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Wedding Bells - HS Imagine

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(Based on Harry blessing us with Hawaii)

You sat with Glenne and Jeff at one of the many tables at brunch. You were all in Hawaii for the wedding of a mutual friend of their and Harry’s and you being Harry’s girlfriend – well, now, fiancé, attended as his plus one. You thought back to last night, remembering all that had taken place.

The ceremony was beautiful. Harry had decided to of course wearing one of his dad shirts claiming, ‘We’re in Hawaii, love, course ‘m gonna wear this shirt,’ as he sassily pulled his white jacket over top of it. You had asked Harry what to wear since you didn’t know anyone apart from him, Glenne, and Jeff, and he told you to wear whatever you wanted because, ‘you’d look beautiful in whatever you wore, love,’ he shrugged with a loving smile. So, once you were satisfied with how your hair and makeup looked, you guys were off.

And here you were, wondering when you would get married…wondering if Harry wanted to get married. After the ceremony the reception had kicked off – various people sat at tables while the bride and groom had their first dance. Harry introduced you to everyone later, as his ‘lovely girlfriend,’ but what rubbed you the wrong way was when he winked at Jeff after saying it. Knowing he had a glad of champagne prior, you shook it off and chatted with Glenne as the dance ended. The announcement was then made for all of the single women to try and catch the bouquet. You froze, feeling awkward – you didn’t know the bride and groom, so you chose not to participate.

“You’re not going up there love?” your boyfriend’s sweet voice asked. You looked at him, shaking your head no with an uncomfortable smile. He seemed kind of disappointed.

“Come on, y/n have a little fun,” Glenne encouraged you and grabbed you by the hand dragging you to the dance floor. She ran off before you could question why she did it. The bride strangely made eye contact with you, nodding to herself as she turned around to fling the handful of flowers past her head. Funny enough, they came soaring straight towards you, as you reached out and caught them. Everyone cheered, and you looked over to Harry knowing the meaning of catching the bride’s bouquet.

There he sat, acting like that Kermit the frog meme, sipping his tea (which was really champagne) like it was none of his business, but the smirk on his face behind his glass said otherwise. Awkwardly, you stalked back over to your seat and sat staring at the table, not knowing what to say. They started playing music for the guests to dance to as you and your group of four made your way to the dance floor. Harry had brought the flowers with him, showing them off as he danced, pretending to throw them at Jeff.

 When all of the festivities were over, the four of you headed back to the hotel. You all walked towards the front doors of the hotel, and had almost reached the giant fountain in the middle of the pavement, but you noticed everyone else’s footsteps had stopped. You came to a halt as soon as you realized they weren’t trailing behind you anymore. You turned around slowly, and the confused look on your face caused Harry to turn to his manager/dear friend smirking and raising his eyebrows, with an arm behind his back – keeping something out of your eyesight. They were speaking some sort of language that you didn’t understand – they knew something that you didn’t.

“Guys, what is going on?” you laughed at their boyish behavior. Harry stepped out in front of them, and made his way towards you slowly and revealed the bouquet behind his back.

“I think you forgot something when we left, love,” he smiled cheekily.

“Harry, where are you going with this?” you shifted from one foot to the other wondering what could possibly be running through that gorgeous head of his. You stared at him amused at the fascination he seemed to have with an arrangement of flowers.

“Here,” he outstretched them towards you, nodding for you to take them. You grasped them slowly, still staring at him unknowingly.

“You know what catching ‘em means, don’t you?”

“Yes, Harry…I know what it means,” you smiled cheekily at him. But your face grew serious when you realized what those flowers had meant. Why the bride had thrown them right to you.

“Oh my god,” you clasped your hand over your mouth, tears forming in your eyes as Harry knelt down on one knee, right there in front of the hotel fountain. You tried not to cry until he got the words out, and he seemed to notice.

“Haven’t even asked you yet, love,” he shook his head with his dimples popping promptly into place as he let out an affectionate laugh at your reaction.

“Shut up,” you laughed as you tried to contain yourself. Your laughter caused a sweet chuckle to rumble from his own chest. He took a deep breath before starting to speak.

“Y/N Y/L/N,” he slowly pulled the little velvet box from his jacket pocket, opening it as he continued to speak, “you’re not only my best friend, nor my girlfriend, you’re the love of my life. I want to spend the rest of my nights how we did tonight – with each other, dancing, laughing, holding one another, whatever you want. And I want to spend the rest of my days as your husband. Would you do me the honor of being my wife?”

By the time he had finished his sentiment, he was getting choked up himself.

“Yes,” you nodded enthusiastically. He smiled tearfully as he gently took your hand in his, sliding the ring onto your finger. He quickly brought your hand to his lips pressing a tight kiss to your knuckle before standing up and kissing you properly, picking you up and swinging you around like a cliché scene you had watched in one of his favorite romantic comedies. After placing you on your feet, he peppered kisses all over your face until you couldn’t contain that cute little laugh he loved so much that bubbled in your chest. When you had finally calmed down and Harry had been sweet enough to wipe away any leftover tears, you turned your heads back to Glenne and Jeff. Glenne was holding Harry’s phone and was clearly taking a video, by the guilty look on her face.

“You little shits were in on this,” you shake your head laughing. Harry laughs and goes to retrieve his phone. Once he’s placed it back in his pocket, Glenne and Jeff walk past the two of you, going up to their hotel room.

“Yes, yes we were,” Jeff chuckles nodding nonchalauntly.

You watch them walk away and make their entry into the hotel lobby, shocked by the epiphany that has just set itself off in your brain. The fact Harry winked at Jeff when he said ‘girlfriend,’ the fact the bride literally threw the bouquet directly to you, and the fact that Jeff and his girlfriend had waited for you guys while Harry proposed so they could get the video. You go to respond to their cleverness, but you’re interrupted by your lovely fiance’s voice, as he brushes your hair off your shoulder from his stance behind you, his other arm snaking around your waist. He kisses your neck once before his lips brush against your ear.

“Why don’t you forget about them,” he whispers, “and go back to your hotel room with your fiancé so that he can get you out of that damn dress.” Your body went rigid but filled with excitement. You said nothing and didn’t turn to look at him. Smiling to yourself, you simply grabbed the arm that was wrapped around you and started walking him towards the door.

You snapped back to the present when your eyes scanned the grass for Harry and found the sight before you. He was playing with the little girl he had met at the reception last night, ‘booping’ her nose, scurrying away on his bare feet before she could catch him, his champagne flute in hand.

  You decided right there and then, that you were going to tell Harry that you found out that morning that you were pregnant - obviously not from the previous night. 

ross,,,,got engaged in a fucking ice cream shop??? that’s the most ross thing he could ever do

Here’s just the clip of Carl’s interview on This Feeling since some peeps didn’t catch it. He talks about the Libs hotel, the new album, his engagement, sleeping in a cage (again) and Peter calling him from the airport because Rafa got strip searched. There’s more bits of Carl/Jackals through the longer video which @exarcadiaelux originally posted here.

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Go go is not about them partying and spending money! It's actually the only socially engaged song of the album this time around. It talks about how younger generations in Korea don't have access to good jobs untile late and the few money they make they spending it to party. It shows a dark side of the society.

ah yes anon!! before i saw this message i went through what i had written and added a few more things in to make my self more clear about the whole thing not being about partying and spending money (it’s way too late in the night for me)
this anon is totally correct !!!! i couldn’t have said it better myself thank you💜💜!!

5 years. Five long years filled with ups and downs, breakups and engagements, world tours, four albums and another on the way.

5 years ago, a band was created with no intention on being as successful as they are now. Five boys were put together and they forever changed the world.

Millions of lives have been saved, hearts have been filled and smiles have been seen because of these five boys.

Even though one memeber is gone, they will always be the five boys on the stairs.

7 • 23 • 10


On this day in music history: May 23, 1975 - “Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy”, the ninth studio album by Elton John is released. Produced by Gus Dudgeon, it is recorded at the Caribou Ranch in Nederland, CO from June - July 1974. After the successful “Caribou” album, the prolific musician will return to the Caribou Ranch recording studio in the Colorado Rockies to record his next release. The concept album is an autobiographical account of Elton John and Bernie Taupin and the struggles they faced at the beginning of their musical careers. The single “Someone Saved My Life Tonight” (#4 Pop), is about John’s half hearted suicide attempt while he’s engaged to a woman, faced with choosing her over his music career (and still struggling with his sexual orientation at the time). His friend and former bandmate Long John Baldry will convince him to break off the engagement. The album will also mark the last time that John records with drummer Nigel Olsson and bassist Dee Murray until the “Too Low For Zero” album in 1983. “Captain Fantastic will make history when it becomes the first album to ever enter the Billboard Top 200 at number one. For the original LP release, a limited number of promotional copies will be pressed on translucent brown vinyl, with each album jacket autographed by Elton John and Bernie Taupin. "Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy” will spend seven weeks (non-consecutive) at number one on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified 3x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

Here is what you missed on keeping up with One Direction

March was suppose to be the worst month for this fandom… but what the hell happened to July!!! So here we were all blindly disbelieving that Louis becoming a dad was the craziest this week would get. HAHHAAHAHHAHAHA Do you hear me laughing!? WRONG. so so very wrong. As if not enough shit has hit the fan, but Louis, nor his family or anyone from the team is denying or confirming the rumors so the fans will just have to live with this unbearable uncertainty. Just try not to slam your head against a wall thinking of the idea that Louis might actually become a dad.
Anyway as if that isn’t cruel enough already… On thursday, the 16th of July the fandom has hit rock bottom. Updates accounts were being exposed…. Aprently there is Larry footage from not only Wellington but also hotel rooms… Larries wanted to sing and dance… but hold up there are rumors going around that bodyguards and Louis friends asked for sexual favors in order for fans to meet the boys… WTF this is just terrible… so so wrong. Mr X. and a twitter account started exposing all these details and secrets… no one can distingish between lies and reality anymore, it’s like living in inception… You think this shitstorm might be over, but while Larry might actually get exposed, Louis contact info was leaked… HAVE SOME RESPECT!!! It feels like the fandom is expolding, too much information is being thrown at the fans and it’s too much to peacefully digest. You can’t even keep up with the drama anymore because in the past 24 hours, so much was being exposed and rumors were flying left and right, the 1D fandom is finally breaking down becuase they can’t handle it anymore. After hours of trying to sort through the chaos and trying not to run around screaming, the fans have given up and resorted to being in full denial. 1D fans are currently living in 2011/2012 where the only worry they had was that Louis and Niall didn’t get enough solos and Liam had only one kidney. It is a tragedy that fans feel so uncomfortable, frustrated and sad with the current situation that they are closing their eyes, blasting Up All Night and pretending ot5 is alive, no daddy drama, no setlist drama… no drama in general. Zerrie engagement, album leaks, Zaughty twitter fights…. doesnt even come close to how distressed the fans are right now. 1D needs to speak up and sort this shit out, because their fans need answers. Oh yeah and of course the sun also contributed to the shitstorm they declared they have an exclusive story about Zayn/but you know at this point NOTHING IS TRUE ANYMORE…….. Good luck fans and that is what you missed on Keeping Up with One Direction.

Engagement Album Guestbooks!

Ahhh… the wedding guestbook, typically covered in white satin or lace with page after page of lined paper for your guests to sign, only for you to put the book away in a box somewhere on a shelf or in the attic to never look at it again…  OR… you can make super fun use of your engagement pictures by turning them into a photo album/guestbook!  I’m very excited to be offering this new product to my wedding clients. I use the favorite pictures from the engagement session to custom design a 30 page (15 spread) book, leaving plenty of white space for your guests to sign.  These books, printed and bound by Vision Art, are GORGEOUS- I love the feel and look of the paper and photo covers, and the printing is beautiful.  I love the books so much, I’m going to start offering them as session albums to my portrait clients as well (but without the white space for signing, of course).  I can’t wait to deliver this book to Karlos and Melanie, who will be using it as their guestbook for their wedding THIS SATURDAY (which I’m all excited about!).  Here are just a few pictures of the cover and a few sample spreads.  


Let’s be honest. It’s been a while ay it. We don’t really talk like we used to. For the last year we’ve been messing around behind yr backs. It started with robbing drum intros from blink 182 and ended with horns stolen from screaming maldini and in the middle we had these 10 (11) little encounters with a louder noise than you’d possibly be happy about. And if that sentence wasn’t enough of a secret map, we created an entirely probably fictional city for the whole mess to live in.*

Bands are supposed to mellow as they get older, idk quite what’s gone wrong.
Anyway, my point is, we’ve moved on in the last couple of years, you and us. Lives have bloomed and faded in the time it taken to arrange heartbreak for two distorted guitars. Whole genres appeared and expired. R u still in 2 it? Because we are.

Metaphor boken cos i am waay more confident in this record than I am IRL, we are giddy with excitement to cordially** invite you to our 4th proper long play album, available on cd and 12" in March on Alcopop. Over the next few weeks we’ll be dropping things here in the runup to release. Like, tour dates for the UK and beyond, videos and promo and details and other assorted bits of hype. And the name, you’ll probably need to know that at some point.

* srs, you need buy the  special edition because it’s gonna come with literally the greatest artwork we can ever do
**I dont know what this word means but I assume it involves fancy cocktails.

See you soon, the world