self care (trc style)
  1. Keep a plant on your desk
  2. decorate your wall with canvas trees
  3. stay in places that give you more energy
  4. change up your appearance (eg. shave your head)
  5. study hard to achieve your ambitions
  6. make your place look like you on the inside
  7. don’t give up on your quest
  8. build a miniature replica of your town from cereal boxes at 3am
  9. keep a journal
  10. lay your hands on the smooth, cool bark of the tree in your garden
  11. make pie
  12. eat your pie
  13. make peace with that sentient forest you made a bargain with
  14. share your problems with an old, preferably British professor on the phone
  15. cry in the bath with all your friends
  16. give up that occupation that’s dragging you down and start a new life
  17. love the trees, and they will love you back
  18. learn to communicate with everything
  19. dream up your inner child
  20. sleep for 24 hours, drink  4 glasses of pomegranate juice, 3 cups of healing tea, and go save Cabeswater
  • (bonus) JUST KISS HIM

Lots of Love x