Cleaning Gone Wrong

Request: Please can I request a dean x reader, where the reader is trying to clean the bunker and Dean’s distracting her? And it’s all fluffy? Thank you!

Readers POV

Lately there hadn’t been any cases so you and the boys had been in the bunker for a while. Being that you usually stayed in motels that were cleaned up after, you all tended to be a bit messy. You decided today was the day that you were going to clean up the bunker, which still had dust and cobwebs from when you all found it.  You were lucky enough to find a broom in a closet which you were also lucky to find, and you set to work.

After about 30 seconds of cleaning, Dean walked in, looking like he regretted getting up that morning. Having already had an unnecessary amount of coffee, you decided to annoy him with your enery, “Morning sunshine,” you said loudly, “How did you sleep!?” He ignored your cheery attitude to instead question you, “Why do you have a broom, did you break something?” “No,” you replied with a bit of a bitch face, “I am cleaning the bunker because we are quite possibly the messiest people to ever exist.” you finished, turning back around to continue sweeping. “Alright I’ll give you some help then.” You turned around and looked at him incredulously, “What the hell are you going to do to help?” “I am going to help you stop being so lame, and we are going to go out and do something fun!” he grinned at you, expecting you to immediately give in.

“No Dean, this place is a mess.” You said, yet again turning around to keep trying to clean the floor. You felt his arms wrap around your waist and his chin rest on your shoulder, “C’mon, pleeease.”

“No, Dean, look. Look around you,” you said sternly while gesturing vaguely around the room. “Alright, I’m going to go get some coffee and when I come back, you better stop being boring.” You sighed as he left the room.

Dean POV

I walked into the kitchen to pour myself a cup of coffee when I found Sam researching on his laptop. “Hey, Y/N is being boring,” I said leaning against the table next to him, “how do I help her not be?” “Reading isn’t boring Dean, it can be really interesting when you aren’t interrupted by pictures after every sentence.” “Low blow Sammy, and I’ve already learned not to take a book from her, I would have a better chance in a fist fight against a werewolf,” I chuckled slightly, “She is cleaning the bunker.” Sammy finally looked up from his screen looking a bit confused, “Really, why?” “I don’t know, man. She says we’re a mess.” “Huh, I don’t know, just be your usual annoying self and I’m sure she will come around.” Realizing I was getting nowhere I walked out of the kitchen, “Bitch” “Jerk” he called after me.

Reader POV

I screamed and punched something as I felt hands harshly grab my sides. “I would apologize but you definitely deserved that.” “Yeah, I probably did, nice right hook,” Dean replied while looking a bit shocked. “Well, since you aren’t willing to come with me,” he started, slowly grabbing the broom from you, “I’m just going to bring you with me!” he said quickly grabbing you and throwing you over his shoulder. “Dammit Dean, put me down now!” you yelled in his ear, uselessly pounding on his back. “Screw you Sam!” you shouted as you saw the younger brother walk into the room, and walk back out while laughing.

“Could you at least tell me where you are going to attempt to bring me before I run away?” “Nope” he said, continuing to walk down the hall, “Well Dean, why not?” “I don’t know either, we’re gonna just drive until we find something.”

You still have no idea how he got you into the car and out of the bunker without you running away.

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I Can’t Wait to Hear You Scream PT. 9

Summary: It seems like Negan is missing you and things escalate at the sanctuary.


“No one can say that death found in me; a willing comrade - or that I went easily.” - Cassandra Clare


He left and you were allowed to get back up, and decided to head to the cafeteria for food, you didn’t realize how starved you were until now.
You arrived in the building and there were quite a few people in line waiting to eat and you joined them.
As the line started to get shorter, you noticed there was less and less food in the trays.
After waiting, you were finally next in line and there was nothing left but one sandwich, you looked up to the server and thought he looked familiar, you eyed him quizzically, then it hit you.

“Brian?” You asked curiously, trying to make sure it was him. One side of his face was swollen and he had a black eye.

“Yeah?” He said, glancing at you before putting the sandwich on a tray.

“What happened to you, and why are you out here?” You asked, tilting you head in concern.

“Well, after the other night when I let you drink, I got demoted from cook and got put out here and put on dish washing duty. And this-” he pointed to his swollen, black eye, “Is from when you were talking about Negan.”

“Shit.. I’m sorry, Brian.”

He put his hands up in protest, shaking his head, “Trust me, it could have been a lot worse. Don’t worry about it.” He slid the tray with sandwich over to you and just as you were about to pick it up, it was taken. You looked up to see Amber holding it.

“That’s my fucking food.” You said, with a hostile look spreading across your face.

“I haven’t eaten and wives eat no matter what.” She winked, passing by you and knocking her shoulder into yours.
You just rolled your eyes, there was no need to start a fight in here at this moment. You turned back to Brian and he shrugged and gave you an understanding look, “I’m sorry, (Y/N), that was all the food for tonight and wives do eat, no matter what.”

“It’s fine, Brian.” You said in a tired voice and walked out of the cafeteria, heading up to your room.
You walked down the corridor past the wives room and you could hear Amber.
“I threw that shit away, I didn’t even eat it.”

“That’s sorta harsh, Amber.” You heard another voice interject.

“So? Bitch needs to learn her place. It’s gonna get much worse from here.”

You almost started to enter and beat the fuck out of her, but decided against it, you were too tired and just ready to take a shower and lay down.
You entered your room and headed for the bathroom, stripping off your clothes and getting in the shower. Half the time the water was only luke warm at best, but you didn’t complain.
Most people didn’t even get showers anymore, so even being able to get one at all was a luxury even you were grateful for.

When you were done, you stepped out and wrapped a towel around yourself and headed back out into the room and looked through a draw in one of the desks to get some clothes.

“That’s a damn good look on you, darlin’.” Negan’s voice echoed behind you.
You gasped and turned around, he was leaning on the wall, he was in just a tee-shirt and jeans and Lucille wasn’t with him for once.

You breathed out, “You fuckin’ scared me.”

He chuckled and walked over. “Sorry, darlin’, wanted to have another talk with you. Would have loved to have a chat with you in the shower though.” He licked his lips, eyeing the bare skin on you that was visible.

“Talk about what?” You asked, pulling some clothes out of the drawer.

He walked over to you and leaned against the desk, “About you stopping with this bullshit and coming back to being my wife.”

You looked up at him, “Get rid of Amber and I will.”

He shook his head, “No, I’m not gonna fuckin’ do that, babydoll.”

You gave him a coy smirk and dropped the towel, revealing your body to him; if he wanted to play at that, then you could too. His eyes widened as he was looking up and down your naked body, he had a look of lust in his eyes while looking at you. He chewed on his lip slowly, and you began putting your clothes on.

“Too bad.” You smiled evily back at him. You relished in the fact that not being able to have you was driving him crazy.
He shifted his jeans with his hands and you could tell he was hard.

He cleared his throat, “Well, that makes me kinda wanna fuckin’ reconsider, but I’d rather you just stop this shit and just be a wife again.”

You both stood there in silence, the sexual tension between you two was starting to rise again and you almost gave into it. You wanted to give into it, but you knew that doing that would only give him more power in the end.

“No.” You said calmy.

He blinked and sucked his teeth, “Well, I hope you’ll change your fuckin’ mind, doll.” He had an annoyed tone in his voice and he turned and left the room. You smiled proudly knowing it was getting under his skin that you weren’t a wife, maybe at some point he’d understand how you felt.

You got up the next day and headed downstairs, back out to the washtub to finish washing more clothes. Luckily when you got there, the wives weren’t around, so that was a plus. So you did your job - still hating it - but also happier that you had been in days knowing that you were beginning to see Negan squirm.
You were in the middle of scrubbing a pair of jeans when you heard a voice call your name.
You turned around, squinting your eyes to see a dark-haired man coming up to you in a jean vest and dirty pants.
You had never seen him before in the compound. You laid the pants down and turned to him.

“Yeah?” You asked confused.

“I need you to come with me.” He said in a stern tone.

“For what? I’m doing my job, I can’t leave.” You said back, furrowing your brows, not understanding why you were being called away.

“Just follow me. Now.” He said, a glowering expression spreading on his face.
You stood transfixed on him and unmoving.
Why was this strange man asking you to follow him?
Did Negan send him?
You were confused and suspicious, but you reluctantly followed him.

“Did Negan send you?” You asked suspiciously.

“..Yeah..” He said slowly, not looking at you, he kept his eyes ahead.

He led you into a part of sanctuary you had never seen before. You were brought into a building with fern-green looking walls and you walked down some stairs into what looked like some type of basement.
Your gut instinct was telling you to get out, but you didnt listen.

“What’s going on?” You said cautiously.

The man didn’t answer you, he shut the door behind you and locked it. You were starting to get scared now.

“What the fuck?” You said with your voice quivering.

The man prowled towards you and you backed up, trying to distance yourself from him, but he caught you by the hair and tangled it around his fingers and slammed you hard against the wall, your head hit the bricks.
You let out a yelp at the pain.
It took a minute for your eyes to reset themselves as everything got bright.

“Sorry,” he chuckled in an unapologetic tone.

“What the fuck do you want?” You said, breathing heavily as your head was beginning to throb.

“It’s not what I want.. I was asked to bring you here. I don’t have a problem with you.. but someone close to me does.” He growled.
He looked over his shoulder, you could hear the footsteps of someone else approaching, you looked over to see Amber walking up. She was smiling cheerfully and had a knife in her hand.

“Hey, (Y/N). I see you’ve met Randy.” She came up to the man, kissing him on the cheek. You let out a breathe and looked back and forth at the two of them in shock, this fucking bitch had set you up.

“Can’t fight your own battles, can you?” You asked her, gritting your teeth.

“Oh, I can. But not with Negan around, like he’d ever let me lay a finger on you, but he’s out with his men and I’ve been planning this for a while.. So, I asked Randy here to help me. I told you this wasn’t over.” She spoke softly, still holding the knife in her hand.

“You fucking him, too?” You asked, glaring at them.

Amber smirked and rolled her eyes and punched you in the face, her fist landing hard on your cheek bone. Randy pushed you even further into the wall, his hand still firmly placed in your hair.

“Yeah, I am. You think I give an actual shit about Negan? I’ve been going behind his back for months.”

You scoffed, “What’s wrong? Did I upset you that bad that you needed to do this, are you mad that I kicked your ass, Amber? Need your boyfriend to manhandle me for you?”

She smiled, “I fucking hate you. I have from day one and the sooner you disappear the better, but I’ll give you a chance to beg me for your life.. And maybe I’ll let you go, and maybe you can work for me when we overtake Negan..”

You could feel your eye already starting to swell. “If you’re gonna kill me, then kill me. I’m not gonna fuckin’ beg you, I just hope Negan bashes your head in to where you’re unrecognizable. I’m not going easily, bitch” You said bluntly, staring her in the face, ready for whatever it was that they were both about to do to you.

“Have it your goddamn way then.” Randy said as hit you in the face, allowing blood to flow freely from you nose, he yanked you by your hair again and slung you to the ground, you tried kicking him off of you, but he was too powerful and Amber grabbed you by the throat to hold you down. Randy grabbed your arms pinning them to your side and you gave every bit of enery you had trying to squirm from under him Amber tightened her grip on your neck and punched you in the face yet again, you tried to suck in as much oxygen as you could as she beared down on you, you kicked and fought as much as your could with both of their weights on you. You could already start to see the various colors in your vision as you started slipping into unconsciousness, you could taste the blood running down your throat, the sickening, metallic taste. You could hear their voices and they sounded very far away.

“Fucking bitch.” You heard Amber’s voice echo off in the distance and you felt the sharp pain of the knife going into your side. You were out of air now and conciousness had slipped away from you as everything faded to black and all you could hear were the yells of men.

Guide to Heels Infographic from Enerie

Writers continue to reblog these infographics for their useful terminology. If you’ve missed any infographics, here they are:

Two of my New Favorite Fashion Infographics: 

anonymous asked:

I just want to tell you that I really love your blog! You've cleared up so many questions & reservations I had about ATLA, like the "Aang letting go of Katara" plothole. Just wondering, how do you think the finale would've changed if Aang met Guru Pathik again & learned the true meaning of letting go of earthly attachment in place of the lion turtle scene?

Thank you! I’m glad that I’ve been able to help you clear up some doubts.

I think Aang could have learned the true meaning of letting go without needing to see Guru Pathik. I think he probably would have seen him again in Book 4, but I don’t think it was necessary in Book 3, and I’ll explain why.

In canon, the Lion Turtle acted as a sort of free pass for Aang to get out of his moral dilemma. He had to decide between sticking to his morals and not killing, or putting his feelings aside and protecting the world from a tyrant. But, as we all know, Aang didn’t actually have to choose. He struck his back against the rock, and he was able to take Ozai’s bending. 

I think Ehasz had intended for the Lion Turtle to serve a very different purpose. The Lion Turtle gave Aang the ability to bend enery by connecting with his Heart Chakra and his Third Eye Chakra. These chakras deal with compassion, and intuition. But I do not believe Aang could be able to use energybending unless he first opened his Crown Chakra. This is the one he never opened.

Spirit is actually the 5th Element in some schools of esoteric philosophy. But Spirit is not an ordinary element. It is the supreme element that unites all of the others, and it represents pure consciousness. The Crown Chakra also deals directly with consciousness. Because it deals directly with another’s consciousness, energybending is a very powerful skill that only a mastered Avatar can use. Aang would NOT be able to use it unless he had already mastered the Avatar State. So it would not have given him a free pass on his moral dilemma.

He would still have to let go of his attachments. The first attachment was his infatuation with Katara. After her rejection of him at the play, I think Aang was supposed to realize that she won’t be his prize at the end of his battle. His other attachment was to his moral “purity”. He was supposed to let go of that during his battle with Ozai. Once he had decided to kill Ozai to protect the world, his selflessness would have unlocked his final chakra. This would have eliminated the rock scene, and he would have mastered the Avatar State on his own. He would then be able to take Ozai’s bending. Ironically, Aang’s decision to kill Ozai would have been the very thing to enable him to spare Ozai’s life.

Sketchy genderbend scene-redraw, inspired by rboz’s awesome fanart ^3^
/omg the feels are much more obivous in this setting i think/ <3
(What are the off gb names? Luke Heartfilia and Natsume Dragneel? - these are just my guessed ones)

and if you have some spare time, pelase pray for me, tomorrow I gonna face my worst enery, the MATH EXAM
and I’m sick AS HELL


5:43 PM - Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf: huh
5:43 PM - Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf: maybe food will give me enterfy
5:43 PM - Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf: ..
5:43 PM - Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf: entergy
5:43 PM - Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf: ……………
5:43 PM - Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf: ENERY
5:43 PM - Prancing Doe: …
5:43 PM - Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf: MOTHERFUCKER
5:43 PM - Prancing Doe: *dies
5:43 PM - Prancing Doe: pfft
5:44 PM - Prancing Doe: trainwreck is what I just witnessed
5:44 PM - Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf: (╯ರ ~ ರ)╯︵ ┻━┻
5:44 PM - Prancing Doe: hahaha
5:44 PM - Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf: I’ll wreck your train in a minute
5:45 PM - Prancing Doe: I would love it if you wreck my train
5:45 PM - Prancing Doe: wreck it all night
5:45 PM - Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf: YOU WOULD WOULDN’T YOU
5:45 PM - Prancing Doe: hehehe
5:45 PM - Prancing Doe: Choo-choo all aboard the wreckage
5:46 PM - Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf: 😠
5:46 PM - Prancing Doe: hahaha

Fort City

Title: Fort City

Pairing: Reader x Cas

Word Count: 2,929

Theme song: You Always Make Me Smile by Kyle Andrews

Request: Could you do a TFW imagine where when the boys were out all day on a tiring hunt, the reader who’s their best friend, made a huge fort that goes throughout the whole bunker? Really fluffy and cute. Maybe add some nerd gun fights into it;) snacks, movies, cuddling, dorkiness. The usual fort making necessities lol. And maybe add some cute CasxReader into there? I love how you focus on the small moments that we rarely get to see on the show, and I just always imagined them goofing around in a fort.


Your name: submit What is this?


You wiped a hand over your brow and stood at the top of the stairs, near the bunker’s heavy, metal door, and surveyed your work.

“It’s perfect,” you whispered. “Perfect!” This time you yelled, bringing your hands high above your head, letting out your best evil-villain laugh, which really left something to be desired. You were cut short, though, by your phone ringing. You dug it from your pocket and slid it open, bringing it to your ear.


“Hey, Y/N. It’s me. Just wanted to let you know we finished the case early. We’re almost home now. We were just going to stop for some stuff at the store real quick. Guess Sammy’s running low on steroid-fueled enery bars,” Dean said.

“They’re protein bars, Dean,” you heard Sam say in the background.

“Whatever, man. They’re gross. Anyway, do you need anything?” Dean asked.

You looked out over the bunker and considered.

“Marshmallows,” you said. Dean was silent a moment.

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Although 600 million people live without electricity in sub-Saharan Africa, Seeker Stories met 3 inspiring Tanzanians who found unique ways to hack the energy crisis. 

Click the video above to watch or check it out here.

anonymous asked:

Regarding your post abt mission space - I had no idea!! How did you find this out??

one of my roommates, who we all hated by the way, worked there and found it necessary to tell us as much about the ride as humanly possibly

Also like… look at how outdated ellen’s enery adventure is, do you really think disney would update a ride film that honestly still looks fine the way it us unless it was absolutely 100% necessary to lol