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Magnets. What kind of magnets should he get? Where should he get them from? This had taken on the air of a quest now, a quest Tarantulas certainly didn’t understand but somehow held significant meaning. 

He took his time contemplating the riddle, not wanting to rush Prowl right away for fear of frightening him - of course Prowl would anticipate how eager he was to see him again, but Tarantulas had to retain some sense of dignity in the matter.

He ended up snatching a handful of these in a variety of colors and carefully tucked them away in his subspace. As a belated thought, he left a few credit chits in their place, knowing Prowl would be disappointed in him if he hadn’t done so. He begrudged the sacrifice, but admittedly he could make up the lost shanix in no time if he absolutely needed to.

Approaching the jail cell in the same fashion as he had the last time, Tarantulas snuck through the energy field and dropped to the floor, transforming and mass shifting on the way down. Still a dramatic entrance, but he made sure to momentarily drop his attention deflectors to clue Prowl in on his presence.

::You really oughtn’t snoop on other people’s conversations, Prowl. It’s generally considered rude, last time I checked.:: A wry squint of his visor.

Barbara Ann Brennan - Energetic Defense Systems, “Light Emerging”, 1993.

The Human Energy Field is the manifestation of Universal Energy that is intimately involved with human life. It can be described as a Luminous Body that surrounds and interpenetrates the Physical Body, emits its own characteristic radiation and is usually called the Ťaurat. The Aura is that part of the UEF associated with objects. The human Aura, or Human Energy Field (HEF), is that part of the UEF associated with the human body. Based on their observations, researchers have created theoretical models that divide the Aura into several layers. These layers are sometimes called bodies, and they interpenetrate and surround each other in successive layers. Each succeeding body is composed of finer substances and higher vibrations than the body that it surrounds and interpenetrates.

Sixth Sense: Science Begins To Explain How We Sense Electric Fields

Scientists are starting to figure out what is going on inside our cells when we sense electrical fields. Reiki, energy healing, yoga, qigong, chi and many other spiritual and healing practices are strongly based on feeling energy flowing through living things.

All living cells have electrical fields and many different animals are able to sense and react to electrical fields. Even human cells will move in response to an electric field during wound healing.

This led a team of researchers to wonder what was actually going on inside of our cells to detect these energy fields.  Min Zhao from the UC Davis Institute for Regenerative Cures has led a team of researchers in discovering the first “sensor mechanism” inside living cells that can detect electric fields.

We have “Electric Senses”

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When seeing yourSelf, Source Being, alive in every Being you encounter, know that this same essence has the same heart, filled with aches and pains, joys and sorrows, triumphs and failures as you. Look for any opportunity to connect and relate with them to lighten them or touch them.

Remember you have access to your heart field which extends 8 feet in the shape of a torus (donut) around you. Imagine this field interacting with others, communicating joy, love, empathy, peace, and togetherness as it mingles. It does not matter if you cannot see it. Science has proven it’s existence, so now it is up to you to sense it. Know it is there and play with it. Know that what you are directing your heart field toward with intention is actually occurring.

This also happens in prayer at a level beyond space and time, and so touches those you focus upon. Magic? We are powerful beyond our wildest imaginings.

-Kari Star -

”When we fell—and it was like a fall—we were in an uncontrolled spiral of consciousness moving down through the dimensions of consciousness. We were out of control, and it was very much like falling through space. When we arrived here in the third dimension, certain specific changes took place, both physiologically and in the way we functioned in the Reality. The most important change was in the way we breathed prana, a Hindu word for the life-force energy of this universe. Prana is more critical to our survival than air, water, food or any other substance, and the manner in which we take this energy into our bodies radically affects how we perceive the Reality. In Atlantean times and earlier, the way we breathed prana was directly related to the electromagnetic
energy fields that surround our bodies. All the energy forms in our fields are geometric, and the one we will be working with is a star tetrahedron, which consists of two interlocked tetrahedrons [Fig. 1-1]. Another way of thinking of it is as a three-dimensional Star of David.”

— Drunvalo Melchizedek

Barbara Brennan - The Seven Layer Auric  Body System, “Hand of Light”, 1987.

The human Energy Field (a.k.a Biofield, Aura or Subtle Body) is comprised of several layers of Energy. They are commonly known as the Physical Etheric, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies, PEMS for short. Diagram above shows the Physical Body and each of the 7 Energy layers around it:
1. Etheric (slightly off the Physical Body)
2. Emotional
3. Mental
4. Astral (1st of 4 Spiritual layers)
5. Etheric Template (more subtle 1. Etheric)
6. Celestial (more subtle 2. Emotional)
7. Ketheric (more subtle 3. Mental)

These layers vary in depth, energy and frequency at any given moment in time. They fluctuate in response to our physical health, thoughts and feelings. Thus they are dynamic and ever-changing. The Energy Field (Aura) is usually regarded as a diagnostic tool, with various machines out there that “record” the colors of the Energy Field. Those trained in this modality use this color map as a way to determine what is “wrong” with someone. However, the Energy Field itself can be used as an Energy pathway, using various Vibration Energy Medicine therapies to access and treat the Subtle Bodies. Most people do not know how to work with the Energy Field, but it is a powerful access point for working with the whole human Energy System.

Right Use of Energy

When we first encounter psychic phenomena, altered reality or ecstatic spiritual experiences it changes our energy field. Where once we were locked into a “what we see, hear or feel is all there is” paradigm, we now experience a more fluid multidimensional reality.

We may not have invited this perspective into our lives. Or, we may have taken substances to deliberately alter our reality, or perhaps we have invited these experiences through practices of meditation, yoga or other spiritual techniques.

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What is magic?

Magic can be defined as energy. Everything in this universe is made of energy, including not tangible matter like thoughts. This energy behind matter comes from the atoms (protons x electrons).  These atoms vibrate with the movements of the protons (positive) and electrons (negative). 

Each type of object, person, thought will have a different vibration which means a different energy. Also this will have a color that matches that type of vibration.

The creative force in everything on the universe is in the energy of those little atoms.

How can humans manipulate magic/ energy?

The human mind is composed of:

  • Subconscious: this is the deeper level of mind. Everything that happened during a person’s life, all feelings, memories, past life, ancestor memories, knowledge, awareness of everything that is happening around, instincts are in this part. Dreams happen in this level. Intuition comes from this. At this level as the person is aware of everything that is happening around, it includes other people’s thought, feelings, body language.
  • Consciousnes: This is the part you are using right now. It’s the awareness of what you need to know. The awareness of what you are focusing now. While you may be receiving many informations at the same time, your brain filters only the important information for you conscious, otherwise we would all go crazy.
  • To manipulate magic: it’s necessary first to believe which is changing your perception (focus) to that, like opening a door of your conscious to access your subconscious. In other words it’s working the muscles of brain to enlarge the filter between these parts. Then it’s necessary to be in contact with this deeper knowledge that comes from within (subconscious). By meditation, dreams, visualization technique one can strengthen the energy field enough to know handle energy for the purposed expected.
  • If everything that you think is energy, and it is real in the mind realm, that means to achieve something one should create enough energy that matches or is greater the energy of what is desired.
  • An example would be disease. It’s no hard to find testimonials of people who have been healed from disease just by the power of mind, also called as the placebo effect. A sickness means that the energy of that particular region is unbalanced. So what happened was that the energy created by the mind of a person was greater then the unbalanced energy on the region of the disease.

Everything is energy, including you. The field of energy around your physical body forms your aura.
Every thought, feeling and
experience you have affects the vibration of this energy field.

Everyone, everything–even each place–has an energy field. It is possible for you to become aware
of these vibrations. Practices like spiritual healing, learning how to meditate, and developing psychic awareness all support you in becoming conscious of energy.

First Level of the Human Energy Field

Within this level you feel all physical sensations, painful and pleasurable. There are direct correlates between the energy flow, field pulsation, and configuration in the first level of your field and what you sense in your physical body. Whenever there is pain in your body, there is a direct correlate of dysfunction within the first level of the auric field.

Robert Becker, M.D., performed experiments that showed that a local anesthetic given, say, to make your finger numb so that you can have stitches, stops the stream of subatomic particles flowing along the sensory nerves of the finger. When the energy flow resumes, you are then able to feel again. I have observed the same phenomenon in the auric field. Numbness correlates to no flow of energy along the lines of the first level of the field. When a healer works to start a flow of energy there, the feeling sensation returns.

The first level of the field tends to be fine, thin, and of a light aqua-blue color for quiet, sensitive people. It is thick, coarse, and a darker blue-gray for strong, robust people. The more you connect to your body, take care of it, and exercise, the stronger and more developed the first level of the field will be. Athletes and dancers tend to have a very highly developed first layer. It has more lines of energy, they are thicker, more elastic, more charged, and bright blue.

If your first level is strong, you will have a very strong, healthy physical body and enjoy all the pleasurable physical sensations that go with it. This includes the pleasure of feeling your body, the feelings of vitality, of physical activity, physical contact, sex, and sleeping. It includes the pleasures of tasting, smelling, listening, and seeing. This means you will most likely continue to use all the functions of your first level, thereby keeping it charged and healthy. Using it will tend to recharge it.

On the other hand, if you don’t take care of your body, your first level will also become weak, the lines broken, tangled, or undercharged. They become thinner and sparser in the parts of your body that are the least cared for.

If your first level is weak, you will experience your physical body as weak and will not like to connect with all the pleasures of sensation associated with it. You will then tend to keep it weak from lack of use. Most likely you will be connected to some of the lines of energy but not to all of them. In fact, some won’t be experienced as pleasure at all. Rather, you will experience them as something you have to put up with. For example, you may hate physical activity of any kind. You may love to eat, but not to be touched. You might like to listen to music, but not to have to eat to keep your body going.

Second Level of the Human Energy Field

The second level is associated with your feelings or emotions about yourself. Every energy movement there correlates to a feeling you are having about yourself. Bright colors of cloudlike energy are associated with positive feelings about yourself. Darker, dirtier shades are associated with negative feelings about yourself. All colors can be found in this level. These clouds of energy flow along the structured lines of the first field level.

If you allow the feelings about yourself to flow, whether they are negative or positive, the aura keeps itself balanced. And the negative feelings and the negative energies associated with your feelings are released and transformed. If you stop yourself from having emotions about yourself, you stop the flow of energy in the second level that corresponds to those emotions. And your second level becomes stagnant, eventually creating undercharged, dark, dirty clouds of various colors related to the inexperienced feelings toward yourself.

Wilhelm Reich, M.D., called bioenergy orgone energy. He named the undercharged energy found in the field on the unstructured levels DOR, or “dead orgone energy.”

The dark, stagnant clouds act like stagnation in other parts of your body. They clog up the system and disrupt healthy functioning. This stagnation will also eventually cause stagnation in the fist and third levels of the field, which are adjacent to it. Most of us do not allow all our feelings about ourselves to flow. As a result, most of us have stagnated energy in our second levels and have interfered with our health to varying degrees.

If the second layer is strong and charged, you enjoy your emotional relationship to yourself. This means that you have a lot of feelings about yourself, but they are not bad. It means that you like and love yourself. You enjoy being with yourself and feel comfortable with yourself. If both your first and second levels are charged, you will love yourself and feel good about yourself when you are also enjoying all the physical pleasures that your body brings to you.

If your second level is weak and undercharged, either you will not have many feelings about yourself or you won’t be aware of them. If your second level is charged but is dark and stagnant, you will not like yourself, possibly even hate yourself. You are holding down the negative feelings about yourself, so you may be depressed from disliking yourself.

Third Level of the Human Energy Field

The third level is associated with our mental or rational world. The lines of structure in this level are very delicate, like the finest thin veil. This level’s light lemon-yellow energy lines pulsate at a very high rate. (Its brightness, fullness, and energy flow along standing lines of light that correspond to our mental processes and our states of mind.) When this level is balanced and healthy, the rational and intuitive mind work together in harmony as one, and we experience clarity, balance, and a sense of appropriateness. When the first three levels of our field are synchronized, we feel self-accepting, safe, and appropriate and have a sense of personal power.

If your third level is strong and charged, you will have a strong, clear mind that serves you well. You will have an active healthy mental life and be interested in learning.

If your third level is weak and undercharged, you will lack mental agility or clarity. You will probably not be very interested in academics or other intellectual pursuits.

When our thoughts are negative, the pulsations in the field are slower, the lines become dark and distorted. These “negative thought forms” are the form that corresponds to our habitual negative thought processes. They are difficult to change, because they appear to be logical to the person experiencing them.

If your first and second levels are weak and your third is strong and energized, you will tend to be someone who lives more in the mind than in your feelings or body. You will be much more interested in problem solving by reasoning things out than by considering your feelings in any decision. This will automatically limit your life experience.

Negative thought forms are also squeezed into action by stagnated emotions from the second and fourth levels just adjacent to them. In other words, when we try not to feel negative emotions about ourselves (second level) and/or about another person (fourth level), we stop the energy flow in the second and fourth levels. The energy flow in the third level then becomes distorted by this “squeeze.”

Another way to understand this is to remember that the natural state of energy is constant movement. When the movement of energy is stopped in the second and fourth levels in order to stop negative emotions, some of that momentum that moves into the third level causes mental activity. The activity is distorted because it is not free to move naturally and it is squeezed in by the energies just below and just above it.

I think the habit of maintaining negative thought forms is supported in our culture. It is more acceptable in our society to have negative thoughts about people and to malign them behind their back, than it is to express negative emotions to their face. We don’t have an appropriate model in which to do this. It would be much more appropriate to look inside and find the negative emotions we have toward ourselves. Usually, we have negative feeling toward another because interacting with that person evokes some sort of negative feeling toward the self.

Fourth Level of the Human Energy Field

The fourth level of the field carries our whole world of relationships. From this level, we interact with other people, animals, plants, inanimate objects, the earth, the sun, the stars, and the universe as a whole. It is the level of the “I-Thou” connection. Here are all our feelings about each other. The energy of the fourth level seems thicker than that of the second, even though it is a higher vibrational level. In contrast to the energy of the second, which is like colored clouds, the energy of the fourth is more like colored fluid. It too contains all colors.

If the fourth level has undercharged energy, or what healers call energy of low vibrations, this energy will be experienced as dark, thick, heavy fluid. I call it auric mucus. It acts just like the mucus you accumulate in your body when you have a cold. This auric mucus has a very strong negative effect on your body, causing pain, discomfort, a feeling of heaviness, exhaustion, and eventually dis-ease.

The energy of the fourth level can be extended across the room to another person. Whenever two people interact, either overtly or covertly, great streams of colored fluid-like bioplasma reach out from each to touch the other’s field. The nature of the interaction corresponds with the nature of the energy-consciousness of these energy streams. For example, if there is a lot of love in the interaction, there will be a lot of sweet rose energy that flows in soft waves. If there is envy, it will be dark, gray-green, slimy and sticky. If there is passion, the rose will have a lot of orange in it, with a stimulating effect. The waves will be faster, with higher peaks. If there is anger, it will be harsh, sharp, pointed, penetrating, invasive, and dark red.

The fourth level contains all the love and joy, as well as all the struggle and pain, of relationship. The more we interact with someone, the more energetic connections we make with that person.

If you have a strong, healthy, and charged fourth level, you will tend to have a lot of strong good relationships with others. Your friends and family will make up a big and important part of your life. You may like to be around people a lot and may be in a human service profession. Love and your heart are foremost in your life.

If your fourth level is weak and undercharged, your relationships with other human beings may be less important to you. You might be a loner. You may not have many intimate relationships with people. If you do, you may have trouble with them and feel that relationships are more trouble than they are worth. You may feel overwhelmed by others because many people will have a stronger fourth level than you, so your field literally gets overpowered by the energy in their fourth level.

We are born with cords in the auric field connecting us with our parents and ourselves, much like the umbilicus. These cords develop, as the aura does, through the stages of childhood development. These cords represent our relationships with each parent. Each is a model of how we will continue to create relationships to either the men or the women in our lives. Each new relationship develops more cords.

The first three levels of the aura represent the physical, emotional, and mental experience of our world in the physical body. The fourth level of relationship represents the bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. The higher three levels represent our physical, emotional, and mental experience of our spiritual world. They are the template for the three lower levels. That is, the seventh level is the template for the third level, the sixth is the template for the second, and the fifth level is the template for the first level. Each higher level serves as a pattern for the corresponding lower level.

Every living being is far more than a physical being. Every living being is also an energy being. Each individual is composed of a system of energy fields which interact with each other and the environment they interpenetrate. The universe is permeated by these fields and a human being can be thought of as a localization or concentration in the universal field. The Taoist call this field the Tao. The Buddhists call it Brahma. Local fields not only interact with the universal field, but they interact with each other. Each thought, emotion and action can be viewed as an energy discharge radiating from a localized field, i.e. a person’s personal energy field. The focal point from which energy radiates into the universal field we experience as “self.” Our personal energy field “self” as well as everyone else’s personal energy field resides and receives nourishment from the universal field. That is why on the inner levels we all are connected to one another.
—  Keith Sherwood