruscant the way they’d traveled to Mandalore.

As soon as the engines have cycled off, Quinlan bolts for the main hatch, barely giving the ramp time to begin to lower before he all but throws himself out of the shuttle. Ignoring the techs approaching him, even ignoring the waiting figure that he thinks is Windu, in favor of stumbling far enough away that he feels safe collapsing to his knees.

His stomach is heaving, though nothing comes up - Quinlan isn’t sure when he last ate, but it was before they’d stolen the shuttle. Several days, at least. It’s been hard enough to get himself just to drink water, much less to eat anything in the atmosphere of the shuttle.

Quinlan twitches when a hand is placed on his shoulder, reaching for his light saber before he aborts the motion. Holding very still until he’s sure he can look up without following the movement with a snatch at his weapon. Meeting Windu’s gaze with a small, apologetic smile.

“Will you be all right, Padawan Vos?” Windu’s voice is steady and calm, though Quinlan is almost certain there’s a thread of worry in his Force-presence.

“So long as I don’t have to get back in that shuttle or go back to the moon where Master Tholme and Master Rish found Master Jinn.” Quinlan would like to help with the rescue, but he doesn’t think he can go back there right now. Not without at least a week of being here, and there isn’t that much time. “I have coordinates. There’s something very wrong there, Master Windu.”

Something corrupted and cruel that makes him want to scrub the inside of his skull. Even the places he usually goes with Tholme, dark as they are, don’t feel like this.

Windu offers him a hand to help him to his feet, holding his steady when he sways, before frowning at him. “When is the last time you ate, Padawan?”

“A week ago?” Quinlan isn’t certain. “I’m supposed to give you a report, Master Windu.”

Windu shakes his head, and escorts Quinlan first to the commissary, making sure he eats a meal, before he’s willing to hear Quinlan’s report. In his office, so a little closer to a formal mission, now that they have a place to go looking. To go rescue Jinn from.