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Avoidant people don’t avoid responding to messages because they’re trying to be rude or don’t care about you; in fact, it’s quite the opposite.
We care all too much and we spin around in circles trying to figure out the correct and ideal reply that will be the best for you and this makes us so anxious and exhausted that we just don’t have the energy required to formulate a response.
The quest to crystallize time
Bizarre forms of matter called time crystals were supposed to be physically impossible. Now they’re not.

Christopher Monroe spends his life poking at atoms with light. He arranges them into rings and chains and then massages them with lasers to explore their properties and make basic quantum computers. Last year, he decided to try something seemingly impossible: to create a time crystal.

The name sounds like a prop from Doctor Who, but it has roots in actual physics. Time crystals are hypothetical structures that pulse without requiring any energy — like a ticking clock that never needs winding. The pattern repeats in time in much the same way that the atoms of a crystal repeat in space. The idea was so challenging that when Nobel prizewinning physicist Frank Wilczek proposed the provocative concept1 in 2012, other researchers quickly proved there was no way to create time crystals.

But there was a loophole — and researchers in a separate branch of physics found a way to exploit the gap. Monroe, a physicist at the University of Maryland in College Park, and his team used chains of atoms they had constructed for other purposes to make a version of a time crystal2 (see ‘How to create a time crystal’). “I would say it sort of fell in our laps,” says Monroe.

And a group led by researchers at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, independently fashioned time crystals out of 'dirty’ diamonds3. Both versions, which are published this week in Nature, are considered time crystals, but not how Wilczek originally imagined. “It’s less weird than the first idea, but it’s still fricking weird,” says Norman Yao, a physicist at the University of California, Berkeley, and an author on both papers.

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The body horror headcanon realization I just had about Reyes is fucking terrifying.

Ok, we know nanobots are a thing in the Overwatch universe. 

We know they have serious medical applications, allowing an elderly combat veteran with serious injuries run like a fit athlete.

What if, when Reyes was there dying, they tried to bring him back?

What if the nanobots, because of the damage from the explosion and their prototype nature, misinterpreted their intended function, and instead tried to save Reyes even though he was too far gone?

They would find the last vestiges of his thinking mind, slowly dying and they would copy that neural net, store it for safekeeping, maybe try to resuscitate the body and then dump the brain back into it.

Except, that much processing power requires energy. 

A lot of energy. Carbon-based energy. 

So, while the nanobot swarm is trying to save his mind, it’s eating his body away like acid, imprinting his mind and causing it to bleed across to physical existences, one which is a literal mesh networked swarm of nanobots, the other his now rapidly dissolving body. 

His first memory is seeing his own skull dissolve before eyes that aren’t even his.

This explains his wraith ability; he isn’t a single body, but a mesh network of trillions of nanoscopic robots, and it explains his ability to consume corpses, his death blossom, as well has his “infinite shotguns.” 

It also means he’s terrifying, because all bullets/pulse weapons would do is destabilize him; you probably couldn’t actually kill him per-se unless you were able to nuke the nanobot swarm full-on. 

things about Slytherins #136

When a Slytherin gets motivation to do something, they begin a project with a full heart and passion running through their veins! Then after about twenty minutes to an hour (depending on the Slytherins commitment), they realize this is taking much longer and requires more energy than they thought it would. They leave said project thinking they will get back to it later. Maybe in a couple of hours or so. …Or maybe in a couple of months…

The Importance of Iron in Witchcraft

So, I got a lot of really positive feedback about my post about salt in witchcraft, so here’s another one just for you about iron!

Iron, like salt, has been used for many thousands of years as a potent tool in the practices of witchcraft. Iron is one of the most abundant metals in our planet, and is also a really great metal for making into tools. It’s tough, hard, ductile and with a high melting point that makes it ideal for situations in which you might need a tool to work under extremely hot conditions. It’s also one of only three ferromagnetic metals (along with nickel and cobalt), making it an essential part of most magnets and compasses.

In astrophysics, iron is extremely important in the life cycle of stars. Iron is one of the most atomically stable substances in the universe, and it’s also unique because it’s the first element in the periodic table to require more energy to MAKE it than it gives out from atomic fusion. This is important, because when a star gets older and fuses hydrogen to make helium, helium to make beryllium and all the rest, once it starts fusing atoms to make iron, the star begins to die. So, iron is an element that signals the death of stars, and any element that weighs MORE than iron (atomically speaking) can only be made in supernovas - that is, the explosion that takes place when a really BIG star dies.

In biology, iron is one of the most important elements in mammalian, reptilian and avian blood, because it’s the element that we use in the chemical haemoglobin. This is the chemical in our blood cells that binds to oxygen and keeps us alive. Crustaceans like lobsters don’t use iron - they use copper, and instead make haemocyanin, which makes their blood blue! However, just like in stars, iron can mean death for humans as well. If we overdose on iron, we suffer from iron heavy metal poisoning; when we get crushed by a heavy object we can suffer a disease called traumatic rhabdomyolysis or Crush Syndrome, caused by vast amounts of myoglobin (another iron-based compound, found in muscles, which gives them extra oxygen to use) entering our kidneys and killing them, and as a result killing us.

Iron in science is an element of life, death, and of many points in between. But what about its uses in witchcraft?

Witchy Facts about Iron!

  1. Iron is stable. Iron’s stability, both atomically and magickally, makes it a fantastic magickal conductor, and also means that magick doesn’t seem to affect iron very much. Enchantments on iron are never as strong as on other metals, and even the best witches will have difficulty making an enchantment or other spell anchor properly. However, this has the advantage that iron doesn’t pick up negative magick from background sources, and it’s extremely unlikely that there will be issues with ritual or altar tools made from iron. Keeping your magickal supplies inside an iron or steel box, or a box that’s been nailed together with iron nails, will prevent them from leaking out and attracting spirits that might cause harm.

  2. Iron is protective. Along with silver and a few other little bits and bobs, negative spirits and fae folk cannot touch iron lest it burn them and cause them pain. Additionally, negative magicks targetted at someone wearing an iron pendant will be attracted into the pendant and then dispelled. This makes it an ideal protective charm for everyday carry or everyday wear.

    This is why horseshoes are considered lucky
    - back in Medieval times, when protection against negative spirits and magick was much more widely practiced, poor families would often be unable to afford much iron. However, a horseshoe is made of iron, and comes with holes already cast into it, which allow you to nail one over your door easily, which keeps out harmful spirits, magick, and fae, who might seek to hurt you or your family.

  3. Iron is inconspicuous. Anyone can carry an iron nail after all, and a little piece of iron wrought and twisted into a small pendant is far from a traditional witch’s item. Those secret witches who perhaps do not live with accepting families or within an accepting community or country can find great solace in the use of iron as a protective charm.

  4. Iron is cheap. Iron nails, iron rods and iron knifes are pretty easy to get hold of and relatively quite cheap. They’re versatile and not especially likely to draw attention to you - after all, nobody’s likely to question why someone has a couple of iron nails twisted into a pendant, and if they do question it, why it’s just an artistic display! And of course, easy to replace with $5 worth of string, iron and a hammer.

  5. Iron is ancient. Iron is one of the oldest protective charms out there, right up with salt and sage. It’s been used for literally thousands of years to protect people against everything from wolves to armies to poltergeists. That’s a pretty impressive history!

  6. Iron is practical! The best cookware I’ve ever used has always been my cast iron cookware set, which makes better food than I’ve ever tasted, and it’s very easy to clean. It’s also extremely hardwearing - I wholly expect to one day be able to pass on my cast iron frying pan and wok to my grandchildren, and it was already been owned by my mother and father before me. Iron knifes are sharper and cut cleaner than almost anything except obsidian, and high-carbon steel (an alloy of iron and carbon) is the best cutting edge known in bushcrafting circles, where all the best knives are made from it

I hope this helps all you lovely witches and magick users out there!

– Juniper

Moon Phases

New Moon- New Moon magick begins on the day of the new moon to three-and-a-half days after. Use the energy of the new moon for new ventures and new beginnings. Also use the new moon for love spells, job hunting, and healing.

Waxing Moon- The waxing moon begins seven to fourteen days after the new moon. Use the waxing moon for constructive magick, such as love spells, magick for wealth and success, courage, friendship, luck or good health.

Full Moon- A powerful energy for rituals of prophecy, divination and protection. Any spell work that requires  extra energy, such as finding a new job or healing serious conditions, is best begun during the full moon. Also for love, gaining sacred knowledge, legal matters, attracting
money and prophetic dreams.

Waning Moon- Begin waning moon magick three-and-a-half to ten-and-a-half days after the full moon. The waning moon is used for banishing negativity, for curing addictions, and illness.

Dark Moon- The energy of the dark moon is useful for working magick against attackers, and for understanding your own angers and passions. Also for rituals designed to bring justice to bear in very negative situations.

Designing Complex Spells

It’s been a while since I’ve made a witchy post. This past full moon, I spent a good deal of time designing a complex spell. You can see the pages I brainstormed for a complex spell above.

For the sake of this post, a complex spell:

  • is sometimes cast to achieve long-term results, without having to consistently recast the spell
  • requires a lot of magical energy
  • requires planning
  • consists of multiple steps, or possibly multiple spells cast in succession

I highly recommend that experienced witches cast these types of spells, mainly because they have the ability to completely drain you. And I don’t want any of you harming your lovely selves!

This post is a guide or, at the very least, food for thought on how to design complex spells. As an example I will use the most recent spell I designed, a spell to worry less about what others think of me.

Step 1: Determine exactly what kind of spell(s) you wish to cast, and in what order.

For example, I created a spell to worry less about what others think of me. But in witchcraft terms, what exactly am I doing? Is it banishment, where I force others to turn their opinions away from me? Is it protecting myself from others’ opinions? Is it cleansing myself from the effect that others have on me? Is it an anti-anxiety spell, or a confidence spell? There’s a lot to consider here that can’t be covered in a single step. Think hard about exactly what you want to achieve. This is a very critical step, so do some brainstorming or sit on it if you must.

Eventually I decided to imitate the weight of others’ opinions on me, cleanse myself of their affect, protect myself from their affect, and then banish others’ affect on me. ( I figured that other peoples’ opinions will be there whether I banish them or not, so I might as well protect myself from them before banishing them from my mind, in a sense.) There are many other ways I could’ve done this spell that would’ve changed the overall intent. But notice how I’m including four spells into one ritual: simulating peoples’ attention on me, cleansing myself, protecting myself, and a banishing at the end.

Step 2: Decide which actions to perform.

In my opinion, action is just as important (if not more) than ingredients in spell work. The action determines what you do with the ingredients you decide on doing. For each spell/step, brainstorm a couple options you could potentially do for that step. Here’s my example:

Ridding Scrutiny: burning, crushing, ripping, trapping in a jar, burying, locking away, cutting, throwing into the wind or into a body of water, snuffing out a candle.

Once you’ve got some potential actions written down, you can decide on which one works best for your particular spell.

Step 3: Decide on materials for each step.

For this step, I advise that you coincide the magical properties of the materials to the purpose of the spell. For example, I had originally thought of ripping up rose petals for the banishing spell, but later decided that that wouldn’t work. Roses symbolize love and peace, and it makes no sense to banish that from my life, when I really want to banish the weight of other peoples’ expectations set on me.

Now that you know exactly what your intentions are, and what actions you’ll be doing with the materials, it’ll be easier to decide on which ingredients to use when. These ingredients don’t only include herbs or crystals–I included mirrors, sticky notes, cleaning wipes, washcloth, and anything else I needed.

I know these are listed as only three basic steps, but hopefully it helps you form an idea on how to design complex spells. If you have any extra ideas or questions, add on to this post, or message me anytime. ☆=(ゝω・)/

That’s all from me for now! Blessed be!! ( ´ ∀`) /.☆.。.:*・°

My speech abilities suck compared to my writing ability. It’s easier to say everything is fine and not fuss with getting my mouth and brain to cooperate with each other.

I say I’m fine a lot. Most of the time it’s the truth. But sometimes, “I’m fine” is what comes out because the long essay in my brain has no hope of getting to my lips.

Speech difficulties for autistic people are not just an inability to talk at all. Sometimes it’s an inability to turn thoughts into spoken words, so other words get substituted instead. Most of my complex thoughts go unsaid because the energy required to say that much exceeds my body’s capacity to say it.

If the way my brain treats speech was art, you’ll see a stick figure where my mouth is and the Sistine Chapel where my brain is.

Dark Matter Invisibility Spell ✨

Because dark matter does not emit or interact with electromagnetic radiation, it’s invisible to the entire electromagnetic spectrum. This spell is designed to shield you from unwanted energy. 

Originally posted by headlesssamurai

Items required:

  • Visualization
  • A dimly lit, quiet environment
  • Star water made with blue glitter
  • Ambient music (optional, but it always helps me personally)


  • In a dim, quiet room, turn on some ambient music if you wish and get comfortable
  • Take some time to meditate and fall into a calm, relaxed state of mind
  • Visualize a blanket of dark matter (generally depicted as being blue in color even though it’s technically invisible) covering every fiber of your being, making you invisible to any unwanted, harmful, or negative energy (be specific with the energies you want to avoid)
  • Anoint yourself with star water to seal the spell (your forehead or the inside of your wrists would be a good place to do this)

To do this on the go:

  • Perform the spell as originally intended, but in addition, enchant a bottle of star water with the energy emitted from dark matter and anoint yourself before going out or leaving your comfort zone

Easy poor student sandwich maker recipe.

Sandwich makers with removable plates are really versatile tools for people without the proper cooking equipment or energy/time required to cook. They’re compact little appliances that you fill with ingredients, close for a few minutes, and open to a hot meal. They seal the sides of a sandwich to keep all of the fillings inside, like an Uncrustable. If you don’t have a sandwich maker, you can make this recipe on the stove, just fry each side of the sandwich like you would for a grilled cheese, but it won’t seal the insides so be careful when eating with some of the variations.


  • egg
  • slice of american cheese (or any type of cheese you have on hand, soy cheese for those with restricted diets)
  • salt and pepper
  • water (or milk)
  • turkey bacon (or really any type of meat)
  • sandwich bread



  1. Heat up sandwich maker with the triangular plates.
  2. Place bacon or other meat on it to cook for a few minutes.
  3. Whisk egg with salt, pepper, and a tablespoon of water as if you were making scrambled eggs.
  4. Dip one side of each slice of bread in the egg mixture.
  5. Remove bacon from plates.
  6. Place one slice egg side down on the hot plates.
  7. Tear up bacon and place on top with cheese.
  8. Top with second piece of bread, egg side up.
  9. Close sandwich maker and let it cook for 5-7 minutes until golden brown.
  10. Enjoy.

Tip: if you have extra egg, pour it in one of the dips of the sandwich maker, close the lid, and cook it for 3-ish minutes. You’ll have a nice fluffy side of eggs!


Bread dipped in egg is a great addition to any sandwich because you hardly taste it but it adds more texture and protein. Here are some other things you can fill the egg-bread with, in order from less to more energy needed to cook them.

  • just plain american cheese or cheddar (grilled cheese)
  • peanut butter and jelly
  • jam
  • nutella
  • diced canned fruits like peaches
  • honey and canned fruit
  • canned pie filling
  • nutella and banana
  • nutella and mini-marshmallows (s'mores!)
  • no filling, just dip both sides of the bread in egg, cook as usual, and sprinkle with powdered sugar once cooled (french toast)
  • fried or scrambled egg (egg-ception)
  • fried or scrambled egg with bacon or another meat and hashbrowns (straight up breakfast)
  • cooked ground beef and cheese (hamburger)
  • cooked ground beef, taco seasoning, and shredded cheese - dip in salsa (tacos)

The possibilities are endless!

Printable solar cells just got a little closer

A U of T Engineering innovation could make printing solar cells as easy and inexpensive as printing a newspaper. Dr. Hairen Tan and his team have cleared a critical manufacturing hurdle in the development of a relatively new class of solar devices called perovskite solar cells. This alternative solar technology could lead to low-cost, printable solar panels capable of turning nearly any surface into a power generator.

“Economies of scale have greatly reduced the cost of silicon manufacturing,” said Professor Ted Sargent, an expert in emerging solar technologies and the Canada Research Chair in Nanotechnology. “Perovskite solar cells can enable us to use techniques already established in the printing industry to produce solar cells at very low cost. Potentially, perovskites and silicon cells can be married to improve efficiency further, but only with advances in low-temperature processes.”

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Calling this week “busy” would be an understatement. On top of all the energy this week required, I caught a cold at school and am still recovering… (shoutout to my BFF Niquil, you da real MVP) As much as I’d love to take weekends off to rest like I usually do, life doesn’t stop. It’s hard to stay motivated when you have such a busy schedule, but you just have to remind yourself to make each and every day count. Remind yourself that you’re doing this all for a reason. Take time out of your day to treat yourself. To make someone smile. To make someone else’s day. Take the time to appreciate what you have every day ☁️
The quest to crystallize time
Bizarre forms of matter called time crystals were supposed to be physically impossible. Now they’re not.

The name sounds like a prop from Doctor Who, but it has roots in actual physics. Time crystals are hypothetical structures that pulse without requiring any energy — like a ticking clock that never needs winding. The pattern repeats in time in much the same way that the atoms of a crystal repeat in space. The idea was so challenging that when Nobel prizewinning physicist Frank Wilczek proposed the provocative concept1 in 2012, other researchers quickly proved there was no way to create time crystals.

But there was a loophole — and researchers in a separate branch of physics found a way to exploit the gap. Monroe, a physicist at the University of Maryland in College Park, and his team used chains of atoms they had constructed for other purposes to make a version of a time crystal2 (see ‘How to create a time crystal’). “I would say it sort of fell in our laps,” says Monroe.

My mind is officially blown

Meditation/Energy Work

This is a post I’ve been thinking about for a long time, about meditation and energy work, and the intersection of the two. Not all meditation is for the purposes of raising or using the energy of the world around us, and not all energy work requires meditation…but…they have a lot of intersectionality, and being good at once can help with being good at the other. The below is strictly my own thoughts, and my own practice. I am in no way an expert, and this is only what I’ve finally found has worked for me.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to learn to meditate for probably 2/3rds of my life now. I’ve read books. I’ve done yoga classes. I’ve practiced. I’ve read more books. And I just….never ever managed. I couldn’t do it. If I tried with my eyes closed, I would fall asleep. If I was sitting, my back issues would inevitably rear their ugly head and I’d just end up in pain. Trying to clear my mind entirely would result in frustration and tense muscles, no matter how firmly I stared at the flickering candle. 

I finally had an epiphany though. Which basically boiled down to…that’s all bullshit, and may work for some people but it wasn’t how it worked for me, and I should quit trying to cram my brain into a box. 

Meditation doesn’t have to be about sitting quietly while staring into a candle flame and counting your breaths. It can be so many things. It can be a quick run in the fading evening light, gardening on a warm spring day, or even (and this is mine) your morning drive to work. 

You don’t have to keep your mind clear of all thoughts. Having a thought doesn’t mean you fail at meditation. Let the thoughts flow through your head naturally. Trying to dam the flow is both frustrating and impossible for some of us. But that’s ok! The point isn’t to stop thinking. The point is to let the thoughts flow away. To stop dwelling on one, and let it go. If it is replaced by another, that is fine, but let that one flow away naturally as well. Be present, be mindful, and do not dwell.

Music helps (me). Not just soft new-agey shit (as much as I love soft new-age shit sometimes), but loud rock with lyrics I know by heart and can sing at the top of my lungs, beat-heavy dance music that gets my blood pumping, and power-balads that make the power sing through my veins. The power in the music adds to my own power, and helps me maintain the calm mind I’m aiming for. 

Anyway. Experiment with different ways of clearing your mind, raising energy, and meditating. Don’t get focused on one way that doesn’t work for you, find a way that does, even if it’s not how anyone else does it.

Which is true of really any aspect of witchcraft. Find what works for you, and run with it my witchlings. 

You know what type of haters I really don’t understand?

The ones who hate a character but still write fanfics involving them.

Like, it’s fanfiction. You can make characters MICE and someone will still read it. You can EASILY just take out the character you don’t like, instead of writing them and making them awful and OOC.

And yeah, I get it, haters think they’re “sticking it” to the fans of the characters by writing them horribly. But… ain’t no one who likes that character reading your horrible OOC fanfiction. They’re clicking the back button faster than you can say “HA GOT YOU.” So basically you put a lot of effort into writing a character you hate, for nothing.

It baffles me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯