Ah!😢 Don’t like good byes. But till we met again @mar_minion you will surely be miss by us. 😊 send many more bless an #goodvibesonly to an ventures new journey . thank you for you awesome energy to woman empowerment . Much gratitude. Take it easy an God bless. Some times good friends are hard to fine. Thank you for understanding me.. 😉😂😂😂😄

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I’ve been feeling super mega poopy metal wise lately… I just wish it would stop… I just want to be happy for like 2 seconds. 

It’s getting harder to get any energy to do things again like I just want ot curl up with my dogs and do nothing ever. Even work isn’t providing me the mental distractions I need to get away from my worries.

Cuitan #BalikinKTPGue Bukan dari Pendukung Ahok, Mayoritas Berasal dari Luar Jakarta
Cuitan #BalikinKTPGue Bukan dari Pendukung Ahok, Mayoritas Berasal dari Luar Jakarta:
External image
Keputusan calon petahana Gubernur DKI Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok) yang maju di Pilgub DKI Jakarta lewat jalur partai…

http://www.jitunews.com/read/42042/cuitan-balikinktpgue-bukan-dari-pendukung-ahok-mayoritas-berasal-dari-luar-jakarta @jitunews Jitunews.com - Informasi Pangan Energi dan Air
#Jitunews #Pertanian #Energi #Air
Ngasuh anak : Sabar tanpa akhir.
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​https://videopress.com/embed/WXORHeuz?hd=0&autoPlay=0&permalink=0&loop=0​ Kayanya saya PMS, tapi my period perhitungannya masih lama datengnya tuh.  Really kesel banget sampe emosi sama tingkah Sakha yang super lincah, ga bisa diem, dan energi yang gak abis-abis. Dia numpahin air, main air ampe baju basah, itu air mentah di ember di minum sama dia, disuapin makan malah di lepeh, dikasih minum di…

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yesterday’s post is not quite right.   I leaned too hard on the differences between myself and The Lady.  Believe me I know the problem is in my own head.

It’s very strange having this overwhelming depression when I’ve become more accustomed to anxiety. They are not the same at all.  I’d pick depression, honestly, if I had to pick one.

I keep going back to my worst period of depression.  I think this is the worst I’ve been since then  (the last time I was dumped).  I’m reading my old deadjournal to that time period and I’m just stricken, as if it weren’t obvious, with how lonely my life is compared to then.  I’m really hoping that life really has become lonely and it’s not entirely my fault and I didn’t just push everyone away because I don’t ever fit in with most people.

I’m really missing energy and creativity as well.  It’s hard to have these things when there is only work and chores and solitude.  I’ve been kind of muted emotionally, at least for me, a creature of complete raw emotions and lately I’ve been immersed in music that brings out the raw damaged heart in me.  It’s making everything bigger and more real.  I feel as though I’ve been buried for years.  I can’t stress that enough.  I feel as though my self has been buried for five or so years and someone accidentally dug me out and now I can barely remember how to walk but all I care about is that everyone is gone.

I keep looking down at my wrist and wondering how can I still feel like I’m not real now that I have scars.  They’re fading though.  I won’t need to be ashamed for long.

Existential Angst

From time to time, one is confronted with the recognition of reality as we know it. Simply for being reality and the fact that we exist within it. Only… This isn’t a communal experience. This is an incredibly lonely experience. Terrifying if left unchecked.

We may wonder why so many people flock to spirituality. Theists continue to wonder how we atheists could possibly live under these circumstances. After all, if a theist begins to shudder in terror of their own existence, they can look forward to their version of an afterlife. They can whisper to themselves thinking that they are communicating to their god. Comforting, eh?

Well, my fellow existentially clad atheist pal reading this blog and possibly shuddering at the recognition of your own solitude in the universe, you can rest easy.

In a chaotic, indifferent universe…you’ve lived this long. You’ve defeated the odds of survival. If you’ve eaten something today, you’ve converted the energy of another living organism into energy that is currently supplementing your thoughts on remembering those facts. You are one, amazing, complicated organism that receives attention even if but for the sake of this anonymous & autonomous “reaching out”. You have a name because you continue to call yourself by that name.

Death is one scary bitch of a notion…but so too would ignoring the exciting, extravagant feats we’ve achieved in our short time before death takes us blindly.

“A ship in the harbor is safe… But that’s not what ships are made for.” ❤️
Beautiful blue skies down by the marina in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin! Enjoyed with an unpictured vegan smoothie in hand, of course 😜

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Premiered by DJ Target on 1xtra and having received airplay from Jamz Supernova and DJ Woody the incredible producer/songwriter/pianist Hannah V unveils a visual masterpiece for ‘I Ain’t The One’.

Video director Taz’z vision was brought to life by dancer Tafote Akerejola. Her ethereal beauty is juxtaposed with the harsh London skyline - delivering the poignant message of beauty, innocence and strength amidst an urban jungle.

‘I Ain’t The One’ with its beat and bass heavy foundation features the vocal talents of London based singing sensation Andreya Triana. Their message is clear – sometimes we all just have to walk away from bad situations - “All that you want is to drag me back to way back when, I Ain’t The One”

Hannah V says: I am fascinated by seeing a director take my music and interpret it visually in a way I could have never imagined. I love the energy you get from movement and always get so emotional watching a dancer perform to my music - this was nothing but an idea in my head at one point! Taz, Tafote and the team added an amazing new dimension to a song that is close to my heart.

Mike Pence says name-calling has no place in politics — as Trump attacks ‘Crooked Hillary’ - The Washington Post

Mike Pence says name-calling has no place in politics — as Trump attacks ‘Crooked Hillary’ – The Washington Post

External image

What? But really, Pence’s comments here are curious. He saw the GOP primary. There was “Low-energy” Jeb Bush and “Little Marco” Rubio and “Lyin’ Ted” Cruz. Trump has already been calling Clinton “Crooked Hillary” for months. Before all of that, there were all of the “losers” and the “lightweights” and the “morons.” Maybe Pence was just being “sarcastic?” We’ve cataloged all the times Trump,…

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So apparently I have a following at my Dad’s office?  Like he gave me a tour one day and one of his employees said another would be jealous she didn’t get to meet me.  And they were sad when I didn’t give my commentary on the RNC and DNC (sorry guys but I just do not have the energy to do 7 days of political commentary).  Just get a Tumblr; I spend most of my free time on here anyway.

Quarry Office Shoot with Kendall (Lots of windows and wood.)

Quarry Office Shoot with Kendall (Lots of windows and wood.)

External image

Kendall at the Quarry House 1/125 sec at f/3.2 ISO 50 105mm

Been awhile since I shot with Kendall, but this shoot wasn’t really planned until the last-minute. I had planned to shoot another model at this location, the shots were all planned out with a mood board, it was to be a “catalog” style shoot with bright high energy shots. At the last-minute the model fell sick (as they always do) and I…

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Everything Starts with a DREAM

Everything Starts with a DREAM

External image

Have you ever wanted to create a vision board, but maybe you didn’t want to share it with other people because you were afraid of what they might think?  Generally the rule of thumb is that when you create a vision board you are supposed to keep it before your eyes, so that you can see it often.  This will continue to remind you of what you are desiring to manifest in your life.  Well what if…

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anonymous asked:

Can I have a ship! I'm 5'1 average brunette, I'm socially awkward😂, I spend too much of my time sitting on my sofa tumblring😂, I love videogames, I'm a person of science yet I'm horrified of supernatural shit, my favorite bands are panic at the disco!,Fall out boy, Muse, ( not a band but I love Bohemian rhapsody) I literally have no energy at day but at night I'm bouncing off the walls, I'm addicted to my laptop, and my favorite color is black!

Yet again, you also remind me of myself. Maybe I’m just a self centered person… I dont know. Here ya go!

• I ship you with Jake/VSauce3!

~Alternative ship(s): Jacksepticeye