energy for ppl in my life now

I was tagged by the very lovely @rosemiu so thanks b!🌞
Rules: answer 10 questions and tag 10 ppl
1. what was the last movie you saw? silver linings playbook for the 3rd time :“) love that film
2. last song you listened to? the grrrooviest song ever aka PYT by Michael Jackson
3. last show you watched? some baking competition show lol I don’t really watch shows much
4. last book you read? I haven’t finished it yet but ‘no matter the wreckage’ by Sarah Kay (lol the girl goes hardcore with metaphors I get so lost)
5. last thing you ate? a veggie burger : ))
6. if you could be anywhere right now where would you be? hawaii probably, or in the mountains somewhere in a cozy cozy cabin
7. where do you want to travel? I’d like to travel to anywhere outside of Southeastern US actually!! Iceland, NYC, Japan, Greece, St. Petersburg, Italy, France, Romania, South Africa, Portugal, California, Maine, the list goes on..
8. fictional character you’d hang with for a day? Harley Quinn or Miss Honey or Belle ❤️❤️
9. favorite animal? tigers, cats (specifically mine), deer, horses, goats, cows, dogs
10. favorite thing about yourself? I like that I read energy and that I’m passionate and understanding.

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I hope you’re all having a peaceful day🌺🌴 :)

lmao @ hamfans getting all worked up over the bootleg……but for the wrong reasons

Okay so we all kno bootlegs r wrong. I personally havent seen the boot, but mostly bc i dont trust NONE of u mfs saying “just message me and ill give u the link :)” cause fr youre probably sending ppl viruses and shit as “”“”“revenge”“”“”. Either way, i dont plan on seeking this bad boy out bc ive been wasting all my energy trying to find a way to illegally download all of the life of pablo, but i digress.

Now that thats all out of the way, can yall tell me just WHY youre so up in arms about a boot that maybe 100 ppl tops have seen since this thing is so under-wraps? Bc if its actually bc u believe in supporting the artist and respecting their wishes, thats okay! As long as youre not a complete dick about it!! You guys r straight up telling ppl “ur not a REAL FAN. youre a terrible, disgusting excuse for a human being!!!! My biological father lin manuel miranda will hear about this!!!”

Im not even making this shit up ive been scrolling thru the “hamilton bootleg” tag for ten minutes. Okay the last part was made up but the point stands.

Its all so EXTRA its almost funny. Ppl are actually losing SLEEP over this??? But why?

Anyway, thats only for those of you whose intentions are pure, who mean what they say and say what they mean. Yeah, imma guess that a couple of you have seen the show live, but i wont hold it against u if thats TRULY to ur deepest CORE how u feel bc u rly rly RLY respect the artist and have never illegally downloaded anything ever.

But thats not most of yall, is it?

Like I said, boots are BAD, and tbh i feel like u rly shouldnt be watching one until the shows been out for a while. BUT if u watch one, who am i to shame you? Im currently watching a N2N boot, its lit.

Buuuut to the folks that r getting all preachy about “respect” when they say literally a sentence earlier “Usually im totally for bootlegs of shows, but idk hamiltons just different to me!” like ??? Why? Ask yourself why hamiltons soo special to be put on a higher plane of reverence? Is it bc its creator is so active on social media? If so ok?? U like him, ok thats good! But ur saying that all the other writers that toiled away on the other shows ur okay with bootlegging dont matter? Miss me with that shit.

Regardless some of u got soooo bent outta shape about it and wanted the ppl who were circulating the link around to S U F F E R so much, that u went out of ur way……to report the boot……to him……lmao

I mean you guys didnt want lin to see it…..but then kept reporting it to him like children…..what is the truth??? Yall want him to know about the bootleg or not??

But another thing, you guys cant get all hung up on respect when yall rly be on this website talking about how much dick u think lin can take, knowing FULL WELL that he sees things! He knows things! He got eyes everywhere yall how u think he found out about the bootleg so fast (aside from folks telling him)? Like im not bout to kinkshame yall cause ive proposed to leslie odom jr at least twenty times, but honestly……some of it is Too Much. You think a bootleg is gonna hurt his feelings? But what about if he were to stumble upon two teenage girls talking about him sucking off daveed diggs–i cant believe i just wrote that sentence look @ what yall made me do.

Not trying to offend anyone who is honestly upset about this whole situation, bc like i said its ok to be! just dont take it out on other ppl?? and dont be hypocritical about it idk

At the end of the day, theres more important things in this fandom to discuss. For example, yall still out here fetishizing the FUCK out of this cast omfg. Pls stop. A separate post will be made about this later.

tl;dr yall can keep popping off bc i love discourse but imma just b over here HAVING A FUCKIN BLAST BABY

People who are no longer in my life

are indifferent to me. Aside from my loved ones who may have passed away of course. But those who were once a part of my life and no longer are, are gone for a reason. Exes, old friends, maybe even some family members. And I don’t care. It takes a certain amount of effort to be in someone’s life. Keeping in touch, making time for each other, being able to be there for each other, caring about them and all that jazz. For all those who have drifted out, or even those who I have cut out or vice versa, I find them irrelavent. Not saying I wish anything bad upon them. Just that I don’t have any care in the world for them. If by chance we become friends again (not applicable to any exes) then yay. If not then yay still. All the people who are here now and here to stay are the only ones that matter to me. Period.