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You’re on a massive spaceship with what’s left of humanity. It’s the only ship, what’s on the ship is all you have. There are no humans left except for the few thousand people on board.

There are a few Star Trek-style replicators throughout the ship. These produce food, clothing, medicine – all material needs. In order to produce enough for everyone to live comfortably, they require a few hundred people to use stationary bikes for a few hours each week to generate the required energy.

Paradise, right? Enough people are more than happy to spend some time helping the community meet its needs, and many just enjoy the exercise, so there shouldn’t be any problem getting those replicators running!

The trouble is, immediately after boarding the ship, a few people camped out by the replicators and claimed them as their own. Using the resources from the replicators, they have bribed some people to guard them and “their” replicator and beat up anyone who tries to use them.

Now that these people have total access to the replicators, they have total power over who gets food, water, medicine, etc. They demand that everyone on the ship use the bikes every day, all day, or they will not be allowed to eat or drink. (The exception is their enforcers, who are rewarded with more resources for keeping the population in line in a variety of ways.)

Overworking everyone else produces enough energy for the replicator-hoggers to live like kings. They order up luxuries for themselves from the replicators, and eat and drink when and whatever they want. They order up food and throw it away when they decide they don’t want it. Huge piles of objects go unused in their quarters.

They make rules for how everyone else on the ship has to live, under threat of violence from their enforcers. People who can’t or won’t spend all day using the bikes are deliberately allowed to die from hunger and thirst, and the resource-hoarders say it’s because life must be earned.

The resource-hoarders allow the ship to fall into disrepair, and even throw wild parties and break things. Engineers beg to be allowed to effect repairs, but the resource-hoarders refuse, even when warned that in a few years the ship will break down completely and no one will survive. They call the engineers liars and conspirators.

And people just… sort of get used to it. They rationalize it, they say that the resource hoarders work hardest of all because they decide who gets what and when. Even though there are thousands more being forced to work than there are resource hoarders or their enforcers, people are afraid, or don’t want to think about it, or they justify it, or they dream of the day when they can work their way up the ranks of the enforcers and hog resources too. 

And, I mean, it’s not human nature to hoard resources. Most people share their rations and help each other survive as best they can. It’s literally like eight jerks just camping out by the replicators surrounded by guards they bribe with the fruits of everyone else’s work.

But we let them do it. And the idea that we shouldn’t is considered wacky and fringe.

What to Do if Witchcraft Drains You

Witchcraft requires summoning and manipulating energy. It takes a lot of work. As a result, sometimes spellwork can end up tiring people mentally, emotionally, or physically. If you find yourself drained after a spell, you can do many things:

  1. Eat something sugary, carbs, or fruit. This runs along the same vein as a nurse advising you to eat sugar after drawing blood: The sugar will reenergize you.
  2. Drink tea or water. Stay hydrated! even when not casting spells. In general, oolongs, blacks, and fruity teas can help energize you, whereas green teas and herbals (especially lavender, chamomile, mints and rose) can relax you.
  3. Light your favorite incense or candle. Frankincense, sage, cedar, dragon’s blood, patchouli, cinnamon, pine, and sandalwood are good cleansing and promoting positive energy. Or, light your favorite scent–it’ll automatically calm and re-energize you.
  4. Carry a stone with you. Amethyst, citrine, obsidian, rose quartz, lapis lazuli, jade, and hematite are good considerations for re-energizing and healing spiritual energy. 
  5. …or, carry another special item with you! If you have a special pendant, prayer beads, necklace or other item that means a lot to you and comforts you, it can help restore your energy just by being in your presence.
  6. Take a bath or shower
  7. Take a walk out in nature. Even though you may not feel like working out, exercising can actually energize you rather than deplete you. You can absorb nature’s energies to replenish yours, too.
  8. Take a nap, or get a good night’s sleep. If you want an extra boost, place a healing stone under your pillow to recharge you while you sleep.
  9. Watch a funny movie or video, or read a good book. It’ll relax you, take your mind off your drained feeling, and correct any “off” feelings you may have.
  10. Work on something else that requires minimal energy. This could be crafting, knitting, watering your plants, or even doing your homework. Getting back into the groove of things will help reset your energy and stabilize you for daily life.
  11. Friends! If calling a friend or socializing will relax you, go for it! It’ll make you happier, too.

I hope you may rest well, take care of yourself and have a blessed path! (◕‿◕✿) Sincerely, a witch who’s exhausted after performing spells for four hours.

Top 10 Most Uncomfortable Physics Facts

While physics can show us amazing things about our universe, it doesn’t always agree with how we think things should work. Sometimes, physics can be very counter-intuitive, and often unsettling. So, here’s my list of physics facts that can be a bit unnerving.

10: Weight doesn’t matter

If it wasn’t for air resistance, everything would fall at exactly the same rate. If you let go of a hammer and a feather from the same height at the same time on the Moon, they would hit the ground simultaneously. 

9: Gyroscopic precession

It doesn’t matter how much you know about physics; gyroscopes are weird. The way they seem to defy gravity makes you rethink everything you know about physics, despite being fairly simple toys. Still, it’s all just Newton’s laws of motion.

8: Neutrinos and dark matter

We like to think that we can interact with most of the world around us, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Neutrinos and dark matter are passing through your body right now, as if you weren’t even there. The fact that 65 billion neutrinos pass through each square centimeter of your body every second is weird enough, who knows what we’ll learn about dark matter.

7: Photons are particles

Light travels like a wave, but can only interact like a particle. It can interfere and have a frequency, but it can only take and give energy in discrete quantities. It behaves like nothing else in our macroscopic world, and can be very difficult to imagine.

6: Electrons are waves

We’ve established how photons act like waves and particles, but surely massive particles act normally. Nope! Even electrons have wave-like properties. In fact, everything acts like a wave! Except these waves come in discrete quantities, which we’ll call particles. This won’t get confusing.

5: E=mc^2

Einstein’s most famous contribution to physics states that matter is simply another form of energy, which has very profound consequences. A wound-up Jack-in-a-box would weigh ever so slightly more than a released Jack-in-a-box, due to the potential energy stored within.

4: Time is relative

The core of special relativity states that time passes differently for different observers. If you took a trip to Alpha Centauri at 99% the speed of light, everyone on Earth would see the trip take 4.4 years, while you would only experience 7.5 months. Time travel is real!

3: The (not so empty) vacuum

Something can be created from nothing, as long as it goes right back to being nothing quickly. In seemingly empty space, particles pop in and out of existence all the time as a result of the uncertainty principle. Not to mention, space is inflating at an accelerated rate due to “dark energy”. To the vacuum, the law of conservation of energy is more of a suggestion.

2: c is the fastest speed

Another important point in special relativity is that nothing could ever go faster than light. This doesn’t sit well with a lot of people, but the math doesn’t lie. To even get something with mass to travel at the speed of light would require infinite energy. Even if you somehow get around this, there are just too many mathematical problems with superluminal travel. Like it or not, the universe has a speed limit.

1: The cat is dead and alive

How could it not be this? The nature of quantum mechanics allows for objects to take on two seemingly contradictory states in a ‘superposition’. An electron can be in two places at once, or in a more extreme example, a cat can be both dead and alive. Of course, this weird property goes away once someone makes an observation. It’s as if there are tiny physics trolls messing with nature whenever we’re not looking.

Of course, there’s plenty more unsettling physics facts, like the space-bending nature of general relativity, or the “spooky action at a distance” that is quantum entanglement, but these are my top 10. I’d like to hear any unsettling physics facts you think I’ve missed, though!

Spoonie Witch Masterpost

All of my spoonie/disabled/low-energy witch posts…

Bedridden witch:

Spells - range in level of energy required:

Tips and tricks:



Don’t you see me?
I, I think I’m falling, I’m falling for you.
Don’t you need me?
I, I think I’m falling, I’m falling for you.
And on this night and in this light,
I think I’m falling, I’m falling for you.

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Do you know anything about creating servitors?

A servitor is a spiritual being you create in order to do your bidding.

Servitors are used for:

  • Protecting you spiritually.
  • Guarding your property or your loved ones.
  • Creating glamour: creating a certain aura about you, and how others perceive you.
  • Bring you things you might need.
  • Aid in tasks.

Some servitors are such powerful thoughtforms that even others can see it (although this tends to be rare or is reserved for long-existing servitors).

Essentially, creating a servitor is put into three parts:

  1. Construction.
  2. Charging.
  3. Casting.

It is outlined as follows:


You will need to create a symbolic representation of your servitor. What do you want your servitor to do? If, for example, you would want your servitor to guard you, you might want to create one in the form of a knight or an intimidating dog. Or, if you want to create an appearance entirely of your own, you may wish to add features such as sharp teeth, claws, weapons, armour, etc.The possibilities are endless although I do suggest using features that you associate with protection (I prefer using traditional associations, sometimes I even borrow imagery from tarot cards). Even drawing it out on a piece of paper helps you mentally create a “solid” representation of it if you don’t want to solely rely on your imagination in your head. Also consider: what special powers does your servitor have? What colour aura does it have? It is advisable to create a smaller servitor to begin with because larger ones require more energy.

Create your statement of intent for your servitor (what you want it to do). However, be specific and create guidelines - for example, if you want your servitor to help you gain money, you may want to tell it that causing misfortune in order to gain money is not permissible. You don’t want anything to backfire! 

It is also advisable that you create a sigil for your servitor or a symbol by which you will know your servitor. Finally, you will need to give your servitor a name. It can be any name you like or deem fitting. Do not tell anyone its name


After you have created the appearance and description of your servitor, you will need to actually bring it to life.

Draw the sigil or symbol of your servitor on a piece of paper and find a place where you will not be disturbed. Focus all of your attention on the sigil, repeating the servitor’s name. Visualise as vividly as you can the servitor’s shape forming. Firstly the base, and then the main symbols and features, and then the detail. You need to believe with all your will that the servitor is real and alive. There is no point in creating something which you think does not exist. This can take from 10-30 minutes. Repeat this for three days. Afterwards, the servitor will be able to function and appear on its own. 


You will need to give the servitor concise instructions on how to do your bidding here. See the servitor alive before you and call its name. Then, give it your instruction and then send it out to do your bidding. Never be afraid of your servitor, it is bound to you and it exists in order to fulfil your work and desires. 

You will also have to decide on what your servitor will feed on in order to require energy (you may wish to do this on the creation section too). Here are some examples:

  • Sunlight.
  • Moonlight.
  • Incense.
  • Candles.
  • Attention.
  • Prayers.
  • Water.

I suggest not using your blood or yourself as a way to charge it because this can very quickly spiritually drain you, especially if it is a larger servitor. 

You might also want to create a vessel or talisman for your servitor, and this way “feeding” it is easier as you can place the object on the feeding source. You can use anything you deem fitting for this, either jewellery, a statue, a drawing, a crystal, etc. 

To get rid of a servitor

If you no longer require a servitor because its purpose has been fulfilled, you may wish to destroy it. You can either stop using it and feeding it, destroy its vessel, or simply tell the servitor to stop and return to you. 

Damon Brand suggests that you add a code word or ritual to the job description that when spoken or done ends the life of the servitor – the warning being that it shouldn’t be a word or ritual that you could do by accident and destroy your Servitor without that being your intention.


A MASTERPOST OF PORTRAITS OF MY SUMMERTIME MAD SWEENEYS! they’re FINISHED! i wanted to fill this portfolio i got, and i DID IT!! there’re actually about 30 in total, so this isn’t all of them, just the ones i particularly liked/featured in the folio

these were done on 9x12″ sketching paper with graphite, charcoal, india ink, white ink pens, white out, and occasionally faux gold leaf. a lot of q-tips died for these pieces

this character has been my summertime muse–i recently ran into a rut, and it was right after i finished The Swaingels. i pretty badly burnt myself out from overworking with digital, my eyes were in bad shape from accidental straining, but i REALLY didn’t want to stop working on things. i’ll get back to spn stuff soon, but it felt really nice to focus on this character for a while

i uh

i super adore him

🌙Moon Cycles For Witches🌙

🌑New moon-Cast spells for new projects,love,careers.

🌒🌓Waxing moon-Perform constructive magic to attract love,wealth,success,courage,friendship,luck and health.

🌕Full moon-Good time for rituals that require extra energy.Cleanse and charge altar tools and crystals.Restore energy.Prophecy,protection and divination rituals.

🌘🌗Waning moon-Cast banishing spells.Rid yourself of negative habits,people,situations and illnesses.

🌚Dark moon-A time for retreat,dreaming,justice and healing.Explore trauma and grief.Meditate on the Dark Mother.Request the Crone’s healing,compassion and strength.

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Bedridden witch: Divination edition

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Ideas for practicing divination while bedridden: Varying in energy + mobility required - please don’t push yourself, hopefully there’s options for everyone! Quick note: I’ve only included forms of divination I personally do.


  • Sleep with the deck under your pillow.
  • Do a two-card (or more!) spread - you don’t have to lay it out if you can’t sit up, you can hold them in your hand or place on your lap.
  • Pick one card that represents what you want from the next day and slip it under your pillow or mattress for the night.
  • Play around with a tarot app (I like the products from Labyrinthos but there’s loads out there.)
  • Memorize the meanings of the cards.
  • Make or buy a mini deck for easier use.
  • Do the easy “find this card and whatever is above or below it =X” spreads.


  • Use a black mirror or picture frame with black cloth/paper behind it.
  • Get a mini scrying bowl and fill with water, cradle it in your hands.


  • Wear it around your neck.
  • Shorten the string so you don’t have to sit up.
  • Prop your hand on a pillow if you need the strength/steadiness.
  • Use off of the side of your bed if it’s too long (this can be a bit awkward)
  • Keep it under your pillow.
  • Use a mini pendulum or a necklace as a pendulum.
  • Make a simple board or don’t use one at all, just condition your pendulum with basic movements.
  • *You CAN use a pendulum even with shaky hands, it just takes a bit of bonding and conditioning.*


  • Get a mug with two handles.
  • Keep in a sealable container until you’re ready.
  • Put a towel over yourself in case you spill.
  • Use a Tupperware container. No shame.

Other ideas + Posts

best zodiac careers

Mars in 1st - leadership roles that require energy. Politics, sales, TV presenter, rescue worker, military.

Mars in 8th - self employment and leadership roles that require compassion. Entrepreneurship, archaeology.

Venus in 2nd - high-end markets and uses stubbornness as an advantage. Sales, management, receptionist, engineer, programmer.

Venus in 7th - socially interactive and aesthetic. Dance, host, design, landscaper, negotiator.

Mercury in 3rd - communication. Writer, journalist, technical support, media, advertising.

Mercury in 6th - planning and analytical roles. Event planner, teacher, architecture, statistician, editor.

Moon in 4th - relaxed and gentle. Gardening, small shop owner, social worker, childcare, CEO, real estate.

Sun in 5th - energy, creativity, where personality benefits role. Childcare, film producer, creative arts teachers, performer, entertainment.

Pluto in 8th - in-depth seeking. Psychology, investigator, law, researcher.

Jupiter in 9th - come-and-go, flexible. Philosophy, coaching, tour guide, translator, air plane host/hostess, pilot.

Jupiter in 12th - flexible and creative. Arts teacher, after-school teaching, animal training.

Saturn in 10th - authoritative roles. Management, IT work, admin, doctor, financial adviser.

Saturn 11th - authoritative and satiates curiosity. Science, inventor, aviation, robotics.

Uranus in 11th - compassionate and unusual. Astronomy, social worker, pilot, historian.

Neptune in 12th - creative and empathetic roles. Youth worker, veterinarian, design, nursing.

10th house ruled by:

Aires - anything that requires variety, creativity, and energy. 

Taurus - anything well paid and requires detailed planning and leadership. 

Gemini - anything with change, multitasking, fast paced, mentally stimulating. 

Cancer - anything that uses compassion and sensitivity, where they can work on their own. 

Leo - anything that allows you to feed your ego and be seen by the world.

Virgo - anything that requires a lot of detail, remaining in the crowd. 

Libra - anything that requires convincing words and acquiring and maintaining partnerships. 

Scorpio - anything that requires exposing the truth, and is challenging. 

Sagittarius - anything that allows travel, flexibility, and fun. 

Capricorn - authoritative positions, long term and allows stability.

Aquarius - anything in charity organisations and has public association.

Pisces - anything that requires creativity, aesthetic items, and empathy. 

Aspects: Trine or Sextile

Midheaven / Ascendant - people and crowds, where your outer personality is important and used to your advantage. A great placement for large industries where you’ll be well known. Musicians, actors, authors, news reporters and TV hosts. Look above at your rising sign.

Midheaven / Jupiter - look above Jupiter in 9th and 12th, and which sign your Jupiter is in.

Midheaven / Sun - look above at Sun in 5th

Midheaven / Mars - indicates passion. Look above at Mars in 1st and 8th.

Midheaven / Saturn - career related. Look above at Saturn in 10th and 11th. 

Midheaven / North Node - karmic or life path. Look above at the sign your Node falls in.

Sun / Jupiter - fortune comes to you through the sun. Look above at Sun in 5th.

Sun / Saturn - talents in career are indicated in the sun. Look above at Sun in 5th.

Saturn / Jupiter - career and fortune work together look above at the signs that rule the houses containing your Saturn and Jupiter.

(note: sextiles indicate more of a passion and drive, whereas trines indicate a more natural and unaware talent - I also suggest looking between your MC and AC because I would consider aspects between MC and either your AC or Jupiter to be the most important)
Bitcoin Mining Guzzles Energy—And Its Carbon Footprint Just Keeps Growing
Today, each bitcoin transaction requires the same amount of energy used to power nine homes in the US for one day.

“In just a few months from now, at bitcoin’s current growth rate, the electricity demanded by the cryptocurrency network will start to outstrip what’s available, requiring new energy-generating plants. And with the climate conscious racing to replace fossil fuel-base plants with renewable energy sources, new stress on the grid means more facilities using dirty technologies. By July 2019, the bitcoin network will require more electricity than the entire United States currently uses. By February 2020, it will use as much electricity as the entire world does today.”
The quest to crystallize time
Bizarre forms of matter called time crystals were supposed to be physically impossible. Now they’re not.

Christopher Monroe spends his life poking at atoms with light. He arranges them into rings and chains and then massages them with lasers to explore their properties and make basic quantum computers. Last year, he decided to try something seemingly impossible: to create a time crystal.

The name sounds like a prop from Doctor Who, but it has roots in actual physics. Time crystals are hypothetical structures that pulse without requiring any energy — like a ticking clock that never needs winding. The pattern repeats in time in much the same way that the atoms of a crystal repeat in space. The idea was so challenging that when Nobel prizewinning physicist Frank Wilczek proposed the provocative concept1 in 2012, other researchers quickly proved there was no way to create time crystals.

But there was a loophole — and researchers in a separate branch of physics found a way to exploit the gap. Monroe, a physicist at the University of Maryland in College Park, and his team used chains of atoms they had constructed for other purposes to make a version of a time crystal2 (see ‘How to create a time crystal’). “I would say it sort of fell in our laps,” says Monroe.

And a group led by researchers at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, independently fashioned time crystals out of 'dirty’ diamonds3. Both versions, which are published this week in Nature, are considered time crystals, but not how Wilczek originally imagined. “It’s less weird than the first idea, but it’s still fricking weird,” says Norman Yao, a physicist at the University of California, Berkeley, and an author on both papers.

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Moon Phases

New Moon- New Moon magick begins on the day of the new moon to three-and-a-half days after. Use the energy of the new moon for new ventures and new beginnings. Also use the new moon for love spells, job hunting, and healing.

Waxing Moon- The waxing moon begins seven to fourteen days after the new moon. Use the waxing moon for constructive magick, such as love spells, magick for wealth and success, courage, friendship, luck or good health.

Full Moon- A powerful energy for rituals of prophecy, divination and protection. Any spell work that requires  extra energy, such as finding a new job or healing serious conditions, is best begun during the full moon. Also for love, gaining sacred knowledge, legal matters, attracting
money and prophetic dreams.

Waning Moon- Begin waning moon magick three-and-a-half to ten-and-a-half days after the full moon. The waning moon is used for banishing negativity, for curing addictions, and illness.

Dark Moon- The energy of the dark moon is useful for working magick against attackers, and for understanding your own angers and passions. Also for rituals designed to bring justice to bear in very negative situations.

Neptune /Mars Aspects

Most people on tumblr have Neptune in Sagittarius, Capricorn or Aquarius,  since it is a generational planet.

For the purpose of this blog post, I am using Mars in Leo as the same interpretation as Mars in the 5th house, as well as Mars in Cancer as a synonym to Mars in the 4th house, and so on.

I have this article set up so that you can put together your Mars with your Neptune. Apply this info to you to understand how these parts of your psyche relate to each other. This is psychological astrology.

By knowing which planets are strongest in a person, you understand their most prominent motivations.

This is a powerful tool in psychoanalysis.

Mars opposite Neptune is a polarization between (Mars) your drive, your passion, your anger, fighting nature, and (Neptune) intoxication, Neptune opposite Mars means you have a hard time being motivated because you are confused about which way to turn/which project to take on/which methods to use. Feeling like something is always holding them back, this person has trouble fighting for what is right. When they’re angry, they are confused about how to express it or be constructive to create a solution, instead of asserting themselves effectively. This person could have an inconsistent libido, as Neptune dissolves Martian passion.

Mars square or quincunx Neptune is much like the above description, but rather, a tension or adjustment instead of a polarization.

Mars conjunct Neptune is a person full of a mystical passion, but they often feel fatigued. It’s difficult for them to direct their anger, their desire to fight clashes with their peacemaking abilities. They’re confused about what to do with their passion.

Mars trine or sextile Neptune transmutes their anger, they have a gentle fighting nature. They can turn their divine inspiration into action. This might even be the best indicator for effective psychic skills. Mars aspects direct the energy of a planet they are connected to. Neptune rules mediumship, channelling, clairvoyance, and astral travel, so when Mars makes a positive contact, the person is able to do these things if they consciously direct their energy to it.

I use the minor aspects as well…

Houses 1, 3, and 4 say a lot about our childhood and upbringing, whereas houses 9, 10, and 11 say who we grow up to be, how we assert ourselves out in the world based upon our earlier influences. You can turn a reading into a story by describing how someone’s background (1st, 4th, and 3rd houses) led them to where they are now. If you start interpreting charts this way, you’ll gain deeper psychological insight. The easiest way to do this is to connect someone’s 4th house planets and IC, to to their 10th house planets and MC, but you can get creative and perceive even more about what is embedded in someone’s subconscious and how it plays out in their life without them realizing. By gently bringing to light the patterns in a person’s psyche, it can bring clarity about why this person is going thru various situations in their current life.

Mars in the 1st house or Mars in Aries –you present yourself as someone not to be messed with, you project a pushy presence, and you persistently move thru life with a straightforward attitude.  But lets say you have it opposite Neptune in the 7th house, you may lose yourself in a romance or business partnership, as you see others as having kinder intentions and you turn out to be wrong.

Mars in the 2nd house or Mars in Taurus –you’re driven to earn your own money but often spend it hastily, you value being straightforward and fighting for what you care about with all your strength, you’re a warrior about your principles. You steadily go after what you want.

Whichever house Mars is in can be the area of life that you are hasty.

Mars in Gemini Or Mars in the 3rd house –you had hostility during grade school, abrasive siblings, and you’re a driven learner

Mars in Cancer, OR Mars in the 4th house –indicates hostility in your upbringing, you were raised with a pushy parent(s)you are hesitant in expressing your anger and it can come out in a subtle way, you like to know you have power over someone’s emotions…

Mars in Leo, OR Mars in the 5th house –there were ego driven fights with a family member… you’re motivated to do things for yourself and don’t always consider the greater good… you’re straightforward in your creative expression… when you like someone, you express it with passion rather than being coy about it…

Mars in the 6th house or Mars in Virgo –you’re driven to get things done in the real world, as you have an inner need to feel useful, though you reject the Neptunian parts of yourself that are more dreamy and impractical.

Mars in the 7th house or Mars in Libra –eagerly seeks lovers, this person might make the first move. They struggle to assert themselves, as they’d rather please others and they are afraid that if they stand up for themselves, it will cause more drama, so they end up holding resentment over unresolved conflict. They’re hesitant to tell someone off because they’d rather not be perceived as rude. It’s hard to move forward or decide where to put their energy because the weigh out all the options.

Mars in the 8th house or Mars in Scorpio –symbolically, the 8th house is making the most of the passion that the planet holds before being weakened as it steps into the 7th house and below the horizon. Mars in the 8th is a go-getter who achieves from the vigor in their soul! Take Neptune into consideration to see if this aids or hinders Mars. Scorpio was ruled by Mars before Pluto was discovered, and the 8th house is a very strong placement for Mars. Neptune’s desire for intoxication may distract this Mars from their determination.

Mars in the 9th house or Mars in Sagittarius –you’re more enthralled by higher learning than the remedial drill of typical school subjects. Neptunian states of altered consciousness might induce greater spiritual understanding that this Mars craves, or it may lead them astray.

Mars in the 10th house or Mars in Capricorn –you’re controlled in your expression of anger and cautious in your actions. You are thorough in completing tasks and you strive to succeed. Being challenged at work brings out your high energy levels, you might require pressure in order to feel motivated. When life is too easy, you eagerly ask, “what’s next?!” You likely reject the Neptunian parts of yourself as you’d rather climb to the top than be bogged down in Neptunian dreams. You are not a pushover, as those with strong Neptune might be more weak than you. You are a dominant person who assertively persists thru life!

Mars in the 11th house or Mars in Aquarius –You are unpredictable, as you might get angry all of a sudden. It’s difficult for others to understand what motivates you and what sets you off. You are driven to assert your independence and flaunt your weirdness. You have more energy when you are working towards something that benefits humanity.

Mars in the 12th house or Mars in Pisces –The frustration and anger of the collective rushes thru you, leaving you feeling burnt out.

…Neptune in the 1st house –other people misinterpret who you are, you feel like you have a hard time creating the identity you want because others project their ideas onto you, assuming the way you are without actually getting to know you.

…Neptune in the 2nd house –can be irresponsible about managing money, it is difficult for you to keep track of how much you are able to spend. You probably deny this, but you’re unsure of your own values. Since you don’t know your own worth and your capabilities, it makes it difficult for you to earn money.

…Neptune in the 3rd house –suggests that your sibling(s) mislead or deceive you. If you do not have siblings, you may experience unclear communication with school teachers. Neptune in the 3rd house has a hard time grasping concepts and their logic can be faulty. You’re probably not the best at memorizing, when you are pressured to learn, you become reluctant to give your all to academics.  

…Neptune in the 4th house –you created your own imaginative world during childhood, later to realize all the burdens of the world. Perhaps your parents didn’t have a plan of how to raise you, so you feel this inner haziness deep within you. You carry disappointment about life, feeling melancholy. You were deceived by your own family at some point. Your image of one of your parents was likely a misconception, later in life to realize that they weren’t as great of person as you perceived them to be when you were younger.

…Neptune in the 5th house –you are uncertain in how to handle your ego. Though you have a mystical creativity, you have a hard time expressing it or following thru with creative projects. Without realizing it, you derive your artistic inspiration from higher realms, you channel angels of creation when you play your instrument of choice. When you paint/draw/write, allow yourself to let go of your mind and see what flows out, and then other worlds will flow thru you. Ecstatic dancing and movement meditation would be great for you. Altered states of consciousness provide you with grand inspiration. This could be reaching a mental state called “flow” where you are so immersed in what you are doing that you aren’t thinking about anything else, time flies in this state, as you’re fully in the present without mental chatter. As long as the person doesn’t let this “flow” state to interfere with the goals of Mars, the urgent tasks that they need to do, it is a great thing.

…Neptune in the 6th house –when your health isn’t top notch, it causes you to direct your energy on your inner world (if you have Mars in the 12th, 4th, or 8th house), or in teaching yourself (with Mars in the 3rd or 9th house), rather than being pragmatic in the outer world. Some people with Neptune in the 6th are not productive the way society expects you to be, then again, others will overcompensate by being extra productive and hard working, as the 6th house can suppress Neptunian qualities.

…Neptune in the 7th house –by putting others on a pedestal, you later experience disillusionment.

Whichever house Neptune is in can be the area of life that you become disillusioned.

…Neptune in the 8th house –indicates deception with shared resources, others may take money from them, or this person is vulnerable with intimacy, losing themselves in close connections…

…Neptune in the 9th house –uncertain of your beliefs, you’ve probably been disillusioned by religions and colleges.

…Neptune in the 10th house –part of you that reaches for a lofty utopian way of life, climbing a tower of spirituality, but in a more intellectual way if it is in Aquarius, or a cautious way with Neptune in Capricorn.

…Neptune in Aquarius, OR Neptune in the 11th house –you grow up to be more selfless, thinking based on the collective needs, what is best for humanity as a whole, learning from whatever mistakes you and your family member(s) made before. You are reaching towards objective thinking, you’re rationalizing rather than operating out of pride.

…Neptune in the 12th house (or Neptune in Pisces but that only applies to transits/predictive work as Neptune first entered Pisces in 2011 and will first enter Aries in 2025) –this is a chance to have spiritual visions and transcendent experiences. This person has a strong connection with god, and could even have psychic dreams. Their deep understanding about life and the universe must be kept locked away as they could frighten fainthearted souls with their depth.

–Sellieve Neptune, astrologer

If you would like an in depth astrology reading, please message me.   I also offer classes.  If you already have a general understanding of astrology and want to go deeper, I am the astrologer for you :D.  I can interpret how parts of your psyche interact with each other based on you birth chart and secondary progressions.

The 6th house relates to daily routine, ritual, prescribed therapies, and habits. The energy of the sign and planet in the 6th house can demonstrate where we can be habitual, self medicating, or even self destructive. Often we seek perfectionism and sublime skill in this area. We can be at hostage to ceremonial routines in order to calm the mental conflict that occurs naturally in the 6th house 

Sun in the 6th house 
Leo ruling the 6th:
Perfecting self image, skills, and behavioural conduct is daily routine. The identity is transfixed by its usefulness, ritualistically going through personal defects to fix their obsession with what they think is broken about themselves 

Moon in the 6th
Cancer ruling the 6th:
The erratic and compulsive emotional experience is a part of daily routine. Emotional expression can follow predictable but challenging patterns that seem to occur like clockwork, unrelenting and cyclic

Mercury in the 6th
Gemini ruling the 6th The individual can be a compulsive and ritualistic thinker, often getting trapped in thoughts and mental constructs, being forced to finish thoughts or ideas, they can think themselves into sickness
Virgo ruling the 6th The mind generates ritualistic patterns and habits that respond to daily worries. The individual can be highly anxious about their health and undertake damaging health, fitness, or dieting regimes

Venus in the 6th
Taurus ruling the 6th
Personal pleasures become vices and habits to cope with daily life. There are sensual daily rituals such as long showers, reading, eating well
Libra ruling the 6th The individual can be highly sensitive regarding their social image, feeling constant pressure to refine and alter their social conduct. Escaping into the illustrious world of their ideals can become daily routine, such as participating in fleeting romances 

Mars in the 6th
Aries ruling the 6th
Energy requires focused and sustained release, the individual is constantly containing and conducting energy flow for daily life. Power struggles or conflict can be routine, the individual can feel eery when there is peace 

Jupiter in the 6th
Sagittarius ruling the 6th
Themes of excess become intensified here, the individual can find it difficult to control their compulsions, work habits, and sacrificial nature, feeling burn out can become daily life

Saturn in the 6th
Capricorn ruling the 6th
The individual can be at hostage to their personal rituals, addictions, and habits, which seem to control them rather than the other way around. States of melancholy can be daily life

Uranus in the 6th
Aquarius ruling in the 6th
The body is highly charged with Uranus in the 6th, it speaks a language of its own and seeks comfort on earth. Undertaking unusual or alternative health regimes, spiritual or mental detoxes, or experiencing abrupt health concerns can be routine

Neptune in the 6th
Pisces ruling the 6th
Methods of routine escapism become daily activity, the individual can use substances, dream, sex, or ideals to ritualistically hide from reality

Pluto in the 6th
Pluto ruling the 6th
The energies and experience of Pluto become daily habit here. Sex, transformation, uncovering truth, and battling unrelenting internal forces is part of the daily routine. 


Working with energy sources

How do you power your magic? As with anything magical, there are far more answers than any one person would care to know. When it comes to spells, what you use can have a potent influence on the efficacy of the spell. Whether channeling, transmuting, or just using your own internal energy,  it’s good to consider the source of the spell’s power when crafting it. More traditionally minded witches look toward the elements and herbal/crystal correspondences, but there’s also plenty of other ways to power your spells! Here, I review some common and uncommon energy sources and how to use them. This list is most certainly not exhaustive and is intended more to provide a starting point for thinking about what makes different energy sources unique. If you don’t already, I encourage you to think critically about the sources of magical power you use and what makes them so effective!

Traditional Sources:

  • The sun - As the primary provider of measurable energy such as light and heat, the sun is essential to life. Solar energy is potent and unfiltered so it’s very powerful, but also undirected. For both physical and magical purposes, solar energy has to undergo transformative processes in order to be useful to us. Channeling solar energy to power a spell is a common practice, though it should be done with care since the sun tends to burn up whatever it touches when used irresponsibly. 
  • The moon - The moon is the gentler counterpart to the sun. It traditionally fills a more mystical role, better suited to emotionality, secrecy, and protection than raw strength. The moon’s phases also offer clear time periods to suit different goals, especially ones that need time to develop. Many practitioners choose to time their workings by the moon’s phases, like to ensure that a spell manifests by a certain point in time. 
  • Candles - A candle is a firey energy source that can be easily manipulated by the practitioner. Like all fire-based energies, it is best suited for creative works, strength of will, etc. Candles are especially useful due to the high degree of specification they can have. A candle dressed in oil or carved with an intention can be more closely bound to the magical goal and thus more easily channeled into the spell. Herbs, colors, sizes, and scents may also be used to attune the energy source to the goal. Furthermore, the practitioner has direct control over the source itself and can make use of lighting and extinguishing the candle as a means of manipulating the spell’s energy. 
  • Grounding, earthing - There seems to be a bit of disagreement over whether grounding is best used as a conclusion to a spell or as an energy source for a spell, but I think the reason for this is that there are several different kinds of grounding processes. When grounding a spell after its completion, the practitioner is sending the existing magical energy back into the world in order to allow it to take effect and manifest. Grounding as an energy source is a way of channeling energy from the earth (or the universe) to power your spell. Both are good techniques in my opinion, though I tend to find other ways of concluding and “sending out” my magical works similarly effective. 

Man-made Sources:

  • Railroads - Railroads are an old form of energy, at least as far as man-made sources go. They are a good source of energy for things that need a lot of strength, or that need to travel long distances. They also have a significant association with trade and commerce, as well as with moving or traveling for pleasure.
  • Subways - I find myself using subways most often for work related magic. I find the electrified third rail to be a powerful point to tap into when working spells that need to reach across the city (like calling for trains to come sooner) or when I’m working in the direct vicinity. Subway commuters tend to be pretty well synchronized to the ambient energy, so you could also probably use some of it to affect the atmosphere on the platform or give yourself a little boost of energy before heading off.
  • Outlets & Adapters - I love using adapters for charging little charms and sigils! It’s a pretty neutral energy, plus it’s well suited to passive charging. Usually, I can leave stuff sitting on my laptop adaptor overnight and find it all juiced up in the morning. You could also definitely transmute it for use in more structured/ritual-based spells, though I find it a bit awkward to include.

Internal Sources:

  • Personal energy - Like most things, the magical practitioner themselves may act as an energy source. In some cases, this is desirable as it allows for a very personal mark on the spell. Tying a spell’s energy to one’s own will and strength gives the practitioner direct control over the spell and also can help them keep tabs on how active the spell is. On the other hand, a spell might require more energy than the practitioner has to offer, potentially draining the user unexpectedly, causing the spell to fail, or both. Personally, I use my energy when I have some extra to spare, which is a nice way of saying I dump all my anger into my curses. When doing that, I also make sure to seal off the spell when I’m done so none of it comes back to me. If you choose not to seal off your workings entirely, you may leave a limited connection in order to keep tabs on whatever it is you’re powering. I do this for simple servitors and wards so that I can keep them from running too low. I wouldn’t recommend dumping all your energy into a spell all at once because you can and will exhaust yourself.
  • Channeling - Channeling is less a source of its own and more a means of using sources like those mentioned above. When channeling energy, the practitioner simply acts as a conduit to direct external energy into their magical work. Channeling is generally regarded as a pretty basic energy work skill and is virtually essential for witches, regardless of path. Of course, now that I’ve said that, someone’s going to tell me they have a practice that never uses channeling, but hey, that’s how it goes. I think the trickiest part of channeling is keeping your energy and the energy you’re channelling separate. Obviously, your own personal energy can be used in a spell, but that gets exhausting fast and if you’re trying to avoid that by channelling, you should be careful not to still end up draining yourself too. Likewise, channelling opens you up to direct contact with external energy sources, some of which you may not want lingering around. If you’re worried about getting stuff mixed up, try working with a familiar energy source like a crystal or a plant before working with more powerful energy like the sun or a planet.
  • Transmutation - Like channelling, transmutation is a way of making use of energy. Its main difference is that instead of using an energy specially chosen for the practitioner’s purposes, they simply pull from what’s around and transform it on the fly. Transmutation requires a bit more practice than channeling, as you have to modify the energy you’re bringing in before you can make use of it, but it’s also damn convenient. I find it best used when working with neutral energy, especially the kind that seems to linger around cities and man-made sources. Neutral energies can also be combined through transmutation, so you can even mat Transmutation of natural sources is most definitely possible, but it’s best suited to the kind of generic energy that you’d find in unprogrammed quartz rather than say, trying to transmute the energy in lavender for a nasty curse.

I wrote this very quickly and I’m not sure it makes any sense but here just take it!! & please feel free to add on with any of your favorite energy sources and how you use them