energy drink monster

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five things you’ll find in my bag
i. spare earphones
ii. spare charger
iii. chewing gum (anxious stimming = chewing)
iv. a book probably
v. my wallet / money

five things in my bedroom
i. fairy lights
ii. monster / energy drinks
iii. books
iv. photos
v. a mess of chargers and earphones

five things i’ve wanted to do in life
i. go to as many concerts as possible
ii. travel (boring i know but i really do)
iii. meet one person who’s inspired me
iv. learn how to play the bass guitar
v. try hard drugs (i’m kidding i just ran out of things to say)

five things that make me happy
i. my soulmate @panpartypoison
ii. my friends
iii. dogs and cats
iv. music
v. those nice feelings you can’t describe when you’re with your best friends in the whole world

five things i’m currently into
i. all time low (dirty laundry saved my life)
ii. making videos! i’m hoping to start a youtube channel soon
iii. journaling
iv. soya milk (it’s great and no i’m not vegan)
v. maintaining my aesthetic

five things on my to-do list
i. study more (it’s my final year of school before uni)
ii. get my eyes tested
iii. get glasses
iv. fix my sleeping schedule
v. buy new fairy lights

five things people may not know about me
i. a few years ago i had serious issues with an eating disorder
ii. i’m extremely insecure about everything
iii. i’m a very sentimental person
iv. i’m either apathetic or empathetic, i have no happy medium (this counts for all emotions tbh)
v. nothing makes me happier than spending time with my friends, even when i’m in the most awful mood



i wanted to draw the bros growing up together, riddled with my redhead glasses headcanons (and sebastian only ever being taller than sam once in his life)

So is no one gonna mention the fact that Kellin Quinn literally walked on the red carpet trying to catch a fucking Pidgey, wearing the “only clean shirt he has” left from Warped Tour bc his mum was late and couldn’t bring him clothes, and drinking water out of a Monster energy drink can like wtf Kellin you unorganised fuck

A Conversation

“So the new James Bond is a black man.”

“Oh, okay. Well, as long as he works for MI-6…”

“Oh, no, he’s gone rogue. He works for himself now.”

“…alright. Well, he still wears a tuxedo–”

“No, no, he’s strictly business-casual.”

“He uses a Walther PPK?”

“No, hates guns. He only uses martial arts and weaponry improvised out of everyday objects, like Jackie Chan.”

“Drinks a martini, shaken, not stirred?”

“Monster energy drink.”

“Drives around in an Aston-Martin?”

“No, a Vespa.”

“Works with M, Q, and Moneypenny?”

“Francis, Phil, and Jo-Jo The Talking Dog.”

“This really doesn’t sound like James Bond at all. Seems like a completely new character. I don’t think he should even be called James Bond.”

“Wow. Racist.”

What your Overwatch main says about you:
  • <p> <b>Genji:</b> 14. Think you're hot shit. Maybe a weeb. 1v1 mE fUckEr.<p/><b>McCree:</b> Your name is Chris. Going to school for engineering.<p/><b>Phararah:</b> Either a very dedicated person or shitty.<p/><b>Reaper:</b> //Welcome To My Twisted Mind//<p/><b>Soldier 76:</b> Two open monster energy drink. likes Eminem.<p/><b>Sombra:</b> We are anonymous. We are legion.<p/><b>Tracer:</b> Gay. Kind. Gay. Excited to be here. Gay.<p/><b>Bastion:</b> Probably a nice person. Owns a bird.<p/><b>Hanzo:</b> Owns a bunch of knives.<p/><b>Junkrat:</b> *Google search* can you legally buy dynamite<p/><b>Mei:</b> Voted Trump.<p/><b>Torbjorn:</b> Is a nightmare person from the void.<p/><b>Widowmaker:</b> 20-45 year old man. Stuck to the chair currently.<p/><b>D.Va:</b> You're a divorced dad and you miss your daughter.<p/><b>Reinhardt:</b> Kind of looks like your dad, huh?<p/><b>Roadhog:</b> Now she's with that tough prick from the bar.<p/><b>Windston:</b> I'm not upset, not at all.<p/><b>Zarya:</b> Strong, like you're mother.<p/><b>Ana:</b> Why did you take her Jennifer!<p/><b>Lucio:</b> Either helpful or aggressive. Has a soundcloud.<p/><b>Mercy:</b> Mommy issues. Just wants to help.<p/><b>Symetra:</b> Owns security cameras.<p/><b>Zenyatta:</b> Dude, you gotta hit this.<p/></p>