Stanchez Appreciation Week Day 2: Adventures in the Multiverse

I chose all my favorite AU’s for this one : D Technically they are all canon since Multiverse Theory.

Cryptid and Kill Bill AU- @stanchez-sloppy-seconds

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas AU- @engelen and @heckpuppy 

(I dunno if they came up with it. Lots of people drew it and they are the first that comes in the search)

Modern Magic AU- Me

The others are either, I have no idea who came up with them or it was a generic/collective au everyone ever had a part in : D

Irregular nouns in Norwegian

As you my know, regular nouns in Norwegian are conjugated following a pattern (indefinite singular - definite singular - indefinite plural - definite plural), based on their grammatical gender, like this:
en hund- hunden - hunder - hundene (dog)
ei jente - jenta - jenter - jentene (girl)
et menneske - mennesket - mennesker - menneskene (human)

There are, of course, exceptions. The conjugation patterns of irregular nouns can generally be grouped into four:

1. Nouns that have a change in vowels in the plural:

en/ei and - anden/anda - ender - endene (duck)
en/ei bok - boken/boka - bøker - bøkene (book)
en bonde - bonden - bønder - bøndene (farmer)
en/ei bot - boten/bota - bøter - bøtene (fine)
en/ei datter - datteren/dattera - døtre/døtrer - døtrene (daughter)
en far/fader - faren/faderen - fedre - fedrene (father)
en/ei ku - kuen/kua - kuer/kyr - kuene/kyrne (cow)
et tre - treet - trær - trærne (tree)
en/ei tå - tåen/tåa - tær - tærne (toe)

2. Nouns that have no ending in the indefinite plural: 

en feil - feilen - feil - feilene/feila (mistake/fault)
et hus - huset - hus - husene/husa (house)
et kjøkken - kjøkkenet - kjøkken - kjøkkenene (kitchen)
en/ei mus - musen/musa - mus - musene (mouse)
en sko - skoen - sko - skoene (shoe)
en ting - tingen - ting - tingene/tinga (thing)

3. Nouns ending with [vowel + m] in indefinite singular are usually irregular and often behave in the same pattern: an extra m is added, before the regular noun endings:

en drøm - drømmen - drømmer - drømmene (dream)
en klem - klemmen - klemmer - klemmene (hug)
en sykdom - sykdommen - sykdommer - sykdommene (illness)
en søm - sømmen - sømmer - sømmene (seam)

4. Nouns with contractions in the plural:

  • Some nouns ending in [-el/-er]
    The last e in the indefinite singular [-el/-er] is removed and the regular noun endings are added:

en engel - engelen - engler - englene (angel)
en mangel - mangelen - mangler - manglene (lack)
en regel - regelen - regler - reglene (rule)
en sjanger - sjangeren - sjangre - sjangrene (genre)
en forelder - forelderen - foreldre - foreldrene (parent)

  • Nouns ending in [double consonant + -el]
    One consonant
    from the double consonant cluster, and the e following it, are removed. The regular noun endings are then added. 

en artikkel - artikkelen - artikler - artiklene (article)
en sykkel - sykkelen - sykler - syklene (bicycle)
en gaffel - gaffelen - gafler - gaflene (fork)
en tittel - tittelen - titler - titlene (title)
en tommel - tommelen - tomler - tomlene (thumb)

The list of nouns given here is not exhaustive and there are of course more exceptions. If there are any mistakes, please don’t hesitate to tell me. Feel free to ask me questions if anything remains unclear! <3