engagement album

The track listing for Killswitch Engage’s upcoming album “Incarnate” has been revealed!

01. Alone I Stand
02. Hate By Design
03. Cut Me Loose
04. Strength Of The Mind
05. Just Let Go
06. Embrace The Journey… Upraised
07. Quiet Distress
08. Until The Day
09. It Falls On Me
10. The Great Deceit
11. We Carry On
12. Ascension

Bonus Tracks:

13. Reignite
14. Triumph Through Tragedy
15. Loyalty

Pre-orders available on January 29th!

Engagement Album Guestbooks!

Ahhh… the wedding guestbook, typically covered in white satin or lace with page after page of lined paper for your guests to sign, only for you to put the book away in a box somewhere on a shelf or in the attic to never look at it again…  OR… you can make super fun use of your engagement pictures by turning them into a photo album/guestbook!  I’m very excited to be offering this new product to my wedding clients. I use the favorite pictures from the engagement session to custom design a 30 page (15 spread) book, leaving plenty of white space for your guests to sign.  These books, printed and bound by Vision Art, are GORGEOUS- I love the feel and look of the paper and photo covers, and the printing is beautiful.  I love the books so much, I’m going to start offering them as session albums to my portrait clients as well (but without the white space for signing, of course).  I can’t wait to deliver this book to Karlos and Melanie, who will be using it as their guestbook for their wedding THIS SATURDAY (which I’m all excited about!).  Here are just a few pictures of the cover and a few sample spreads.  

5 years. Five long years filled with ups and downs, breakups and engagements, world tours, four albums and another on the way.

5 years ago, a band was created with no intention on being as successful as they are now. Five boys were put together and they forever changed the world.

Millions of lives have been saved, hearts have been filled and smiles have been seen because of these five boys.

Even though one memeber is gone, they will always be the five boys on the stairs.

7 • 23 • 10