Yuhwa (also known as 유화부인 or 柳花) was the goddess of willow trees.

She was one of the three daughters of the river god, Habaek (河伯). Yuhwa was desired by Haemosu, the sun god. Haemosu entrapped the goddess within a copper palace he created by drawing on the ground. Yuhwa and her sisters ventured inside of the palace and were greeted by Haemosu and his attendants. While the sisters were being enertained, the sun god’s attendants were signaled to bolt the doors and trap them within the palace. Yuhwa’s sisters were able to escape, but Yuhwa was captured and taken to be his wife. Habaek challenged the sun god to a duel of metamorphosis and lost. Thus, he was forced to recognize the marriage.

However, because the goddess fled from Haemosu before they could reach the heavens, she was banished from her father’s kingdom and sentenced to a mortal life within a stream. She was later freed by some fishermen who were stunned by her beauty and was taken to King Geumwa. The King acknowledged her beauty and accepted her as a concubine, but when Yuhwa was exposed to sunlight, she gave birth to Haemosu’s son: Jumong. — more info

Amon: One Eyed King of Clowns

What is this exactly? An introduction of another one eyed king when the manga just went through an arc establishing two other ones. Eto’s words on the king would have led you to believe that it was only one individual, but as others @hysyartmaskstudio have pointed out, rather than a prophecy for one destined person to step into the mantle it’s just a title in the end. 

Then, if Amon were to become king what exactly would he become king of? There’s only two factions remaining in this fight, the ghouls fighting for independence already have sworn their loyalty to Kaneki and the Furuta is currently vying for control of the CCG with no competitors. 

Having three one eyed kings sounds like the role might even get a little crowded. After all there are only two active players in a game of chess, one on the black side and one on the white. That is until you realize counting Arima (Arima, Kaneki, Furuta Amon) that there is actually the capability of four kings, if you compare this to another game.

In a deck of cards, there are four kings, one of diamonds, hearts, spades, and jacks. Not only that, but the suit that Amon inhibits, the king of diamonds is known as a one eyed king due to the way the face is drawn as a silhouette with only one eye showing. A style of drawing that is explicitly referenced wit the way Donato is drawn in his trump card. 

If Amon were to succeed Donato’s position though, he would become the one eyed king of clown. Though it seems the last position a character like Amon would inhabit, there’s actually a lot of evidence for it which I’ll elaborate on below.

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BTS Reaction to finding that you posted a fan account about them before you dated

EXO Version by Admin Audrey

- Admin Mocha

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Namjoon: Namjoon would be so amused by this because it would find it very funny and ironic that you happened to be a fan before you became his girlfriend. He would be shaking his head the entire time he read your experience about how you were lucky enough to meet BTS, but a huge and dorky grin would be tugging at his lips. He would tease you about this all day whenever he got the chance, and he would have memorized certain lines which he would read out loud to you. Overall, he would be highly enertained and amused.

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Suga: You would have introduced your blog to Suga, and he would have stumbled across the fan account with you beside him and that would immediately cause him to click on it despite your protests. He would read what you wrote aloud before bursting into laughter and falling over. He would find this to be hilarious, and he couldn’t believe that when he first met you, you went and wrote about it online for other fans to read. He wouldn’t find it off putting, I think he would find it endearing that you were so observant during your first meeting.

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Jin: Jin would probably love you so much more after this, and he would find it adorable that you found your first meeting together so important that you had to document it and save your feelings somewhere you wouldn’t lose them. He would read the fan account over and over again, smiling until his lips hurt and squealing with the amount of feels he recieved. When you learned of what he discovered, you would already be caught in his embrace as he pecked your face multiple times and thanked you for reminding him of how he met you.

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J-Hope: I think J-Hope would find this to be so special. He would have stumbled across your old blog when he went to go onto the computer you two shared, and curiosity would have taken over as he found the fanaccount with his name on it. He would have read it and found it to be really unique, how often is it that the person he loves writes a description of how they first met? He wouldn’t tell you that he read it at first because he wouldn’t want you to get upset with him, but at one point it would slip out when he told you how much he loved you.

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Jimin: I think that you would be the one to end up showing Jimin, and when you did, this would really brighten his day. He would be laughing a lot as he read each line with you and furrowed his eyebrows, remembering all the exact details of what happened on the day he met you. I think that he would even begin to share some of the certain things he remembered about when he met you, and he would eagerly scroll through all the notes to see the comments. This would really warm his heart, and he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling all day.

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V: V would be a little off all day, and you would know that he was keeping a secret from you but whenever you tried to question him about it, he would merely shrug it off as being no big deal. Just as the two of you were getting ready to go to bed, he would sit up against his pillow and clutch a teddy bear close, insisting that he was going to read you a story before you went to sleep. You wouldn’t be taking him serious whatsoever, however when you heard him begin to quote the fan account you wrote when you first met him, you would be mortified.

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Jungkook: Jungkook would probably be scrolling in his tumblr tag or looking up fanaccounts himself when he stumbled across a blog that had your first name incorporated into the title. He would be quite confused and would simply click on it out of curiosity, and when he realized this was your old blog, he would be absolutely shocked. He would have his mouth wide open as he continued to read about the day you two met, and he would be pleasantly surprised with how you described your first encounter together.


In this week’s issue of Enertainment Weekly,an article titled “Young Adult at Heart” discusses how many literary classics such as Lord of the Flies, To Kill a Mockingbird, and The Catcher in the Rye would most likely be classified as the Young Adult genre in today’s publishing industry because they feature young protagonists dealing with all sorts of plot lines, each with their own depth and thought. 

It’s nice to see that one of the most popular enertainment magazines realizes that true literary art can come in any shape, size or genre. 

Cheers to them!

(Also mentioned: The Diary of Anne Frank, Dune, Jane Eyre and A Separate Piece.)


Cage clean 5! Discovered that his wooden things in the storage had grown moldy, and threw them away. D: Will be switching to plastic / ceramics as time pass. =^= Kinda sad that Daiso did not have pet safe / syrian sized christmas decor. He does not chew much, so I’m hoping the snack stick would serve as a enertaining climbing toy as well as a chewing thing once all the food coating is gone.

anonymous asked:

Exo started from the top. They came from a company where famous groups already debuted. They did NOT have to work hard. They do NOT deserve their current fame. You ExoLs have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to be proud of. Ive been wanting to say this since yall were flipping your shit over their comeback. At the very least no other bands are losing members every comeback. Case closed.

okay you listen, i’ve seen too many of these messages going around and i don’t care whose fan you are, but unless your band has lost a leader, a rapper, and a lead vocalist but is still breaking records (that they set during their previous comebacks, mind you) year after year while the three departed members are going international with some of the biggest artists and directors out there, you are in absolutely no place to even begin to judge.

i’ll say this once: if you’re not going to show your support, then nothing that’s going on with us concerns you in the least. if you’re not going to show your support, then exo’s comebacks are none of your business, members departing are none of your business, and what exols do is none of your business.

during one the first few times exo-k performed on a proper stage, they each wore nametags that hung from a long string around their necks, and the tags were quite literally wider than their own bodies. you could read the signs from the other end of the building. now when they go on variety shows, they hardly have to show their face before all the guests/mcs/audience members start screaming their names.

this following photo is from exo-m’s early debut days, as indicated by the date in the corner. it’s dark, there are very few security guards if any at all, it’s taking place in what looks like a local park, and you can literally count the number of fans present on two hands.

this photo was taken after exo performed wolf on inkigayo back in 2013. it was a simple fanmeet, but more than 2000 fans showed up.

this photo is from early 2015, when exo held a fansign at the nature republic store in shinchon. only 5 members were there, but more than 30,000 fans showed up and police were called in to supervise the event.

exo’s crowds and fanbases have multiplied since then. their success was not fed to them with a golden spoon, and yes, sm enertainment is home to many legendary groups/artists that have made history, but exo too is one of those groups. everything exo has gone through sure as hell wasn’t to earn your approval, and nothing we as exols have done for them needs your confirmation either.

so for the last time, leave us alone.

I decided to do the redraw meme with one of my fallen ocs, and HEY! I’ve kind of improved, right? So don’t give up, if you’re having trouble, okay?