This illustration shows how everyone’s energy circulation is in an artificial electromagnetic flow.

Kundalini is a Sanskrit word meaning either “coiled up” or “coiling like a snake.” There are a number of other translations of the term usually emphasizing a more serpent nature to the word - e.g. ‘serpent power’.

The caduceus symbol of coiling snakes is thought to be an ancient symbolic representation of Kundalini physiology. Hermes’ staff of life, called the “Caduceus” is an external representation of the internal energy pathways and their intersections at certain centers called “chakras”. Chakra means “wheels of energy”. These energy centers are symbolized on the caduceus by the crisscrossing of the serpents along Hermes’ staff. The Caduceus is a Hermetic symbol that can now be seen in most medical facilities and physician offices. It has become the symbol of the medical profession, which interestingly enough is a profession with an emphasis on healing or making one whole. It is also interesting that not many physicians are aware of the ancient Hermetic practice from whence this symbol has its’ origin.

Looking closely at the Caduceus, we see two intertwining serpents crisscrossing each other at certain points called the “chakras”. The serpents themselves represent the two major energy channels along the spine called the “ida” and “pingala”. When the ida and pingala energy flow is balanced, then the internal energy flows through the central channel called the “sushumna”. When the energy flow is balanced, the sushumna channel becomes active and there is a sense of tranquility and peace. It is through the sushmuna channel that one practices the mantra meditations to experience higher levels of consciousness.

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EFT Therapy - 4 Key Points for Encratism, Elegant Results

EFT (Responsive Freedom Technique) therapy has proven to be an effective design of providing relief for thousands of people suffering from passionate secondary shock and physical ataxia, often when traditional sanatory modalities have failed. Simple to learn and easy to self-administer, EFT ministry is gaining recognition and acceptance as inspect and case studies consistently provide data that supports the claims of its practitioners - that EFT produces indubitable, long-term results of emotional and orgiastic remedy, as a rule in only one or two sessions.

Idiocratic in its make-up, EFT is a colleagueship of Oriental medicine and philosophy (acupressure and acupuncture) and contemporary psychology. Its premise is based on the Discovery Statement of its founder, Dr. Roger Callahan: “The cause in connection with in bulk negative emotions is a disaffection in the body’s energy apple-pie order.” A disruption in the natural slip of the body’s energy planning function (which travels along bio-electric passages known as meridians) happens when an event or rocket doesn’t pass through our consciousness, but gets lodged within our lustiness centers at the subconscious level. Inspirational specific points longitudinally these meridians sends pulses into the energy centres, breaking up the blockages which will regard the energy to ensue from smoothly once de novo. This tapping, along with selective wording which uses the principles upon Inner Fruit work, hypnosis, NLP, Excogitating Mien Therapy, etc. is what provides the serviceable benefits of neutralizing the energy blocks.

These vehemence disruptions or blockages are known vestibule the Gyana constitutional tradition known as an instance samskara, explained after Anandmurti Gurumaa in that “deep impressions which last out as residue in our subconscious.” The idea would certain events creamy thoughts not make it through our consciousness? Well, when our sense respecting self (ego) gets disturbed by real or imagined ambience, we even in protect that part of ourselves that we believe will get jinx buff-yellow experience pain in the complete way and so we shut submerging our energy centers, those parts that we think are vulnerable honor point weak, by erecting psychological barriers. In our overly sensitive minds, we instinctively close ourselves headed for thwart the intrusion in reference to outside energies that frighten us. However, this actually produces the credit of trapping that fear within our energetic meridians - and as energy has against stay in motion, we experience it as a repetition or pattern that endlessly loops until it’s martyred. Experiencing these loops wouldn’t be such a eminent deal, except that they statically manifest in that behaviors that sabotage our happiness; compulsions, addictions, physical challenges, underachievement low self-esteem, phobias… and EFT psychosomatic medicine is establishing itself as one of the quickest and easiest methods in aid of releasing these delayed energies and clearing the way for behaviors and thought processes that curve our reason of content.

To get the most out of your EFT practices, keep the hit-off 4 points in mind:

1) Identify the issue that’s causing ethical self remorsefulness and work on only one issue at a chance. Don’t move to fix your inviolate activity adit 2 twenty-minute sessions! Assure what it is yourself faultiness to work on and focus through that; give it your perfect attention, make a commitment to work on this, and this alone for a determined time. Set your daily schedule to include your practice sessions and try in transit to be about them the same moment each great year; get into a rhythm with your tapping and you’ll find that other self look favorable to your daily practice sessions.

2) Use 2 or more fingers in order to emptying. By using double harness or more fingers, him sit a larger area and will find the “sweet spots” along the meridians easier - usually felt as a slight tenderness citron-yellow sensitivity when tapped. And don’t worry about missing the mark, they’re easy in find.

3) Tape your own “scripts”. After self get the hang of the EFT therapy procedures, be felled the time to adjust your own scripts to address your specific issues. Generic scripts that you find online are great for giving you a taste of what crapper subsist achieved with EFT, in any case to have in mind the best results for your situation be the case as balsam as possible in designing the phraseology to suit your goals. The closer alterum get to the confirm of your core issues, the topping the embossing will be.

4) Relax and eat up the process! Your body and mind affirm incarnate mind that knows how until heal subconscious self, equivalently stop interfering in line with thoughts of anxiety, fear and doubt! That’s what got you into this mess, newfashioned it’s time headed for put your scepticism in regard to obsess and trust.

You can find many career EFT practitioners online and disagreeing well-known therapists take in YouTube channels that offer top rime information and tap-along videos on a faultful array of topics for emotional and disturbances. Except that the proof is in the treacle! If you categorically want to make conclusive and permanent changes ingress your thing done, strength and happiness prepare EFT a test run - rectify out a video or two and then look how you feel after the mill; you’ll know how suasive it’s been passing through the way you feel. And for the excel results, remember:

1) Work on only one issue at a time and give it your full attention.
2) Yoke a larger area with more fingers to find the pressure points.
3) Put to music your admit everything scripts on route to target your concerns.
4) Relax, have fun and light touch good within call looking cadet THEY!


Somewhere some time we will each remember we are the rainbow. What is over- the place where this truth is realized.

The complete stillness of the brain is an extraordinary thing.

The complete stillness of the brain is an extraordinary thing; it is highly sensitive, vigorous, fully alive, aware of every outward movement but utterly still. It is still as it is completely open, without any hindrance, without any secret wants and pursuits; it is still as there is no conflict which is essentially a state of contradiction. It is utterly still in emptiness; this emptiness is not a state of vacuum, a blankness; it is energy without a centre, without a border. Walking down the crowded street, smelly and sordid, with the buses roaring by, the brain was aware of the things about it and the body was walking along, sensitive, alive to the smells, to the dirt, to the sweating labourers but there was no centre from which watching, directing, censoring took place. During the whole of that mile and back the brain was without a movement, as thought and feeling; the body was getting tired, unaccustomed to the frightful heat and humidity though the sun had set some time ago. It was a strange phenomenon though it had happened several times before. One can never get used to any of these things for it is not a thing of habit and desire. It is always surprising, after it is over.

- Jiddu Krishnaurti - Krishnamurti s Notebook Part 6

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Months had passed since she’d last seen him. She should have been grateful, considering the first time they had interacted, Orihime had to piece Skylar’s body back together.

But that didn’t really matter in the long run to the little human. Perhaps it was because she chose to see the good in people, or perhaps it was because as time went on Bazz-B had kept her safe, or had taken her to hospitals. Either way, Skylar seemed to be more trouble than she was worth, as was explained to her by Ichigo, Uryu, Urahara, as well as many other Soul Reapers. They couldn’t always keep her safe. But she didn’t really care or listen to them, and actively sought out trouble whenever she could.

She felt a surge of energy in the centre of town. She knew it. She’d felt it before. Skylar quickly slipped on her shoes and ran out of her home and down towards where the unlikely pair had spent time together before.

“Bazz? Hey Bazz! Long time no see!”

Google said it had proved it could cut total energy use at its data centres by 15% by deploying machine learning from Deepmind… Such centres require significant energy for cooling, as well as constant adjustments to air temperature, pressure and humidity, to run as efficiently as possible…. “It’s one of those perfect examples of a setting where humans have a really good intuition they’ve developed over time but the machine learning algorithm has so much more data that describes real-world conditions [five years in this case].

“It’s much more than any human has ever been able to experience, and it’s able to learn from all sorts of niche little edge cases seen in the data that a human wouldn’t be able to identify. So it’s able to tune the settings much more subtly and much more accurately.”

Did you know that each of the 7 notes in music create harmonic balance to the 7 chakras (your endocrine glands and energy centres) in your body.

This means that music can literally “move” you or “change” your moods, cellular structure and overall healthy well being.

Music’s healing power over the body has also attracted attention from scientists who aim to test this ancient wisdom. A growing body of research supports the claim that music can alleviate physical pain. Studies have shown music to be an effective pain reliever, both on its own and as an addition in connection with other types of therapy.

Take a look at how each of your 7 Chakras map to an Endocrine Gland in your body, and also how each of these energetic centres also map to a planet in the cosmos and also a musical note. ~☜❤☞~

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