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Are there any plants that can survive albinism? I read that it means they can't do photosynthesis, and that obviously presents a problem.

Hmm, wel considering that I have literally NEVER seen an albino plant before, it likely would be impossible for them to photosynthesize, so yes that would be quite accurate! Having a lack of pigment would mean that all the light energy hitting the plant would be reflected and none was getting absorbed. So yes plants like this would die quickly!


Green Wheel Rotary Hydroponic Garden - Design Libero

Derived from technology first developed by NASA to allow astronauts to grow food in zero-gravity, this rotary growing machine has been altered to suit modern residences. The circular growing surface allows for a maximised surface area around the light source, which is placed closer to the plants. This makes the most of the light without need for further energy input. Coco fiber is placed within the structure to function as a support for the plants and their roots.

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You can charge your phone with a plant. The Bioo Lite planter harnesses the energy plants create during photosynthesis to charge just about any device, day or night. Source Source 2

The Indiegogo campaign tripled its goal. Ships in September.

They hope to use the initial run of planters to troubleshoot for bigger, public projects.


Created to work with the new moon’s energy, but you can use this handy spread at any time.

While crafting this, I pictured setting an intention like planting a seed. Each card walks you through planting your idea, seeing it take root, and then learning how to nurture it.

1. The Seed - your intention

2. Hesitation - fears stopping you from planting

3. Push It in the Ground - overcoming fears & then the waiting process

4. Taking Root - how your intention will first show itself becoming a reality

5 & 6. Bring It to the Surface - ways to nurture your intention and make it work for you in the best ways possible!

Feel free to use this spread, post pictures, and tag me in them! Please, do NOT steal this photo, remove the tag, and use it/reblog it as your own.

Thanks and keep on divining, my friends. :)