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Have a very sketchy iwaoi kiss meme (*¯ ³¯*)♡ This is part kiss practice, part expression practice, part i have too many feelings about iwaoi and can’t possibly satisfy the need with just one picture.

I like to think that Iwa-chan is as physical with his affection as he is when expressing other emotions <3 Oikawa is just obnoxious when it comes to pda.

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Can i request different reasons why a couple may get into an argument? I'm writing something where the two of them are normally respectful of each other and normally get along, but ine day smth happens and they get into a really bad argument.

//Assuming you wanted some suggestions, here you go;

  • Something built up and finally got released.
    • Such as “I’ve told you to stop putting your dirty laundry next to the hamper” or “Taking out the trash is the only thing you have to do around here and yet you still don’t do it!”

  • A life-changing decision was made alone, when it was something they were supposed to talk about together.

  • One of them brought a stray animal into the house.

  • A misunderstanding- maybe one of them worded something wrong? 

  • Distance. One feels unwanted, because the other works too much, etc.

  • A bad day at work gone wrong; they bring their stress home and the other isn’t as sympathetic as they could be?

  • Keeping secrets and one finds out? 

  • Taking out guilt on the other person. 
    • Say Person A did something wrong and instead of admitting what they did wrong, they take it out on B.

  • Fighting over money and the thought of wasting said money. 

  • A fight over friends. Couples fight over friends a lot, especially if there’s jealousy or their friend is getting a little too “friendly”. (Don’t recommend going down the possessive route; people are allowed to have friends outside relationships).

  • A fight over not being as communicative as they thought. 
    • Person A expects Person B to read their mind, despite that being (probably) impossible about what’s wrong.

  • Insecurities, such as moving in together, or getting engaged, etc.

  • Couples fight about holidays, too. Such as if they’re visiting families or if one is getting too eager about said holidays than the other.

  • Bringing up past arguments that were meant to be left in the dust.

  • Feeling like one never gets to do something they want to do, because B doesn’t want to do what A wants to do.

  • One of them feeling like they always have to do everything around the house, from shopping to cleaning to cooking. 

  • Not having a job or working too much. Other career related arguments, like switching careers, working too far away, etc.

I hope this helps!

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they're acc so gross they fuckin took cute pictures of each other dan and Phil are so sappy they invented romance

no offense but they took a thousand pictures to monumentalize their engagement holiday

~Pool bed~


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Good morning from back in LA! It was a cozy and sweet week on Maui, filled with north shore rainstorms, crystalline south side beach trips, and the deep, restorative quiet of nights in Ulupalakua, where I grew up. The quiet in Ulu is transcendent, filling, steady. It simultaneously demands nothing and creates space for deep reflection. I’m in awe of the life my father and his partner Susan have created there, stillness flourishing amidst the cattle ranch and vineyards.

Susan and my father and I spent a lot of time sharing stories about our past few weeks, the state of our hearts and minds post-election, their time in a meditation retreat, joy over the news of their engagement. The holidays provide such a sweet space to come together, to ask difficult questions of ourselves, to discover the people we love anew.

Read more and get the recipe here.

Here’s a quote captured from a person waiting in line at a food bank in Vancouver, BC. At this time of year, when it’s common to see food drives happening at businesses and schools, consider two things: 

1) If you’re going to give food, don’t give crap food. Consider the mental and physical health impacts of living in poverty, having limited to no choice in what you eat, and then being handed a tiny box of unhealthy, preserved, processed food. That’s not supporting that person. Where would your mental health be at if you were in that position?

2) Work to end food banks. They’re evidence of systemic failures in our society. Throwing some cans in a box doesn’t address the inequalities and injustices that created that need. Take a look at that quote again up there. Do you think people should have to live in that position? If not, this coming year is a great opportunity to get engaged in investing your time and energy to support change instead of a canned band-aid (like a food bank). Advocate for policy change at all levels of government, volunteer with food security organizations, donate your skills to innovative organizations that are tackling poverty. 

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pls tell me some brilliantly cliche hallmark xmas movies to watch im begging


  1. Possibly my favorite is The Nine Lives of Christmas, which I found inexplicably charming and enjoyable. There’s a hot man, fireman banter, many cats, hot men holding cats!, a female character who actually prioritizes her success, and a male character who actually respects that. Incredible! 10/10 have this one saved on my dvr
  2. Holiday in Handcuffs is an ABC Family/now Freeform movie, but it will always be at the top of my list. The forced marriage plot….but with kidnapping??? Mario Lopez and Melissa Joan Hart??? How many times can I see this movie?? It’s illogical and ridiculous, and unlike any other TV movie. 11/10
  3. Christmas Under Wraps is possibly the most surreal made for TV movie I’ve ever seen. D.J. Tanner goes to Alaska, gives up her dreams, and with no explanation, Santa is real and pulling the strings. No questions are answered. It’s a winner. 10/10
  4. Starring the actor who played the shit Coleman Wasserman, he’s back for a much more cheery role in Christmas in Homestead. Our prototypical story—a successful woman with no soul learns the meaning of Christmas by falling in love with a grumpy but attractive small town boy—except this acting is half way decent. Coleman looks good in a quarter zip sweater. 9/10
  5. Crown for Christmas is a FAV. A New York woman takes a job as a governess for a princess and falls in love with the king of a small, made up European country. Wholesome fun. I like the main actress a lot, she’s believable and the only one they hire that’s vaguely ethnic looking. Like maybe she’s Italian. Better than the hoard of blondes. 9/10. She also stars in this less interesting, but still decent one (My Christmas Dream) where she plays a department store manager. Weird. 6/10. 
  6. I also love Baby’s First Christmas, which has a complicated plot and some REAL interesting banter. Worth it. 9/10. 
  7. A Princess for Christmas stars Katie McGrath and Sam Heughan, and even though he’s all buttoned up in this, he’s still pretty cute. The children are annoying, but overall, a classic. 8/10. 
  8. Looks like Christmas—unlike most Hallmark movies, they actually hired some actors who aren’t in their early 30s and shockingly, they can act. This one is full of banter and nearly believable performances. 8/10
  9. More fake engagements! I’ll watch them all!!! Holiday Engagement is an unconvincing but enjoyable one, where a woman hires a man to be her fiance after the real one dumps her. 8/10. Hitched for the Holidays takes it a step farther, and has a Jewish woman and a Catholic man fake a relationship for Christmas, so much religious bumbling ensues. The girl is extremely cute. 9/10. In The Mistletoe Promise, two mostly unlikable career people sign a very business like contract to fake a relationship for the holidays, but fall in love anyway! 6/10. I do love Snow Bride, in which a reporter pretending not to be a reporter pretends to be the fiance of a hot rich dude to make his brother jealous. Intrigue! 9/10. A December Bride has bad acting, but some decent bantering and a lot of cool Christmas decorations. 7/10. My Fake Fiance is great, but not Christmasy. 4/10.
  10. There’s something about this red head actress that I really like, I think it’s her voice? She talks in this bizarre way that makes her slightly less generic then the other white women they cast in these movies. So here are some of hers: Christmas List, another career woman learns the error of her sinful working ways via a small town man. 7/10. I’m Not Ready for Christmas, another career woman is cursed by Santa Clause to only tell the truth all Christmas season. A dark but ultimately heartwarming movie. 8/10. In A Merry Mix Up, she’s supposed to go to her fiance’s house for Christmas but accidentally goes to a strangers. Ridiculous! There’s a lot of weird clock imagery! 9/10.
  11. Broadcasting Christmas is Melissa Joan Hart’s newest contribution to the franchise. She actually has some chemistry with this actor. Wacky hijinks, as always, ensue. 7/10.
  12. In yet another movie about women fall in love on public transportation, in A Christmas Detour, D.J. falls in love with a surly bartender when her flight to her fiance’s house gets snowed in. Another is One Starry Christmas, which includes a cowboy….classic. 8/10. 
  13. More movies about one person trying to shut down a Christmas-y business, and the other person stopping them by falling in love: Christmas Incorporated, which features a toy factory and Darcy from Degrassi. 6/10. Christmas Cookies, which features a COOKIE factory and some decent banter. 8/10. Christmas Land, which features a Christmas theme park. 7/10. Let it Snow features D.J. and a Christmas themed hotel. 7/10. I’m gonna count The Christmas Parade, which includes a children’s art center being shut down. 6/10. In Hats Off to Christmas, Hillary Duff’s sister’s Santa hat selling business is in peril. Absurd performances. There’s a pumpkin carving contest? And a go cart race? Vaguely surreal. 6/10. 
  14. A Bride for Christmas and A Boyfriend for Christmas sound the same, but they are NOT. In Bride, they rip off How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and it’s decently entertaining. 8/10. In Boyfriend, there’s a completely illogical plot involving a potentially real Santa Clause and a creepy dude appearing on a girl’s doorstep as her present. Some fake relationship stuff in this one, plus the surreal Santa aspects, give it a 8/10
  15. And of course there’s Family for Christmas, which will haunt me for the rest of my life. Upsetting and at the end, all the children basically die. Dark Hallmark channel. 2/10.
Everything coming to Netflix in December:

December 1

  • Always (1989)
  • Angels in the Snow (2015)
  • The Angry Birds Movie (2016)
  • Beverly Hills Cop (1984)
  • Beyond Bollywood (2014)
  • Black Snake Moan (2007)
  • Chill with Bob Ross: Collection (1990)
  • Compulsion (1959)
  • The Crucible (1996)
  • D2: The Mighty Ducks (1994)
  • David Blaine: Street Magic (1997)
  • Dreamland (2010)
  • For the Love of Spock (2016)
  • Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce, season 2 (2015)
  • Glory Daze: The Life and Time of Michael Alig (2016)
  • Harry and the Hendersons (1987)
  • Hitler: A Career (1977)
  • Holiday Engagement (2011)
  • Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989)
  • House of Wax (2006)
  • Hannibal (2001)
  • The Little Rascals (1994)
  • The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000)
  • Merli, season 1 (Netflix original)
  • Merry Kissmas (2015)
  • National Lampoon’s Animal House (1978)
  • Picture Perfect (1997)
  • Rainbow Time (2016)
  • The Rock (1996)
  • Rodeo & Juliet (2015)
  • The Spirit of Christmas (2015)
  • Swept Under (2016)
  • Switchback (1997)
  • Toys (1992)
  • Uncle Nick (2015)
  • Waking Life (2001)
  • Way of the Dragon (1972)
  • We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story (1993)
  • White Girl (2016)
  • Wildflower (2016)
  • Zero Point (2014)

December 2

  • Fauda, season 1 (Netflix original)
  • Hip Hop Evolution, season 1 (Netflix original)
  • Pacific Heat, season 1 (Netflix original)

December 3

  • Lost & Found Music Studios, season 2 (Netflix original)

December 5

  • The Good Neighbor (2016)
  • Mad (2016)

December 6

  • Blue Jay
  • The Devil Dolls (2016)
  • Homeland (Iraq Year Zero), season 1
  • The Model (2016)
  • Reggie Watts: Spatial (Netflix original)

December 8

  • The Cuba Libre Story, season 1 (Netflix original)

December 9

  • Captive, season 1 (Netflix original)
  • Cirque du Soleil Junior - Luna Petunia, season 1 (Netflix original)
  • Club de Cuervos, season 2 (Netflix original)
  • Fuller House, season 2 (Netflix original)
  • Four Seasons in Havana, season 1 (Netflix original)
  • Medici: Masters of Florence, season 1 (Netflix original)
  • Spectral (Netflix original)
  • White Rabbit Project, season 1 (Netflix original)

December 10

  • Lucky Number Slevin (2006)
  • Phantom of the Theater (2016)

December 11

  • Breaking a Monster (2016)

December 12

  • Ricardo O'Farrill: Christmas Special (Netflix original)

December 13

  • Colony, season 1
  • Killswitch (2016)
  • I Am Not a Serial Killer (2016)
  • Nobel, season 1 (Netflix original)

December 14

  • Versailles, season 1 (2015)

December 16

  • The Adventures of Puss in Boots, season 4 (Netflix original)
  • Barry (Netflix original)
  • Call Me Francis, season 1 (Netflix original)
  • Crazyhead, season 1 (Netflix original)
  • No Second Chance, season 1 (Netflix original)
  • Rats (2016)

December 19

  • Miss Stevens (2016)

December 20

  • The Break, season 1 (Netflix original)
  • Disorder (2015)
  • Gabriel Iglesias: Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry (Netflix original)
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, season 6 (2016)
  • Ten Percent, season 1 (Netflix original)

December 23

  • Travelers, season 1 (Netflix original)
  • Trollhunters, season 1 (Netflix original)

December 25

  • Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War (2016)
  • When Hari Got Married (2013)

December 27

  • Ajin, season 2 (Netflix original)
  • Chasing Cameron, season 1 (Netflix original)

December 28

  • Comedy Bang! Bang!, season 5 (2016)

December 29

  • The Hollywood Shorties (2016)

December 30

  • The Eighties, season 1 (2016)

December 31

  • Big in Bollywood (2011)

And here are the top titles that are disappearing.

“The duchess of Cambridge is a disgrace to the monarchy. What has she done in the past four years? Nothing, expect for doing little engagements then going on holiday, using her children as an excuse even though she has nanny. I’m not surprised she is lazy. She didn’t work before the wedding. This is why William should have picked someone in his circle, at least she knows what is expected of her. He should have gotten with Jecca or one of his other flames.” - Submitted by Anonymous


they call it the season of giving (i’m here, i’m yours) | a bawson christmas au

A year after catching his wife with another man, newly divorced Mike Lawson is desperate to skip town this holiday season. The loneliness of his empty house he can handle, but seeing the woman he loved with her new fiancé is another ordeal he refuses to suffer through. So when old friend Blip Sanders invites him to spend the holidays with his family, Mike accepts. Only, he doesn’t realize what he’s getting himself into until he arrives in a picturesque snow globe scene. He doesn’t envision engaging in holiday festivities but somehow finds himself chopping firewood and hanging wreaths. And Mike certainly doesn’t anticipate this off-the-map town mending his broken heart until he’s standing underneath the mistletoe with a certain twenty-three-year-old with aspirations greater than this place could ever satisfy.

Ginny Baker has dreamt about leaving her hometown since forever. Her big plans, however, are set aside in order to help run the family business after her father’s tragic accident. These days, she spends her time either checking in guests at the lodge and accommodating their every need or hiding in the kitchen of her best friend’s restaurant to quietly lament her dream deferred. But when she is introduced to their newest guest for the holidays, Ginny finds herself gravitated to him. Perhaps it’s because he lives on the West Coast and has actually seen and experienced what the world has to offer. Or maybe it’s because he’s in serious need of Christmas cheer. Whatever it is, he leaves Ginny both starry-eyed and hopeful for the future once again.

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