energy from space

‘We are arriving,’ Mantis said to the Guardians. Teenage Groot in a seat. They describe this place as 'dangerous.’ The body of Thor lands on their windshield. His hair is short. Rocket is startled. Mantis wakes him up using her powers. Thor is startled. All of the Guardians look at him, prompting him to ask who they are. The ship zips through the cosmos. Elsewhere, Wanda dodges some white energy, and it breaks a truck. Somewhere else, Loki stands in ruin, presenting the Tesseract to someone. Peter’s Spider-Sense takes off as he rides a bus. Tony prepares for battle. He is in space with the Guardians.

“Fun really isn’t something one considers when balancing the universe,’ Thanos said. 'This does put a smile on my face.’ Gamora looks on, terrified. The Guardians observe ruin in many places across Earth and the cosmos. Thanos warps into this new world. Star-Lord battles him. Strange battles him. Spider-man, in his new suit, battles him. Winter Soldier battles on Earth. Wakanda readies to defend their territory. Cap steps out of the shadows, bearded, with longer hair. Hulkbuster fights. Black Panther fights the four legged creature from Infinity. Thor’s head is squeezed by Thanos. Thanos pummels Iron Man in a fight. The Guardians are all defeated. Thanos has assembled the Infinity Gauntlet. He throws energy from a hole in space.


Infinity War footage that was shown at D23 [x]

Infinity War trailer description...

Avengers tower comes into frame. Clips from The Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Thor, Thor: The Dark World, Iron Man 2, and Iron Man 3 play.

“We are arriving Mantis said to the Guardians. Teenage Groot in a seat. THe body of Thor lands on their windshield. His hair is short. Rocket is startled. Mantis wakes him up. Thor is startled. The Guardians look at him and he asks who they are. THe ship zips through the cosmos.

Wanda dodges something and it breaks a truck. Loki stands in ruin, presenting the Tesseract to someone. Peter’s Spider-Sense takes off as he rides a bus. Tony prepares for battle. He is in space with the Guardians. "Fun really isn’t something one considers when balancing the universe,” Thanos said. “This does put a smile on my face. The Guardians observe ruin in many places.

Thanos warps into a new world. Star-Lord battles him. Strange battles him. Spider-man, in his new suit, battles. Winter Soldier battles. Wakanda readies to defend their territory. Cap steps out of the shadows. Hulkbuster fights Wakanda fight the four legged creature from Infinity. Thor’s head is squeezed by Thanos Thanos beats Iron Man. The Guardians are then defeated. Thanos has assembled his gauntlet. He throws energy from a hole in space.

Some Urban Witchcraft Things I Do
  • Using small shielding wards while moving in crowded spaces to stop people from entering my personal space, using it to get a space on the train while others try very hard to not be too close.
  • Being a regular customer at a coffee shop, where the barista knows your order, using that regularity and infusing it in the drink to ensure a smooth work day.
  • Tapping into the electrical energy of street lights, traffic lights, the tangles of power lines or the wire work embedded in the concrete. Tapping into it to feel the pulse of the entire city and how its as never-ending and expansive as nature and the cosmos
  • Borrowing energies from businesses, abandoned spaces and construction equipment for on-the-fly spells. (Once I used a buzz saw being used for a building renovation for a shield spell)
  • Pausing at florist displays to communicate with the small fresh spirits living in the cultivated potted gift plants, their energies foreign in the space.
  • Meditating on public transit, buses and trains, tapping into the circuits they run, the power that sustains them, and the thousands of people constantly on and off them.
  • Meeting eyes with the birds who brave the city streets, connecting a kin-ess of survival under such unnatural conditions. 
  • Marking sigils in the crook of my elbow in sharpie after designing them on the receipts that are tangled in my pockets.
  • Recognizing the glamor in mundane objects in stores, items being charged by desire and brand recognition by those who handle them, recognizing the residual affect it has on you after touching it.
  • Instinctively finding green spaces and specific plants you enjoy (for me its lavender, I can smell it from a block away) and having a mental map of where to pilfer powerful plants from city gardens. 
  • Feeling the spirit of the city, all the energies of thousands of people and history and industry only -just- covering the nature that existed there for millennia before it, feeling all this as you walk through the quiet dark streets in the early morning hours. 

Odd’s shield (2D)

Void-based Magic

If the void is the absence of energy, then someone who’s ability or personality is more aligned with void than any other element would be more like a energy vampire, or a psychic sponge, someone who can take energy from one thing, space, location, whatever, and absorb it. Void magic is usually used in conjunction with dark casting, either fueling a spell or being the main blade of a curse, draining life, happiness, or any other kind of energy from its source. Void work can also be used to siphon negativity, to purge oneself of useless or non-constructive thoughts and feelings.

Also, the idea that the void is empty of magic is incorrect.
The void is the source of all that we are, where all magic and the One Soul once lay together, feeding off each other.
Now that the One Soul has split into the collective conscious of Humanity, magic has spread itself to each and every one of us equally, with some showing more talent for utilization than others.

From the void, we have all that makes up the underbelly of human emotion, greed, hunger, anger, lust, all of it. What the seven deadly sins stood for, and where the seven heavenly virtues come from, it’s all the same thing: a summation of the void.


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As always this is a compilation for @someleakerguy . THESE ARE NOT MY OWN LEAKS. ONLY A COMPILATION.

Take these with a grain of salt, but the warning is there in case they turn out to be true.








White Diamond:

• Killed pink diamond with Rose’s assistance.

• Her gems are revealed to be similar to secret police.

• First appearance in season 5.

• Eldest living diamond.


Pink Diamond:

• Her gems shards are scattered and currently in the possession of many gems, including Pearl, Lion (in the chest), and Blue Diamond.

• Is the youngest of the diamonds.


Blue Diamond:

• Is extremely angry regarding pink diamond.

• Her change in color palette reflects her stress and grief over losing pink diamond. The changes most obvious are her hair turning white and her skin de-saturating.


Yellow Diamond:

• Remains angry at Rose Quartz and is too afraid to be angry at White Diamond.

• Has not forgotten about the cluster.



• Reforms in season 5 (gains a star).

• Remains on earth for the upcoming war.

• All peridots cannot shapeshift.

• The number of sides to a peridots hair indicates their rank.

• Era 1 peridots are taller, more muscular; have thicker necks, and have powers similar (but not equivalent to) limb enhancers.

• Peridots have three subclasses, our own belongs to one of these.



• Reforms in season 5 (gains a star).

• Has a planned song.

• Likely will never fuse again.

• Leaves earth temporarily to avoid the war.

• Lapis Lazuli gems have subtypes.

• A corrupted lapis will be one of monster gems in season 5. It will scream a lot.



• Reforms in season 6.

• Has the key to the chest in Lions mane.

• Originally belonged to white diamond.

• Our pearl is considered slightly defective (oval gem), but not enough to be shattered.

• New pearls will be shown.

• Our pearl was originally completely white, but changed her coloration as an act of rebellion.

• We will see her origin story further expanded within the show.

• Blue pearl has history with the rebellion.



• Has an upcoming song



• Will attempt to heal more corrupted gems with little success in season 6.



• Jasper will return in season 6.

• She will be partially healed similar to centipeetle.

• When she learns the truth about pink diamond, she will defect and “go rogue.”

• The two standard cuts for Jasper are basic bevelling and smooth.

• Our Jasper can never fuse again until she has been fully uncorrupted.



• Lar’s being healed will revert him to an animal like state in season 5 and 6, and will be healed later on.

• He will return to earth mid season 6.

• Lars is now essentially immortal.

• Lars is canonly trans (ftm), and possibly the only canon trans character.


Off Colors:

• Will return to earth with Lars mid season 6.

• Light interaction between Rhodonite, Fluorite, and Garnet.

• Rhodonites pearl and ruby will be shown seperately.

• Rutiles are created to be navigators.



• The chest in lions mane will be unlocked in season 5.

• Lion is not initially present due to having ingested an irritant leaving them unable to create portals. There will be an episode focused on healing them.


Rose Quartz:

• More fusions between Rose Quartz will be revealed.

• Rose Quartz workers originally staffed the zoo.

• A Rose Quartz functioned both as a medic and a warrior.

• Our Rose Quartz assisted in Pink Diamonds shattering by leading her to White Diamond.

• The flashback will show all the Rose Quartz gems being bubbled.



• The emerald from the Lars of the Stars arc will defect as a rebel once losing her ship to Lars in order to save herself. She does not go to earth, however.

• The emerald from Lars of the Stars subtype of emerald function as ship captains and crew.

• Centipeetle is a subtype emerald, a trapiche emerald to be specific

• Centipeetle and her crew will return in season 6.


New and Misc Gem Types:

• New gems will include: More agates (including an onyx and honey agate), more pearls, more rubies, another carnelian, new peridots, citrines, two tourmalines, emerald, more topazes, morganite, a pink sapphire, and Jadeites.

• Though none are explicitly planned to be on screen, there are non-fusion versions of current fusions gems (garnet, rainbow quartz, etc). They look and function very differently than the fusions themselves do.

• There are 6 subclasses of non-fusion garnets: uvarovites, andradites, grossulars, pyropes, almandines, and spessartites.

• Ambers are a servant class similar to pearls, but are not shown off. They are not currently planned to be shown on camera.

• Citrines are an elite quartz gem, despite being roughly as powerful as a typical quartz.

• A true carnelian is created to be a destructive soldier.

• Jadeites design homeworld uniform standards.

• Topazes are bounty hunters.

• Topazes are made in pairs.

• Aquamarines function as scouts.

• Morganites are upper aristocracy in gem culture.

• Nephrites function as ground troops.

• The heaven and earth beetles gems were very important.


Future Plot Points:

• The characters from the human zoo will make a reappearance.

• Mystery Girl will make a reappearance.

• The bubbled Rose Quartz’s will be addressed in season 7.

• There will be a new opening sequence.

• Peridots manager will be shown, and is a high ranking peridot.

• The cluster will be touched upon again.



• Blue Zircon will come to earth following the arc of Pink Diamonds murder.

• Bismuth does not return in season 5 or 6.

• Multiple homeworld colonies will be revealed.

• The diamonds are currently fighting a war against a different alien species, which is contributing heavily to the resource crisis.

• The diamonds will declare war on earth, but not attack due to lack of knowledge on their enemy and dwindling resources.

• Smoky quartz returns, and learns to set their yo-yo on fire.

• Corruption is caused by the diamonds singing a specific song in unison.

• The diamonds will accept and learn that Steven is not Rose Quartz.

• A gems cut may differ based on location and the gems size. Ex. Jaspers nose gem.

• Singular (nonfusion) garnets exist, and look very different from our garnet.

• The reason the off-colors from the zoo aren’t shattered is because Blue Diamond doesn’t want to destroy gems that belonged to pink.

• The diamonds do in fact combine into a ship (torso and head for white, arms for yellow and blue, and legs for pink).

• Gems brittleness does not affect its status.

• All gems can store items within their gems.

• Diamonds can be poofed.

• If a gem makes minor changes to their form during regeneration, they are easier to maintain.

• Gems can make minor alterations to their coloration.

• Some gems have an innate weapon. These can only be slightly altered at will but can be upgraded physically.

• A gem can have multiple pearls if they are earned.

• While there are no male gems, some gems will be voiced by male voice actors as some gems have “male” voices.

• All the diamonds keep a court.

• Earth actually has 3 kindergartens.

• The third kindergarten, alpha, has not been shown yet. It was primarily made to create Rose Quartz gems.

• Gems emerge with a level of instinctive knowledge as well as programmed language. If no other information is programmed, this is all they emerge knowing.

• A gems actual gemstone absorbs radiant (light) energy from the space around it as a source of “food.”

• The orb from the moon base acts as an amplifier for light and sound. It helped amplify the corruption song.

• Mr. Smiley is canonly gay.

• With enough practice and training, any gem could technically be as powerful and diverse as the CG Rose Quartz.


Known Gems with Subtypes:

Quartz, peridot, lapis lazuli, garnet, and emerald.


Known Gems without Subtypes:

Sapphire and ruby.

What we know about dark energy:

All of the matter in the universe, such as atoms, electrons, and dark matter (an unrelated subject), take up only about 32% of all the energy in the current observable universe. The other 68% goes to dark energy; a mysterious force that fills up all of space, and is driving the expansion of the universe.

When Einstein wrote his theories of relativity, he believed we lived in a perfectly static world; it never began, it will never end, and it will always stay the same size. In order to make this work mathematically, he introduced a mechanism that would balance out the force of gravity: the cosmological constant. However, when Hubble discovered that the universe was expanding, Einstein threw out this idea, calling it his “greatest blunder.”

At the time, people expected that the expansion of the universe would be slowing down, since gravity pulls things together, but it seemed as if the expansion was actually speeding up! Not only were distant galaxies receding away from each other, but they were receding away faster and faster, against the known laws of gravitation. The only way we can explain this without sacrificing Einstein’s laws of gravitation was to again reintroduce the cosmological constant, but altering it slightly to beat out gravity instead of just balancing it.

So, what exactly does the cosmological constant mean? Essentially, it means that empty space actually has some energy in it, inflating it like the surface of a balloon. Since this energy comes from space itself, it acts as a feedback loop; dark energy creates more space, more space creates more dark energy, which means even more space, and so on. And yes, this does mean that energy is not conserved, which is actually allowed in general relativity. Still, you can’t use this energy in any useful way.

While the cosmological constant is the most likely source of dark energy, it’s not the only candidate. Other theories, such as quintessence and moduli, are similar to the cosmological constant, but are allowed to change throughout space and time. Because these theories would look so similar, it’s difficult to tell which one is correct. But whatever dark energy is, it determines the ultimate fate of our universe.

Energy Clearing And Infusing

A couple of weeks ago I met up with my Master Teacher over lunch and we had some rather nice discussions, most of which centered around spirit working and clearing of energy from spaces. She was telling me of how she was called to a business that was struggling with some spirit activity, and it was deemed necessary to have it cleansed. She told me how she found that there were some spirits being held under the abusive control of another spirit there, and she had to banish that entity and allow the other spirits to leave. Once that had been done, she said she sealed the area off to prevent the negative entity or any like it from entering while she purified the space from the held energy within the walls of the building. While she did this, she infused the area with a new energy, telling the space what energy it would now hold and resonate with. This was a step that I had not thought of in any of the cleansings I had done. Naturally, when she finished, I asked her about this step, because it intrigued me, and this is what she told me:

“The universe cannot stand voids. Where you banish an energy, especially a massive amount that has been held for so long, you have to put something back in there. You have to tell those walls, that space, what you want it to resonate with, or that energy you just banished will come right back in, or more like it can later on down the road. You have to give it a new memory and a new vibrational frequency to permanently seal off that area, otherwise you have a reoccurring need to continuously cleanse the area because it will always attract what it formerly had.”

That is a key point that I more or less overlooked, and in part because I thought it was an unnecessary step. I figured I had the shields and walls all around the spaces I have created, so why bother? Whereas that method does work as well, it gets tiring because I have to be the one to keep up that high level of maintenance. It leaves little energy left over for me to do my other energy workings, and that I find tiresome. In fact, later that same week I had to tell some spirits to leave because I was too tired to work with them. I had a wicked migraine setting in and just did not want to deal with any visitors that night. Around that time I figured I had nothing to lose in trying that method I had just learned from my teacher, so I did a heavy cleansing of my space, followed by the infusion ritual. In this, I lit an herb blend along with my candles, called in the cast of beings I wanted to host for this ceremony, and filled the space with the new energy I wanted the room to vibrate with, while sealing it off from what was unwanted. From time to time I will reinforce the herb energy infusion with another lighting of the blend, but for the most part, it maintains well! An oil based infusion of those herbs is also in the works, which will be great for multiple uses.

What effects has this had, you might ask? Good question! This has afforded me a better reserve of energy since I no longer have to expend as much of it cleansing and re-cleansing or continually having to re-fortify and affirm safeguard shields on the room, as the infusion takes the brunt of the work for me. I have a better mood because I do not feel as tired and drained, and when I do hit a mood slump, I have more of my own energy to put toward the needed work to correct the issue as it arises. More energy means more enthusiasm which is also why I am now able to write more, so I have been at my art more and keeping better track of my own progresses in my journals again. I also find I am getting better sleep and this is in part due to the infusion type I have chosen to use. The air of the room is far better, and that is owed to the fact that the room truly does resonate with that energy I requested of the herbs, and it is a marvelous thing. It has never been more relaxing and inviting, and even the entities I invite for the ceremonies seem to enjoy it more. I know I cannot keep my pets out of there, that’s for certain.

As with all things I write, take what resonates with you, leave the rest at the door. There is no right and wrong, there is just what works best for you, and what you feel most comfortable and at home with.

Bright blessings!

~Starlight Silver

*Note also: This was done with crystals and their energy as well as that of the elements/elementals and other spirits that were invoked during the initial process of cleansing and infusing. Many lent their energy to this process, so when you do this, use the energy of what/whoever you think will bring you the best result or the greatest harmony for your space. This is customizable, hence the lack of a list of things used. Use as many or as little as you want. Go on your own intuition, because what was intuitively right for me may not be what resonates best for you. Use your inner wisdom and guidance to find your right blends or specific processes. It is far better to decide for yourself, and far more personal when you do, and that tends to be more potent in my opinion than taking my word for it alone.

anonymous asked:

i feel drawn toward the pagan and wiccan way of life, and have the opportunity to go to a local "pagan town" that sells a lot of wiccan/witch requirements. which things are essentials i should buy first? thank you so much for the advice, i rly love and admire ur blog! :-) 🐇🌙

How exciting, have a good time on your trip! You definitely don’t need to use all of these, but here are some options and ideas for popular Wiccan and witchy tools to keep an eye out for:

  • Altar - the working space for magick and a place for storing magickal tools, as well as a devotional space for deities. Can be any flat surface
  • Altar Cloth - decorative and protective cloth, often covered in spiritual symbols, for draping over the altar
  • Athame - a knife that is used to cast a circle, used for ritualistic purposes and never used for cutting in the physical realm. Represents masculine energy and the element fire
  • Bells - used to mark passages in a ritual, used to signify the beginning and the end
  • Besom - witch’s broom, used for sweeping negative and unwanted energies from your space
  • Boline - a single-edged, curved knife used in the physical realm for cutting or harvesting 
  • Book of Shadows - a book containing spells, rituals, recipes, and experiences in magick
  • Bowls - for storing things, such as salt for your earth representation
  • Candles - associated with fire and air, lend extra energy in spells and rituals. Often used to represent the four elements on the altar. Each color is used for a different invocation in magick
  • Cauldron - a heatproof container that symbolizes femininity and fertility. Used for brewing potions, scrying, and for burning incense, herbs, or other spell ingredients
  • Chalice - used for holding drink for usage in rituals. The opposite of the athame as it represents feminine energy and the element water
  • Chords - used for binding, such as in handfastings or knot magick
  • Crystals - used for energy storage, enhance the power of spells
  • Deity Representations - usually figurines of the god and goddess will be present on a wiccan altar, but candles can be used instead of or in addition to figurines as well
  • Divination Tools - tarot cards, oracle cards, runes, ogham, crystal balls, scrying mirrors, and much more are often used by witches and pagans
  • Essential Oils - used to enhance spells, have their own energies just like herbs
  • Feathers - represent the element air, often used for dispersing smoke from the smoke cleansing stick
  • Herbs - ingredients for spells and potions
  • Incense - symbolizes the element of air, used to cleanse energy 
  • Mortar and Pestle - used for preparing and mixed herbs with your intent and energy for use in spells
  • Pentacle - a symbol which blesses and energizes items that are placed on it, represents air
  • Salt - often used to represent the element earth on the altar
  • Shells - often used as offering dishes or ash trays for a smoke cleansing stick, represents water
  • Smoke Cleansing Stick - a bundle of dried herbs (usually white sage) used for cleaning out negative energies, represents air
  • Wand - used to direct energy during a ritual, represents air 

Hope this helps! 

Common Magickal Tools & Their Uses

Athame - Fire - Traditionally, a black-handled blade (much like a dagger) used to invoke entities, cast circles, and channel energy. Modern uses include trimming herbs, cutting cords for knot magick, and carving symbols into candles.

Bell - Air - Traditionally silver in color; used for cleansing, banishing negative energy from a space, or designating the beginning and end of a spell.

Broom - Air - Crafted from wood and twigs or feathers; used for both physical and magickal cleansing.

Cauldron - Water - Traditionally cast-iron; commonly used for brewing potions, burning herbs/incense/oils, or even holding candles.

Candle - Fire - Traditionally placed on an altar to represent deities but can be used to represent intent or to channel a specific energy based on color or scent. 

Censer - Air - Used to hold and dispense burning incense.

Chalice - Water - Traditionally used to hold wine but can be used to hold any liquid to be consumed during a ritual or spell.

Pentacle - Earth - Commonly seen as the center-piece on some altars; said to give the space increased magickal energy.

Staff - Air - Can be crafted from wood, ivory, and various metals, and adorned with an orb or crystal at the top to accent its inherent power; used to direct/channel energy; a larger version of the wand.

Sword - Fire - The larger version of an athame; used to direct/channel energy on a greater scale.

Wand - Air - Can be crafted from any material and decorated with various crystals and metals to accent its power; used to direct/channel energy.

compiled from my personal grimoire - not for redistribution 

What  plants can be used for smudging /healing?

‘Sage’ of (all kinds), cedar, juniper, sweet grass and lavender are plants that are used to make ( sticks) (smudging bundles) for removing negative energy, from  spaces, sacred items and also for healing.

With all the energies moving in and around your home its a great time to set the stage with a quick cleansing. Smudge the entryways and corners with sage, sweetgrass, juniper, or cedar. You can also asperge (sprinkle) with salt water moving counterclockwise from one room to the next. As you work repeat the following:
May the winds inspire you
earth protect you
water heal you, and
fire always warm the hearth
As you move through the space, clap your hands to disperse old, stagnant energy, then use a bell or rattle to welcome fresh, sacred energy. If you have one or more sleigh bells, they’re perfect for this Midwinter cleansing.

Since it is believe, in many cultures, that the plants we use to burn and purify ourselves provides us with access to their soul and power, it is essential that people ask  permission before gathering these plants. To take only what you need without damaging the plant and give thanks for what  you take. ‘My advise is to learn how to grow your own ‘healing plants’ and then use them however you wish’. (Recently I was given some  fresh picked ‘Juniper and cedar’ sticks. they smelled so awesome and I like using them in my house for cleansing)… 

‘Remember if you do not pick these plants yourself, know that someone else did that for you and that you could still give thanks for the life of those plants and the people who did pick them’.  Smudge is not an incense.   Don’t buy smudge sticks from health food stores or from anywhere that you can’t be sure the sacred plant was not treated respectfully  from seedling to harvest, as these are sacred herbs/plants. Please don’t abuse the plant.

image: source from my stumbleupon gif  (2008)

Secular Magic: Energy Sources

anonymous asked:

If you have the time/energy/desire, could you explain a bit about secular witchcraft, a la a beginner’s guide. How do you charge spells/sigils/etc without a deity, how secular magic works, etc. Thanks!

I haven’t written a proper post in a while, so I’m taking this opportunity to get really into it and ramble on about things. Yay!

Warning: UPG and personal opinion abound.

We all know that witchcraft isn’t inherently religious - it can be performed just as successfully as any magical path that also happens to mingle with deities. It is also definitely possible to be religious and still practice secular magic; you just wouldn’t incorporate your religion into your magic, invoke your deity’s power, that sort of thing - they remain separate. The flavor of the magic / energy used in secular magic versus non-secular magic is a bit different, in my opinion, based off the sources you draw from - even individual sources of energy in secular magic still have their own vibrations and “best used for’s.

Before I get too into it about what these methods actually are, please note that while I’ll do my best to list as many as I can think of, the energy sources I will be listing here certainly aren’t all of them. This list is not extensive, as people are constantly finding new sources of energy to fuel spells with, and methods to utilize the more “common” energy sources in new ways.

The main source of energy for secular magic, in my opinion, is from one’s own body, our intents and desires and wishes. (This is not the only one, just the one I think gets utilized the most / the “default.”) We generate the energy required for the spells within ourselves, by summoning up the emotions and vibrations that match and fuel our intent, and then pushing them out into the spell. This is particularly strong in regards to cursing, if you happen to do them - you need to summon up all the anger and mean / hurtful feelings towards your target and use it to fuel the curse / redirect that energy to the target. This isn’t the only example of emotional magic, just the one that came first to mind.

Not only that, but think about what our body actually does! Blood is always pumping through our veins, our heart is always pounding, muscles are almost constantly flexing and exerting energy, synapses in our brains are firing. Think also about the physical energy we get from eating, or the heat and energy generated from exercise, even as simple as walking. All of those things can be drawn upon in spells and used to fuel magic.

The energy for secular magic can also be pulled from the world around us, environment wise. Some people do actually worship or revere the elements, as well as the planet, but that wouldn’t really fall under secular witchcraft anymore. It is still possible to utilize the energy from our environments in spells in a non-religious / -worshiping context, however. For instance, a lot of times that witches use their own energies for spells, they find they are drained, and then draw up energy from the earth / ocean to replenish themselves (a.k.a. a form of grounding). This can also be done before spellwork to ensure that you don’t suffer from the ever-possible energy drain from putting too much into your magic. Energy is drawn from storms, the ocean, even snowfall. The elements each have their own associations and energy vibes as well, and can be used individually, or drawn from all at once to encompass as much area, energy-wise, as possible.

Energy can be pulled from a bit further from home, too. Space witches draw their power and energy from the entire universe, from the planets and stars, from the infinite possibilities of space. While some do worship space (as @cosmic-witch speaks of in their post about [Astrolatry]), that isn’t necessarily in order to draw energy from the cosmos. I feel like people do more space magic than they think of. Items can be left to charge in sunlight, cleanse in moonlight; each of the planets have their own correspondences as well. 

In the case of drawing energy from the environment, or space, some people do tend to leave offerings as a sort of thank-you or attempt to give back what they took. This doesn’t necessarily equate to worship or drawing from a deity, but more honoring the source of the energy, or even trying to replenish what they may have taken by giving something back. (Some people do see these things as having spirits, but that doesn’t technically count as deities? :p)

Energy for spells in secular magic can also be drawn from objects. We know of the stereotypical herbs, candles, crystals, etc. These ingredients are so popular and commonly used because they have been used for a long, long time. And for good reason - each has its own vibration of energy, a different feel and purpose to its energy that can be drawn on and manipulated for use for our own purposes. They have proved time and time again to provide excellent fuel for magical workings. They also come in such a wide variety of types and intents, that allow for a huge range of work to be done for each. (Think of how people say rosemary is the go-to herb to replace one you don’t have, or quartz for crystals, white for candle colors, etc.)

Pulling energy in from external sources can also be considered a magic of its own. Just pulling in to you a certain frequency / “vibe” of energy can be enough to have an affect. For example - holding on to a piece of amethyst and feeling its calming energies flowing into you to help soothe anxiety.

In my opinion, anything that can generate energy, can have that energy channeled into magic. This includes electronics. The way I like to think about it, is every object is technically vibrating, some more than others, on a molecular level. That is the power that I think I draw on when I practice magic. Electricity is still a form of energy, and whether or not you channel it from a natural source (storm witches and lightning), or a “produced” source (teach witches and power sources like plugs or generators). These sorts of sources are still absolutely valid for drawing energy from.

Again, though, each source of energy will have different sorts of vibrations and feels to the energy, and you might find that certain energies are better suited for certain types of magic or intents. For instance, I feel that using the body’s natural energy (from blood pumping and exercise, etc) is best used to charge sigils drawn on the body. Herbs and crystals are best combined, I have found, or used in conjunction with other methods. Experiment, try out different sources of energy, see which ones you like best, which feel best to you, which might work best with different intents, etc. See if you can discover any sources of energy I haven’t mentioned here, or tweak some that already exist. Possibilities are limitless. :)

I wanna make a sidenote here, not necessarily exclusive to secular magic, but just magic in general. Some say that things “natural” from the earth or universe are the most potent for energy / spellwork, and should really be the things that you go for to use in magic. Along this train of thought is that organic herbs are better than dried / processed. Not true. While the energies might be different (if anything maybe slightly more potent at best, but not enough to matter in my opinion), that doesn’t mean that alternatives will not work as well - heck, maybe even better. Everything that has an association with it - imagery, symbolism - those things can be drawn on and used to fuel or contribute to a spell in some way. Your personal connections to certain things are super potent energy-wise as well, which can make a well-loved plastic charm more suited for a calming spell than one you don’t like made of rose gold.

Tl;dr - the energy for secular witchcraft comes from many sources, ranging from yourself to the environment, and from the natural world to the man-made one.

I hope that covered this topic enough, or answered your question adequately anon! I know it was a long post, but I felt it deserved it, and I also feel I was a bit slacking on my posts lately. 

Again, this list is not complete or extensive in any way, but are just some of the energy sources that I feel are pretty common or well known, and also the ones I could think of at the time of writing this post. My opinions bout what I wrote here may change over time; however, this is how I currently feel on the topic. Feel free to agree or disagree - after all, witchcraft is unique to everyone who practices it, and you are allowed your own opinions (as am I, writing this heavily opinionated post, lol), even if they differ from the masses. Feel free to break out, try something new, prove me wrong, whatever you wanna do - your craft, your choices. :D

Spell to Banish Negative Energy, and Bring in Positive Energy






-light blue candles

-yellow candles

-a jar with a lid

-optional: clear quartz to help amplify positive energies


1. light the candles in front of you

2. fill your jar with the herbs

3. close your eyes and imagine positive energy being emanated from the candles, pushing the negative energy from the space, and the herbs banishing it from the room

4. say the words

positive light fill up my room

empty it of all negative gloom

banishing herbs, exile the bad

and no more darkness shall be had

5. now imagine the positive energy filling up the jar of herbs, and seal it

6. blow out the candles when you are ready

7. place this jar somewhere in your room to help keep the negative energies at bay. I like to keep mine over my bed, or near my door.

Some Helpful Runes (optional):

Algiz: can be worn to assist while doing rituals for banishing negative energies

Sowilo: the rune of the sun. It enhances the users power/strength and ability to work with energies

Fact: All Aromantic, Asexual, and Agender people have the ability to harvest energy from Fractal Space-Time using the area around them.  Those who are Aromantic, Asexual, AND Agender have achieved a terminology density which allows them to sustain temporary black holes to tap directly into Fractal Space-Time at a single point.  It is hypothesized that this is the reason “Triple A’s” do not require sleep.

anonymous asked:

How does dragon's blood work for you in terms of cleansing? Like what does it specifically do? Sage allegedly clears out ALL energy from a space, bad and good, while palo santo supposedly clears out only the negative while simultaneously attracting the positive.

dragon’s blood not only cleanses but protects and banishes negativity 

The Aries Witch ♈ Easy ways to cleanse your sacred spaces!

Burn sage and dragon’s blood incense.
Smudging is one of the oldest and fastest ways for how to remove negative energy from your home.Open your front door and the windows in the house. Starting from the back of the space, light the sage and walk around the room covering as much of it as you can. Using a feather or feather fan, waft the sage smoke into the corners of the room up to the ceiling. Make sure to go into every room as you move from the back of the house to the front. When you’ve reached the front, walk out the door and sage around the door and frame. Then, leave the sage outside to allow it to burn off. Afterwards, light dragon’s blood incense and walk through the home again. With so much negative energy in today’s world, this wards off that energy on a deeper level.

Salt the corners of each room.
Pour salt into the four corners of your rooms and let the salt sit for 48 hours. This will absorb the negative energy of previous owners, if you are just moving in, or the negative energy of people who are sick or fighting. After the 48 hours, either vacuum or sweep the salt and throw it away. For extra protection, grind up saffron and mix it in with the salt. In Tibetan tradition, evil energies do not like the smell of saffron, so they won’t enter a space if saffron has been used.

Protect your entrances.
Your entrances and windows act as entrances for energy to enter your home from the exterior. Keeping these areas purified is essential for maintaining a healthy energetic environment. Fill up a bucket of water, and add the juice of five lemons, a cup of salt and ¼ cup of ammonia or white vinegar. Clean all of your doors, doorknobs and windows in your space— don’t forget to wear gloves. This is especially powerful for when people have entered your home or when there seems to be a lot of chaos in the world outside of your home. Afterward, pour sea salt by all your entrances to your home under a doormat to prevent the energy from entering.

Grid with protection crystals.
Black tourmaline absorbs negative energy from both people and things. The best way to use black tourmaline is to place a piece in each corner of a room. Doing so builds a protective shield of to prevent negative energy from entering your space. It also absorbs electromagnetic energy, so keeping it near your Internet router, television, computer, and other devices protects you from their harmful energy. Black tourmaline eases anxiety and depression, so holding it in your hands can pull the negative energy from your own body out. Cleanse these protection crystals once a week to ensure they stay powerful by placing them in a bowl of filtered water and putting them in the sun for at least 4 hours. You can also immerse them in the smoke of burning sage.

Add sound to your space.
If you think about a haunted house, an image of a deserted house might come to mind. This quiet space attracts negative energy and other spirits, which is why sound is a powerful cleansing method for the home. Walk through your home with ringing a bell, chime or singing bowl to prevent negativity from dwelling in your space.

anonymous asked:

So dragon's blood gets rid of negative energy and forms a sort of barrier to prevent it from returning? Does this barrier stop only negative energy from coming into the space or all types of energy? And any positive (and neutral) energies that are already in the space simply stays put?

it’s meant to dispel and protect against negative energy

Destiny Exotic Lore: Vex Mythoclast

This weapon defies all known rules of space, time, and matter itself. Found within the Vault of Glass, it has been somehow crafted for human use, despite the fact that the Vex would have no need for such a weapon. It appears to be a modified version of the Vex Slap Rifle which can fire more powerful bursts of energy at a fast rate. Although technically classified as a Fusion rifle, the Mythoclast is more of an auto rifle, able to mow down targets with the greatest of ease. It is unknown exactly how the weapon works, but it is thought that its energy comes from time and space itself, acting as a sort of faucet for energy released by the Big Bang that can be directed to destroy any target. It appears to create its own energy from nothing, breaking one of the most fundamental rules of science. In fact, some say that the weapon is a sign that the Vex will either become subservient to humanity or that the Vex will control humanity, citing the fact that the weapon is crafted for human hands, yet is clearly from far in the future. Still others say that the weapon is actually a physical tap directly into the Vex network, possibly manifested in reality by a rogue element of the Vex central intelligence. Such theorists also claim that this rogue or rampant strain of the Vex net may also be responsible for the apparent abandonment of Mercury by the Vex, and may be limiting the progress of the Virgo Prohibition against the Cabal on Mars by scrambling commands sent to Axis Minds by the central mainframe. If this weapon is another product of a rampant strain, it is in the best interest of humanity to make contact with such a strain and ally ourselves with it. However, it is very possible that doing so could prove disastrous for the entire universe. Theories for what this possible rogue element could be range from a remnant of whatever created the Vex to the Golden Age Warmind of Mercury, who could’ve gone rampant. The Vanguard highly discourages speculation on such subjects, but it happens anyway.


  • The Ishtar Collective may have gathered data on this weapon and its function and inner workings as part of their Infinity Initiative in the late Golden Age, leading to the development of Pocket Infinity
  • The weapon is forged from the same materials as active Vex in the Ishtar Sink and is considered an active, if non-sentient, part of their neuro-electronic network.
  • The name Mythoclast means “Destroyer of myths”
  • This is the only Vault of Glass weapon not forged by Kabr or a member of the Lost Legion.