The Day (Some) Women Achieved Equality in Canada
Today, we celebrate the 1929 Persons Case on the anniversary of a ground-breaking case which the Supreme Court of Canada declared women to be "persons" under the law. Well, not all women.

Today, we celebrate the 1929 Persons Case on the anniversary of a ground-breaking case which the Supreme Court of Canada declared women to be “persons” under the law. Well, not all women.

October 18 is now celebrated as Persons Day, and the Governor General’s Awards in Commemoration of the Persons Case are awarded each year to mark the historic decision. The Famous five women whose courage culminated in earning the right to vote and the right to run for federal office from the British Privy Council, the highest level for legal appeals in Canada at the time, was a milestone victory that did not extend to all.

Let us take a leisurely stroll through the vestiges of suffrage in Canada.

The woman suffrage movement in Canada had its beginning in 1878 under the leadership of Dr. Emily Howard Stowe, who co-founded the Dominion Women’s Enfranchisement Association. During the decade 1890-1900, bills for the provincial enfranchisement of women were introduced into the legislatures of Ontario, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, and Québec. They were all defeated.

In 1910 Alberta granted municipal franchise to widows and spinsters, but not to married women. The Keystone Province, Manitoba, was the first to afford women the right to vote in provincial elections in 1916, spurred in part by the absence of soldiers during the First World War. The question was put to a referendum of the electors of British Columbia in 1916, and female suffrage was passed by a large majority. New Brunswick and Nova Scotia soon followed. Curiously, Québec women were granted suffrage in federal elections thanks to Ottawa’s overreaching, but their provincial rights were denied successively in 1918 and 1920.

Despite the exclamation point that Status of Women Canada has placed on this 1929 ruling for women’s voting rights, the struggle for equality was not over yet.

Only in 1940 would the women of Québec be able to cast a vote in their own province.

Racial exclusions against Chinese and Indo-Canadians were lifted in 1947. Japanese-Canadians had to wait another year.

The last Canadians to be afforded the right to vote were its first inhabitants. The right to vote was extended unconditionally to First Nations people in 1960 (for federal elections). Their provincial suffrage was only recognized a decade later – notably in Alberta (1967) and Québec (1969).

The Governor General’s Awards in Commemoration of the Persons Case, which were created 100 years after the movement started, will be awarded today to five fabulous Canadians who have lived up to the commitment and strength of the Famous five before them. This is a feat worth celebrating – in commemorative awards, on Canadian bank notes, and in statues on Parliament Hill.

It is also worth giving credence to the struggles that continued for 40 long years after this 1929 monochromatic victory. It is noble to celebrate the start of women’s suffrage, but it would be more appropriate and inclusive to celebrate the date voting rights were afforded to all members of the fairer sex. The women (and men) who kept the fight for fairness going deserve not only to be recognized but feted in the same decadence as the Famous five, in order to fully demonstrate the value of equality they stood for.

Give the right to vote to

“A lot of people don’t realize that New Jersey had enfranchised all adults in 1776. Any adult who owned a certain amount of land could vote. However in 1807 a law passed that took away a woman’s ability to vote.”

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Illustration by Howard Pyle.

John Laurens (1754 – 1782) was an American soldier and politician from South Carolina during the American Revolutionary War. He became close friends with his fellow aides-de-camp, Alexander Hamilton and the General Marquis de Lafayette. He showed reckless courage at the battles of Brandywine, Germantown in which he was wounded, and Monmouth, where his horse was shot out from under him.

Laurens is best known for his criticism of slavery and efforts to help recruit slaves to fight for their freedom as U.S. soldiers.  As the British stepped up operations in the South, Laurens promoted the idea of arming slaves and granting them freedom in return for their service. He had said “we Americans at least in the Southern Colonies, cannot contend with a good Grace, for Liberty, until we shall have enfranchised our Slaves.” In early 1778 he proposed to his father Henry Laurens to use the 40 slaves he was to  inherit to be part of a brigade. Henry, President of the Continental Congress, granted his wish, but his reservations made John postpone the project.

On December 23, 1778, Laurens and General Charles Lee dueled just outside Philadelphia after Laurens took offense to Lee’s alleged slander of Washington’s character. Lee was wounded in the side by Laurens’ first shot and the duel was ended by the men’s seconds, Alexander Hamilton and Evan Edwards, before they could fire a second time.

 He won election to the South Carolina House of Representatives, and introduced his black regiment plan in 1779 and 1780 (and again in 1782), meeting overwhelming rejection each time. Laurens’ belief that black people shared could aspire to freedom in a republican society set Laurens apart from most other American leaders of that time. Laurens finally gained approval from the Continental Congress in 1779 to recruit a brigade of 3,000 slaves by promising them freedom in return for fighting.

Laurens was captured by the British in 1780 after the fall of Charleston. Exchanged in November, Laurens was appointed by Congress in December as a special minister to France. Laurens gained French assurances that their navy would support American operations that year. He also arranged a loan and supplies from the Dutch before returning home in May. He returned home in time to see the French fleet arrive and to join Washington at the siege of Yorktown.

He was given command of a battalion of light infantry on October 1, 1781, when its commander was killed. He led the battalion under Lt-Col. Alexander Hamilton in the storming of redoubt No. 10. Laurens was the principal spokesman for negotiating General Cornwallis’s surrender.

Laurens was killed in the Battle of the Combahee River in August 1782.The battle, fought on August 26, 1782, near Beaufort, South Carolina, was one of many confrontations fought after the Siege of Yorktown and before the British evacuated Charleston in December 1782.

[…] the liberal multiculturalist agenda that Wilderson and Sexton project into Indigenous sovereignty willfully evacuates any Indigenous refusal of a colonial politics of recognition. Among other broad strokes, Sexton states, “as a rule, Native Studies reproduces the dominant liberal political narrative of emancipation and enfranchisement.” This provides a basis for Wilderson’s assertion that Indigenous sovereignty engages in a liberal politics of state legitimation through recognition because “treaties are forms of articulation” that buttress “the interlocutory life of America as a coherent (albeit genocidal) idea.”  But such a depoliticized liberal project is frankly incompatible with Indigenous activism and scholarship that emerges from Native studies in North America. The main argument in Glen Sean Coulthard’s book Red Skin, White Masks is to categorically reject “the liberal recognition-based approach to Indigenous self-determination.”  This is not a politics of legitimizing Indigenous nations through state recognition but rather one of refusal, a refusal to be recognized and thus interpellated by the settler colonial nation-state. Drawing on Fanon, Coulthard describes the “necessity on the part of the oppressed to ‘turn away’ from their other-oriented master-dependency, and to instead struggle for freedom on their own terms and in accordance with their own values.” It is also difficult to reconcile the depoliticized narrative of “resurgence and recovery” that Wilderson and Sexton attribute to Indigenous sovereignty in the face of Idle No More, the anticapitalist Indigenous sovereignty movement in Canada whose national railway and highway blockades have seriously destabilized the expropriation of natural resources for the global market. These are examples that Coulthard describes as “direct action” rather than negotiation – in other words, antagonism, not conflict resolution:

They [blockades] are a crucial act of negation insofar as they seek to impede or block the flow of resources currently being transported to international markets from oil and gas fields, refineries, lumber mills, mining operations, and hydroelectric facilities located on the dispossessed lands of Indigenous nations. These modes of direct action … seek to have a negative impact on the economic infrastructure that is core to the colonial accumulation of capital in settler-political economies like Canada’s.

These tactics are part of what Audra Simpson calls a “cartography of refusal” that “negates the authority of the other’s gaze.” It is impossible to frame the blockade movement, which has become the greatest threat to Canada’s resource agenda, as a struggle for “enfranchisement.” Idle No More is not in “conflict” with the Canadian nation-state; it is in a struggle against the very premise of settler colonial capitalism that requires the elimination of Indigenous peoples. As Coulthard states unambiguously, “For Indigenous nations to live, capitalism must die.“

Iyko Day,  "Being or Nothingness: Indigeneity, Antiblackness, and Settler Colonial Critique,” Critical Ethnic Studies, Vol.1, No.2 (Fall 2015), pg.110-1 (x)

the death of disco is such a good example of infighting among lower classes. Disco’s appeal was based in the same economic anxieties and disillusionment with conservative social norms in the 1970s that punk was built on, but instead of enfranchising these people and turning their disillusionment into political action punk types got angry at them for not being political enough and in doing so missed a huge opportunity to become a real political force. 

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Savor the Flavor and Taste the Magic are both gone from the Mothership archives. Is this permanent? They were outdated versions of Official Magic Fiction to be sure, but there was still a lot of useful information for more enfranchised players there.

The archives are currently having some technical issues. I believe you can find them if you use the search within the web site. The mirroring will be getting fixed but I’m not sure by when.

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Voting Rights Act (1965)

The Voting Rights Act (VRA) bans racial discrimination in voting practices by the federal government as well as by state and local governments.

Passed in 1965 after a century of deliberate and violent denial of the vote to African-Americans in the South and Latinos in the Southwest - as well as many years of entrenched electoral systems that shut out citizens with limited fluency in English - the VRA is often held up as the most effective civil rights law ever enacted. It is widely regarded as enabling the enfranchisement of millions of minority voters and diversifying the electorate and legislative bodies at all levels of American government.


President Lyndon Baines Johnson Giving Dr. Martin Luther King a Pen as He Signs the Voting Rights Act (Image Source)

Text of the Voting Rights Act

#Repost @problkthought ・・・ #Repost @negus_negusti with @repostapp. ・・・ The Voting Rights Act (VRA) bans racial discrimination in voting practices by the federal government as well as by state and local governments. Passed in 1965 after a century of deliberate and violent denial of the vote to African-Americans in the South the VRA is often held up as the most effective civil rights law ever enacted. It is widely regarded as enabling the enfranchisement of millions of minority voters and diversifying the electorate and legislative bodies at all levels of American government. Congress has reauthorized the VRA four times, most recently in 2006, when both the House and the Senate approved the measure overwhelmingly in a bipartisan manner (meaning it could have been rejected) Congress conducted more than 20 hearings, heard from more than 90 expert witnesses, and collected more than 15,000 pages of testimony documenting the continued need for and constitutionality of the statute. The 2006 reauthorization renewed several key protections, providing for language assistance, Election Day monitors, and Justice Department pre-approval of voting changes. The protections are currently set to expire in 2031. The continuation of our right to vote without discrimination is actually voted on by the House and the Senate every 25 years, just imagine when they decide we don’t deserve that right any more, and why do they have to keep voting on this so-called law? #EducateUrself #VotingRightsAct #DontBelieveTheHype #DontGetDistracted #BabylonTricks #YouGoneGetDisWork #PanAfricanism #BlackNationalism #BlackEmpowerment #AfricanEmpowerment #AfricanAndProud #BlackAndProud #BlackPride #BlackPower #BlackLivesMatter #Amerikkka #UnapologeticallyBlack #UnapologeticallyAfrican #BlackInAmerica #BlackIsBeautiful #KnowThySelf #KnowledgeOfSelf #KnowledgeOfSelfIsANationality #EconomicEmpowerment #IntegrationFailed #WhiteLiesMatter #Education #AfricanUnification
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Maryland Restores Voting Rights for 40,000 Ex-Prisoners

The Maryland General Assembly on Tuesday overrode a veto by Gov. Larry Hogan of a bill that will restore the voting rights of citizens who have completed prison sentences but are still barred from voting. That means that as of this spring, the state will have 40,000 potential new voters.

With the provision’s passage, Maryland becomes the 14th state in the nation to return voting rights to people who are out of prison.

Prior to the state legislature’s move, those convicted of felonies were required to complete every step of their sentence before regaining the right to enter a voting booth. So while an individual may have completed their prison sentence, they still had to wait until other parts of their sentence like probation and parole supervision were completed to be re-enfranchised. The bill, which passed despite the pushback of the state’s Republican governor, means that the end of an individual’s time in prison marks the end of their suspended voting rights. And if someone convicted of a felony is never sentenced to prison time, they’ll never lose their right to vote.

How it happens: The law goes into effect on March 10. Then, 40,000 or so individuals with restored voting rights will have a little less than a month to register to vote in the state’s April 26 primaries, although there’s also same-day registration available during the early voting period prior to the official primaries.

“This is a victory for civil rights that comes at a critical moment for our state and our nation,” Gerald Stansbury, president of the Maryland State Conference of the NAACP, said in a statement. “40,000 Marylanders who, until today, have been locked out of the process by an unfair law and an unjust criminal justice system have regained a fundamental right of citizenship, the right to vote. The majority of citizens regaining their voting rights are African-American and it has never been more important that their voices are heard in local government, the halls of the State House, and by our federal representatives.”  

States across the country vary a great deal in the way in which they disenfranchise felons. Some states, like Florida, strip all people with felony convictions of their voting rights for life. Others, like Alabama, allow some people with felony convictions to re-apply for voting rights if they complete their sentence and pay fines, while permanently disenfranchising people convicted of certain particularly severe crimes like murder and rape. A couple states, like Vermont, impose no disfranchisement on people with criminal convictions.

Removing and according voting rights to people with criminal convictions is a highly politicized issue. The people entangled in the criminal justice system are disproportionately likely to be low-income and people of color — demographic characteristics that skew Democratic. In the case of tight races, their presence in the electoral process would likely change outcomes, generally in favor of liberals. By some estimates, if ex-felons were re-enfranchised and voted in significant numbers, they could’ve reversed the result of multiple presidential elections in American history.

America’s harsh attitude toward former felons is extremely unusual among affluent democracies. It also seems to contradict the idea that the purpose of time in prison is to rehabilitate citizens. If someone has been determined to be well-adjusted enough to society to work and pay their taxes, then it seems appropriate to trust them with the ability to vote as well. 

Voting Rights

In the 1960s, newly enfranchised blacks overwhelmingly voted Democratic, believing that party to be more responsive to their various demands. 

In Virginia, the influx of black voters moved the Democratic Party well to the left of where it had been throughout most of the 20th century. This development, coupled with opposition to school busing and affirmative action in hiring, moved many former white Democrats into the Republican Party, which moved to the right of where it had previously been.

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Manitoba Tory leader calls for suffragette Nellie McClung to be put on banknote

WINNIPEG - Manitoba’s Progressive Conservative leader wants suffragette Nellie McClung to be given a prominent spot on a Canadian banknote.

The Queen is the only woman currently featured on a bill.

Brian Pallister says in a letter to the Bank of Canada governor that McClung should be recognized for her role in the enfranchisement of women.

Pallister says a planned commemorative coin is temporary and McClung deserves to be singled out more permanently.

McClung fought tirelessly for women’s suffrage and was also one of the Famous Five — a group who won a landmark court ruling which recognized women as persons.

The five women were featured on the $50 bill at one time, but were replaced by an icebreaker in 2011.

Women deserve a spot on Canadian currency, Pallister wrote in the letter released Thursday.

“This would be a visible and important expression of the role women have played in Canada’s life and history,” he said.

“I can see no better representation of a female pioneer and democratic icon on a Canadian banknote than Nellie McClung’s image.

"This would be a vivid visual reminder to all Canadians, young and old, of how we hold democracy dear and everyone’s place in it.”

Thursday was the 100th anniversary of Manitoba becoming the first province to grant women the right to vote.