The Powerful Practice Of Eye Gazing

The very first time I experienced eye gazing I was floored by what I felt and saw. The connection you feel with another human being, the visualizations of past lives, future potentials and more, all can become very real while engaging in this exercise. Of course, there are many different intentions you can set before a session of eye gazing that can bring out an array of outcomes, but let’s jump into a rundown of how to go about an eye gazing session and from there we can explore what the benefits of such a practice might be.

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Flyers {Negativity Absorbing Tools}

Hey everyone! :D

So I made this little thing called a Flyer, and I thought I would share it with you :)

A Flyer is a small ball of yarn, somewhere between two and four inches across, and is nice and tight. It has a little tail that the end as well, which is used to stream energy into/out of.

Okay so these Flyers are little balls that you can fill with energy. Any kind of energy, as long as the yarn color corresponds with the energy. You can add herbs, crystals, etc. to the middle to amplify their energy as well.

I use a lot of white and black Flyers, because I like to keep myself protected from negative entities.

So, to use a Flyer, you throw them across the room, allowing them to spread their energy, or you leave them in a place that can be filled with their presence. Kind of like a diffuser of sorts. 

An idea I have is to use them to curse/jinx people, allowing them to pick it up and release the energy, but it’s just a thought, and this whole Flyer idea of mine is also in its beginning stages.

Anyway, they’re hard to put into words, but I hope you like them and the idea of them :D I have about eight or nine sitting in random places at the moment, and I think they work really well :)

Okay that’s all for now ~

Aura Colors and Meanings//

•Brilliant Yellow: spiritually inspired. Playful. Going through a time of enlightenment.

•Dark Yellow: student with a loss of love for learning. Burnt out.

•Lemon Yellow: fear of loss and abandonment

•Pale Yellow: renewed sense of hope

•Bright Orange: health, vibrancy, life

•Orange-Red: great personal power, confidence

•Orange-Yellow: perfectionist, scientific mind

•Dark Red: centered, grounded, self sufficient

•Brilliant Red: passionate, energetic, sexual

•Clouded Red: deep seated anger

•Pink: artist, loving, sensual, gifted

•Dark Pink: deceit, dishonesty

•Royal Blue: clairvoyant, generous, open minded

•Dark Blue: untrusting, can’t face the truth, denial

•Light Blue: truthful, serene

•Forest Green: natural healer

•Yellow-Green: communication

•Cloudy Green: jealousy, resentment

•Turquoise: healer, helper, truth giver

•Violet: visionary, daydreamer, spiritual love

•Indigo: glimpses into other worlds, wise

•Silver: abundance, wealth

•Gold: protected, guided

•Black: unwilling, unforgiving

•Gray: blocked energy, untrusting

•Brown: afraid to let go

•White: newness, purity

When you are not afraid of feeling, and you move past judgment and allow yourself to feel all the ways you feel, you will have a tremendous breakthrough because you will be able to ride feeling into other realities. Some of you are afraid to feel and participate in this reality; let alone ride into other realities, because you do not trust your feelings. If you wish to have an acceleration, dive into something that brings up feeling. Stop skirting the issue so that you can think you are in control. Dive in the middle of it and then see if you are in control.
—  Barbara Marciniak - Bringers of the Dawn
Sometimes you have to be strong for yourself. You have to know that you’re a good person and a good friend. What’s meant to be will be and what’s not -won’t. Love is worth fighting for, but sometimes you can’t be the only one fighting. At times people need to fight for you. If they don’t, you just have to move on and realize what you gave them was more than they were willing to give you. Hopefully people realize great things when they come around and not lose something real. Always fight, until you can’t anymore, and then be fought for.
—  Unknown

This statement transcends normal awareness going beyond the reality that we indeed need to take back control of our mind, emotions, thoughts and actions.
We should define ourselves as warriors.
Yes we are mere humans standing in the very face of an endless universe, but within, we behold power and intent with the capabilities of reaching infinite potentiality. -Javier A. Sagenev- @orphix01 #universe #awakened #transcendence #transend #mind #consciousness #frequency #vibrations #oneness #dimension #energy #love #warrior #awakening #lightwarrior #thoughts #galactic #meditation #wisdom #truth #evolve #starseed #chakras #healing #intuition #loveandlight #art #monk #reality #spiritual

Searching for underground energy sources from space

ESA - GOCE Mission logo.

27 July 2015

Data from ESA’s GOCE gravity satellite are being used to improve models of Earth’s geology, indicating the potential locations of subsurface energy sources.

The satellite known as the ‘Ferrari of space’ has measured Earth’s gravity with unrivalled precision, thanks to its extraordinarily low orbit about 255 km high – about 500 km lower than most Earth observation satellites.

Geophysics with GOCE
At the end of 2012, low fuel consumption allowed operators to extend the mission’s life and start to lower the satellite a further 31 km for even more accurate measurements. This was at the very limit of its capability but maximised the return for science.

Although GOCE’s mission ended in October 2013, the gravity data from this super-low orbit has improved our understanding of Earth’s interior, including identifying areas where oil and gas – the primary energy source for today’s civilisations – might be present.

3D models of Earth’s underground are traditionally based on information acquired on the ground. Gravity data from the GOCE satellite, however, provide homogeneous coverage in high resolution, which is being used to improve and validate models based on traditional datasets.

Models based on GOCE data show subsurface density and its vertical and lateral variability, which provides insight into varying geological compositions and temperatures. Estimating the structure and thermal state of Earth’s crust provides clues into the heat of shallower sedimentary rocks, and thus the potential location of oil and gas accumulations.

Subsurface areas with temperatures ranging over 60–200ºC indicate the maturity of the rock and, therefore, the likelihood of the presence of oil and gas.

Pinpointing hyrodcarbon maturity
“Using GOCE data for improving our understanding of Earth’s composition is still in an early phase, and more local geophysical surveys need to be conducted to validate the models,” said Jörg Ebbing from Germany’s University of Kiel and one of the experts in the GOCE+ Geoexplore project, which carried out the study.

Another expert working on the study, Rader Abdul Fattah from the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), continued: “These early results already show how spaceborne technologies can be used to improve our understanding of the various geological properties of deeply buried sediments – from 5 km to 10 km deep – and therefore identify the potential of untapped subsurface energy resources.

“This is especially useful for remote areas that are difficult, expensive and time-consuming to explore.”

 While neither oil or gas reservoirs can be found directly with GOCE, the analysis can guide researchers in identifying areas where the geological conditions appear promising for further ground exploration.

GOCE’s mission ended in October 2013 when it ran out of fuel and subsequently reentered Earth’s atmosphere. But its wealth of data continues to be exploited to improve our understanding of Earth’s interior, as well as ocean circulation, sea level and ice dynamics.

The GOCE+ Geoexplore project is funded by ESA’s Support To Science Element.

To promote the use of GOCE data for geophysical studies, the GOCE+ Geoexplore team has generated a set of global gravity gradients datasets at 225 km and 255 km altitudes that can be freely accessed through this link:

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For more information about GOCE mission, visit:

Images, Video, Text, Credits: ESA/Planetary Visions/AOES Medialab.

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Sacred Geometry: The Genesis Pattern

This is the first official post of the Indigo School about sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is something we will never, ever stop talking about. It is referred to as the architecture of the Universe. It is one of the only subjects that appeals to both right and left brain. What appeals to the right brain is usually creative, subjective and free-form. The left brain likes logical, objective things. I’m going to start this off by talking about the Genesis Pattern. If we start from the concept of how nature/Spirit/God created life and how sacred geometry demonstrates this, it will be easier for you all to understand. This is how I first learned about sacred geometry. (Most pictures borrowed from The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizedek, Vol. 1.)

Sit down and drown out all of the sounds around you. Imagine quiet, still blackness all around you going infinitely in all directions. This is what the beginning of time is described as—an infinite void, and in this void there was God (we’re going to say Spirit since I think that is more universal and is the term used usually in this part of sacred geometry). Spirit is just floating in the blackness that you’re imagining. It has done nothing yet, no manifestations or creations. Spirit and the blackness are one. There is no time, dimension, or space. Emptiness.

Spirit cannot fall, because where would you fall to in open, infinite void? Spirit cannot logically experience any motion at all. That is, unless Spirit creates something to move relative to. Here is Spirit in the void, represented by the Eye of Horus.

Since Spirit has two options, remain doing nothing in the void or create something, it creates something.

It’s said that if we are in a pitch black room and cannot see anything, we are able to project a sensing beam from our third-eyes (this can also be done from the hands). When you project the “beam of consciousness” into the dark room for a certain distance, you are able to feel what is and isn’t in the room. There are six of the sensing rays, and they all come from the pineal gland. One ray comes from out of the front of our heads (at the third eye), and another goes out the back. One goes out of the left and the other out of the right side of our brain. Then another goes straight up (through the crown chakra) and the sixth goes straight down through our neck. These are the six directions.

Now, let’s come back to Spirit.

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When you read about Nikola Tesla it’s truly amazing the things he envisioned, and was able to create. He was limited by technology else I think the world would be a tad different right now. Look him up, he was an innovator in every sense of the word.

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no.. I’m not insulted at all when people call me sensitive. Feeling things deeply is my super power. I’m an empathetic badass.
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Smokey Quartz - yesterday I used this crystal to help clear my mind and bad energy, today I feel recharged and positive. How do you know if you have negative energy you may ask. Well do you feel down on yourself, do you have negative repetitive thought (that are hard to stop), do you notice pests (ants, gnats, roaches, flys). Put the crystal in your left hand, breath, focus on it, mediate of possible, sleep with it.

Affirmation- I love myself, I will look to my advantages, I will look to those that love me, the universe is working for my good, my dreams are possible!

Blessed be!- isislovesong


Part 2: Raw snippet of a piece I taught to #ENERGY by #Drake last week to my T8F Fam ✌🏻️ #dancelife @champagnepapi (at Jason Coleman’s Ministry Of Dance)