engaged and confused

someone else.

seth rollins x OFC.

warnings: SMUT + swearing.

prompt: receiving a text from your best friend makes you out your feelings about him, to him even though he’s taken. 

the gym mats were cold against your bare legs and the sound of wind smashing against the windows echoed around the large room. 3 am and you were exhausted, having trained all day already and finding it too difficult to sleep meaning you wound up in the gym once again. 

being physically exhausted was something you could deal with, it came with the job title - as a WWE woman’s wrestler you were use to gruelling hours and being thrown and tossed around a ring for other people’s entertainment. yep, physical exhaustion you could manage. 

emotional exhaustion was another story.

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idk if you're still interested in Japanese learner mistakes, so sorry of not, but when I was in level 2 Japanese, I said "翻訳したい" (honyakushitai), which is "I want to translate it," but my conversation partner thought I said "婚約したい" (konyakushitai), "I want to get engaged." Confusion and eventual hilarity ensued.

Omg there needs to be a Viktuuri AU about that mistake! 

Just Your Average Sexy Teacher (Harry Potter!AU: G-Dragon) Pt. 2

Part 1

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Type: Fluff

Request: You did a teacher at Hogwarts G-Dragon request and I was wondering if you could do a part two of after the reader graduates. Like they date and get married or they start a family?

“Do your parents even know about us?” he asked as you two stood in your shared apartment by the fireplace “I mentioned dating someone older” you tell him. “Not your old Potions teacher?” he asked as you nodded. “That’s not a good thing, you know. We’re engaged and everything” he told you as you whined “I know that but-” he pulled you in for a hug as you both sighed. “Who’s going to be there?” he asked “my parents, brother, and his family” you tell him as he nods. “I mean I can just explain to them all what I do and who I am” he mumbles as you smile. “My favorite little potions teacher” you coo as he scoffs looking away.


You two appeared in the living room of your parents house as Jiyong caught you before you fell. He pulled you close offering you a loving smile as he went to kiss you before a squeal filled your ears and your niece Jongrye rushed towards you and you bent down picking her up. “Who’s this?” Jiyong asked as he smiled at the little one who smiled beginning to chew on her fingers “say Jongrye” you coo as he made a sound of happiness before shoes clicked and your mother came in. “Y/N” she said as she walks over offering you a hug which you took holding Jongrye still. “You must be the fiance” she spoke seeing Jiyong there. He nodded “Kwon Jiyong” he spoke offering her his hand. 


Jiyong and your brother Seunghyun froze as they looked at each other “you’re dating him?” Seunghyun asked “engaged” you say confused “what’s wrong?” your mother asked “Jiyong and I graduated the same year” he spoke as you sent him a look. “You two don’t even have the same last name how was I supposed to know” he whispered to you as you gave an odd smile. “I thought you became a teacher” Seunghyun told him as you all sat down to eat. “I did” Jiyong says as your father looks at him “how do you know my daughter?” he asked as Jiyong lets out an odd laugh. “He taught me last year” you say annoyed “don’t be rude or anything. I don’t care. He’s a pure-blood and a good guy. He fits your standards” you continue as your dad sits back. You looked at Seunghyun who was giving you a smile finding it all funny. “Well then onto happier things. Do you want some potatoes?” you mother asks as you nod. 


The first year of marriage was a bit odd because the whole school heard about the hot teacher marrying a former student of his. Jiyong was in deep water for a bit being accused of dating you while you were a minor but both of you promised that you were graduated when you two began dating. The year trudged by slowly as you two were dealing with it all but you were still happy to have each other.

The next year brought the great news and birth of your first child Jaeyong. A preemie who Jiyong didn’t get to meet right away due to his job. He was home nearly a week before school ended as he gave his final assignments and tests early just to leave. He was in tears when he finally got to hold his son who was already four months by the time he could be there. 

You two ended up waiting a long while to have another child by the time your son was about 9 you were pregnant again with your twins girls. Jihyo and Jiwoo. Who Jiyong was luckily there for the birth of. 


“Is it good?” Jiyong asked as he stroked Jihyo’s head as she was trying her best to eat her porridge on her own. “Daddy” Jiwoo says as he turns to the other side and smiles at the messy girl who finished her bowl already. “Good job” he coos as he picks up his napkin and begins cleaning her face. “Mom stop” Jaeyong calls out as he rushed out and you following behind him with a brush and his glasses “Your hair looks horrible” you tell him “not even subtle about it” Jiyong says as he watches you slide glasses onto Jaeyong’s face followed by brushing his hair as the knots became very clear as you did “do you ever brush it?” you say as he started complaining. Jiyong leans on his hand as the twins and him simply watched the show you and Jaeyong were putting on for his first day at Hogwarts. 

colouring book | jimin pt.5

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genre: fluff, angst and smut (in part three)

word count: 1.5k

warning: contains swearing

a/n: this is a tattoo!au! thank you for all the support and messages about the parts! The next up coming chapters are filled with drama and angst!


Standing in the giant ballroom you looked around and sighed silently, you didn’t want to be here. You didn’t want to be surrounded by people with so much money they blew it on bad Botox and expensive jewellery. You wanted to be with Jimin in his shop, or in your bakery, or even in your apartment watching movies and eating the cakes that were not sold. You wanted to be happy but standing by yourself in the ballroom was making you far from happy – in fact completely and utterly miserable.

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Cover art by the lovely @miss-zei

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Prompt: Play Date

“So, I’ll see you tomorrow for breakfast at the guildhall?” Gray asked.

“Sure, sounds good,” Lucy answered, for the fifth morning in a row.  The exchange had become a nightly ritual, and Lucy couldn’t quite decide if that was a good thing or not.

Each of them had finally decided that enough was enough, so last month, in January, exactly eighteen days ago (although nobody was counting), each of them had managed to blurt out a shy but sincere confession to the other.  Of course, neither of them had been able to hear the other person, since they were talking at the same time, but eventually it had gotten sorted out. They had spent most of their free time together ever since, as if making up for lost time, and Lucy was surprised by how much happier and relaxed she felt just knowing that Gray was there for her and finally knew how she felt.

Although Gray wasn’t the most demonstrative boyfriend—at least, not in public—he was very considerate. Lucy felt genuinely cared for, which was wonderful.  For example, Gray made sure that Lucy got to walk on the smoothest part of the path when they were outside. If they were sitting with a big group of people, he would make sure that she had a comfortable seat and wasn’t perched precariously on the edge of a bench.  If they’d been placed at a table that had a chair with wobbly legs, Gray would fix the problem and take the wobbly chair just in case.

Unfortunately, Lucy was beginning to realize that there was something wrong.  They’d been going out together for less than three weeks, but something was missing.  Worse, she had a feeling that Gray felt the same way.  As embarrassing as it was, Lucy decided to seek expert advice.

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A non-exhaustive list of things that Adam Parrish loves:

-           Those Saturdays when his shift begins really late and he gets to sleep in. It’s even better if he ends up in the Barns on Friday and stays over. Ronan’s bed is really wide and for some reason it’s never cold. Many things in the Barns seem to emanate a gentle warmth: beds, blankets, the floor, sweaters, light. Ronan’s body at night when Adam holds onto him and buries his face between Ronan’s shoulder blades, the tattoo radiating heat as hot roots and talons and leaves brush against his skin. It’s a sort of warmth he never got enjoy as a child.

-          They share clothes. Not because Ronan takes pity on him. At least it doesn’t feel like it and Adam doesn’t know whether it’s him or the world that is changing. It’s a shirt and trackies after Adam takes a shower in the Barns after work. It’s Ronan tossing him an extra sweater when they’re curled up on the sofa and playing Superhot. It’s some old parka that Adam snatches from the coat rack on their way out to see a newborn calf on a cold morning. It’s darned wool socks Adam finds in a drawer in January, all worn out and fuzzed up, but almost the right size.

-          When Gansey brings up Noah. Finally someone does, Adam thinks and is ashamed that it wasn’t him. The absence of Noah’s sparkling, fiery, shabby humanity has been eating away everything in the edges of them and their friendship; it’s a widening singularity inside them that nobody has been able to address. Not until Gansey mentions his name again. Ronan is raw and ripped into pieces, barely holding any good days in his hands as it is. Blue cries and yells and goes to lie down in Noah’s bedroom, a taboo shrine none of them have dared to visit, pulling Gansey in her wake. Adam finds Ronan once again in the BMW, the metal vessel of grief. All is terrible then but it starts to get better after that. They get to talk about him again. Laugh about all the things they want to remember. Also seize the things they don’t want to remember. When Blue and Gansey tell Henry about him, Adam doesn’t feel so resentful because it doesn’t feel like they are giving up on Noah.

-          After a while, the cards begin to make sense again. He doesn’t feel the violent current of Gabeswater inside his palms as he reads them. However, they don’t look like a unclear blur of images anymore, either. When he spreads the cards on the table in front of him, they align and form bodies and lines before his eyes; he sees an endless number of golden ratios, a universe that is a bit more managable. Maura asks him about them as they are looking at the cards together and he does his best to explain how sensible and cyclic it is. Maura laughs and wonders aloud how Persephone could have had such an analysist as an apprentice. Calla smiles drily and piles up her tea leaves on her saucer. Perfect circles, perfect proportions, her numbers and her figures. Adam swears he sees Persephone shine through her smile.

-          The little peculiar dream objects they find on their walks around the Barns. Sometimes they are Niall’s dream things that Ronan wants to hold and then discard; look for a while but then put away in secret hiding places. Every now and then, they stumble upon something that Ronan dreamt as a child: toy animals and small rodents, flowers that never wilt, slingshots with an impossibly long range. Adam usually knows immediately when they find something that came from the younger dreamer’s mind. They are as beautiful and kind and wonderful as Ronan and when he points that out to his boyfriend, he gets a sour glare (and later that night, a heated kiss).

-          Come summer, most of the weight that has been pressing down his posture all his life is gone. He has graduated and got a full ride to his number one college. All he has been reaching for for years is now in his grasp. It leaves so many hours in his days that he doesn’t what to do with it. An abundance of time unknown to him. First he sleeps and sleeps and sleeps, but there is only so many days that can be spent dreaming. Especially now that his reality is so much better than anything his mind could produce. They run around the estate and take care of Ronan’s hens and sheep. They go out to Nino’s and Monmouth and 300 Fox Way and everywhere in Henrietta that they didn’t get to go on their quest. They stay up and watch films and TV series and make out on the couch. They fight and fight and fight, but never break. Somehow, the years he lost and never had is something new he’s reaching for.

-          At times, there’s nothing tender in Ronan and him. They kiss, they caress and they touch gently, but then there’s another dimension in their relationship as well. It’s a dimension of sharpness and power. They refuse to abandon the speed and impact that forged them together by Gansey’s side and there are days when they still get bruised and bleeding on empty parking lots. They battle for the Xbox controller and end up rolling on the floor. They shove and pull each other when they race towards the driver’s side of BMW. And when Declan and Matthew come to the Barns for summer break, they have a wrestle season outside in the yard like he’s never seen. Ronan against Adam is brutal, just the right side of too competitive and he is silently so thankful that Ronan doesn’t treat him like a broken thing. Matthew is nothing like his big brother and wrestling him is like engaging in a long, confused hug that ends in a jovial handshake. Declan starts out cruel and Adam knows straight away what it is. Their match has a serious tone to it, a study of character and their love for Ronan.  It takes all he has to fare against a Lynch, but he knows how to get his message through. After a long scuffle, the tension dissipates and only then is Adam willing to give up.

-          There is always a way back for him. Ronan never pushes him and he never pushes himself, but every time he keeps returning. Ronan is there on the porch to welcome him to the Barns, but at the same time Adam can always be sure that their lives go on while he’s away. He is needed but there’s no sword hanging over his head, just tender hands and endlessly wondrous days. Ronan and his dreams. Opal and home and safety. A future he gets to figure out on his own and with his family.  

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Hold up hold up hold up, I haven't been on Tumblr in forever so I'm slightly confused, DID YOU AND JAKE GET CONFUSED? If so can you repost the info (understand if you don't want to) I'm just so happy!!!

lol I assume you mean engaged? We are generally confused, but WE ARE ALSO ENGAGED!!! :) ill reblog the post! it happened back in February and we’re close to nailing down a venue and date!

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so i automatically assume everyone is my age or near it, so when i'm reminded that you're engaged, i get SUPER confused like 'wtf so young ???' then i remember that other people are older than i am 😂😂😂

hahaha im still quite young, a striking age of 20. sometimes i have to also remind myself that not everyone is in university yet, but also that some people have actual families and kids. internet is amazing

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Hi! Could I have a calum imagine where you live together and you and calum are getting sort of distanced, he left to go to work and stuff, he comes home to find your engagement ring on the counter and he thinks you left him but you were just in the bedroom or something. Thanksss!!! :))

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The Stupidest Decision I Could Ever Make Would Be Leaving You (Calum Hood Imagine) 

Summary: You and Calum have been pretty distanced, and when he comes home from work, he finds your engagement ring on the counter.  He starts to get incredibly nervous, thinking you left, but you just happened to take off your ring because you were taking a shower.

Requested: yes, @cave2687

Warnings: insecurities, crying

A/N: Thank you for the request! Sorry it took me long, I’ve had finals, and just things that happening in my life that have been getting in the way.  I hope you enjoy!! Not my gif, but I found it incredibly cute!!

The Stupidest Decision I Could Ever Make Would Be Leaving You (Calum Hood Imagine)

“I’m heading out, I’ll be home around four.”  Calum says grabbing his keys and coat and walking out of your apartment.

“Bye, love y-” You say, but are cut off when Calum shuts the door as he had already left.

“Love you.”  You say quietly looking down at your engagement ring, twirling it around your finger.

You and Calum have not been so “relationship” like in the past few weeks.  It’s not that you two have even been fighting, it’s just you two haven’t spent time with one another or even been talking with one another. You have no idea what is going on with Calum’s life, and he has no idea what is happening in yours.  You have spoken to one of your friends about it, and she asked you, “where does Calum go during the day?”

You always answered, “Work.  He’s been in the studio.  They are working on their next album.”

Your friend who was always very cynical would tell you, “How do you know he’s there?”

“You’re not saying he’s cheating on me right?”  You said worried.

“No, all I’m just saying is, when guys get bored, they wonder.  I’m not saying he’ll leave you, but I’m also not saying he is always going to stay faithful.  Think about it, you aren’t adventurous.  You don’t party, or drink, or smoke with him.  But he wouldn’t want to leave you because you are there for him emotionally.  You’re nice, you’re the girl all the parents love for their son to bring home.” Your “friend” explained.

“So what are you saying?” You asked.

“He may or may not be cheating on you.  But if he is, he goes out with girls that party with him for the nights, but he will always come home to his “perfect home” with his “perfect fiance” to his “perfect world”.  You “friend” finishes explain.

After that conversation last weekend, you had been paranoid.  You have been overthinking everything.  The fact that Calum didn’t kiss you goodbye this morning.  Last night when you two went to bed, you barely spoke about your day, when you both usually had long conversations about your days.

To get your mind off of your worries, you decided to bake some cookies, so before you start baking, you took off your engagement and put on the counter so it wouldn’t get dirty.  After baking and doing some cleaning around the apartment, you decided to take a shower.

~In the Studio~

“Nice work guys today, the album is coming along, only a few more songs and then we can start deciding what songs will make the cut.”  John says to the boys.

As the boys start walking out, Luke pipes up and says, “Calum, you good?  You seem a little bit off?”

“Yeah, just Y/N and I have been,as you say ‘off’.  I don’t what it is, but I feel she may not in it anymore.”  Calum says looking down at his hands.

“What do you mean?” Ashton asks.  “Y/N loves you, it’s  obvious.”

“But what happens if she doesn’t anymore.  We are different, and I’m afraid that she’s realized it, and she doesn’t want me anymore.  I’m a party boy, she’s the ‘good girl’.  I’m not the type of guy that parents want their daughters to bring home to meet the family.”  Callum admits.

“Y/N is amazing, we all know that, and we’ve known that since you’ve introduced her to all of us.  She’s smart, intelligent, kind, and she loves and cares about you.  She makes you happy, man.  We always joke that she’s out of you league, which she is.” Michael says which makes the guys, including Calum laugh. “But like I said, she’s smart.  If she thought you were not good for her, she wouldn’t still be with you.”

Calum doesn’t respond but laughs and nods because he knows it’s true.

“Thanks guys.  I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another writing session.”  Calum says getting in his car.

On his way home, Calum stops by the store and grabs some flowers, and also picks up different ingredients to make for dinner, and picks up some ice cream to go with dessert.

When Calum gets home, he calls out that he’s home, and hears no response, so he just assumes that you didn’t hear him and begins to start dinner.  As he is making dinner, he starts to put dishes on the counter, and he sees your engagement ring.  He picks up your engagement in confusion, and then starts thinking about how he didn’t hear your respond to him when he said he was home.  He starts overthinking everything he did today about how he didn’t give you a kiss before he left, and that he didn’t text you during his lunch break, and that he didn’t tell you about the funny thing that went down yesterday in the studio before you both went to bed.  He regrets all the times he didn’t tell you he loved you, and all the times he didn’t kiss you good night.

He sits down at the table and hold your engagement in his hands and cries.  Not a light cry, but a deep breath cry, and he just collapses his upper body on the table.  

After getting out of the shower, and wrapping your hair up in a towel and changing into one of Calum’s oversized t-shirt and leggings, you walk out into the living room to hear sobs and heavy breathing.  When you walk into the kitchen, you see Calum hunched over the counter crying.  You’ve never really seen Calum cry, you’ve seen him get choked up, but not sob.  You walk over and pull a chair out next time him and sit down and run your hand through his hair and rub his back.  

After rubbing his back Calum looks up at you.  He grabs onto you and you hold him in your arms and rub his back as he cries into you.  You rub his back and just let him cry.  When his breathing finally relaxes, his opens up his hand for you to see that he was holding your engagement ring.  

“Oh Calum-” You begin to explain, but he interrupts you.

“You took of your ring.  The ring that promises that we will get married and ultimately spend our lives together.  You took off the ring.”  Calum breathes out.

“Calum, I took off the ring because I baked cookies, and then I was taking a shower.  I didn’t take it off because I don’t love you, I love you so much.  I baked your favorite cookies so when you came home from the studio you would have your favorite cookies waiting for you. I took of my ring so it wouldn’t get dirty, that’s all.” You say brushing your hand through his hand.

“So, you aren’t leaving?’ Calum asks.

“No, of course not, I would never leave.  You’re not leaving me right?” You ask.

“The stupidest decision I could ever make would be leaving you.” Calum says, and he takes the towel and unwraps your hair that it falls down around your face. Then he takes your left hand ring finger and puts your ring back on your finger. He looks at you, with no makeup and your hair not done.

After a moment, he says “You are so beautiful. I am so lucky.” He says kissing you.

“I love you.” You say in which Calum answers, “I love you, more than you can imagine.”

“Now, I’ll get you a plate for dinner.”  Calum says standing up.  As he walks into the kitchen he laughs and says, “Do you want to hear a funny story about Michael in the studio?”

As Calum starts telling the story, you smile as it feels like you and Calum are back to the old you, and you are so happy about it.

A/N: Thank you so much for the request!! I hope you enjoyed it!  The next request I was given was a Luke Hemmings one, so that will be the next work I will be writing! If you have any other requests, I am open to hearing them and writing them for you. I hope you all had a good weekend!!

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Your tags about the video! I wonder about this all the time, too! Why wait so long? Since when is this a thing anyway?

I don’t know. I think that people don’t watch music videos quite as much in America but I think they’re much more of a thing in the UK?? I am constantly watching the music channels….

So I’d understand if he was an American artist but *shrug*

Any insights are welcome because I’m truly baffled

Guys, ep 11 was rough, but it makes a LOT of sense. Yuuri has anxiety and not just any kind, but self-worth related anxiety. Furthermore he thinks Victor has only fallen in love with him because of their skating routine - he doesn’t remember the banquet dance-off. Specifically, he thinks Victor has fallen in love with a spark that he sees in Yuuri’s skating. He thinks Victor’s love is conditional.

Which is probably why he protested the engagement confusion last episode. He thinks this is temporary. He thinks Victor is just infatuated. Maybe he started to believe in something better for a second, in the airport, but anxiety is bound to take hold and make him question everything. And we saw that, this episode, IMO.

When Yuuri sees Victor watch other skaters perform amazing feats, he instantly enters that anxious state of “I’m not good enough to keep this” And since he, himself, didn’t perform his best, he thinks it’s going to be all downhill from here. Victor will, in his anxious mind, fall quickly out of love with him once there’s nothing “special” about him. He may even start becoming infatuated with another young skater.

So what do people with anxiety and self-worth issues do? SELF SABOTAGE. Woo! There’s less anxiety if you’re the one who controls how things fall apart. It’d be more stressful for Yuuri to stay in a relationship that he thinks is doomed. It would mean that every second of every day, he’s just waiting and watching for Victor to drift away. So he’d rather rip off the bandaid now, grieve all at once, and then move on. Because even if Victor is upset now, Yuuri believes that too will pass and he’ll be “free” of his delusion that he really loved Yuuri.

So yeah, we’re all just screaming at our TVs, but this is what people with anxiety do. All the time. It’s totally IC. And it’s the one obstacle that Victuuri has, really - dealing with Yuuri’s anxiety. Because love, however true, doesn’t make mental illness go away.  Nor does winning gold, if he manages that in the free skate. These two, if they are to last, need to face the full reality of Yuuri’s anxiety. It wouldn’t be a happy ending if they didn’t solve this first.

Kudos to Kubo-sensei for the writing so far, and here’s hoping that next episode brings everything together in a way that respects the universe she’s created so far, and doesn’t just shove everyone together in a fake-happy ending.

A Slip of the Tongue (F!Corrin x Kaze)

A submission by @scalding-coffee-cup

Kaze is as swift as he is silent; as cautious as he is punctual. By the time the sun has finished setting, he’s already entered her private quarters, perched on the same spot on the windowsill.

She always greets him with a gentle smile and extended arms. “Welcome home,” is the first thing that leaves her lips.

They embrace, tell each other about their day and lie down in bed. Tonight goes a little differently, however. Kaze catches a glimpse of the ring on Corrin’s finger.

“You… wore your engagement ring today?” He asks.

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Note: I tried a bit of a different style with this one. This one was actually pretty hard to write…and I also might have gotten a bit ahead of myself…Oh well, again, more for you guys. Hope you guys like it.

Request: ooh! can you do 52, 61 and 92? - anonymous

“Can I kiss you?”, “I love you. I’m completely and utterly in love with you. Please don’t get married.”, “What do you want me to say?”

Word Count: 1927+

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Warnings: Angst, feelings, drama, language…yeah I guess that’s it…

You stood, washing dishes while you waited for your fiancé, Max, to come home from work. Yeah, that’s right. Fiancé. Your mind wandered to who you were before you met Max.

You used to be a hunter. One of the best hunters in the world. The famous Y/N L/N who could find a way to kill you with a paperclip and some string. The famous Y/N L/N who could find loopholes in any situation. The famous Y/N L/N who hunted with the Winchesters. The famous Y/N L/N who had the King of Hell as her lover.

Yes, you and the Demon King used to be quite fond of each other. The both of you were unstoppable, untameable. The two of you ruled the world, or at least it felt like you did. You both were madly in love with each other. Nothing could come between you two. So what ever happened to the both of you?

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