energy wheel


Sky Cleaning Ceremony

City of Angels, CA - Sept. 26, 2015

Orgone energy banishes the toxins.  Using a medicine wheel of towerbusters and an obolix with strong intention and prayer, the sky was cleared in 20 minutes near LAX yesterday afternoon.  The Day of Purification is here.  We fight the energy war with energy.  Ours is free and theirs costs billions of dollars.  Who do you think will win?

“Isaac Newton, in his famous aphorism … "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants,” expressed the mode by which the thought of men was shaped into the major concepts of Western civilization. Men created written history and benefited from the transmittal of knowledge from one generation to the other, so that each great thinker could “stand on the shoulders of giants” … Women were denied knowledge of their history, and thus each woman had to argue as though no woman before her had ever thought or written. Women had to use their energy to reinvent the wheel, over and over again, generation after generation. Men argued with the giants that preceded them; women argued against the oppressive weight of millennia of patriarchal thought, which denied them authority, even humanity, and when they had to argue with the “great men” of the past, deprived of the empowerment, strength and knowledge women of the past could have offered them. Since they could not ground their argument in the work of women before them, thinking women of each generation had to waste their time, energy, and talent on constructing their argument anew. Yet, they never abaondoned the effort. Generation after generation, in the face of recurrent discontinuties, women thought their wayaround and out from under patriarchal thought.“
—  Gerda Lerner, The Creation of Feminist Consciousness, page 166.

Last night I went to the wrap party for the show I was working on at ShadowMachine and everyone cheered for the short I worked on, which was so awesome! People were coming up and telling me it was the best looking short this season…. Anyway I’m proud of all that, but what I’m NOT proud of is having 8 drinks and waking up this morning still a little bit drunk, stumbling into the kitchen and grabbing a bollilo bread roll and taking it back to bed with me, hugging it and periodically waking up to eat it.

The Seven Churches: These represent the seven spiritual centers within the body. In classical Hinduism and Buddhism these centers are called “chakras,” which means “wheels,” spinning wheels of energy located in specific areas of the human body. Cayce correlates these centers to the endocrine glands, which secrete the powerful hormone messages directly into the bloodstream, affecting all parts of the body. Each of these churches represents a specific spiritual center. The virtue and the fault of each church symbolizes the virtue and fault of that spiritual center within us. These powerful centers affect the soul and mind inhabiting the body. Therefore, the Spirit moves through each church, calling on it to overcome its weaknesses and to do what it knows to do, so that the final glory may be achieved, helping us to prepare for the spiritualization of the mind and heart described in subsequent chapters of the Revelation

Libra is low buzzing succulent Venus empathy and emits a colour wheel energy that interplays with surrounding frequency tones. Libra energy ubiquitous, like celestial music crossing frequencies of emotion and thought, one that knows no boundary between the self and others. Libra’s voice is the sugar mixture of all he has heard before him, the lines on their palms are all the skin valleys they have traced in others and the tones in their vision are the shades he sees in others that haven’t been invented yet.
from my book on sister signs available here

Typical scene in our home on wheels.
Energy is thick and churning. Even though it’s chilly, we leave our side door open. The brisk air fills the open desert. We can see for over 100 miles.
James edits photos in our armchair, aka the front passenger’s seat. It swivels 180 to face our wood-floor living room. I write on our couch, aka the back seat, filling page after page with bold ideas.
Practicing art is our daily ritual. We need to create the way we need wide open spaces. Each paves a path to freedom, each in its own way.