engelsfors spoilers

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Auuugh perhaps some more Viktor / Felix??? Nyckeln, Eld.

does it count if they are just standing next to each other staring at nothing because then - here u go!
(im using a script so i have the old post sizes so i have no idea how this looks without that lol)

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fråga: är Viktor bi/pansexuell? Det vore himla synd om det där med Felix bara var en "fas" och dumt mot bisexuella som får höra sånt om sin sexualitet ca hela tiden. det kanske var medvetet att inte bekräfta någons sexualitet i canon men t ex Vanessa är ju tydligt bi/pan. men det är ju nice att få saker BEKRÄFTADE :)

Du kan vara lugn, det var ingen “fas”. :) 

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How I feel about this character

i feel like all i’m doing is just ‘I LOVE THIS CHARACTER SO MUCH WOW WOW WOAH’ but I LOVE MINOO SO MUCH WH AT THE FUCK minoo is like the love of my life and wow. nyckeln. her storyline. actaully kill me it’s so good and so horrible at the same time my poor bb

All the people I ship romantically with this character

mostly rebecka but also gustav. and also both. at the same time. rgm4life

My non-romantic OTP for this character

linnea!!!! !!!!!!!!!! as i wrote before they don’t understand eachother at first but then. BUT THEN. theya ctually love eachother so much like it’s 100% platonic but man do they joke about it

('vanessa babe i’m sorry but i’ve never had a lasanga this delicious i might be leaving u for minoo’)

My unpopular opinion about this character

we don’t have popular/unpopular opinions in this fandom BECUSE WE ARE LIKE SIX PEOPLE. THIS IS BULLSHIT. 

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.

i want her to be cuddled up between a rebacka gustav sandwich happy and without the smoke crap she needs to be happy ok i need her to be happy

(as matilda said, i wish we could have seen her recovery. she went through some serious shit and she deserves to be truly happy, even tho it might be very hard and take a very long time)

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Hi, Ms Elfgren!! I just finished reading the first two Engelsfors books (which were amazing and are now in my top ten books of all time) and I wanted to ask you a question about morally ambiguous characters. I found myself relating to Ida quite a bit, especially how she masked her familial ingrained fears of imperfection with pride/overconfidence/ the whole 'ice princess' act and was herself only with her horse. Am I horrible for liking her, or was this intended??

Hello there!

First of all: wow, that makes me so happy! Thank you!

Even mean characters can be relatable. Mats and I put something of ourselves into every single one of Chosen Ones and that goes for Ida as well. So in that case we’re horrible too … ;) 


No, but seriously. Ida does awful, hurtful things, but she goes through a huge transformation in Fire, and actually starts to realize that she has had a twisted perspective on other people, herself and her world.

In the end I think Ida shows more courage than many people, because when she realizes that her family and friends are wrong, she actually dares to take a stand against them, she acknowledges the truth even though it destroys her world.


All my best!