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Decided to use my protection magic for something useful.

This emoji spell is for ALL those in the path of Hurricane Irma. In light of it being upgraded to a Catergory 5 this spell will send energy out to those whom are in its path. That energy will be used for protection and love. You all deserve support and have it from me.

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Internal vs External Magic Users

So, I’ve come to find knowing how magic works for each individual can help immensely when it comes to studying and perfecting each person’s form of witchcraft. Everyone tends to be different, and finding out where you stand and how you personally use, store, and/or release energy can help when it comes to visualization. This can, in turn, greatly impact the success rate of each spell, working, or ritual a witch does. Obviously, it’s not an end-all, be-all. However, I’ve found knowing the information can help even just a tiny bit (or a lot, depending on the person.)

Internal vs External

The way energy moves throughout the body is a great way to start understanding how you can use and manipulate your own in your everyday life as well as in your practice. There are hundreds of different types of paths for energy to go, but for the most part, the two largest categories are: internal and external.


Internal energy pathways are self-explanatory. Typically, these people were born during the day and possess power from within their own bodies. They have a connection with the Sun. Internal is quite common, and these individuals may have to ground and cleanse themselves more than their counterparts. They can be gifted at enchantments, astral work, communing with deity or spirits, etc. Their cores emanate energy, which can be activated with a touch. Touch with the hands, feet, chest, and the top of the head would be ideal as these are their center points of energy. Internal magic users tend to rely on their instincts and intuition and often have extra-sensory abilities. My recommendation: focusing on visualization and using touch-based rituals/spells (sigils, baths, etc.)

Oil to help loosen up the internal energy flow:

  • Olive oil base
  • Sea Salt
  • Amethyst (chips or tumbled)
  • Rosemary (herb or oil form)
  • Yerba Santa, Sage, or Palo Santo

Burn either on a charcoal disk or rub on a candle to breathe it in.


External magic users are the lucky ones! Typically born at night, these are those lucky people who could wish for something and have it happen. They have an ability to influence the world from afar, like the Moon. They can trigger changes around them without thinking about it too much. Simply saying things like “I really wish I had some extra money,” might aid them in finding a spare $20 on the street. These are typically the people who can reblog emoji spells, and/or “money cat”-type posts and have a high success rate. Their bodies radiate energy and manipulating it may come naturally to them, to the point where they have no idea they’re doing it. They rely on their intellect and are disciplined, determined, and intelligent. They excel at area of effect rituals, such as wards. Energy manipulation, healing magic, and forms of divination may also be easier for them to master. My recommendation: learning how to manipulate their energy more and using repetitive mindset spells (ie, vision boards. AKA, wishing for something super hard.)

Oil to help loosen up the external energy flow:

  • Coconut oil
  • Lavender (herb or oil)
  • Sea Salt
  • Mint (herb or oil)
  • Selenite (Charge oil with it or add chips. Disclaimer: selenite dissolves in water, so either charge the oil or use pieces you don’t care for.)

Rub on skin, do NOT consume if you add selenite chips as it is unfit for internal consumption. 

What kind of water should i use?

Sea Water: Water from the sea is great for cleansing and healing rituals. I recommend it for cleansing crystals (but be careful, not every crystal/stone can/should be cleansed in water). It’s also great for banishing and protection spells!

Storm Water: Spells and rituals that has to do with emotional strength, confidence, charge, motivation and force. It’s known for strengthening spells. Storm water is great for curses as well.

River Water: Spells and rituals that has to do with moving on, focusing energy, breaking through rough paths, and warding. Great for powering tools.

Rain Water: This is very multi-purpose, but especially great for growth and rebirth spells. Great for spells that you want to keep gaining power over time.

Snow Water: Great for spells and rituals that focus on purity, endings and change, as well as slow working spells.

Dew Water: I recommend this for love and fertility spells, as well as delicate magic. Great if you’re going to do fae work.

Your entire being is filled with memories of events, times, and places that you have only just begun to realize. You have been trained to focus on what you expect to see, disregarding anything that does not fit your beliefs. As the pressure from the accelerated energy builds, you will have to make space and unclutter the “stuff” inside–the unprocessed emotions and old fearful vibrations stored in and between your cells, atoms, bones, muscles, tissues, and organs, and in your DNA. Every area of your body is imbued with memory. Visualize yourself as flexible, organized, spacious, and clear, with the flow of accelerated energy moving easily thoughout your physical body and, in turn, enhancing your life.

~Path of Empowerment~

Barbara Marciniak

Daily Reminders of Your Spiritual Path

1. Waking

Much of the spiritual Way involves the use of metaphor and art so as to move and inspire us, to give us a broader vision and a greater vocabulary of experience.

Waking up in the morning from our nightly dreams can be a symbol for waking up from the illusion of samsara. Are your dreams destroyed? Did the dream-person die? None of our conventional experiential descriptions of reality really adequately describe such a transition.

So when you awake in the morning, use that moment for something grand. Use it to polish your heart, meet the appearance of this strange world, and recognize the ease with which you leave behind the dreamworld once its dream-like nature is known. Wake up and roar. Many zen monks on waking simply burst into fake-it-til-you-make-it uproarious laughter.

See what works for you.

2. Waiting

There are always moments throughout the day in which we are in a mindset of “waiting.” During those times, we usually sink into semi-conscious trains of thought reflecting insecurities, desires, or curiosities.

However, none of our insecurities, desires, or responsibilities are helped by such idling. Instead, use those moments for the deliberate practice of mindfulness. It’s easy to deceive yourself by merely asserting or assuming you are always practicing mindfulness and yet no mindfulness is actually practiced throughout the day.

To avoid that snag, choose a deliberate technique. Following the breath, visualization practice, and focusing your sense of touch on an object or stone in your hands are all good techniques.

To quote Eckhart Tolle, “Give up waiting as a state of mind.”

3. Gratitude

Another Eckhart Tolle quote, “Gratitude is the foundation for all abundance.”

We are often disinclined to feel gratitude because we habitually cling to the things we recognize as good. To feel grateful frequently means recognizing something we would prefer not to see. Such recognitions could be that of impermanence, interdependence, and love.

But by practicing gratitude, by making it a part of our day, we reverse such issues. Suddenly the wisdoms of impermanence, interdependence, and love become accessible and appreciable.

When you can honestly and sincerely be thankful for what you have now to the extent that you feel overbrimming with good fortune, even the slightest act of kindness may bring a tear to your eye.

There are a few ways to bring gratitude into your day, and many more ways for you to discover. Some are:

Saying “thank you” to everyone, including plants and animals, and meaning it. Instead of making mental lists of desires for the future, make lists in your head or on paper of people and things for which you are thankful. Pay acts of kindness forward by passing them on to others. Gratitude prayers are also helpful, especially before meals.

4. Death

The way we conceive of and relate to death is inextricable from the ways in which we conceive and relate to life.

Many people are scared of thinking or talking about death, almost superstitiously so. We fetishize death through movies and video games, we describe philosophies of death through religions, but we still avoid honest and frank discussions about our own inevitable death or the death of our loved ones.

Remember death. Remember the Buddha’s Four Noble Truths: There is something unsatisfactory about life in this world. This unsatisfactoriness comes from somewhere. It can also cease. For the cessation of life’s unsatisfactory and anxious suffering, there is a path.

Death not only keeps everything in perspective but it also lends a great deal of energy to our path. When people are feeling too lazy to meditate, I often tell them to visit a hospital, a retirement home, and a graveyard in order to see what is in their body’s future.

5. Sleep

While waking up in the morning was akin to an awakening from the dream of samsara and the rebirth into clarity, going to sleep at night could be likened to a small death.

Going to sleep means letting go of the day’s activities, thoughts, and drives regardless of whether or not our expectations were met or all of our responsibilities settled. Death can take us any minute of any day, at least sleep can be more predictable!

Use the act of going to sleep as a conscious opportunity to let go. We are not residents of this world despite how much we pretend to be. Our stay is brief yet never without meaning, just as a child taken to the playground for an afternoon still has a hell of a good time.

Let sleep be a reminder of letting go, of not clinging to the past yet without fixation on the future.

By applying these five approaches to your day, they may act as seeds that grow into who-the-hell-knows-what. But it’ll be cool.

Namaste :D

anonymous asked:

Hey do you have any astrological info about the harmonic convergence in 1987, anything about the people born into this grand trine of generational planets?

All People born during the 24th of august in 1987 were born with Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Virgo.  So , while rare, it’s significance simply lies in the dominant VIrgo energy impacting the personality.  Since the Ascendant changes every two hours these stelliums of planets would be in different houses for all people born on this day.  That’s ALOT of focus in one area of life for people born on a day.  Quote says 360,000 people are born in a day (im sure its a little less if you take 30 years away.)  Even then that’s alot of people with intense “work” energy relating to one area of life.   These people are also full of mutable energy so they are very suggestible.

Everyone born on that day also have a life path number 3 by default.  Number 3 is connected to Mercury so all of those people are dynamic intellectuals.


This amazing fossil lived approx 60 - 200 million years ago, growing in the sacred form of the spiral.  All of life creates in a spiral formation– from galaxies to the structure of cells, the spiral is the path energy takes to manifest. They demonstrate that life is an expansive experience and are said to bring an energy of abundance and prosperity in all things. 

These crystallized fossils lived their entire lives in the last chamber of the spiral and as such, they promote the energy of being present and living in the now. They help to regain a balanced and expansive perspective on the present, assist in integrating information about the past, including side (past) lives.  

Ammonite helps in tracing the root of an undesirable condition, be it internal or external. By focusing on the spiral, you can work with the higher self to see the origin of that condition and the awareness necessary to transcend it. In the same manner, you can project the steps necessary moving forward. 

Ammonite has a strong connection to the divine feminine with its curved shape promoting flexibility, efficiency and receptivity. Being ancient marine life, it also carries a strong connection to the moon which govern the seas in which it lived. These crystallized fossils carry the understanding that life flows in cycles and teaches us how best to navigate those cycles. 

They help transform the emotional past, releasing dysfunctional family patterns, childhood trauma, or suppressed feelings. Lunar crystals are also associated with sleep, dreams, and techniques like lucid dreaming. This is especially true for ammonites since they were used historically for prophetic dreams.While the energy of ammonite balances the entire energy field, it has the most resonance in the third eye and root chakras.

Lughnasadh/Lammas ritual

- barley,oats, fruit
- A corn doll, it will stay on your alter and represents Tailte (optional)
- cider and bread (for after the ceremony)
- Red alter cloth
- Orange candles
- Sandalwood or rose incense

Once you’ve gathered all your materials you need to:
- Cast your protective circle
- Light candles and incense

Face the east and say:

“Reaping! Reaping! It is time of harvest reaping! Nature’s burgeoning glory sacrifice as is the God for our continuance.
We too must make way, must make surrender in our lives.
Now the goddess enters crone-hood
We ask for her secrets and magick
That we may use them for the greater good.”

Rub the grains with your fingers (oats, barley,) allow the grains to fall onto the alter (signifying grain threshing)
Take a piece of fruit, take a bite, enjoy its juices and say:
“I am one with the fruits of harvest. It’s energies are my energies.
Show me the path to goodness and light.
Hail moon goddess! Hail worldly mother! Hail sun lord! I bow to your greatness and the wealth you have afforded me. No ills or misfortune shall come out of my hand unto others.”

Finish eating the fruit. Do your own kind of magick, healing spells will work very well at this time. When done with everything go eat and reflect on your “bounty” and the gods of nature.

Since today is Lammas I thought a ritual would be appropriate. I hope you all have an amazing night/day and blessed be 😊

Clarity of Motivation and Intent

Do you feel as though your efforts are not bearing enough to fruition?
Do you seek happiness in many ways and yet still find an element of unsatisfactoriness?
Do you try to alter certain patterns in your life but come up short without enough energy?

You deserve peace, freedom, and happiness. Those are the goals of a good life. And there is a way to actualize them. 


Examining your motivation is an essential mechanism behind practicing peace, freedom, and happiness. 

  • Recognize your suffering.
    • Suffering is a spectrum. It can range from full-blown torture to an ever-present background sense of uneasiness.
    • How is it you suffer?
      • Always apply this question directly to this moment. Don’t examine your life’s story. Examine the sensations that comprise this moment. 
      • In what ways are you not happy, not at ease, not feeling whole?
      • Check in throughout the day, the week, the month. Discover in each moment how your suffering shows itself. And in so doing you will discover the patterns of suffering that play throughout your moments. 
  • Recognize your methods to relieve suffering.
    • Everyone wants and seeks happiness. Where we differ is in the methods we believe will grant us happiness. 
    • What are your methods?
      • What do you do to make yourself happy? Does it last?
      • What do you look forward to every day?
    • The majority of our methods for happiness are more often than not methods to experience pleasure. Pleasure is pleasing but it is not lasting. And pleasure’s cessation is its own kind of suffering. 
    • If you examine this stuff thoroughly, you will notice that all of your methods for relieving suffering and experiencing happiness are never lasting. You always must seek these things again and again. 
  • Combine these into a motivation to seek full, complete, and lasting liberation from suffering and imbuement of peace, freedom, and happiness. 
    • Recognize that you always have an element of suffering in your experience. 
    • Recognize that your methods for freeing yourself from this suffering and experiencing happiness are limited and ineffectual. 
    • Develop this recognition into the motivation to practice an intentional path to be victorious over these limits. 


The next thing to examine is your use of intent. Even with the right motivation, how we intend to use it can be the limiting factor between success and stagnation. 

  • The only goals you are working toward are the ones you are working on now
    • Setting goals for the future, such as becoming enlightened, is important. However, working toward a future goal is delusional. 
    • What matters are the actions and activities you take now with the intent of making that future goal into the present. 
  • Therefore do not develop a habit of waiting for your intent to manifest.
    • Your practice is itself the manifestation of the intent. Again, motivation comes into play here. 
    • If you are drowning underwater, the intent to reach the surface and breathe is not something you work toward. It is a full-bodied clawing toward making that reality now
  • Hold no divisions and conflicting reservations. 
    • Intent works when it is whole and total. Like that drowning person, the intent to reach the surface and breathe fresh air is wholly undivided. The drowning person is not also tempted by watching TV, chasing after fish, or whatever. 
    • Thus motivation is what solidifies intent. The more you recognize your suffering and the possibility of being free from it, the more you will strive towards actualizing that now instead of satisfying yourself with distractions and lesser pleasures while waiting for a liberated future that will never transpire. 

With Motivation and Intent examined, aligned, and balanced, you will find the necessary energy to practice your path and the necessary clarity to practice it effectively, leading to the experience of a tangible result. These will lend great effort and focus to your meditation practice and spiritual path. 

Get it. 


Life Path 3 The Creative Extrovert

People with a Life Path number 3 have a very high level of creativity and self expression. This abundance of creative energy, and the ease with which they are able to communicate in all areas, both written word and verbal, could lead them to become a poet, actor, writer, artist or musician. In fact many writers, radio broadcasters, actors, singers, performers, and counselors share this life path number. 

Threes are optimistic, extremely generous and giving souls, and are able to find positive in everything around them. People like to be around them, not only because of these qualities, but also because Threes have a charismatic personality, are great listeners and are very conscious of other people’s feelings and emotions. They can easily put the people around them at ease and make them feel comfortable. 

Because they enjoy living life to the fullest, Threes tend to live life for today and not worry about tomorrow. They have a hard time taking responsibilities seriously, and probably aren’t very good with money, partly because they feel so positive about life they figure everything will work itself out fine. This can sometimes lead those with a Life Path of 3 to live superficially, have a lack of direction in their life, and procrastinate.

When they are hurt emotionally, Threes tend to withdraw and become moody, and can sometimes make biting comments to lash out at people around them. They can be manic depressive if they do not use their creative energy and tend to exaggerate the truth. 

Life path number 3 is a strong vibration, one of creative self expression, independence, playfulness, and communication. You have to be who you are. You are a joyful spirit, and probably talented, witty and charming. Don’t settle for the superficial, but use those qualities as ways to dive deeper into your own soul. 

Aim for a career that lets you express yourself. You could head for entertaining, but you would also be a great designer, jeweler, writer, or hairdresser. You’re good at seeing the overall structure of whatever you’re working on. Remain open-minded. Do the essential things first, then look for the frosting. Don’t be afraid to be ambitious 

What are Energy Channels?

Energy Channels are the paths that magical energy uses to travel throughout your body.. There are general energy channels that all of your energy runs along, but there are also channels specific for certain purposes.

 What are some purposes of energy channels?

  • Sending and directing energy
  • Receiving general and specific kinds of energy
  • Energy sensing
  • Spellwork-specific energy channels
  • “Clair” abilities (clairaudience, clairvoyance, etc)
  • etc.

Basically, if you can think of a magical ability, there is probably an energy channel for it. Note that individual energy channels can share multiple purposes too.

Channel Purposes Can Overlap

Channels may also interact/overlap with each other to certain ends, especially when there are multiple methods of doing the same thing. For example, tarot cards and scrying are both ways of conducting divination, and both use similar intuitive processes. So it makes sense that there would be some overlap between tarot and scrying energy channels, as both use intuition in a similar way.

How do energy channels develop?

Energy channels develop as you use certain abilities. For example, as you work on your clairaudient capabilities the energy channels used in those abilities will grow, strengthen, and develop. Development can include becoming larger and becoming more defined. Larger energy channels allow for better energy flow and more defined channels are generally able to process/direct energy better.

How long does it take for energy channels to grow?

New energy channels CANNOT be grown overnight, they take time to develop! Think of it like muscles; you can’t get super buff overnight after just one workout. Energy channel development requires rest. You must rest if you want your energy channels to grow. That’s actually why downtime in magic/spirit work isn’t a bad thing, you’re actually giving your channels a chance to grow without strain. Straining your energy channels by pushing yourself too hard can actually slow or stop development or make it so that the channels will develop inconsistently- which will just take more time to reset, defeating the purpose of rushing in the first place.

 However, the speed at which they develop can be increased greatly by an energetic attunement. Energetic attunements cause your channels to grow at a rapid pace, generally for a specific purpose, i.e. reiki attunements causing your energy sensing channels to develop and developing new channels for receiving and directing reiki.

 This time to develop is also why you wouldn’t have 248932977 years of experience of X magical ability because of past lives. While past lives with experience may make it easier to relearn certain skills, the energy channels used for those skills still have to re-develop in your current body, similar to how if you were a kung-fu master in a previous life you’d still have to rebuild your muscles and redo the training in this life.*

 How can I promote the growth of my energy channels?

  • Practice/actively work on the skill you want- that automatically promotes growth.
  • Rest- similar to muscles, channels grow when you are resting, especially with sleep.
  • Send energy to/through the channels to promote growth. This gives them the energy they need to grow.  
  • Get an attunement- An attunement is an energetic treatment that causes rapid growth/development in the recipient’s energy system.They can be used to let people access/direct certain energies or just to give the energy system a temporary “boost” in development.

What do energy channels look like? Where are they?

They can be anywhere in the body and can even extend off of the body. They generally look like tubes but can also look like rivers or small spiderwebs. They usually originate from a certain major point/chakra/center and extend outwards. Color can vary based on the being’s energy and can vary by the specific purpose of its channels as well.

 Channels based in the physical body may have specific functions based on where exactly they are located.  Therefore it’s best to be mindful of the channels already in place within that location; rather than try to add an entirely new function, it would be far easier to try and integrate complementing functions. For example, energy channels in the hands are generally much more adept at sending/receiving energy than, say, the channels in your large intestine. If you wanted to improve your skill at sending energy through growing your energetic channels, it would be better to focus on your hand channels than your large intestine channels.

 *Will likely be covered in more detail in a different post.

Energy channels are only one paradigm of using energy work to measure and affect other magical abilities. Obviously this isn’t the only way to develop one’s abilities, it’s just another tool that people can consider going forward.