My Sailor Moon engagement ring has been redesigned!!! The sapphire got loose so we sent it back. After getting it back it was only a month later it became loose again. So many people have shared my original post, which we showed to the company who made my ring. They thought that our story was so wonderful that they offered to redesign the ring so the stone wouldn’t come loose as easily, no charge to us. They also now have the ring listed on their website! When my fiance proposed, he said he wanted me to feel like sailor moon. Little does he realize that he has made me feel like Princess Serenity. In two months, I marry my Prince Endymion. I am so grateful.

“The End Of All Things” Spell

Heavily inspired by the P!ATD song Brendon wrote for his wife. A spell to strengthen a love between engaged or married people. 

I usually don’t write love spells because most are ones where you they influence the other without consent but this one is one for people already in love with each other and I would tell your betrothed/spouse that you are doing this so they don’t maybe get freaked out you did something to them without their consent. 

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What You’ll Need

  • A picture of your betrothed/spouse
  • A white candle
  • A pink candle
  • A gift they gave you
  • Himalayan pink salt
  • Thyme
  • Basil

What To Do

  • Surround yourself with a circle of salt and light your candles.
  • Have your betrothed/spouse’s picture in front of you while holding the gift they gave you in your lap.
  • Burn your thyme and basil and place some of the ashes on the picture while saying/thinking “ Whether near or far I am always yours. Any change in time, we are young again.”
  • Take the rest of the ashes and rub them onto your hand while saying/thinking “ In these coming years many things will change. But the way I feel will remain the same.”
  • Hold the gift close to your heart and say/think the final incantation/lyric “ Lay us down. We’re in love.”
  • Blow out the candles and keep that gift nearby where you sleep, under your bed, under your pillow, anywhere.

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pink champagne cluster engagement ring by melaniecaseyjewelry

nontraditional, romantic, and super-sparkly … this engagement ring has it all. love the blushing pink monochrome and cluster design.



You can now look forward to awkward Ivar conversations between Taylor and I, FOREVER =D

P.s. he is still cheesy and puppy-dogish as fuck, and he hid it in my white wine.

P.p.s. I told you guys before I told my parents… 



“Ready for your last present?”  Craig asked, not so secretly hiding something behind his back as he came towards you.  Setting aside the destroyed wrapping paper you’d been trying to clean up you smiled up at your boyfriend and held out your hand expectantly.  With a small smile Craig dropped to his knee and pulled the ring box out from behind his back.  “Will you marry me?”