engagement feels

Alec: hey Magnus what’s your last name?

Magnus:it’s Bane? You know that??

Alec: *gets down on one knee and pulls out a ring* maybe I can change that.

Magnus: fuck no I’m keeping my last name it’s iconic

Magnus:but yes I’ll marry you.

In the middle of everything, i dont want to lose myself, but i also dont want to lose you guys morally and mentally in a way; i dont want it to just be a cycle, i want it to still feel engaging. I wanted to still feel involving. I wanted to still feel like its something cool and something fun to do and inspire other people to get up and do it and do that stuff that when i watch youtube before i started, to try and like get that sort of reaction out of people and get them to actually feel like theyre actually there with someone playing a game like a friend playing a game or interacting and not just some person whos unreachable.
—  Jacksepticeye

Moon, Venus or Ceres in Aries:

Go on a hike to a place with a marvelous view. The sense of accomplishment will feed your self worth, inspire your ambition, & satisfy your drive.

Teach yourself an unfamiliar sport or other active hobby. Honing a new, exciting skill by yourself will make you feel more independent than ever.

Congratulate yourself. Being proud of your achievements can open healthy channels of emotion. Appreciate the finish lines you cross.

Moon, Venus or Ceres in Taurus:

Pamper yourself. Get a massage, go out to eat, go shopping, or binge-watch Netflix. Reward your steady, dependable strength with some relaxation.

Work with your hands, such as with pottery or baking. Activities of the like will freshen your creative spirit and provide immediate, tangible results for effort.

Repair or replenish one of life’s necessities. Maintaining your household and keeping things in working order will make you feel grounded and productive.

Moon, Venus or Ceres in Gemini:

Journal. Expressing your thoughts & feelings openly and completely will make you feel refreshed, validated, and a bit less stifled or exhausted.

Go to a party or other lively event. Surrounding yourself with dynamic & cheerful activity will energize you. If you engage, you’ll feel integrated.

Join online forum discussions. Engaging with other people over subjects you’re knowledgeable about will fire up & satisfy your complex intellect.

Moon, Venus or Ceres in Cancer:

Take a lot of photos. Being able to re-immerse yourself in old memories will satisfy your sentimentality. Sometimes a little nostalgia is good for you.

Hug someone. Random expressions of affection are important. Savor the emotional fulfillment & sense of safety created by this sweet, simple gesture.

Create a sanctuary for yourself, a safe place you can retreat to. Peace & quiet are special resources. Learn to appreciate and enjoy your own company.

Moon, Venus or Ceres in Leo:

Post selfies or create self-portraits. Show off a little. Draw some positive attention to yourself to replenish your confidence and self-assurance.

Arrange / administer to a group activity. This will spark pride in the accomplishments you orchestrate / in the respect leading something garners.

Attend some kind of extravagant event. Belonging in a luxurious atmosphere will make you feel like royalty – valuable and significant.

Moon, Venus or Ceres in Virgo:

Take care of your body. Exercise, eat healthy, try a new skincare routine. Improving your health & appearance will boost your self-worth & confidence.

Edit, refine, or critique something. Assisting others in their pursuit of improvement & doing work that needs to be done will make you feel useful.

Watch over a pet or plant(s). Animals & nature are pure things, and to be part of their well-being could be an immensely rewarding experience.

Moon, Venus or Ceres in Libra:

Go to an art gallery or something similar. A beautiful, sophisticated atmosphere will make you feel comfortable & fulfilled. Your refined taste will be satisfied.

Grow a garden or decorate a room. Creating a peaceful, aesthetically pleasing place will remind you of your own splendor, and you can share it with others.

Reinvent your style. Finding a new way to express yourself can make you feel refreshed. It will be a major step toward cultivating self-approval.

Moon, Venus or Ceres in Scorpio:

Take down another one of your walls with someone you trust. Cultivating intimacy will satiate many of your needs, insecurities, and discomforts.

Go to a place where you are completely anonymous. Be someone new for a day. Become one of the mysteries you love so much. It will be inspiring.

Meditate. When you’re alone, you probably analyze things intensely; take a break from this. Clear your mind. The relaxation will be very rewarding.

Moon, Venus or Ceres in Sagittarius:

Look into a religion or ideology you know little about. Gathering unfamiliar knowledge will expand not only your mind, but your self-satisfaction as well.

Go to a “boring” town and discover something interesting about it. Finding intrigue where there is only monotony is the greatest kind of exploration.

Start a deep discussion with someone who is very different from you. If no one turns unnecessarily hostile, you can probably teach each other something.

Moon, Venus or Ceres in Capricorn:

Write a detailed to-do list for a weekend and complete the entire thing. This will open up free time for relaxation afterwards & make you feel very productive.

If you have an important goal, devise a plan for it. Giving yourself a secure path to follow will promote steady workflow and a comfortable sense of safety.

Lighten up. Find a safe space to be yourself in, and relax. This will refresh & energize you, and release a lot of your built-up tension. Let a few things go.

Moon, Venus or Ceres in Aquarius:

Contribute to a good cause – donate to a charity or someone in need, or volunteer somewhere. This will boost your self-worth and may enlighten you.

Take a day to spend time with friends, or go out of your way to make new ones. Trust, expression, and connection open healthy channels of emotion.

Appreciate your own uniqueness. There’s no better way to feel like you matter than to find yourself worthy of your own attention and approval.

Moon, Venus or Ceres in Pisces:

Do one unsolicited favor a day. Expressing & manifesting your own kind nature in a way you will notice will increase your self-approval and self-worth.

Create something. Set your imagination free & let your inspiration run wild. This will be refreshing & you’ll have a lasting extension of who you are.

Go to an immersive art event, like an interactive play. Losing yourself in a tangible fantasy will release a lot of your negative feelings & may inspire you.

“Being in the snow with my lover like this immerses me in a special feeling. I like it.”

Has this been done yet?

Venus in The Signs, Elements, Houses. ♀

The Venus Planet is associated with beauty, creativity, pleasure, feminine, harmony, love & attraction.

The Venus sign rulerships are Libra & Taurus, Libra being the one to bring harmony in relationships & Taurus being the one to bring beauty in comfort. The Venus sign relates well with those who receive love (whether women or men) in relationships then creates beauty from what was given, Libra usually relates well with men for they create attraction & Taurus usually relates well with women for they create pleasure. The Venus house is where your beauty is present & very alive in.

Remember to go out to the world with unconditional love for you’ll be able to receive acceptance, feelin’ beloved. ♡


Venus in Signs ♀

how you love another, who you are attracted to, how your beauty appears to be.

venus in fire signs embodies the impulsion, directness, passion and exoticism within love.

venus in earth signs embodies the physical, beauty, routine and practicality within love.

venus in air signs embodies the relationship, verbal, attraction and weirdness within love.

venus in water signs embodies the emotion, care, intimacy and vulnerability within love.

- ♡

Aries Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of energy & drive in which she creates beauty out of sexuality & their vitality draws attention to the eye. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Taurus Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of pleasure & stability in which creates beauty out of self-worth & looks physically sensual to the eye. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Gemini Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of stimulation & wit in which creates beauty out of immaturity & becomes playful to those around her. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Cancer Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of reassurance & mood in which creates beauty out of emotion & extends their nurture into life. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Leo Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of confidence & ego in which creates beauty out of drama & their expression draws attention to the eye. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Virgo Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of class & motivation in which creates beauty out of self-improvement & looks physically poise to the eye. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Libra Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of harmony & validation in which creates beauty out of charm & becomes hypnotic to those around her. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Scorpio Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of desires & intensity in which creates beauty out of death & extends their darkness into life. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Sagittarius Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of wisdom & growth in which creates beauty out of adventure & their optimism draws attention to the eye. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Capricorn Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of dignity & structure in which creates beauty out of self-image & looks physically regal to the eye. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Aquarius Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of intellect & ideas in which creates beauty out of uniqueness & becomes detached to those around her. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Pisces Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of dreams & wishes in which creates beauty out of idealism & extends their art into life. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.



Venus in Houses ♀

where the venus energy lights up, who you attract, what your beauty is typically recognized as.

venus in fire houses (1st, 5th, 9th) becomes, expresses & expands their love energy.

venus in earth houses (2nd, 6th, 10th) materialize, designs & models their nurture energy.

venus in air houses (3rd, 7th, 11th) interacts, balances & connects from love energy.

venus in water houses (4th, 8th, 12th) illuminates, consumes & heals from nurture energy.

- ♡

Venus in 1st: people are drawn to your harmonic rise to the surface & they appreciate your energetic charm & beauty, you’re always surrounded with balance, fighting for justice if others are unfairly mistreated, you have a sexy love appeal that others are attracted to, others are intimated by your passionate first impressions, your vital spirit is love energy, you are beauty.

Venus in 2nd: buying expensive clothes helps you learn how to feel worthy & valuable, whatever you wear looks rich & aesthetically pleasing on you, a keen fashion taste like no other, you’re stylish & a trendsetter, might be the type to buy an excessive amount of material possessions but you seem to know how to balance your money out, artistic fashion, you possess the art itself.

Venus in 3rd: you’re so witty that brings on an immense amount of charm to others, people love to listen to what you’ll have to say, combining harmony & humor together, I am somehow in love with your laugh that ties with your alluring voice that just simmers in the mind, elegantly feminine hand writing, you possibly write beautiful poets, beautiful voice, writing, words, mind.

Venus in 4th: living in an artistic home brings you true peace & comfort, you tend to always surround yourself with elegant beauty, you would make such a lovely parent, the ability to nurture & smother others with unconditional love is your nature, your family probably adores & appreciates you, you are just aesthetically pleasing to look at, your harmonious aura decorates like a home.

Venus in 5th: the art of being dramatic yet charismatic are one of your greatest qualitys, an elegance that only radiates outwardly with glamour, you express this gorgeous lavish light, a walking aesthetic, you need someone to always focus on & love you, nothing will stop you from being pleasing to look at, also very flirtatious & naturally attractive, you’re like an art gallery full of artistry.

Venus in 6th: sacrafice brings you much harmony, gracefully modest & polite to those around you, especially at work, co-workers adore your elegant poise company, delicate soft loving attitudes, the type to put others first & help sort out their problems, you’ll feel beautiful if treated your body with healthy natural foods & product, might be living in another cinderella story.

Venus in 7th: you fall in love then idealize others in your relationships, harmonious with your lovers, so very delicate, you attract partners that are particularly passionately attractive & fair, you love to be lost in your partner because it makes you feel like you’re in a fantasy, you don’t show your fun loving side to people you just met, you’re like the first houses bitch.

Venus in 8th: a passionate & magnetic seductress without effort, your feminine divinity engraves into others minds that haunts them, you give piercing looks that are extremely penetrating & deadly, you just soulfully scream sensuality & harmony, you have deep & intense desires in love, inheritance will grant you well, death will be beautifully slow & peaceful, you put out prostitute vibes.

Venus in 9th: no limits what’s so ever when you’re in love, you seek for grand harmonious adventure, you appreciate the lessons you learn, you are in love with spirituality, you give freedom & acceptance to others, everyone adores your warm hearted presence, you bring attraction into exoticism, travel will be your priority, like a witness to the twelve houses creativity being manifested.

Venus in 10th: your public image is known for being a striking beauty, every one views you to be fierce & pleasing to look at, mastered in the arts & your creativity can be manifested into design or makeup work, you aim to be & you model how to be a this perfect public figure, everyone will remember you as this stunning & charming individual, a perfect role model of a venusian.

Venus in 11th: surrounded by lovely & soft groups of people that you admire, engaging helps you feel balanced, your generosity comes across as flirtatiously romantic, unique qualities that generally makes you even more attractive, you’re a social butterfly & righteous warrior, you allow others to be their authentic self, fairly harmonious with humanity, you’re like surrounded by beauty gurus.

Venus in 12th: living in an aesthetically dreamy world in which you surround yourself with, you easily fall for others, vulnerable to the world, you are very sensitive to those who connects with you romantically, spiritually creative & harmonic, you’re surrounded with this beautiful healing energy, people attract to your softness, creativity which manifests from the spiritual realm.


Stiles wakes up to his own groans, throbbing between the legs and knowing instantly that he isn’t imagining that sweet, wet suction around his cock. Peeking under the covers, he groans even louder as wide eyes alight with mischief peer back at him. Glancing at the clock, it’s a quarter past seven and he’s gonna be late for work, but glancing back down at the mouth around his dick, he knows he really doesn’t care. She’s got his cock locked up between her lips just the way he likes, not too tight or too lose, sucking him in a rhythm that’s long and slow and teasing.

“Baby,” Stiles moans, hands tangling in her hair.

“Mmm,” she hums around his cock, slurping her way back up and pulling off for air.

“Fuck, honey, you know I gotta work,” he growls, tugging her up his body to get at her swollen lips.

“Go in late. Call in sick. Fuck me,” She whispers, allowing him to kiss her while rubbing her wet folds against his aching cock.

Stiles just can’t; he’s a weak man. Rolling her over, he slips inside her, cock making a space for itself. It feels like coming home; Stiles doesn’t think that the feeling will over fade honestly and it’s been that way since the first time. There’s just something about getting her on her back, legs wrapped around him and lips parted on his name that makes Stiles wanna lay in bed all day and give it to her just how they like it. Call him pussy whipped but it’s more than that, a deep seated need to bring her higher and claim her from the inside out nearly every time they touch. She’s so responsive as he pumps his hips into her, legs tightening and loosening around his waist in intervals, showing that she’s bound to burst any moment.

“That’s it, let it out baby girl,” he croons, watching as the fire in her belly bursts and she explodes around him like a supernova.

“Stiles,” she chokes and he fills her to the brim. He buries his head in her neck, hips stuttering his release after holding back for so long.

“Little Devil,” he pants, looking at the clock to see that even if he were to leave without showering, he’d be a good half hour late to work. “Gonna get me fired.”

She watches as he pulls away, legs not letting him get too far. “Don’t go,” she whispers, pulling him back in. “Stay with me.”

“Sweetheart, you know I gotta-,” her pout stalls him. She’s a fucking minx and she knows it, using momentum and leverage to get him back under her.

“One more time?”

“Fuck,” Stiles groans, cock hard again already. “One more time,” he nods.

She sinks onto his cock easy as pie, watching him watch her. Stiles knows he’s not leaving for work any time soon and by the time he even thinks about calling in, they’ve fucked three times and fooled around in the shower. When she gets him locked between her legs on the dryer, Stiles knows he’s doomed for good, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Baby,” he murmurs, sinking into her once more as she shakes along with the dryer’s cycle.


“Love you.”

She looks at Stiles with something like a smile, about to say it back before her face is warped into one of pleasure, Stiles’ name leaving her lips in a chant. She always looks so good taking his cock and makes him feel so powerful when she clings to and scratches at him, trusting him to please her. It’s a heady feeling, knowing that he’s the one making her feel this good, knowing that he’s the one who’s going to be touching her like this for the rest of her life. She comes with his name on her tongue, thighs clenching at his hips with all their strength. He follows after her, dopey, lovestruck smile on his face.


Later on, he’s grabbing his stuff and heading for the door, deputy’s uniform fitting him like a glove. She watches him with hooded eyes, lip tucked between her teeth because Stiles looks like a damn snack and he knows it. He shakes his head at her as she stalks closer, looking like she’s gonna ravish him for the fiftieth time.

“Uh-uh, no you don’t,” he warns, bag lunch between them like a shield.

“Later?” She asks, big, doe eyes pleading.

Stiles groans, nodding. Promises her that he’ll fuck her into the mattress when he gets home. He goes to leave but her voice calls out once more, honey sweet and everything he needs.

“I love you, Mr. Stilinski.”

He smiles, mouth hurting with how wide it is. “I love you too, Mrs. Stilinski.” And he’s out the door.


Thirty minutes later, he walks through the police department doors, not able to look anyone in the eye when they ask where on earth he’s been all day. The hardest of them all is his father, who has that knowing look on his face but says nothing, which Stiles is grateful for. Or at least he would be, if he didn’t hear the rumble of “pft, newlyweds,” huffed under his dad’s breath. Stiles just slinks to his desk and takes looking at the picture of the two of them on their wedding day. He’s a lucky man, he thinks, both in and out of the sheets.

It isn’t until he’s realized that he’s not alone in the room, looking up to see his wife’s face, mischief written all over it. He’s not that shocked, but still startles, knows that he definitely won’t get shit done today. He clears his throat, shakes his head, and puts on his deputy voice.

“Anything I can do for you, ma'am?”

“I came to turn myself in,” she chuckles, closing the door behind her as she slinks into the room.

“The offense?”

“Oh, you’ll see.”

She’s in his lap in seconds, lips locked with his and fingers tangled in his hair. Stiles is a goner, never stood a chance and he’s completely okay with that. If his dick is what she craves, then who is he to tell her no? Doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks because he’s gonna enjoy it while it lasts.


“You like to get me in trouble, huh?” He asks, when they’re finally home, cuddled up in bed.

She shrugs, giggling as his fingers tickle her sides. “Well they say, increased sex drive is expected in the second trimester.”

It takes Stiles a second to catch up. He rolls over her, eyes twinkling in hopes that he heard her right. He’s going to be a dad? Him? A little Stilinski boy or girl with her hair and his eyes and just, wow. He’s gonna be a dad. He also takes a look at her stomach, trying to notice the barely there curve of it. She pulls him down for a kiss, smiling into it.

“Happy belated Father’s Day, Stiles,” she whispers against his lips.

And if they fuck again to celebrate, well, that’s their business.

the signs as i've known them
  • Aries: the most loyal person you will ever meet. they will do anything for you. gives amazing hugs and is great at comforting. can be really scary to be in a fight or debate with. very emotional but always denies it.
  • Taurus: the best at debating. always sees both sides of an argument, except when it's their argument. super sweet and is the best at cuddling. back rubs are their specialty.
  • Gemini: super adorable and quirky. they just want to be understood. loves to laugh. great at advice. always super caring and understanding. can be really down on themselves and doubts themselves a lot. the best to go to when upset.
  • Cancer: always super kind. compliments you a lot. stingy with money, but very generous with their time. loves to talk about themselves. very compassionate. great at conversation.
  • Leo: has a super loud laugh. has an energy that keeps you happy and interested. being with them is always an adventure. they make anything seem fun. the worst at remembering things. makes everything seem more dramatic than it actually is.
  • Virgo: know it all, but isn't rude about it. knows how intelligent they are and knows their capabilities. usually into the arts and is in theatre. very funny and has good comedic timing. is rude and sarcastic, but knows when to be serious.
  • Libra: the absolute best at telling stories. good at keeping you interested and engaged. makes you feel special and important. very childlike. has a weird sense of humor.
  • Scorpio: very intense. hard to read. good at listening to and understanding your problems. wants you to open up to them but won't ever tell you anything about them. very closed off. will either be really sweet and kind or really sarcastic and distant. no matter what, you always know that they love you. great at comforting and gives amazing pep talks.
  • Sagittarius: always telling you childhood stories (but they are very entertaining). gets overwhelmed easily. loves to ask questions. really giddy. gets into weird moods. very fun to be with. makes you forget all of your troubles and worries.
  • Capricorn: makes you feel very safe and protected. good at listening and problem solving. always there for you when you need them. can be weirdly distant at times. good at making you laugh.
  • Aquarius: very strict with themselves. knows themselves very well. very good at making puns. good at making you feel included and important. good at motivating. can be very standoffish and distant. will act like you are their best friend but then ignore you for a week.
  • Pisces: very cute. always wants to know how you are and what you are doing. likes to imagine. will take you to really fun places. can be hard to talk to. won't open up to you right away. always knows how to make you smile and how to cheer you up.

That thing guys do where they approach a girl on the street based on looks is such an ineffective strategy in my experience like its cool to know my outfit is “elegant” but sir I already promise your expectations are wrong the only service I offer is being an awkward meme-loving-fuck you’re literally only signing up for 1am discussions about fanfiction and anime characters and trash jokes

A dude stopped and walked with me last night telling me my outfit reminded him of some fashionista he knew if France and i dont know jack or shit about France or fashion and whatever vibe I was giving off was 100% bullshit because the only thing on my mind was getting on my pjs and watching boku no hero reruns

like whats the right way to communicate “you seem nice but im grappling with the stress of realizing ive somehow set expectation too high and i am in fact 400% more of an awkward loser than you realize and i spent all of middle and high school being super ugly so i really dont know how this ‘lets get coffee’ game works i just wanna watch my japanese cartoons in peace”

the single most fucknig frustrating part of riding is knowing enough to see your major flaws but not being fucking skilled enough yet to bloody fix em

repeat after me: wlw having sexual thoughts, feelings and engaging in sexual activities is healthy and is in no way predatory