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I wish other people mattered you know. I wish I met someone and my heart was like, I told you! I told you that you could do it again! But in all fucking honesty it was u and it’s still u and there’s no one else. You have my heart and it fucking kills me because I never even made it into ur bloodstream. And it doesn’t matter, none of it matters honestly because everyday when I wake up or when I go to bed, you’re still the thought that puts my heart to rest.

Often I feel lost,
And don’t know where to go,
So in my journal I write
A list of all I know:

1) regardless of what happened, the sun will always shine.
2) alcohol will make you sick, even if it’s wine.
3) someone always loves you, even when you’re down.
4) life’s too short to sit at home, at least explore your town.
5) fake it till you make it, laughter cures the pain.
6) remember there are rainbows, they come from all the rain.

And somehow I feel better,
Knowing what I do,
Because life’s never easy,
And that is always true.

—  My late night journal thoughts
the signs when stressed
  • turns into a complete train wreck:gemini, virgo, aquarius
  • cries A LOT:aries, leo
  • gets all irritable and angry:cancer, scorpio, capricorn
  • becomes numb to the stress or tries to run away:taurus, libra, sagittarius, pisces
I’m calling it now... Regina is the one who is gonna die!

This season will focus on 2 things: The Saviors story and on Regina’s duality.

These past seasons, Regina has grown so much and even turned herself into the Savior. Both in the AU and in season 5. It was very much clear that Emma had the title but Regina had to step up and fill in Emma’s shoes. The past couple of seasons they made sure we saw those two as two sides of the same coin.

Now we find out how the Savior’s story always ends… With them dying.

Revealing Emma would die right in the premiere is a clear indicator that she will NOT die, especially because she is not ready for that. She never wanted the role as the Savior, so dying for something that she didn’t even choose to be, It would be a pretty much not a hero’s death. BUT guess who chose to be a Savior? Regina!

Regina has been choosing that path for awhile now and I believe that journey is not over yet.

Regina will step up and sacrifice herself for Emma because we all know A&E love their parallels and that will be a direct callback to Emma sacrificing herself for Regina and becoming a villain and now Regina will sacrifice herself for Emma and officially becoming “the Savior”.