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Okay but the fact that they had to bring the stunt to him makes me think he's on the run and harry and him are planning their escape as we speak like tomorrow they'll show up in NYC can you imagine or even better WELLINGTON just to be the larries they are

this is the only thing i’m going to answer about this for the moment but honestly? this is the most painfully transparent thing that’s happened in a long ass time.

simon cowell suddenly starts talking about louis and how he’s his ‘mini me’ and they’re so close blah blah blah RIGHT before the x factor finale (which, from what i’m hearing, is tanking ratings-wise) and then BAM suddenly there’s stunt activity again from the cretins and astroturfing anons giving everyone a heads up about it.

how anyone can see what’s gone down and how intricately connected simon and the cretins are but is still out there claiming there’s nothing shady about it or that LOUIS is the one choosing this absolutely blows my fucking mind. this truly seems like the september otra concert all over again.

and well, we know how that ended:

‘not anymore simon’

rbb and sbb getting hitched next to a signed picture of larry grayson that said, “love larry”

and louis leaving in a van full of brunettes while pointedly ignoring briana’s very existence for the entire duration of her trip (aka simon being a petty asshole and flying her out just to piss louis off and rile up the fan base)
Green Party of Canada votes to campaign against Trudeau's approval of Kinder Morgan project
The Green Party of Canada voted unanimously to launch a national campaign against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Kinder Morgan approval.

The Green Party of Canada voted unanimously to launch a national campaign to overturn Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s approval of the Kinder Morgan pipeline project.

Vancouver Green Party city councillor Adriane Carr submitted a motion for an emergency resolution at a special general meeting held in Calgary, Alberta, on December 4.

The resolution was expanded to include campaigning against the approval of the TransCanada Energy East pipeline and to overturn the pro-Enbridge Line 3 pipeline decision made by the federal cabinet on November 29.

Members also voted to expand public discussion about climate change and pipelines to include the benefits of transitioning to a socially just, low-carbon renewable energy-based economy.

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i am tired of the social responsibility of not disappointing people who are expecting responses and as such i declare this over until tomorrow

maybe if i have the energy i will go read this nice book on complex analysis

ok so i  got a new job at as a cashier and i’m so exhausted after working a day because there’s never a moment where there isn’t a customer and because of that i don’t have the energy to read and it sucks because it took me two weeks to finish a book that was barely 360 pages and usually it would take me three days max to finish that and it sucks but i don’t know what to do about that s;kadgjbsdfgkjb

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And 15 if I didn't already ask for that one :3

  • 15: go google a weird space fact and tell us what it is!
    ok so this one I was actually talking to jay about on saturday. basically, they’ve theorized mathematically that “white holes” could be a thing. they’re like the polar opposite of black holes - instead of pulling everything inwards, they fucking push everything away. i don’t entirely understand how this works, physically speaking, but fucking. things in space pushing things away. this is hilarious. what would it look like? what would it do? we don’t know. but it’s a theory that exists. that’s what wwe discussed. if you’re interested in more sciency stuff and less… rinespeak and rine-comprehension, here’s the wikipedia page, which i don’t have the time or energy to read at present

The Barefoot College in Tilonia, Rajasthan was started by an Indian man named Bunker Roy. The organization is essentially a college that teaches women from all over the world (but primarily “developing” countries) how to be solar engineers. 

That’s right. Solar engineers.

Classes are attended by local women and women from Peru, Fiji, Rwanda, Nepal, Belize, Ethiopia, Bhutan, and more who are illiterate or semi-literate. Most of them are from rural and poverty-stricken areas. The school does not take attendance, have exams, demand their students speak English or have prior education, and does not ask for fees. These women learn how to make solar panels and bulbs, how to plug them into an electrical grid, and how to provide clean renewable energy to their entire village. They then take this knowledge back to their hometowns in distant countries. 

How are they taught without a common language? Everything technical is color coded. The women learn important words “LED, wire cutter, copper, connection, etc.” They communicate through common sense and the desire to learn. The college accepts anyone and everyone, mothers, lower castes (still an ongoing problem in India), older women, young women, women who have never attended school, married women. 

Since 2004, the College has taught at least 250 women from 41 different low-industrial countries to be solar engineers. 5 out of their 8 engineer professors are women. 35 out of 200 workers are physically disabled. The BC is currently powering both their own facility, homes in nearby villages and towns, and their former students are powering homes all across the world from wisdom and materials imported from the BC. Their local villages pay their salary. 

Roy did try to teach both men and women, but they didn’t stay in the harsh conditions or wanted jobs that paid more (as the BC doesn’t hand out “official” diplomas or degrees). Eventually, the college became largely female. “Why not invest in women, older women, mature women, gutsy women who have roots in the village?” Roy said.

I cannot emphasize how amazing this organization is. The Barefoot College is a safe and accepting place for anyone who wants to learn about clean and renewable energy. It encourages women’s empowerment, helps them out of poverty, and provides solar energy to places where the prices of kerosene and batteries are excessively high.

Sources (please look over them as there are more pictures and I could never do justice to how incredible this entire thing is with just my own words): [x][x][x][x][x][Bunker’s Ted Talk][Donate]


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You know they all sentimental now
You know they all actin’ different now - Legend

I got people talkin’ down, man, like I give a fuck - Energy

My ex ask me where I’m moving I said “On to better things” - 10 Bands

Pray the real live forever man
Pray the fakes get exposed - Know yourself

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And they did put me on - Star67

Doing is one thing, doing it right is a whole different story - Preach

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Gotta get myself together
I’ve been thinkin’ about everything - Wednesday night interlude

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You gotta remind ‘em about where you been - Used To

I am in the Matrix and I just took the blue pill - 6 Man

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I swear to god that I’m gone
I’m leaving I’m leaving
No looking back when I’m gone - Now & Forever

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Who is your replacement?
Are we still good? Are we still good? - Jungle

Some nights I wish I could go back in life
Not to change shit, just to feel a couple things twice - 6PM in New York

Dangers of Forcing a Third Eye Opening

The third eye seems to be a popularly discussed concept on my blog recently, and one concerning issue keeps arising. A lot of meditations and beliefs around the third eye treat it like this completely otherworldly chakra that empowers all psychic gifts and should be opened before doing any other energy work: this is a really dangerous belief

The third eye is a chakra, and like all chakras, it needs to be slowly opened and healed, not forced into a strained and open state or flooded with energy to empower spiritual sight. Chakras should be worked with consecutively from the bottom up (root to sacral to solar plexus to heart to throat to third eye to crown). Jumping right into third eye opening can not only have you misunderstand that the third eye is part of a whole system of energy, but have you severely imbalance your whole subtle energy body and run into a lot of problems. I have a list of problems I’ve heard of and been warned about below. 

Spiritual sight is also different for everyone. My personal sight consists of just strong intuitions about spirits and what they feel/look/appear like. One of my friends sees them like they are actually there in front of her. Anywhere on this spectrum of visuals can be your third eye, so aiming to see spirits and energies as clear as day is also a dangerous ideal to hold onto, because you might be forcing yourself into something your subtle energy body just isn’t meant for. 

Opening your third eye is a completely valid goal, though! Just make sure to take the time to learn about your whole energy system and work with every chakra, keeping yourself as balanced as possible and allowing it to blossom like a lotus flower over a holistic healing journey. 

EDIT: How you actually work with your third eye (like with essential oils, meditation, etc) isn’t the dangerous part. It’s neglecting to make sure all the chakras below it are balanced and open, and jumping right up to the third eye. The toxic mentality of forcing it open is really just that no chakra should be forced open, it should just be healed and cared for in a mindful manner. Trying to open a chakra, rather than intending to heal it, is what does damage. Healing your energy system will naturally open your third eye over time, too. Also, there’s no predicted date that it will suddenly open (it’s a pretty big red flag if you know a “date”), because it’s a chakra it slowly falls into a state of balance and health, and slowly opens as a result. 

If you’d like a boost on getting started with energy work, I offer energy readings through my website as of September, 2015.  Most energy work can also be learned with dedication and practiced on your own, as well. 

Some dangers that come with forcing your third eye open: 

  • It can send too much energy to your upper chakras: This can cause feelings of being ungrounded, severe dissociation, and disorientation, as well as headaches or migraines and fatigue. 
  • If forced open, it will be unfiltered: Do you want to see each and every spirit in the world, or do you want to only see those the Universe intends you to? If you force your third eye open prematurely (like by only working with that chakra and no others until you can “see”), then you won’t have the natural and healthy filters that prevent you from seeing frightening and distracting spirits and energies. 
  • You won’t understand your own eye’s capabilities: The third eye is so much more than “sight.” It allows for all visualization, daydreaming, intuition, and spiritual hearing. It also provides us with a clear idea of our path in life and guides us, through higher will, how to follow it. Most meditations that work on just the third eye neglect all properties besides spiritual sight.
  • You might feel invalidated or lesser if your eye doesn’t naturally see like the human eye: Like I mentioned before, not all eyes see in the same way. You may have incredible intuition but you might not be able to see energies as clear as day like the person next to you. Honoring the capabilities of your eye goes hand in hand with mindfully honoring your whole being, which is a necessary lesson of any holistic spiritual practice. 
  • You’ll get false information: When your third eye is unbalanced, which is almost always the case if it is the only chakra “opened,” then it’s common to get a lot of false information. Daydreams seem real, astral projection is used to cloak spiritual hallucinations, and it’s hard to discern anything clearly. You need the grounded nature of strong lower chakras to properly get intuitions, or to even give readings. 
  • It turns you into an energy beacon: If you’re not grounded, you don’t practice spiritual protection, or you’re throwing energy off from your eye, you become a beacon for malevolent spirits. With a forced open third eye, you won’t be able to filter out the scary dreams, sights, and intuitions they send you, and it can be very dangerous for your mental health. 
  • You won’t awaken the full potential of intuitive/”psychic” gifts: All spiritual abilities come from a well-rounded and holistic practice, and are always the strongest and the healthiest when the whole energy system is considered. Intuition and sight isn’t just the third eye, your whole being can see and intuit, so your gifts will be stronger if all of your energy is healed together and in a mindful way. Don’t compartmentalize the chakras, they are all your whole subtle energy body. 

As always, feel free to message me with questions and concerns. Also, please signal boost this, it could save a lot of people from damaging their energy bodies!

“I like you too.”

“Why didn’t you say, dumbass?!”

“Why didn’t I say? Why didn’t you say? Stupid! Stupid Kageyama!”

I drew a lil comic based off this really cute mini fic!! I hope OP doesn’t mind :3c

A,B,C or all of Above

Remember that everything is energy, even the physical world, and therefore everything is of equal value. if we glorify spiritual experiences, that is to say, everything beyond our usual experience, and feel that it is only through these experiences that we are alive, we miss out on the spiritual growth we can have in everyday life.
—  The Spiritual Password