Myers Briggs Types as TV Shows

Disclaimer: I really don’t watch TV very much at all. I haven’t even seen all of these shows, so don’t get mad at me if you don’t like the show for your Myers Briggs type!

ISTJ: Downton Abbey

ISFJ: Parks and Recreation

INFJ: Lost

INTJ: Sherlock

ISTP: Firefly

ISFP: The Vampire Diaries

INFP: New Girl

INTP: The Big Bang Theory

ESTP: Supernatural

ESFP: Glee

ENFP: Pretty Little Liars

ENTP: The Office

ESTJ: 60 Minutes

ESFJ: How I Met Your Mother

ENFJ: Friends

ENTJ: House of Cards

The feeling function, in contrast to the thinking function, informs us about the quality of things, it tells us if a thing is agreeable or disagreeable, dangerous or not dangerous, threatening or not threatening. We express qualities in adjectives. People who use many adjectives colour what they say with their feeling, whereas thinking types use very few adjectives and many nouns in their speech. The latter are only interested in the definition of what is and ignore the quality. Artists always use many adjectives, words which express quality. If, for instance, as I described before, one feels that one is being stared at with intense hatred, one is aware with one’s feeling not only that something strong is constellated, but even whether it is hostile or benevolent. One has no rational means of explaining that. If accused of being completely crazy and inventing things, one cannot give a rational explanation since it is an experience of the feeling function.
—  Marie-Louise Von Franz, “On Divination and Synchronicity: The Psychology of Meaningful Chance.”

anonymous asked:

Heyo :D I just love your blog, I recently discovered it and just goddd bless. Okay so I have 2 questions and I hope they don't bother you too much! So, first of all, do you have any tips on an ENFP/INTP friendship? And second, is it normal for ENFP's to just not be really touchy-feeling or to get a tinyyyy bit uncomfortable when things start to get a bit too emotional in terms of words and feelings? Okay omg i'm sorry bYE !!!


the ENFP should try to avoid getting too touchy-feely/hands-on with the INTP, and the INTP should try to be less blunt around the ENTP.  the ENFP can develop their Te around the INTP and the INTP can develop their Ne and Fe around the ENFP.  

it really depends on the ENFP, honestly.  that isn’t a stereotypical Feeler trait, and an ENFP with a childhood that deviates from the “norm” might experience that more than another.  the Fi-Te can definitely play into that.  

anonymous asked:

hello! i have been very much wondering if i'm an infp or an enfp, i've identified as the former for the longest time but i'm starting to doubt. i feel like i'm much too loud, excitable, open and generally "Ne"-y to be an infp. the reason i thought i am/were introvert is more rooted in social anxiety / ptsd but as i'm learning to cope w/ that i find it is disappearing a little. i feel like my Te is stronger than my Si too... what do you think? and what are the core differences between the two?

Hmm, well first thing’s first: ENFPs are known as the “ambiverts” of the MBTI world. It is possible you felt like an INFP because of this, I know is used to argue about being an extrovert before finally embracing it and my love of people.

For the cognitive functions, INFP and ENFP are as follows:


Fi > Ne > Si > Te > Fe > Ni > Se > Ti


Ne > Fi > Te > Si > Ni > Fe > Ti > Se

If you notice yourself using your Ne and Te more often than your Ni and Si, you may be an ENFP. However, you should notice that Ne and Fi are simply switched between the two MBTI personalities. So it should be noted that it’s more important if you use your Ne or Fi more. Ne is only the secondary function for INFP, so using it a lot does not make you an ENFP- only if you use Extroverted iNtuiting more than Introverted Feeling!

I’d recommend checking out this webpage for information on ENFP vs INFP, because it’s hard for me to outline it very well. I know one INFP in real life. Some of the key differences I have noticed between us are:

  • She doesn’t like to show her feelings about most things, whereas I need to show mine. Instead, she tries to hide them and then randomly cries in front of me
  • I can spend days on end around people, but she really does end up in bed earlier after a lot of time spent around others. 
  • We both love to read, but she prefers to have headphones in and ignore the world. For me, I read among groups of friends. More often than not, I need time where I have people near me but not necessarily interacting with me. For her, that’s not enough alone time.
  • I prefer to resolve conflicts, even if that causes my toes to be stepped on as the moderator. She loves helping conflicts, because she hates them, but if her toes are stepped on she will get angry and you will know it
  • I love being a leader, but she prefers to help in the background and support from their. I am capable of not leading and she is capable of leading but out preferences are very clear

I hope any of this helps you!! Please message again if you need more help :)

- Katey

Sirius Black- ENFP

Creative. Fresh. Impatient. Excited. Understanding. Imaginative. Sensitive.

"The ENFP may not be so good at follow-through as they are interested in exciting possibilities and may move on to ‘the next big thing’ before the ‘previous big thing’ is completed. They can find overwhelming and utterly compelling reasons to convince others of their point of view and will be animated, expressive and full of life."


Ive been trying really hard to stop interrupting people but its hard bc ill think of something and blurt out an ‘oh’ or a quick ‘omg’ (like i would even if i was alone) and the people im with ask ‘what?’ And im like ‘no sorry carry on ill say it in a minute’ and they insist i say it and then i feel bad bc i tried not to interrupt but i did anyway!!

Roles In The World

ENTP- Changes the world
INTP- Understands the world
ENTJ- Conquers the world
INTJ- Reforms the world
ENFP- Nurtures the world
INFP- Loves the world
ENFJ- Teaches the world
INFJ- Defines the world
ESTP- Travels the world
ISTP- Rebels against the world
ESTJ- Regulates the world
ISTJ- Prefers their own world
ESFP- Spices up the world
ISFP- Adds beauty to the world
ESFJ- Is content in the world
ISFJ- Remembers the world

2-Word MBTI Stereotypes

Note: These are only stereotypes, and if they’re negative, don’t take offense, as they are not always true. (wink)

ISTJ: Loves rules.

ISFJ: Polite caretaker.

ESFJ: Popular friendships.

ESTJ: That boss.

ENFP: Happy procrastinator.

INFP: Angsty poets.

INFJ: Perfectionistic humanitarian.

ENFJ: Personal cheerleader.

ENTP: Makes explosions.

INTP: Absentminded professor.

INTJ: Badass mastermind. 

ENTJ: World domination.

ESFP: Dramatic spotlights.

ESTP: Adrenaline junkie.

ISTP: Quiet explorer.

ISFP: Observant artist.

Eventhough ENFPs loves being around people, they crave alone time much more than the average extrovert. ENFPs search for a deeper meaning in just about everything, and use their much-coveted alone time to decide how their experiences fit in with their system of core values. it’s not psychological disorder, it’s just about some of them modified to have balance extro-intro function. ENFPs “The truly Ambivert”


We live in a society that praises E and shames I. J is praised while P is discouraged. And so we think the world is more extroverted than it really is, and those who are perceiving feel strange sometimes for not having the traits of a judging person.
—  A conclusion reached during a conversation between an ENFJ, ENFP, and INFJ.

MBTI Types In the Zombie Apocalypse

requested by huggingthedaleks

ESTP: goes on zombie-killing adrenaline-driven tirades, almost enjoying themselves

ISTP: stays away from packs of people and survives on their own

ENTP: attempts to find a way into another dimension to escape the zombies

INTP: has the best ideas for survival plans, but doesn’t act on them until it’s already too late

ENFP: attempts to convince everyone through a lot of yelling that love can unite the remaining humans to defeat the zombies

INFP: like ENFP, but with no yelling and some tear-filled moving speeches

ENFJ: organizes the remaining population and tries to find a place to go where everyone can be safe

INFJ: tries to cling to hope, has random moments of badassery

ENTJ: has an actual large-scale plan to defeat the zombies, but has some trouble convincing others to go along with it

INTJ: has an actual large-scale plan to defeat the zombies, but doesn’t tell anyone

ESTJ: takes leadership positions, attempting to rationally organize everyone according to the survival plans they’ve had in place for decades

ISTJ: goes along with who they believe will best ensure their survival

ESFJ: constantly asks if everyone’s okay, trying to make the new post-apocalyptic world seem as close as possible to the previous ways of life

ISFJ: helps with gathering food and taking care of small children

ESFP: has regular panic attacks, and in general has trouble being quiet

ISFP: often stays close to camp, discussing things with the few they trust, and then spontaneously goes on solo zombie hunts

I always get stopped in the street!
Today, just on the way home, I had two people stop me to ask if im signed up to things (I was too young to be signed up to either) and someone stopped me in the street to ask for directions! All in like 15 minutes! 
This always happens to me!!! 
The man working at the post office wouldnt stop talking to me about his bees either! I wonder if it because I look friendly or something? I mean I dont mind being stopped (i actually quite like talking to the people) but why do people always stop me in particular?? 
Does anyone else get this? If so whats your mbti type? It would be interesting to know!


The ENFP personality is a true free spirit. Charming, independent, energetic and compassionate, their intuition allows them to read between the lines with curiosity and energy. They tend to see life as a big, complex puzzle where everything is connected - ENFPs see life through a prism of emotion, compassion and mysticism, and are always looking for a deeper meaning.