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The truth is that even big collections of ordinary books distort space, as can readily be proved by anyone who has been around a really old-fashioned secondhand bookshop, one that looks as though they were designed by M. Escher on a bad day and has more stairways than storeys and those rows of shelves which end in little doors that are surely too small for a full-sized human to enter. The relevant equation is: Knowledge = power = energy = matter = mass; a good bookshop is just a genteel Black Hole that knows how to read.
—  Terry Pratchett, Guards! Guards!

Ask Ethan: What Surprises Might NASA’s Future Space Telescopes Discover?

“One of the primary science goals for WFIRST is to survey the sky out to very large distances to look for new type Ia supernovae. These are the same events that led to the discovery of dark energy, but instead of tens or hundreds, it will collect many thousands, and out to very large distances. And what it will allow us to measure is not just the rate of expansion of the Universe, but how it’s changed over time, to about ten times better precision than we can currently measure. If dark energy is different from a cosmological constant by even 1%, we’ll find it. And if it’s even 1% more negative than a cosmological constant’s negative pressure, our Universe will end in a Big Rip.”

We know what NASA’s James Webb and WFIRST are designed for, and we know what we expect to find. James Webb will be the largest space telescope ever, focused mostly on infrared observations probing exoplanets, star-forming nebulae, galaxy evolution and the first stars and galaxies in the Universe. WFIRST will be just like Hubble, except with better instruments and 100 times the field-of-view. But the best discoveries from Hubble were things like dark energy: things we didn’t expect to find! What might some of the surprises be – without hypothesizing radical new physics – that these two observatories might uncover? They range from signatures of exoplanetary life to being able to possibly falsify dark matter, and they’re all incredible.

Find out seven of the most tantalizing possibilities today, on this week’s astonishing Ask Ethan!


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I'm sorry, I can't hear you over my six pockets. Oh, what's that I have here? My wallet, phone and 3DS? All in a single pocket? Wow, cargo pants, that's amazing!

um, anyway, while the weight of your sins drags your pants down to your ankles, i’ll be over here, looking good and feeling good, Not wearing cargo pants and loving my life/self

It is known that knowledge is power, and power is energy, and energy is matter, and matter is mass, and therefore large accumulations of knowledge distort time and space. This is why all bookshops look alike, and why all second-hand bookshops seem so much bigger on the inside – and why all libraries, everywhere, are connected. Only the innermost circle of librarians know this, and take care to guard the secret. Civilization would not survive for long if it was generally known that a wrong turn in the stacks would lead into the Library of Alexandria just as the invaders were looking for the matches, or that a tiny patch of floor in the reference section is shared with the library in Braseneck College where Dr Whitbury proved that gods cannot possibly exist, just before that rather unfortunate thunderstorm.

– on L-space | Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart, and Jack Cohen, The Science of Discworld

So, this fricking thoughtform my friend made, seems to be born of damn negativity this guy was feeling for me at the time. And the thing knows me by name. 

“He knows your name and what you look like and he draws in energy [from me] when he knows you are there…”

Like. Fuck. xD