A Heart Opening is brewing

We’re at the peak of Venus Retro and all guidance is pointing at heart opening. 

Relationship themes will be highlighted
Love, Self-love, self-appreciation, self-acceptance
How you see yourself
What do you love about yourself
What do you love about others. 

Empathy will definitely be the highlight coming up right now and especially how we access the high heart and merging it with the mind. Heart -mind unification. This is where the emphasis is right now. lots of heart energy coming to surface 

Be mindful of the Shift :)


  Egyptians associated ‘back’ and ‘spine’ with magical powers, and the Egyptian word “psd” for 'spine’ can also mean 'to give light’, 'to gleam’, or 'to shine’. A snake is mostly a living spinal column, something the Egyptians noticed. They understood the vivifying nature of the spine, endowed with :life-giving properties”. Texts from the Old Kingdom on, mention the back (spine) or the bones which comprise it, in contexts, suggest they were all believed to fulfill magic or physiological functions
  The Egyptian snake mythology goes beyond deities to encompass another understanding, also expressed in the Hindu concept of Kundalini and the Eastern concept of Chi. It is the life force as it expresses itself, and the cycles it makes. The spine is the central navigating path for the life force, which the Egyptians call Ka. This life force, understood in Hindu mythology as the chakra system, expresses itself through seven energy centers in the astral body which correspond to nerve ganglia branching out from the spinal column. The word “Kindalini in Sanskrit.. kund, “to burn”; kunda, “to coil or to spiral”. The Hindu belief is that within each person resides a sleeping “serpent” coiled up tightly at the base of the spine. When aroused, the serpent force at the base of the spine darts upward, bringing a concentrated field of intelligent, cosmic invisible energy that rises up the center channel of the spine to the brain, where it allegedly awakens spiritual illumination and inner perception.

Psi Ball Exercise

This is a very simple exercise to practice visualization and energy manipulation.

Begin by sitting up in a relaxed, comfortable position. Close your eyes, and visualize a pool of energy deep in the center of your chest. A center of heat and light gathered in the center of your being. Try to see it and feel it as powerfully as you can. 

Now, visualize this light flowing up and out through your arms into your hands. Gather it in the palms of your hands until they feel warm and tingling. Raise them up in front your chest, a few inches apart. Push the energy out into the space between your hands, gathering it into a ball of psychic energy.

This energy may be shaped and used for any number of purposes, but for right now let it be absorbed back into your hands and returned to your body.

The term psi ball, for psionic energy, comes from the psionic school of thought, which employs pure force of will and the energy of the body to effect change.

Simple methods in order to help you opening your third eye

The third eye also referred to as the  brow chakra, or ajna is a very important energy center that is used to perceive the spiritual world around you, but in order to use it it must first be opened. To do this you can use many different types of methods, techniques, and exercises in order to strengthen your ability to use your third eye.You can experience, and perceive many different things when your third eye is opened wider than it usually is. You can see such things as spiritual entities, auras, energies, and even see into different planes, and dimensions. The third eye is greatly connected to your 6th sense, and is the main way that you perceive the other spiritual realms. When you have your third eye open you have more of a tendency to be drawn to mindfulness, focus, critical thinking, and intuition. All these skills, and benefits can help you in your life in order to progress growth, and experience along your path. Once you open your third eye you can always close it again by just imagining it closing, or allowing it to close on its own. It will never close completely, but it will be less widened in order for you not to continue to perceive the sixth sense fully. It is never good to keep any of your chakras completely open all the time, especially your third eye this is due to the fact that you will be letting in certain influences that you are not expecting, and may even become overwhelming if left unchecked. It is always important to remember to keep your body in balance even in your energy centers, but with proper control in understanding everything will go smoothly, and you will gain the benefits that you desire.

Here are some simple methods in order to help you opening your third eye:

Method 1 for opening your third eye is to get into a meditative state, and to focus upon the spot in between your eyebrows, this is where the third eye energy center is located. You will want to focus on that spot, and push energy to it in order to open your third eye. while you are doing this you also want to envision your third eye opening. This should charge, and empower your third eye allowing it to open.

Method 2 for opening your third eye is to take your pointer, and index finger while they are the only fingers extended on your hand, and trace a circle around on your forehead, while focusing on that spot. This will help to activate the energy center, and sort of awaken your third eye. For this one too you might want to also imagine an eye opening on your forehead.

Method 3 for opening your third eye is to meditate, and use your visualization skills, so that the third eye sort of opens by itself. It doesn’t matter which way that you meditate, or what type of meditate you do my friends, The point of this method is to allow you to awaken your third eye by charging it with the energy that you get from meditating through visualization of different things, or even just sitting quietly. It is a way of provoking your third eye to open, because in this state you allow yourself to be more open.

There are a lot of other methods that you can you open your third eye, but these are a couple that are simple, and help get you started.

New Witches

So you’re a new witch and wondering where to start, after all it is a massive topic, with many associated religions, paths, practices, where do you begin?

🌙 Read and research: pdf’s, library books, Amazon, there are now thousands of books at your disposal, have a browse and see what you can find that interests you.

🌙 Learn basics skills: generally there are some skills used regularly by practitioners: meditation, visualization, centering, grounding, energy manipulation, it is good to at least have some knowledge on each topic.

🌙 Look for correspondence lists: You can find them online for herbs, crystals, teas, candles, candle colours and more, and they are a great place to start.

🌙 Wait before you cast: I know of many new witches who gave up because their first few spells didn’t work. In many cases for a spell to work, it takes knowledge and if you haven’t learned enough yet, your spells may not work, you will know when you are ready and you may have amazing results if you take the time to build a foundation of knowledge.

🌙 Find a community: Whether it is a group of online friends on Tumblr or a real life group of witches, there are many safe websites to help you share knowledge, bounce ideas and grow as a beginner witch. (Real life covens are not recommended for beginners, some are questionable and many require long-term practitioners).

🌙 Don’t buy everything: To be a practicing witch you don’t need anything, only yourself, tools and other items can be bought gradually as you want them, you don’t need to buy everything all at once. 

🌙 Relax: You don’t need to be casting a spell every day to be a witch, you don’t need a witchy aesthetic, or to drink herbal teas, wear black, have a cat, be a woman, etc. Some witch’s cast only when necessary, others love carrying crystals constantly as their only form of witchcraft. Everyone’s practice is different, so don’t worry about fitting into a category.

🌙  Have Fun: If you hate what you are doing, don’t do it, learn something different, try another path, witchcraft shouldn’t be a chore, it should be something you enjoy.

Visualization Exercise: Energy Trees

Crystal grids are great! They have their own energy and are just plain cool to look at. Here’s an exercise to strengthen your crystal grids and visualization skills!

  1. When you have the grid laid out, imagine (with your eyes open OR closed) a sprout of energy blooming from the center crystal.
  2. Take deep breaths and focus on the sprout growing into a larger tree. You can “water” it with your own energy if you want. The tree is made of energy, so it can be any color you want, but I suggest the color to correspond with the intent of the grid.
  3. As the tree grows, see in your mind the roots extending into the outer crystals of the grid. They are what stabilizes it.
  4. When the tree is as big as you want, pause. Feel the tree radiating the energy you want it to have.
  5. Lastly, to add even more power, visualize ripe fruit growing on the branches. When the fruit gets big enough, it explodes in a burst of energy, boosting the intent of the grid and tree even more.
  6. Done! You can tend to the tree if you want, or you can get rid of it. You could even do this without crystals! Just draw some sigils in formation on a paper and grow the tree from them. The possibilities are endless!

I hope this was informative and inspirational! Have a blessed day ✨

Centering (Energy Work Series Part 2)

Guess who’s back with another fUN ENERGY WORK POST??? That’s right! Today I’m gonna talk you through my own personal method of centering. As always, keep in mind that this is one of many methods, and my method may not be the best for everyone. Play around with this and try out different methods as well to see which one is right for you :)

What’s centering anyway, Livi?

Good question mi snamigo (snail amigo. i use snemes too much. send help). Centering is a way of calling back all those little energy fragments that you’ve left lying around the place. When you’re under extreme emotion, or you perform magic, little bits of your energy can become detached and hang out in places. This can make you feel very not-so-great. Centering helps reattach all your little energy babies and help you feel whole again. If you don’t have any energy fragments lying around the place, it can simply help your energy get all nice and snuggly and ready for magical workings. Without further ado, let’s get started!

1) Lay down or sit up cross legged. I prefer to ground before centering, but that’s just a matter of personal preference. Get nice and relaxed and meditative.

2) Find your center. I like to use this term to describe the place where all of your energy *radiates* and circulates from. Most people like to think of the center of their abdomen or the middle of their forehead as their “center”. Feel the energy pulsating from it.

3) Now think of your body as a vast galaxy. You can either think of yourself as being a literal galaxy, or you can imagine the energy around you as being a galaxy with you in the middle of it. Your center is the sun, and all of the energy around it is planets, stars, meteors, and other spacey stuff all circulating and orbiting around the center.

4) Notice that some of this spacey stuff is a bit far away. While some of these energetic “planets” and “stars” are nice and close to the center, others seem to be light years away. Feel the gravity of your center growing, pulling these far-away fragments closer and closer.

5) The gravity of the center grows even stronger. Now, all of the bits of solar system are happily circulating close to the center. Everything is where it should be, and your energetic galaxy is at peace. You are centered. Take note of how you feel in contrast to how you felt before you centered.

6) I personally like to spend a little time just hanging out with my energy galaxy. I find it very relaxing, meditative, and rewarding. Also, it’s hella cool to just hang out with a bunch of space stuff. You can have fun with it– imagine what the planets look like in detail and figure out what energetic *vibe* they give off, shape the energy into constellations, close up all of the black holes that drain your energy. This is a great way to really get a good sense of what your energy can do and how you can manifest and shape it into awesome things.

I hope you found this post helpful! If you have any questions, feel free to send them to me in my ask box. Also, don’t forget that I offer free sigil and tarot reading requests! Keep watch for more posts in this series :)


✨Acrylic on canvas painting✨
A fraction of the whole. Stay tuned in for the unveiling of the finished piece.
“Goddess of the sacred feminine, embodied in your vessel of light. Let us honor your infinite intelligence, that shines bright though all of the night. As a symbol of forgiveness, of empowerment and strength. An eternal flame of wisdom, carried with every breath that you take.”
~Artwork & poetry by Tori Bird Pope aka @jah-feel ~