physics in the 17th century: pretty neat how feathers and lead cannonballs fall to earth at the same speeds, right?

physics in the 19th century: we’re all made of atoms

physics in the 20th century: remember time? one of the things that literally defines the universe as we know it? it can go faster if you’re around something really fucking big. sorry if that disturbs you, would you like to come take a nice bath in the radium water?

physics in the 21st century: literally everything is just a disruption of quantum fields. mater is just fucked up energy. the force field that creates mass could just permanently changed out of nowhere and it would create an ever-expanding bubble that physically annihilates the rules of the universe as we know them. let’s smash the fundamental particles of the universe together at 75% of the speed of light underground in switzerland and see what happens.

witchy thing to do right now

pick a colour

close your eyes

take a slow deep breath in

breathe in white light coming in through your skull, face, forehead, nostrils, mouth, eyes, ears

the white light is filling your lungs like a cup being filled with crystal clear water

hold it there for a second and feel it’s power

now breathe out a misty cloud of your colour. feel it surround your head and then shoulders and then body. breathe it out into your aura or energy field.

do this as many times as you need to feel awesome + charged

<3 u all


Kid, I’ve flown from one side of this galaxy to the other. I’ve seen a lot of strange stuff, but I’ve never seen anything to make me believe there’s one all-powerful Force controlling everything. There’s no mystical energy field controls my destiny! It’s all a lot of simple tricks and nonsense.

Han Solo - Star Wars: A New Hope


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The word Clairvoyance comes from the french word clair which means “clear” and voyance which means “vision.” A clairvoyant is someone who receives intuitive information visually. Some call this third eye visions or second sight. A clairvoyant sees the truth about the past, present, future. Clairvoyance is the natural development of the sixth sense. When your third sense is developed you are able to see things others cannot such as spirits, energy fields, auras, and visual premonitions. A clairvoyance sees what others do not.    

Are you clairvoyant? 

  • You have constant déjà vu.
  • Getting visions is normal for you.
  • Your gut “feeling” is always accurate.
  • You have powerful, vivid dreams.
  • You can “see” trouble and when things are about to go wrong.
  • You find yourself daydreaming a lot. 
  • You have had precognitive visions in dream or meditation
  • You are starting to see flashes of Light or having blurry vision
  • You see things out of the corner of your eye and are constantly double checking that there is nothing there.
  • When you are listening to a conversation and you can visually see the events unraveling in your mind.
  • You often create entire scenes in your mind about the future.
  • You are a visual learner.
  • The aesthetics of you living space is important.
  • Movement in your peripheral vision when there is no movement in the room.
  • Spontaneous images that “flash” before your eyes
  • Ethereal colors surrounding a person or living thing
  • You find it easy to visualize in your mind.
  • You are visually observant
  • You have mental images randomly flash “before your eyes”
  • You see flashes of colors, numbers, and symbols.
  • It is easy to visualize places, people, and events. 
  • It sometimes seems like their is a “movie” playing in your head.
  • You have a great sense of direction.
  • You appreciate beautiful things.
  • You can envision entire plans inside your head. 
  • You have been told that you have a vivid imagination.
  • You had imaginary friends with detailed life stories as a child

If you answered “yes” to most or all of these you have a very well developed sixth sense.

Ways to develop your clairvoyance

  • Do lots of meditation
  • Raise your vibrations and energies
  • Record your observations
  • Practice your visualization. Visualize with flowers, numbers, and symbols.
  • Imagine your third eye opening during meditation.
  • Keep a dream journal. Record and analize their meaning.  

.Crystals for clairvoyants

  • Lapis lazuli - Opens your third eye. Induces dreams and insights.
  • Clear quartz crystals - Opens your third eye. A powerful stone for visions  and clairvoyance.
  • Amethyst - Helps with psychic development. Encourages deep meditation and higher states of awareness. It also helps with mental control and focus, opening your intuition, and gaining spiritual insight and wisdom.     
  • Azeztulite -  Enhances clairvoyance and bring forth visions from past and future. Enhances third eye activation, precognition, and higher dimensional consciousness.    
  • Azurite - Activates the third eye. Strengthens intuition and insight. 
  • Emerald - Opens up clairvoyant abilities.
  • Moonstone - Opens intuition.
  • Sodalite - Deepens meditation and stimulates the third eye.  

Herbs for clairvoyants

  • Anise - Great for any type of clairvoyance, divination, or any psychic developments. 
  • Bay - Burned to induce visions. Put its leaves under your pillow for inspiration and prophetic dreams.   
  • Cedar - Opens the psychic channels while protecting the operator.
  • Cinnamon - Aids in improving your psychic abilities.
  •  Lemongrass - Used to aid psychic powers. 
  • Lilac - Good for inducing “far memory” and recalling past lives. Also good for Clairvoyance in general.     
  • Mugwort - For clairvoyance, summoning spirits, manifestations and dreams.
  • Poppy Seeds -  For dreams, visions, and clairvoyance. 
  •  Rosemary - Used in pillows for dreams and visions. 
  • Sandal wood - Stimulates clairvoyance. 

May the moon light your path!

==Moonlight Mystics==


The Morphogenic Field is a term we use to describe the field of energy around the body. It is an extension of the electrical energy of the nervous system. The brain is an electrical generator with its own field of energy that extends away from the physical body. Many cultures and disciplines recognize this field and give it other names. When people discuss auras, chakras, life force or chi, they are possibly talking about this same energy field.

A Little Witchy Guide About Auras

Hello Witchy Darlings! I hope you had a wonderful New Year and I can’t wait to spend another one with all of you! :D

I figured I’d make a little guide to Auras since I’ve gotten quite a few questions about them. Please add on to this if you feel I left some things out!! :)

Brightest Blessings to you all! )0(

An aura is the energy field around all each matter that takes space (excluding air itself), whether that is a person, plant, animal, or an object. Each color represents a different aspect of that matter. Reading auras can be useful in determining whether you should confront a person at a certain time; what you can do to improve your present condition; tune you in to illnesses and conditions around you, and many other benefits. Everytime you come into contact with someone, your aura reacts to theirs. If your aura’s frequency is close to theirs, you will feel close to them quickly and drawn to them. If not, you may feel an instant dislike towards them. Everything has an aura. We have been “trained” not to see them, but with a little practice many people can successfully see and read them. Below I’ve listed what the different colors of auras mean, but first you should learn how to read them. When you begin, you may have a hard time seeing the colors. A lot of times, beginners will see pale colors such as white, yellow, and light blue. As time passes, and with practice, you will see that the colors seem to become brighter to you and easier to read. A little bit of patience can go a long way.

  • ASTRAL AURA The astral aura extends about eight to twelve inches from the physical body and appears as brightly coloured rainbow clouds. The astral aura is the bridge between the physical world and the spiritual world.
  • ETHERIC TEMPLATE AURA The etheric template aura extends about twelve to twenty four inches from the physical body and appears as a blue print form. There is an empty groove in the etheric aura aura into which the etheric aura fits. The etheric template aura holds the etheric aura in place. It is the template for the etheric dimension.
  • THE CELESTIAL AURA The celestial aura extends about twenty four inches from the physical body and appears as a brightr shimmering light of pastel colours. This is the level of feelings within the world of our spirit. Here we communicate with all the beings of the spiritual world.
  • KETHERIC TEMPLATE AURA The ketheric template aura extends about thirty six to forty eight inches from the physical body and appears as an extremley bright golden light that is rapidly pulsating. This aura takes on the form of a golden egg that surrounds and protects everything within it.
  • HOW TO SEE THE AURA Everybody has the ability to see the aura. For beginners a low light is the best way to start. Turn out the lights and lay on the bed. Leave the window curtains open and let the natural light flow in. As you are laying on the bed hold your hands out at full distance in front of you. Dont stare hard but rather just gaze at your hands. Moving your hands slowly, bring your fingertips together until they are almiost touching. You will notice a cloudy blue haze appear around your finger. This is the etheric aura. 
  •  FEELING THE AURA Draw a circle on your left hand using your right fingertip. Dont let your finger touch your hand, keep it at a distance of about a half inch. Move slowly. You will feel the power of your aura.

Colors of Auras

Here are the most common colors and their meanings in an Aura:

Red- strength, strong passion, and will. Dark red may symbolize quick temper and someone who is nervous or impulsive. All red colors mean nervous tendencies.

Orange- warmth, thoughtfulness, and creativity. Browner shades may mean pride or vanity, while brighter orange means self-control.  

Yellow-Mental activity, optimism, new learning oppurtunities and wisdom. A Bright yellow means the person takes care of themself. A darker yellow may mean that its owner is shy.

Green- sympathy and calm may be very good with healing arts and is very reliable. Dark shades of green may mean someone who is jealous or uncertain.

Blue- quiet and calm. Blue is a good color to have in the aura; deep blue is the best. This mean the person has found his or her work in life. Many are spiritual minded as well. Blue may sometimes represent a tendancy to be moody and depressed.

Indigo and Violet- one who is seeking something in life. Represents an ability to handle affairs with practicality. Dark shades may show that the person has obstacles to overcome and is feeling misunderstood.

Black-The color of protection. Thr person who is hiding something. May possibly indicate imbalances as well.

Here are some other colors that may be seen within the aura:

Pink- love, represents compassion, and maybe a love of art and beauty. Darker or muddier shades of pink may denote an individual who is immature.

White-Usually one of the first colors you will see in an aura. However, when it is a true and strong color of the aura, it reflects purity and truth.

Brown- a person who is very “earthy” and that a person is establishing new roots.

Silver Lights or Twinkles- may mean that they are pregnant, or have been or may soon be. However, this is not always so. This may indicate a person who has great creativity in their life.

Black Spots-may indicate that it is imbalanced in some areas. May mean that the person has some negative habits that he or she should change. Meditation helps reduce these spots, as does things like exercise and sunlight.


Kid, I’ve flown from one side of this galaxy to the other, and I’ve seen a lot of strange stuff, but I’ve never seen anything to make me believe that there’s one all-powerful Force controlling everything. ‘Cause no mystical energy field controls my destiny. It’s all a lot of simple tricks and nonsense.

The title of episode VIII is set to drop soon and I’m still here wondering about the title of VII.

If you have a name like The Force Awakens, then we conclude the Force has been sleeping, or dormant if you wanna get fancy. This is also what we’ve been told by everyone and it seems perfectly logical, but it’s also really vague and, in my opinion, doesn’t make a lot of sense.

See, if the Force is an energy field that flows through all living things and binds everything in the Galaxy, I don’t see how it could have been sleeping on the job for years. Removing the Force from the galactic equation should have had catastrophic consequences.The Galaxy should have fallen apart! Beings should have withered and died! Things should have come to a screeching halt!

But they didn’t.


From the TFA Visual Dictionary:

Since the disappearance of Luke Skywalker and the shattering of his fledgling Jedi following, the cosmic Force has lain dormant, seemingly quieted to those able to sense its presence. The adventures of Rey and Finn on Jakku coincide with a turbulence in the cosmic Force, a sudden ripple indicating the awakening of newfound ability. With the Jedi and their records vanished, few – other than Kylo Ren and his mysterious master – are able to appreciate this occurrence.

A few points I’d like to highlight:

“The cosmic Force has lain dormant, seemingly quieted to those able to sense its presence” – this stands out to me because it says that the Force seemed quieted to Force-sensitive people. So it’s not that it had necessarily become weaker or had taken a break from its duties entirely, it’s just that it appeared that way to people. So it’s starting to look like the people were the ones in need of a wake-up call.

“The adventures of Rey and Finn on Jakku coincide with a turbulence in the cosmic Force” - it’s always worth pointing out again that the awakening mentioned by Snoke to Kylo Ren could only be referencing Finn, since, at this point, Rey has not yet shown any Force-related abilities. Ya know, just reminding everyone that Finn is Force-sensitive. Again.

“a sudden ripple indicating the awakening of newfound ability” – once again, this leads me to believe that the Force had been there all along, but people’s connection to it and, therefore, their Force-related abilities needed to be awakened.

At this point, I can’t help but be influenced by WhiteWolf’s Mage scenario (sorry, tabletop RPG nerd here), in which Mages are people who have awakened, or discovered their ability to influence reality, while Sleepers are people who have not opened their eyes to this power.

In the same way, you could have a Galaxy full of people with the potential to become Force users, who, for some reason, have been kept dormant, unable to tap into this potential. Like with Mages, a traumatic event (such as, say, the death of a friend) could cause someone to abruptly awaken, suddenly connecting with the Force and discovering their Force abilities.

Remember that this didn’t use to be the case. Force-sensitive children used to show signs of their uniqueness early on without the need for a trigger.

But now things have changed.

What does this mean for individuals like Leia, who already knew they were Force-sensitive, and those who, like Luke, had trained to use the Force in a number of ways? I’m not sure. Perhaps their connection with the cosmic Force simply felt dampened, perhaps their abilities felt weakened.

It certainly doesn’t look that way for Kylo at the beginning of the movie. The guy is able to stop a blaster bolt in mid-air, which is pretty impressive. And this is an important point to consider because, say, if you and your darkside buddies were the ones responsible for putting the Force to sleep, you’d find a loophole that allowed you to keep your powers, right?

To recap: someone (probably Snoke and friends) fucked things up and caused pretty much everyone in the Galaxy to be cut off, or at least distanced from the cosmic Force. Old Force-sensitives and Force-users are negatively affected by this and new ones remain dormant until a traumatic moment triggers their awakening.

Now, if I may take my Mage parallels one step further, I’ll say this: it may be that all beings in the Galaxy have the potential to tap into the Force, but most of them remain asleep their whole lives while only a select few realize their abilities. It’s possible that, in the future, all beings will awaken and be able to connect with the Force, and that will certainly change the Galaxy dramatically.

One last point: say that Luke saw through some Force vision that, in order to “awaken the Force”, he should find the first Jedi temple. So he disappears to do just that and, unbeknownst to him, sets off a chain of events that achieves his exact purpose. Luke’s disappearance causes Leia to look for him, which causes her to look for Lor San Tekka, which causes the First Order to do the same, which causes everyone to end up on Jakku, which causes Finn’s awakening, and so on and on and on.

Energy Work: Introduction to Fields Exercise

I want to start sharing more of my energy practice, here, and felt the best way to start doing that was to post an “introductory primer”. This meditation is designed to familiarize you with energy and its tactile properties. You can get some use out of this exercise regardless of your experience level (I still practice it, today), and it’s a great entry point for someone who’s never even dabbled before. All you’ll need to enjoy it is a comfortable, quiet place where you’re unlikely to be disturbed for roughly 30 minutes.

Tip: Don’t try to follow along with this text as you perform the exercise. Instead, read it in its entirety before you begin. This way, you can avoid the distraction of scrolling or flipping pages during your meditation. That will kill your focus dead.

Step 1:

To begin, sit or stand in a comfortable position. Shake yourself out, paying particular attention to your shoulders and wrists. Do this until you feel loose and relaxed.
Now, take a deep breath in, filling your lungs to the largest capacity possible. Hold the breath for a count to three, then exhale slowly, through your mouth. Concentrate on your breathing for as long as necessary to make it deep, slow and even. As you inhale, focus on the weight in the middle of your chest. Feel all the tension leave your body as you exhale. Draw your focus inwards, and feel your pulse as it travels through your body. Be still, quiet, and whole. Remain here until you are grounded and focused.

Step 2:

When you feel relaxed and grounded, raise your arms so that your elbows are up and away from your body. With your hands open, turn them so that your palms are facing each other in front of you. The palms of your hands should be roughly one foot apart, and one foot away from the core of your body.Feel your focus slowly travel from your chest, to your shoulders, and down through your arms. Sweep it down past your elbows and wrists until you are focusing on the palms of your hands. You may notice a tingling sensation, or a hyper awareness, in your fingers. Push this feeling out until you are focused on the space between your palms. 

The keyword is ‘push’. Feel a pressure building up between your hands; focus until that pressure is a dense weight.

Step 3:

With your attention still on the space between your palms, physically push them together. You should feel a slight resistance, or “bounce”. Bring your hands together and back apart rhythmically, getting a feel for that resistance. Play with the energy you have gathered there, growing it, condensing it, passing it back and forth between your hands. Get a feel for its properties. This is “you” energy. Get to know it. Take as long as you need.

Step 4:

When you are finished, draw your hands back towards the trunk of your body. Press the tension you have built up against your chest and “breathe” it back in until nothing is left externally.

Repeat the earlier breathing exercise — inhale deeply, hold for three seconds, and slowly exhale through your mouth. Focus on your breathing until it is deep and regular. Bring your focus from your hands, back to your chest. Feel the weight there.

Slowly, begin rolling your shoulders. Roll your head on your neck, and shake out your arms, dispersing any tension. Shake your wrists and hands until they are loose and free. Feel yourself slowly wake from the deep relaxation you enjoyed earlier.

When you’re finished, engage in some mundane grounding activity, such as washing up, eating, or drinking. You might enjoy journaling your experiences so that you can reference them later on.

Stop Being An Energy Vampire – Regaining Control

If you are an energy vampire and feel out of control here are a few suggestions:

  • Stop the energy draining thinking – Get a grip on runaway thoughts. When you are stressed it’s easy to let thinking run wild. The more you process negative things the worse they get.

  • When you're in the negative mode try stepping outside of yourself, and become an observer.

  • What’s the worst that can happen – After you define the worst thing everything else can be handled.

  • Accept that you have control – You may not believe you can say “no” but you can. Determine what is and is not necessary.

  • Use your energy on the necessary – If you do you will actually begin refueling your supply.

  • Express gratitude for all you have – Nothing provides more energy than showing gratitude for what you have.
  • Ask yourself “what do I really want?” while you're is the midst of negative emotions.

  • Begin to giveaway what you would want in return.

  • Practice meditation.The reality is, we are little more than a chemistry set. All our thoughts and feelings get translated into chemicals that fire off throughout our body, altering the chemical composition and behavior of our cells. Hence a sad feeling will influence the cells of our tear ducts and make them produce tears, or a scary feeling will give us goose bumps or make our hair stand on end.

    “A basic emotion such as fear can be described as an abstract feeling or as a tangible molecule of the hormone adrenaline,” writes Deepak Chopra in Ageless Body, Timeless Mind. “Without the feeling there is no hormone; without the hormone there is no feeling … wherever thought goes, a chemical goes with it.”

    Sit comfortably, relax and focus for a while on your breathing. Do not force or change your breathing in any way, but simply allow your awareness to follow the air as it enters your lungs then is released. If you are breathing in a very shallow way, I invite you to deepen your breathing a little, but otherwise simply trust in your own breathing pattern. As you watch your breathing, become aware of any particular tensions in your body and choose to let go of these tensions with your out-breath.

    Imagine you are wearing a dark, heavy cloak. The hood is up and is pulled right over your head, hiding your face. Spend a little while really imagining this cloak, feeling its presence all around your physical form.

    This dark, hooded cloak is the cloak of your negativity, your fears and the negative emotions, thoughts and sensations you experience in your life. Really feel the heaviness of this cloak.

    Now become aware that this negative cloak is gradually lifting up and away from your body, taking with it all your negativity. Really feel this cloak loosening and lifting away from you.

    Imagine the cloak slowly vanishing.

    Once it is completely gone, you are free to clothe yourself in a new cloak of your choice, a cloak of love, joy, beauty, protection, or any other quality you choose. Choose the cloak you wish to wear right now.

    Vividly imagine yourself wearing the new cloak you have chosen, this cloak of light and positive energy. See its color and feel its strength and quality all around you.

    Realize this new cloak is a symbol for you, for your soul. Realize that you can wear whatever cloak you choose.

By: Bob Rausch, Ph.D.

some sarchengsey roadtrip things

  • in maryland, they stop at a 24-hour diner in baltimore and a bunch of rowdy looking street punks crash their table to invite them to a warehouse party that johns hopkins students are throwing just a little past the notorious art kid-filled copycat building. henry is practically falling asleep in the booth but mention of a skate ramp and bonfire and a dancefloor wake him right up and they agree to go because why the hell not – and it’s everything they were promised and more. gansey gets drunk and kisses a frat boy who looks a whole lot like declan lynch while henry and blue dance with the same girl between both of their bodies (her name is mikaela and she’s a printmaking major but what really matters is that she’s warm and giggly and more than happy to be in the middle of a henry-blue sandwich). 
  • in pennsylvania, they drive through expansive rural farmlands that are lush and green and the air smells sweet and crisp. they stay in an old colonial-style cottage that’s said to be haunted and stay awake all night pretending to film their own spoof episode of ghosthunters. the only problem is that blue actually can kind of feel something even though she can’t see anything, and henry is freaked out of his mind at the thought; gansey pretends it’s noah and proceeds on as usual. they end up with some entirely hilarious voice recordings of henry admitting that he’s actually highkey scared of old haunted houses while blue tries to sound way more chill than she actually feels and gansey rambles on about electromagnetic fields and energies.
  • in nebraska, they roll through omaha and stay at an airbnb owned by a kid named ricky with bright hazel eyes and a cute crooked smile who has a huge map of the US on his wall filled with pins of roadtrips he’s taken in the past. he tells them all about the one that he’s planning up to canada henry is beyond thrilled to geek out about vancouver a bit. they buy a bottle of patron from the liquor store across from ricky’s house for only $14 (gansey is blown away by how cheap it is to buy liquor here?!) and make margaritas and drink them in an inflatable pool in ricky’s yard. the room they sleep in has blankets draped from the ceiling and christmas lights strung around the walls and a nintendo 64 in the corner with a tupperware bin full of games. they play mario party 2 until it’s nearly one in the morning before all passing out in a pile on the queen-size mattress that takes up most of the floor.
  • in colorado, they stop at a strange little cantina nestled in the mountains that has the best salsa blue has ever tasted and real cowboys sit in the booth opposite theirs. blue spends the entire meal trying to eavesdrop on them while gansey gives henry a thorough history of how cantinas came to be. henry steals more than a few sips of the beer gansey ordered with a fake i.d. that ronan dreamt him up and may or may not get quite buzzed when gansey orders a glass of over-proof bourbon for him; blue watches amusedly as henry gets increasingly more handsy and affectionate with gansey. by the time they finish eating and get back in the car, blue’s stuck driving because henry insists that he and gansey have to snuggle in the backseat, they just have to, okay?
  • in utah, they spend a few days in the uinta national forest to camp and explore a bit. while searching for a good place to pitch their tent and build a fire, they come across a group of train hopping kids who’ve been camping near a little creek. blue is instant friends with a girl who introduces herself as cosma; they start weaving little crowns from the long strands of grass and weeds while chatting about the stars. gansey strikes up an intellectual conversation with this stoned kid named sequoia and impresses him with tales of welsh kings. henry plops down besides a girl who’s doodling flowers and britney spears lyrics into a beat-up sketchbook. she calls herself sprout; henry proceeds to call her lentil and alfalfa and every type of sprout he can think of and she laughs and laughs and laughs. they all build a fire together that night and smoke a little weed while sitting around it - they toast marshmellows over the fire and talk about love and blue braids cosma’s hair and they all howl like wolves at the night sky and sing silly songs to the moon til the sun paints the morning sky a dusty pink.

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Let’s say you’re feeling excited, joyful, and grateful. These emotions send out high-frequency vibrations that magnetize more things to be excited, joyful, and grateful about. Anything with the same high frequency will prance on over to your energy field.
—  Pam Grout, E Squared