mbti as alternative responses to “i love you”

who doesn’t”: estp

“i know”: infj, enfj

“thanks”: istj, isfj

“why”: intp

“a horrible decision, really”: entj, istp

*laughs nervously*: infp, esfj

*laughs hysterically*: enfp

“i’m sorry”: isfp, intj

*finger guns*: entp

“if only there was someone out there who loved you”: estj

“YEET”: esfp

the MBTI types as multiple people i know


-has the emotional intensity of a potato

-just lost in general

-communism jokes

-Actual Satan ™ (and proud of it)

-really intelligent and talented in academic fields or art

-probably has sex with the concept of math


-energy for days

-absolutely no chill

-if they call you they will talk for 12 hours straight (you cannot escape)

-falls in love with literally anything

-a fool

-atleast a bit gay


-also zero chill

-secretly a nerd

-an active tinder user

-can go from 0 to 100 real fast

-perfect instagram feed

-probably bi


-The Purest Person ™ on this planet

-just trying their best

-great aesthetic

-protect them at all cost

-smart but wont admit it


-enough feelings to share to five INTJs

-seriously, no one needs to feel that much, okay?

-also has zero chill but hides it and explodes on the inside

-laughs at funny birds

-people might think that they have their shit together but in reality they have no idea what they’re doing



-fueled by memes

-is actually watching youtube videos when claims to be studying


-nerd, but likes to snowboard

-fueled by bad tumblr memes

-never studies


-thinks they’re always right

-gets offended when someone tries to ask about their feelings

-very independent

-a fridge full of alcohol

-questionable morals


-just wants everyone to have a great time

-creates drama for themself just for the fun of it

-a mess but still somehow manages to survive in life

-cares alot about their friends

MBTI types as Spongebob GIFS (intuitives version)


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the types as bad advice i’d give

INTJ: do they question you? stare them down. say nothing. glare at them until they shut up and are filled with awe of your evil presence. nothing beats that.

INTP: be natural be social be cool – damnit, you made it awkward again? do what everyone else is doing. smile like them. laugh with them. now you’re one of them.

ENTP: throw genius side comments and weird crap. don’t laugh until someone else does. bask in the feeling of your cool awesomeness.

ENTJ: whatever happens, ask: can i make money out of this?

INFJ: remember, moral outrage is a great tool for avoiding personal responsibility.

INFP: just say sorry: it de-escalates a lot of things

ENFP: when all else fails, smile apologetically for 2 seconds then change the topic quick–

ENFJ: gently say “i understand what you mean when you say” and basically summarise what the other person said, then pat their back

ISTJ: if you keep measurements and lists and schedules of everything, nothing can go wrong. nothing.

ISFJ: they’re bound to give you credit eventually. just keep doing your thing. keep going. they’ll notice eventually. they’ll be sorry they ignored you.

ESTJ: make a powerpoint on it. that makes everything clearer. 

ESFJ: the best way to spread news is to make people promise not to tell anyone

ISTP: avoid stress by not caring in the first place

ISFP: okay– okay– uh– everything’s going to be fine– yes– uhm– look, the leaves! read their veins. the birds. what are they trying to tell you. sniff the river. it gives your life meaning

ESTP: do whatever the fuck you want to do. consequences be damned.

ESFP: caffeine is the life hack of the universe. boom. you’re invincible. 

ENFP, Taurus, Gryffindor aesthetic
- some characteristics:
• they have a fire burning inside of them, demanding to be fed by adventures and revolution
• but they aren’t constantly that heroic or revolutionary, sometimes they just like being around with the people they love until they suddenly decide that they want to do something exciting
• they hate it when there’s nothing to do, so they even enjoy school or work, because then their time’s not wasted
• they are good leaders but can also be part of a group where everyone is equal
• they know what they want and when they want it
• therefore they seem very organized and disciplined, but only they know wheter that’s true or not ;)
• also they give good advice

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mbti - who they need in their life.

INTJ, INTP - Someone who can bring warmth to their coldness, light to their darkness, happiness to their depression, but also someone who understands how important the cold, the dark, and the depression is to them.

ENTJ, ESTJ - Someone who can challenge them, keep them entertained and interested yet keep them in their place.

INFP, ISFP - Someone who understands how complicated and simple they are, someone who doesn’t try to fix them or makes sense of them but just embraces them. 

ENFP - Someone who takes everything they aspire to be and help them make it a reality, someone who makes them understand that dreams are great but accomplishments are better. Someone who acts like a mirror to them, makes sure they don’t go off the tracks yet, enjoys getting lost within them.

INFJ, ENFJ - Someone who makes them smile without hiding a frown within, someone who brings out the real them no matter how difficult

ESTP, ISTP, , ESFP - Someone who can ride with them to no place in specific yet always knows where to go when things get too overwhelming

ISTJ - Someone who makes them read beyond the words and helps them see beyond the facts and the rules, someone who adds paint to their canvas

ENTP - Someone who takes all the hate and highlights all the positives, someone who is able to truly talk to them and challenge them

ISFJ, ESFJ - Someone who doesn’t need help from them, someone who helps them find what they want for themselves

The Most Lovable Thing About Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type


Their easy laugh. Their rebellious streak. The way they adapt to any situation seamlessly. The way they charm others around them. The way they geek out on everyday events. Their relaxed presence. Their adventurous nature. Their competence and practicality when something goes unexpectedly wrong. The force of nature that is their protectiveness.


The whirring, restless nature of their minds. Their busy hands. The way they tap on floors and surfaces to remind you that their thoughts are always flowing. Their open-minded attitude. Their decisiveness in moments of panic. The undercurrent of competence and ability that surfaces when others are uncertain. Their laid-back nature. Their easy smile. The way their hearts open completely to the people they love and feel protective toward, despite the stony attitude they put on for the world.


Their quick, analytical mind. The enthusiasm they pour into a story. Their refusal to stop before a task is done or relax when something needs fixing. Their perseverance. Their steadfast competence. The way they devote themselves fully to the communities they invest in. The way they demonstrate care within the realm of healthy boundaries. The rules they sometimes break. The confident decisions they make. The way others can always put their trust behind them. The sheer force of nature that is their love.


The diligence they bring to their commitments. The firm, decisive nature of their speech. Their quiet competence. Their community-mindedness. The warm look they get in their eyes when they’re surrounded by people they love. The determined look they get when they’re up against a challenge. The practical nature of their decisions. Their refusal to demand recognition. The energy they pour into improvement on a steady, unwavering basis.


The honesty they bring to each encounter. The soft and calming presence of their minds. The virtues they can pull from any vices, and the artwork they can make from any pain. The fierceness they apply to their convictions. The way they live and die by their beliefs. Their ability to weave the chaos and the suffering of humanity into an intricate tapestry of understanding. The shame they alleviate through sharing their own.


The thoughtfulness they bring to each encounter. The depths their minds dive into with ease. The way their eyes light up when they’re discussing a new theory that excites them. Their interest in debating every side. Their boundless compassion. Their timeless joie-de-vivre. The way they can pull strength out of the greatest destruction. The way they see the best in themselves and others. The way they never stop fighting to help it prevail.


The careful thought they give each passing question. The whirring, reeling look inside their eye. The raw and childlike energy they exude when the people who they love are truly thriving. The way they let their weirdness out in bursts. The measured nature with which they plan the future. The hurried nature in which they share their thoughts. The way their eyes light up when they’re engaging with their passion. The even, tempered consideration they give to each new perspective that comes their way.


The presence they bring to every room they enter. The glimmer of joy behind their eyes. The way they engage their full bodies when they talk, like every sentence is telling its own story. The way they don’t avoid eye contact when they laugh. The interest that they take in the obscure. The confidence with which they share their visions. The inspiration they never want to stop distributing. The way they smile when they are saying someone’s name.


The sunshine that they bring to every moment. The joy inside their laugh. The way they’ll answer their phone at 2am because the people in their lives are worth every effort. The honesty they dole out when it’s time. The way they talk about dreams like possibilities. The damper that they never put on hope. The way they bring people together. The way they never stop trying to help you shine.


The way that they sit with you in silence. Their vastness of their compassion. The tiny details they take in and remember. The space they make for others to shine. The practicality they exercise through bad times, and the humility they exercise in good. The way they live their lives with both feet on the ground. The care and love they pour into every new place until they turn it into a home.


Their sudden and unexpected wittiness. The easy, soothing lull of their voice. The offbeat nature of their interests. The gentleness with which they share their thoughts. The deep consideration they give to moral quandaries. The careful nature with which they express concern. Their spontaneous joy. The way they turn ordinary objects into masterpieces.


The way they love so loudly. The commitments that they’re happy to keep. The way their stress is centered on happiness and the fear that someone else will miss out. The thoughtfulness they put into every action. The joy and warmth they bring to every room. The way they’re never afraid to break a silence when it needs to be broken. The proactive attitude they take toward making the world a better, more harmonious place.


The measured, thoughtful nature of their speech. The wild, unstructured pattern of their thoughts. The way they break down every pre-determined concept. The way they question and cast doubt onto themselves. The curiosity that fuels their every action. The open-mindedness with which they approach people. The patience they apply to deep complexities. The biases they recognize within themselves.


The structure they can implement on chaos. The way they push themselves to reach great heights. Their decisive attitudes. Their emotional intelligence. The autonomy they promote for both themselves and other people. The way they lift the people they love up. Their commitment to questioning everything. Their ability to see their visions through.


Their acceptance of unconventional theories. The enthusiasm with which they tackle each new school of thought. Their unwavering competence. Their firm moral code. The deep and patient analysis they apply to the people and topics they love. Their willingness to always learn more. The passion they apply to sharing their intricate worldview. Their commitment to never cease questioning.


The way their eyes light up with every new idea. The way they pace excitedly around a room forming a plan. The communities they bring together seamlessly. The awareness that they bring to every thought. The devilish grin they get when trying to win your thoughts over. The piercing insights they unveil about mankind. The unexpected childishness within them. The unexpected wisdom that child can possess.

About Those Types Misconceptions

INFP: They’re fierce - INFPs often remain silent and are very observant of other people and what makes them who they are, but this apparent softness hides a very passionate drive to do what is right, and if ever a situation or a person does not align with their principles, you will definitely know about it - do not underestimate them.

ENFP: They’re very analytical - Yes ENFPs can seem a little crazy and like they’re constantly fooling around, but it is to be remembered that this type is extremely perceptive of their environment and of ideas, that they dissect carefully and draw conclusions from. They have true depth, and labelling them as shallow would be a big mistake. 

INFJ: They’re quite independent - It may sound strange but INFJs are quite independent. They strive to help people to be better individuals and to make the world a nicer place, but they follow their own rules and will not hesitate long to react if you go against them. Harmony is their priority, but don’t you cross them. The difference with INFP is that INFPs will simply see this other person who does not conform to their vision as not really worth their time, INFJs on the other hand trying to change this person’s mind-set for a kinder approach, etc.

ENFJ: They struggle - ENFJs are probably the most disorganised of all J-types, and they take on sometimes way more than they can carry. Even if these guys try to help people as much they can, sometimes it isn’t enough and that can go against them. The bubbly stereotype does not apply to all ENFJs unfortunately, since they can get depressed easily, and thereby stop their advising functions.

INTP: They really care - INTPs can sometimes seem off and uninterested, but this most-likely comes from a system of self-defence to prevent them from harm, as they may have been previously neglected for their ideas or conceptions of the world, and have been misunderstood. If an INTP likes and cares for you, there is nothing they would not do, and their aloofness is not to be taken as pride or smugness (although sometimes they like to be ;) and they genuinely care. 

ENTP: They’re just feeling half the time - ENTPs are absolutely mind-blowing master concealers. Their emotions get triggered by the littlest things, and they spend a lot of their time, if not almost all of it, concealing what they perceive as weaknesses under fair amounts of witty comebacks and confidence. These people are actually great empaths, but their chosen priority being logic, they often toss those feelings away for later, and often avoid them until it’s too late.

INTJ: They have feelings - Similar to ENTP, except INTJs truly master their emotions, and manage to chanel them instead of shutting them away. INTJs have a good deal of feelings, except they don’t necessarily feel the need to talk about them, and prefer rational advice when considering their emotional needs, which is seldom given. INTJs openly reject the myth that they lack feelings, and may feel even more misunderstood when they have the impression that they are expressing them, as sometimes they do, but in ways most people don’t perceive because they are seemingly so small, which can be hurtful. 

ENTJ: They’re understanding - I’ve said this already, I’m always quite awed by ENTJs, but once you get to know them, they are truly open people. More than once have I heard them give relationship advice, and try to help people understand concepts with detailed explanations and diagrams, they strive for a more efficient and knowledgeable world, which can be seen through a sometimes devoted attitude.

ISFP: They’re not always kind to themselves - ISFPs may appear as charismatic, different, inspired and like they like themselves quite a bit (and that is absolutely great) but sometimes, when their creativity lets them down for example, they have the impression that they are now devoid of their identity, and may feel lost, and even over-criticize themselves. They need to be understood and comforted in their unicity and worth, almost as if they possessed Fe but not quite.

ISTP: They can feel quite lonely - ISTPs love peace and quiet and alone time, but sometimes loneliness can become quite painful. Composing only 2% of the overall population, ISTPs often feel like few if any people actually understand them, and that it may be easier just to crawl back onto themselves and create a shell to self-sustain instead of socialising and creating bonds with people. 

ESFP: They’re nostalgic - Living in the moment is often a way for ESFPs to have peace of mind, as their brains are involved elsewhere. Their need for company and action is their way of escaping their responsibilities, that remind them once again that they’re adults or growing into adults now, and that means, for them, that fun is almost over and that they’re going to turn into “boring people”, or be coerced into becoming “normal people”, which their Fi has difficulty dealing with.

ESTP: They value your opinion greatly - ESTPs have strong views on many subjects and they are also very passionate individuals, but boy do they need to be validated. It’s not a bad thing, of course, it’s simply a little surprising (although it shouldn’t be) that someone under appearances so outgoing and frank and sometimes even careless may need approval that what they are doing is good, and that they are accepted.  

ISFJ: They’re strong - ISFJs may constantly be trying to please everybody and adhere to everything, but deep down, they know who they are. They know what they like, what they dislike, what they are willing to tolerate, and what they are not. They are capable of enduring so much without ever complaining, and are truly inspiring people, who can talk about anything they set their mind to. 

ESFJ: They’re insecure - Organisation and procedure are the ways in which ESFJs try to live by, but it can also truly hide a very anxious nature. Planning is what ESFJs do to prevent lack of resources and preparing ahead to survive is a way in which ESFJs feel that they are under control. Their bubbly nature shows their need to be loved and feel like they have worth. Don’t rely too much on them, although they really want to carry your load with, or even for, you.

ISTJ: They feel misunderstood - Nobody is as organised, structured and rigorous as ISTJs, and the world’ s messiness can be quite overwhelming to them sometimes. That feeling that they’re the only ones holding it all together and getting everything done for everyone can make them feel like they’re being used or that people don’t appreciate them for their true worth, for what they are deep down. 

ESTJ: They doubt a lot - ESTJs may appear very confident and they may be your bosses most of the time because they’re great administrators with a plan based on sound facts, but the truth is ESTJs are almost constantly questioning if they’re doing the right thing, and the fear of failure is very much present. 


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MBTI Aesthetics

ISTJ: finishing homework right away, instruction manuals, calm before the storm, hugs when you most need them

ISTP: a crisp autumn day, fixing an old car, scent of gasoline, tequila, drunken nights

ISFJ: warm hugs from your mother, sundresses, being in bed early, Sun after a thunderstorm, comfort food

ISFP: curling up with a book by a fireplace, cozy blankets, charcoal drawings, maxi skirts and sandals, hot chocolate

INTJ: perfectionists, math formula sheets, valedictorian, using a new pen for the first time, watching Jeopardy

INTP: wearing shorts in the winter, Disney villains, conspiracy theories, khaki pants, new glasses

INFJ: plants, meditation, long walks on the beach, “I love yous” at 3 am, babysitting, Disney princess movies

INFP: rainy days, old typewriters, creaky attic stairs, the scent of a new book, unicorns, fresh snow, three hour phone calls

ESTJ: going to the gym at 6 am, ironed and pressed suits and ties, president of the United States, red carpets

ESTP: skiing in the winter, frat parties, the smell of pipes or tobacco, the Anchorman movies

ESFJ: tea parties, kisses on the cheek, pastels, sleeping in the same bed, homemade brownies, sorority rush

ESFP: last minute ragers, disco balls, perfume, soft hugs, singing in the car with the windows down

ENTJ: whiskey, long debates, sarcasm, “Most Likely to Succeed”, navy blue

ENTP: bowties in every color of the rainbow, car rides at midnight, icy days, grand romantic gestures

ENFJ: the leaves as they change colors, comforting words in the middle of the night, swimming with dolphins, self compassion

ENFP: neon colors, crying from laughter, strawberry lemonade, sleeping with all your stuffed animals, performing onstage