We as humans are composed of both positive and negative energies. It’s impossible to completely eliminate all negative energy, for we are only human. However, we can choose which we project onto the rest of the world. We can choose which one we allow to drive our life. We have this decision. Sadly, we will never be void of all darkness, but we can choose how we let it effect us and our personal growth.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

How To Prove Einstein’s Relativity For Less Than $100

“But the fact that you can see cosmic ray muons at all is enough to prove that relativity is real. Think about where these muons are created: high in the upper atmosphere, about 30-to-100 kilometers above Earth’s surface. Think about how long a muon lives: about 2.2 microseconds on average. And think about the speed limit of the Universe: the speed of light, or about 300,000 kilometers per second. If you have something moving at the speed of light that only lives 2.2 microseconds, it should make it only 0.66 kilometers before decaying away. With that mean lifetime, less than 1-in-10^50 muons should reach the surface. But in reality, almost all of them make it down.”

Relativity, or the idea that space and time are not absolute, was one of the most revolutionary and counterintuitive scientific theories to come out of the 20th century. It was also one of the most disputed, with hundreds of scientists refusing to accept it. Yet with less than $100 and a single day’s worth of labor, there’s a way you can prove it to yourself: by building a cloud chamber. An old fishtank, some 100% ethyl or isopropyl alcohol, a metal base with dry ice beneath it and only a few other steps (see the full article for instructions) will allow you to construct a detector capable of seeing unstable cosmic particles. Yet these particles – and you’ll see about 1-per-second – would never reach Earth’s surface if it weren’t for relativity!

Come learn how you can validate Einstein’s first great revolution all for yourself, and silence the doubts in your mind. Nature really is this weird!

protovampire  asked:

i want to learn to do long-distance work for others. mostly servitors but also energy work in general. do you have tips on connecting to other peoples energy to make sure your magic gets to its "destination" so to speak (ie, the right recipient)?

FAQ: Ways to ensure your magic gets to its correct target.

There are many things you can do to ensure that your magic, energies, or spirit partner reaches its target. I will dump all the info I have below.

1. Watch out for defenses. If your target is warded this will naturally stop magics from reaching it, even if they are positive and healthy magics. Even if the person has verbally agreed with you that they want this to be done to them. If someone is warded, they must speak to their wards and grant you permission to come through. If this is not going to happen you will need to research magic and methods to get past wards.

edit: 1.5 Some spaces are warded and protected without any spells or rituals being performed. Many spaces in nature and civilization have natural protections which may stop you without realizing it. Divination scouting is your friend.

2. Connect with your target’s energy. Focus on the most vivid memories and emotions that your target gives you. In the case of a servitor or perhaps in the case of a contract among witches, there may be a sigil or codeword you can call on to immediately connect to those energies.

3. Have your target send a beacon. When I heal strangers without knowing their energy well I ask them to send out a beacon of a specific form and color, so I may seek out this special beacon along with what I know of their energies. 

4. Practice simple directing of energies with basic energy exercises. This really does help a lot with serious, long-distance work. Knowing the feel and motion of how to block, release, direct, connect, and disconnect energies is extremely helpful to guiding your energies to the right target.

5. Best case scenario, have a taglock. This is a physical object that links you to your target. In my path it can’t be as simple as a coffee mug they like or even an old fave t-shirt (although these things help and can boost a strong connection). A part of a human’s body (hair, nail clippings, spit, urine) work great. Part of an object like tree bark, a mountain stone, or a jar of sea water make excellent taglocks. Direct your energy towards the taglock then through it, as if the taglock is a portal to your target.

6. To send energy and instructions to servitors, craft a poppet of them and treat it and care for it like a normal poppet :) this means doing things such as keeping it clean and cared for, and feeding it offerings as well as speaking to it and sitting it on contracts to give new instructions and make new deals.

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Starjack in the early days: a summary

also i think im funny and my captions r great (not really lmao)

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Do you know any spells or the like that one could cast to help someone else have a nice day? Someone I know on tumblr here is havin' a rough time and I want to do something that would incline the universe to maybe be kind to them after being kind of harsh so far.

That’s really sweet of you :’) I think I have a few links that could help you out! Ya can write their name/ url on a bay leaf and burn it, and think of luck and prosperity going their way. 

On a non witchy note, kindness and words go a long way. Make sure you keep checking in on your buddy and that they know they are loved, and that they matter.

Close enough

You remember being young,

when all your songs still were unsung

He came and colored your soul,

he suddenly made you feel whole,

and you were only six years old

Now, he’s the laughter in your voice,

he is your brother by choice

You have it written in blood,

you have sworn under god

He is the memories etched onto your skin

And if you get him close enough,

your world turns the right shade of blue

You need him to see everything clear

If you get him close enough,

your world turns a bright shade of blue

It shines through every universe there is

You put his star up in your sky

He planted your trees upon his ground

Now you grow in his light,

keeping him safe, in your sight

and your roots are going deep

You say you’d die for him,

that’s because you’d die within

if he wasn’t there, beside you

He is the way it all begun

He is the reason for everything you’ve ever done,

he’s the moon to your sun

You try to get him close enough,

but he’s never close enough


Russian oil drilling rig starts up while pumping drilling mud through it - this is what it looks like drilling holes in the ground for oil and gas.