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Sky Cleaning Ceremony

City of Angels, CA - Sept. 26, 2015

Orgone energy banishes the toxins.  Using a medicine wheel of towerbusters and an obolix with strong intention and prayer, the sky was cleared in 20 minutes near LAX yesterday afternoon.  The Day of Purification is here.  We fight the energy war with energy.  Ours is free and theirs costs billions of dollars.  Who do you think will win?

Astrotheology is the holy science that combines astrology, astronomy and theology. This holy science shows that in fact all myths, all story’s, the bible and all other holy scriptures, and even nursery rhymes are based on the movement and interaction of the seven lights we see in the sky. These seven lights we know as the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. They are the lights our eyes can see wandering in front of the fixed background of the stars. These are the main characters that create patterns in the sky, which have an effect on our lives here on Earth or Terra. “As above, so below”.  The brightest of these seven lights is the Sun also know as “Helios” in Greece and as “Helios Atum” in ancient Egypt. “Atum” sounds like “atom” and it is in fact the same because the sun is an atom. It has an electric light core and electron bodies floating around it. These seven characters are the Sun (Helios or Jesus), the Moon (Luna, Selene), Mercury (Hermes, Thoth), Venus (Aphrodite), Mars (Ares), Jupiter (Zeus) and Saturn (Chronos). The seven days of the week are named after these seven lights or characters.  In the bible the relationship between for example Abraham and Sarah and Jesus and Maria Magdalene both represent the interaction between the sun and the moon.   The seven lights also have a connection with the seven energy wheels, the chakra’s in our body. The seven light are also known as the Elohim. In the bible, we can read that the Elohim say: “let us make man after our image”.  A lot of stars are called, when translated: “the one who’s coming”, because they keep moving, coming and going in a year’s time. Illustrating examples of this are Perseus in Aries and Herculus.   The moon connects with our first chakra, Mercury with our second, Venus with our third, the Sun with our fourth, which is in the middle, our hart chakra, Mars with our fifth, Jupiter with our sixth and Saturn with our seventh chakra, which is our crown chakra. Our purpose in life is to activate these seven powers.  The moon is closest to the Earth and has an orbit of approximately 29½ days while Saturn is the furthest away from Earth and orbits the Sun in approximately 29½ years. In other words, Saturn “rules”. “Chronos” is the personification of time, the man turning the Zodiac Wheel, also known as Aeon (eternal time).  Saturn is the ruler of the ears because when there is minimum sunlight we depend on our hearing more than on our eyes. Saturn is the “God of law”. In court, they use a lot of “Latin language”, this is the language of Satan/Saturn.  The three wheels of time are:  o o o The Day (the Latin word is “Deis”), ruled by the God of day which is the Sun. The Year: which comes from the name of the Sun: IHS, JHS, jes, Yes, Yeah, Year. The Great Year: a time cycle of 24000 – 26000 years.  The Moon gives us the month and the minute. “Hours” comes from Horus, which is the name of the Sun when it rises: “Where is Horus?” meaning “what hour is it?”. The Day, the Year and the Great Year can all be divided into 4 parts. The day: morning, midday, afternoon, and night. The Year: winter, spring, summer, and fall. The Great Year: Iron, Bronze, Silver and Golden age.  By understanding these cycles, we understand why history went from good to bad and from bad to good. Day-night, winter-summer, Iron-Golden age, all these cycles dominate us!  Astrophysics and astronomy have proven that almost 90% and probably 100 % of all stars are in a binary. All stars need a dual. Our Sun Helios (Horus or Jesus) is also in a binary with another star. The star Sirius, which is in the constellation of Canis Major (the big dog), is in a binary with our sun, or “follows” our sun. Our year starts at January the first because of the alignment of the Sun, Sirius and the Earth.  It takes between 24000 and 25920 years for Sirius and Helios (Horus, Jesus) to complete one circle. The Pyramids in Egypt also indicate that there is a binary between Sirius and the Sun. One of the shafts in the great pyramid points directly to Sirius.   George R. Goodman (early 1900): “Our entire solar system with all its planets and moons describes a huge circle around another sun in space, the star Sirius”.   Albert Churchwood: our sun was thrown of from another sun”.  Sirius is also known by the Egytians as “the star of Isis”. The goddes Isis is embodied by the star of Sirius, like her son Horus is embodied by our sun Helios. This means in fact that our sun was born from Isis or Sirius, and that is why they are in a binary together. Therefore, Isis and Horus are the same characters as Jesus and Mary and are in fact the Sun and Sirius moving away from each other and moving towards each other in their binary.   All heavenly bodies in our solar system have relationships with each other. Also do planets and star constellations harmonize with our bodies. The Zodiac Wheel shows us how this holy science works. The life of Jesus represents the sun moving through the 12 signs of the Zodiac.  The 12 signs are the 12 potential energies which harmonize with the five basic energies or elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Aether. The 12 signs also harmonize with the seven chakra’s. Each of the 12 star signs represents a part of our body. The 12 star signs also represent the 12 apostles in the bible.  When you study ancient maps of the world, you’ll see a wave in the middle of the earth moving around the equator, this is called a sine-wave. It is the path of the sun moving through the 12 constellations. This is a fractal of everything. It is the “man in the sky”.   The “man in the sky” is Adam Kadmon, the first being to emerge with the creation of the Cosmos. His body is the body of the world. “As above so below”, so it also represents our human bodies.


Music to Honor the Body and Heal from Within

Clear the negativity from your self and your life with this beautiful Chakra tuning music and colors.

The audio frequencies and colors in this video are for meditating and tuning all the Chakras. All seven Chakra videos have been condensed into one video for daily meditation and balancing of all Chakras.

Watch or listen to this video in the evening before bedtime, in the morning when you awake, or at any time of the day when you feel the need to relax, recharge or retune your being.

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“Isaac Newton, in his famous aphorism … "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants,” expressed the mode by which the thought of men was shaped into the major concepts of Western civilization. Men created written history and benefited from the transmittal of knowledge from one generation to the other, so that each great thinker could “stand on the shoulders of giants” … Women were denied knowledge of their history, and thus each woman had to argue as though no woman before her had ever thought or written. Women had to use their energy to reinvent the wheel, over and over again, generation after generation. Men argued with the giants that preceded them; women argued against the oppressive weight of millennia of patriarchal thought, which denied them authority, even humanity, and when they had to argue with the “great men” of the past, deprived of the empowerment, strength and knowledge women of the past could have offered them. Since they could not ground their argument in the work of women before them, thinking women of each generation had to waste their time, energy, and talent on constructing their argument anew. Yet, they never abaondoned the effort. Generation after generation, in the face of recurrent discontinuties, women thought their wayaround and out from under patriarchal thought.“
—  Gerda Lerner, The Creation of Feminist Consciousness, page 166.

Typical scene in our home on wheels.
Energy is thick and churning. Even though it’s chilly, we leave our side door open. The brisk air fills the open desert. We can see for over 100 miles.
James edits photos in our armchair, aka the front passenger’s seat. It swivels 180 to face our wood-floor living room. I write on our couch, aka the back seat, filling page after page with bold ideas.
Practicing art is our daily ritual. We need to create the way we need wide open spaces. Each paves a path to freedom, each in its own way.

Last night I went to the wrap party for the show I was working on at ShadowMachine and everyone cheered for the short I worked on, which was so awesome! People were coming up and telling me it was the best looking short this season…. Anyway I’m proud of all that, but what I’m NOT proud of is having 8 drinks and waking up this morning still a little bit drunk, stumbling into the kitchen and grabbing a bollilo bread roll and taking it back to bed with me, hugging it and periodically waking up to eat it.

How to Feel Energy?

I’ve seen that you are writing lots of posts about the strong energies that this week are striking on us (or are going to)

However, I can’t feel anything different. Actually, I never feel anything every time I read something related with strong energies moving through the universe. Is there anything wrong with me? It’s a bit frustrating. I’d totally appreciate it if you could give me some light regarding this.

Lots of love, Angelica. 


Okay i want to try to word this carefully…. First there is absolutely nothing wrong with you! Some people can sense energy patterns more than others, just like some people are better in math than other people. It’s taken me a lot of practice to get where i am today, reading energy doesn’t just happen over night. Sometimes people don’t even realize it’s happening to them and label it off as a panic attack or anxiety when in reality there are merely feeling their own energy.

Realistically anyone can feel energy because it’s what we are made of, it’s just a matter of being consciously aware of the energy around us.  Energy is consciousness, the more you begin to observe the subtle patterns within reality the more the patterns start connecting together. You can notice these subtle patterns within deep shifts in consciousness such as when the weather drastically changes usually so do we. If you start becoming consciously aware of these patterns, they start to mold together like puzzle pieces and then it becomes very noticeable we’re in a shift. For instance, I tend to experience A LOT of deja vu and symbolism right before a shift in the energy. Also if you think about weather changes, compare how you feel consciously in Winter compared to say Summer. It’s usually two totally different perceptions. In winter we’re more pensive, introspective and more reclusive but in Summer we’re outgoing, cheerful, and focusing more outward. This is only a small example but you see how energy changes depends on how consciousness changes. If the weather shifts, then we shift in perception and so the wheel turns…

Energy can also be felt in numerous ways. For instance one person may feel it as a vibration like a tingling sensation around their palms, while another may feel intense heat. This is usually more common for healers because the energy tends to generate warmth around their hand chakras. Other people may find they can SEE energy[clairvoyance] more than then can feel it such as seeing orbs of light, colors, flashes, sparkles in the sky, etc. Some people may not even be able to see or feel energy but instead they are run more so by empathy and their innate feelings[clairsentience]. Then there are individuals who can do all of the above. Everyone is unique and you can get better at these over time, don’t ever cut yourself short.

We are made of energy this isn’t just metaphysics, this is real physics!
If you are having difficulty feeling energy, trying some of these simple exercises might help you.  

  •  Rubbing the palms together creating a friction of built up energy                       
  • Pulling your hands together than apart like taffy in a slow motion. Push and pull your hands apart and focus on the energy of your hands moving back and forth between the two.                          
  • Transferring Energy between your hands as if carrying an invisible ball from one center of the palm to the next. This involves visualization and practice. It is also best to do these techniques when you’re in a calm tranquil state of mind. When we are angry, upset, or sad our emotions can rule over us making it much harder to concentrate and stay present during the visualizing. When we lose focus we are not in alignment with ourselves therefore it is important to stay centered and present during the process. A wandering mind will not give you a clear perception, it will only cause distractions and illusions. Also this is also a great method to do during meditation, healing yourself or other people with their consent. 

Have fun! 

love <3

The Wheel of Life : How Karma Works

(Also known as Bhavacakra or the Wheel of Becoming), is a representation of Samsara, the process of coming into existence as a differentiated mortal creature. This is familiar to most of us as most people have an understanding of Buddhist belief in “reincarnation,” (though Buddhists really believe in rebirth. Continual rebirth is Samsara, referred to as “continual wandering” in the link, and this is neither negative or positive, but a recurring event which is necessary for a person to reach enlightenment.

The above diagram is a interpretation of the Wheel of Samsara, showing the operation of the wheel. The wheel itself is turned by the inner animals, the rooster, pig and snake, representing the greed, delusion and hatred that keep man trapped within the wheel, not allowing a person to reach enlightenment because of these basic instincts. The inner sections of the wheel are the different worlds, the six realms, of which a person can be reborn into, based on their previous actions. Karma decides where you will be placed in these realms, as shown in the diagram. A person born into the Hell realm, for instance, was reborn into that realm because they had a lot of feelings of terror or depression in previous lives. However their view of Hell is different from the main Christian beliefs, as one can ascend to a higher realm after all their negative karma is gone. Human rebirth is seen as the best rebirth you can receive in Samsara as you have many possibilities and are most likely to receive enlightenment in this stage. None of the sections of the inner wheel are the end goal, even those in the heaven realm have not reached enlightenment, which is the ultimate goal. Lastly, the outer layer consists of the conditions and causes of a rebirth and the accumulation of karma, either positive or negative. Depending on how you did in these 12 areas, you will be reborn in the different realms and your karma maintained in your previous lives will transfer. This means that how well you progressed in these 12 areas will perpetuate in your next rebirth and so on.

anonymous asked:

When I bring up a feminist issue to my boyfriend, he plays devil advocate and insists that the side I'm on (for the ladies) isnt feminism its inequality. (such as talking about crime on women, and not really talking about crime on men) How do I respond to this? he constantly sounds like an "all lives matter!" type of person. wanting to be heard and recognized and acknowledged isnt inequality! but I dont know how to respond to this. help?

I have to say, Anon, I am not the best person to ask for advice on this–because if I were you, I’d have dumped that dude on date 1.

Originally posted by purelyred

But if you wanna rehabilitate this guy, try starting with this great article from our pals at Everyday Feminism. What your boyfriend is doing is mixing up “equality” with “equity,” among other common terrible arguments, and there’s a wealth of knowledge on the web that can explain why his knee-jerk opinions are wrong. Don’t waste your energy reinventing the wheel–give him a push in the right direction, and if he comes back still whining about the matriarchy, give him another, firmer push out the door.

–Advice-Slingin’ Sam

Libra is low buzzing succulent Venus empathy and emits a colour wheel energy that interplays with surrounding frequency tones. Libra energy ubiquitous, like celestial music crossing frequencies of emotion and thought, one that knows no boundary between the self and others. Libra’s voice is the sugar mixture of all he has heard before him, the lines on their palms are all the skin valleys they have traced in others and the tones in their vision are the shades he sees in others that haven’t been invented yet.
from my book on sister signs available here

The Seven Churches: These represent the seven spiritual centers within the body. In classical Hinduism and Buddhism these centers are called “chakras,” which means “wheels,” spinning wheels of energy located in specific areas of the human body. Cayce correlates these centers to the endocrine glands, which secrete the powerful hormone messages directly into the bloodstream, affecting all parts of the body. Each of these churches represents a specific spiritual center. The virtue and the fault of each church symbolizes the virtue and fault of that spiritual center within us. These powerful centers affect the soul and mind inhabiting the body. Therefore, the Spirit moves through each church, calling on it to overcome its weaknesses and to do what it knows to do, so that the final glory may be achieved, helping us to prepare for the spiritualization of the mind and heart described in subsequent chapters of the Revelation

Libra is low buzzing succulent Venus empathy and emits a colour wheel energy that interplays with surrounding frequency tones. Libra energy ubiquitous, like celestial music crossing frequencies of emotion and thought, one that knows no boundary between the self and others. Libra’s voice is the sugar mixture of all he has heard before him, the lines on their palms are all the skin valleys they have traced in others and the tones in their vision are the shades he sees in others that haven’t been invented yet.