Capricorn Horoscope

After a busy period of many new beginnings, you’re faced with a lot of endings in your life: You are dealing with the loss of someone close to you. This person is headed for a better future, so do not worry about what he or she is going through. Transitions like this are difficult, but you are blessed with people in your life whom you can really count on. Reach out to them, and don’t be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve.

sounds about right. 

A lone woman in an ocean of men

It’s official. 

It seems I’m the only girl on the EngD course. At all. 
Many of the guys on the course were really surprised that there weren’t more women as part of it - they found it also shocking when I explained that some women feel like they have and academia OR family choice to make, instead of feeling like they can have both. Which we all agreed on. That being said, over the entire intake there are plenty of lovely, talented ladies on the MSc, PGDip and PhD programmes! The class in its entirety is SO diverse, but the EngD leaves me the lone wolf.

I am the sole female.

Currently nervous because I’ll have to work extra hard to be a BOSS! 

Picked my classes - focusing mainly on prosthetics & orthotics, sports prosthetics, imaging and drugs :D Start anatomy on Monday and today I saw a picture of a slit open knee with the knee cap removed and little cartilage replacements put it. Horrendous and fascinating. It did make me feel like this, however 

Anyway, it’s the welcome party for the entire faculty tomorrow, so I am pure buzzing to meet more people, and the folk I’ve already met are really nice :D Got a wee locker for all my nonsense and my wee security card to beep myself into the building :D Feeling PRO-FESSIONAL.