engage yourself to me

Your forever.

It consists hundred promises. I cam still remember each one and how you sound like you meant it. And with promises, there comes hopes that we will eventually end up together. Like what you planned. Sneaking out on a saturday night and doing things we both never donw before. Movies and netflix. Pizzas and chocolates.

It’s a collection of fantasies masking as a reality. You said, you tied yourself to me. You said, you have engaged us into something beautiful. Something worth keeping. Something worth fighting for. But it’s that moment when you wake up and you realize that dreams are nothing but dreams. It’s that moment when you finally figured out that a fantasy will never be a reality. And you’ll be stucked on the side of your bed asking yourself— what happened?

Your forever made me questioned myself if I’m even enough for anyone. Your forever made me feel so unloved and unworthy. Your forever comes with lies, pains and profanities.

This is your forever made of.

A boy who loves to break hearts.
A girl who’s stupid enough to trust.
A hi. A hello. Meaningless ‘i love you’

And unsaid goodbye.

Thank you for your forever.
I’m glad it didn’t last.