• January 12, 2015 •

Proposal Story: Today was our last day in Naples, FL so we made it a definite plan to go to the beach. Whenever Tim and I go to the beach we always pick out shells and have a little competition on who can pick out the best shells. So we’re there on the beach taking pictures, goofing around and being silly as usual, then we begin our seashell hunt. He goes a little ways down the beach and I’m still looking for shells and I hear him yell “baby I found the winning shell!” as he’s running towards me, mind you he said that a couple times before so I laughed, & right when he reaches me he “trips”, gets on one knee and presents the winning shell. He most definitely won this time ❤️

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“Ready for your last present?”  Craig asked, not so secretly hiding something behind his back as he came towards you.  Setting aside the destroyed wrapping paper you’d been trying to clean up you smiled up at your boyfriend and held out your hand expectantly.  With a small smile Craig dropped to his knee and pulled the ring box out from behind his back.  “Will you marry me?”


etsyfindoftheday | 7.24.16

pink champagne cluster engagement ring by melaniecaseyjewelry

nontraditional, romantic, and super-sparkly … this engagement ring has it all. love the blushing pink monochrome and cluster design.

My Sailor Moon engagement ring has been redesigned!!! The sapphire got loose so we sent it back. After getting it back it was only a month later it became loose again. So many people have shared my original post, which we showed to the company who made my ring. They thought that our story was so wonderful that they offered to redesign the ring so the stone wouldn’t come loose as easily, no charge to us. They also now have the ring listed on their website! When my fiance proposed, he said he wanted me to feel like sailor moon. Little does he realize that he has made me feel like Princess Serenity. In two months, I marry my Prince Endymion. I am so grateful.