aetheravis  asked:

Mercs react to SO tying a cherry stem into a knot with their tongue while making bedroom eyes at them?

Spy: Smirks and asks if they can do that again but minus the cherry stem.

Scout: Face flushed bright red, and he gulps. He is very aroused. 

Medic: He has that evil grin on his face and whispers something dirty in German in their ear before taking them right there if they were alone and if they aren’t he’d take them to their bedroom.

Solider: He announces he’s turned on and takes them to the bedroom.

Engie: His eyes widen under his goggles, and he clears his throat and asks if they would like to see what he has in his workshop. There isn’t anything there he just wants to them to himself. 

Heavy: He chuckles and says nothing but takes them somewhere private for some ‘alone time.’

Demoman: Laughs and bets that they can’t do that again and if they can there’s a special treat for them.

Sniper: He uses his low gravely voice to tell them they have quite the tongue. 

Pyro: Blushes but compliments their tongue skills and asks if they could do it again but not with the cherry stem.


More fancy-pants TF2 fashion plates! These are less formal than the first batch, which you can see here.

Engineer ★ Western tuxedo

  • oversized embroidered jacket
  • topaz and bronze bolo tie
  • fine wool felt cowboy hat with color-matching ribbon
  • oversized bronze and silver belt buckle
  • antique cowboy boots with silver toe caps

Sniper ★ Tropical tuxedo

  • ecru linen dinner jacket
  • New Zealand wildflower boutonnière
  • two-tone patent leather saddle shoes
  • pleated apricot button-down shirt

Pyro ★ I have no idea

  • lavender feather boa
  • pretty princess gold tiara and sash
  • black tuxedo bowtie and vest
  • monocle and false facial hair
  • leather opera gloves and spats