The Evolution of Taylor Swift's Squad
It wasn't always Victoria's Secret models as far as the eye can see.

The Evolution of Taylor Swift’s Squad, From Abigail to Taymerica

by Seija Rankin
Dec 15, 2016

Squad [noun]: Any small group or party of persons engaged in a common enterprise. Slang; a group of friends.

To Webster’s Dictionary, a squad means one thing and one thing only. To Taylor Swift , the woman responsible for bringing the concept into our consciousness and the term into our daily vernacular, it can mean something different depending on the day.

Most people have a few immediate reactions to hearing the phrase “Taylor Swift’s squad.” They think of Selena Gomez or Gigi Hadid or of parties documented by picture-perfect Instagram posts. But upon closer inspection, her group of girlfriends has evolved constantly—it’s almost its own being, with thoughts and feelings and the ability to choose its own crop top.  

The Victoria’s Secret Models

Which brings us to an entirely different kind of female empowerment: The one in which you have the right to strut down a runway in nothing but your skivvies, if you so choose. Yes, Taylor was bitten by the model bug and she was bitten hard. After performing for Victoria’s Secret’s annual fashion show she became just as obsessed with all the models as America did—but the only difference was that Taylor has the ability to actually become friends with these people, whereas commoners like us have to settle for following them on Instagram and finding the least creepy way to copy all of their street style.

And become friends with them she did.

Cara, Gigi, Karlie, Martha, Lily…the gang’s all here! And by “here,” we mean in Taylor’s kitchen, wearing matching onesies, baking gluten-free, dairy-free cookies. The model squad era consisted of a whole lot of enviable sleepovers, marked with perfectly un-posed group shots and a whole lot of those aforementioned cookies. They of course filmed the video for “Bad Blood” together and made dozens of dished-about cameos on the 1989 tour, but it’s the sleepovers that really go down in history. After all, do you have a guest room reserved specifically for Karlie Kloss?

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New pictures of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone chatting at the same table at the AFI Awards in Los Angeles, California, yesterday, (January 06, 2017) and apparently ENews reported that Andrew when he was with Emma at the same table he said to her: “now I feel so much better when I’m with you.” 💕


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“My husband’s new album came out on Friday and it’s so amazing. I was listening to it on the way here, I was like, ‘Is it nerdy that I’m pumping it in my car loud by myself?’ But I’m so proud of him. It’s so amazing. It’s so exciting,” Aldridge tells us. “So I called my girls, we all had the best time, fanned out. It was awesome.”

And when asked whether or not Taylor and Lily’s hubby will be making some music together someday, Aldridge is all about it. “Who knows? Maybe! We’re all besties,” she tells us.

—  Lily Aldridge to E! News on Kings of Leon’s new album Walls and if her husband, Caleb, and Taylor Swift would ever work together