• January 12, 2015 •

Proposal Story: Today was our last day in Naples, FL so we made it a definite plan to go to the beach. Whenever Tim and I go to the beach we always pick out shells and have a little competition on who can pick out the best shells. So we’re there on the beach taking pictures, goofing around and being silly as usual, then we begin our seashell hunt. He goes a little ways down the beach and I’m still looking for shells and I hear him yell “baby I found the winning shell!” as he’s running towards me, mind you he said that a couple times before so I laughed, & right when he reaches me he “trips”, gets on one knee and presents the winning shell. He most definitely won this time ❤️

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Two years ago, I met a woman that words fail to describe. She stole my heart and within a very short time I knew that any life outside of life with her was not one that I was interested in and I began praying toward that end.
I fell in love with her quickly, eventually she fell in love back. I remember the evening she told me; there was so much shock, so much awe, I couldn’t form any words for quite a time; that’s a rarity for me.
The miles between the East Coast and the West Coast couldn’t stop our affection, nor could the miles between Santa Barbara and Gulu, Uganda.
I love her and she loves me…period.

This shoot was done by David Mendoza III and was designed to package our life in a neat little visual narrative.

I’ll be posting a stack more in coming weeks, months and years…but here is the beginning; here’s to us!!!


It’s official! Dakota and I are engaged! After wearing promise rings for over 7 months now, I figured it would be time to pop the question to this wonderful gem! When I met him last year, it was love at first sight! I absolutely adore him! He means the world to me, and I can’t think of anyone better to spend my life with! I cherish and love all of the memories we have already created, and am so excited for the ones to come!! So here is to our wonderful followers who support us! We love you all! ❤️😘😍❤️