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Who you should fight: RVB Freelancer edition

Connecticut: Shit man I mean??? Why would you?? She’s just trying to do what’s right and she saw how fucked up pfl was so like. Leave her alone??? Do not fight Connecticut.

Carolina: holy fuck man do you really think you can live??? She’s a badass and could kill you??? Also like she’s been through enough, she lost practically everyone just. Fuck. Do not fight Carolina.

Florida: haha. Dude. You did see this guy like. Pull a fucking hatchet out of his shoulder and keep fighting, right? Why would you think this is a good idea. Also like he’s so good to everyone and super positive even tho he could kill you in like three seconds?? Do not fight Florida.

Georgia: Don’t. He’s already pretty much the joke aboard the MoI (“You don’t wanna end up like Georgia!”) and he got flung through space I mean. If you want to punch him go for it but. Be nice. Do not fight Georgia.

Idaho: You can punch Idaho. But only once. Any more than that and you’re just cruel. Fight Idaho.

Iowa: Fuck you pal!!! Why would you want to do this!!!! Leave Iowa alone!!!! Do not fight Iowa!!!

Maine: HAHA. WOW. You’re really considering this, aren’t you. First of all, ask yourself this: WHY??? Why in god’s name would you want to fight Maine????? Fuck!!!! Not only is he super tall and probably buff as shit, he’s a huge nerd and has been through enough!!! If you wanna punch someone punch Sigma!!!! Leave Maine alone!!!! DO NOT FIGHT MAINE!!!!!!

North Dakota: North once shot a guy in half. He also uses two sniper rifles at the same time like what the fuck is with him?? What is with this unnecessary dramatic flair?? Why is he such a nerd??? Punch North once. Right in the got damn face. Fight North.

Ohio: Why would you? Girl’s just trying her best to get noticed. She’s a huge nerd but I mean there’s nothing wrong with that and she owns it so?? I mean, on the other hand she might be into being punched? There’s that whole thing with Sherry so? Fight Ohio?

South Dakota: Holy FUCK!! WHY?? South could kick your fucking ass!!!!! Do not!!!!! This has bad idea written all over it!!!! Do not fight South!


Utah: I mean….I guess?? Idk he almost suffocated when he got the domed energy shield so I mean? Maybe don’t? If you want to tho I won’t stop you. Do not fight Utah?

Washington: Fuck!!! You!!! Leave Wash alone!! He’s done a lot of shitty stuff in the past but at least he’s working toward doing not as shitty things!! He’s a pretty cool dude who lost all of his friends!! Leave Wash alone!!! Do not fight Washington!!

Wyoming: Fuck with that mustache literally who wouldn’t want to. If you want to punch Wyoming I won’t stop you. Fight Wyoming.

York: He’s already dead!!!! Stop!!! He may have really bad pickup lines but just!!! Don’t!!!! He just wanted the best for his friends!!! He’s a nerd!! That’s why he was paired with Delta—THEY’RE BOTH HUGE FUKCIN NERDS!!!! Do not fight York!!!


Sergeant John Forge:

Sergeant John Forge (Service Number 63492-94758-JF) was a veteran non-commissioned officer and an infantryman in the UNSC Marine Corps. Although he excelled in tactics and combat, his repeated acts of insubordination caused him to receive three demotions, with infractions such as fighting with an officer, (which resulted in 2.4 years in jail time), and striking a superior officer. He sported an ace of spades playing card attached to his left shoulder pauldron, and also carried a combat knife he named “Lucy.”

Early Life:

Born on Earth on May 29, 2501, Forge’s life revolved around the military. His family lineage had been a part of the military for generations, dating as far back as World War II. He joined boot camp at the minimum age 16, where his superiors remarked there was “something special” about him. Forge and his wife fathered a daughter, Lucy Orion “Rion” Forge, around 2525. Although John’s marriage was strained even before the birth of his child, he and Rion would always remain on good terms.

Forge worked a stint as a military policeman on Mars and did some “grunt work” on Epsilon Eridani IV during the Insurrection. However, he hated policing and jumped at the chance to be assigned to Fort Marshall.

Forge was arrested twice during his service. His first arrest was for directly disobeying orders and disorderly conduct. Even though his actions saved four members of his squad, Forge spent a total of 2.4 years in prison, an infraction that removed any chance of moving through Officer Candidate School or even progressing beyond the rank of sergeant.

His second arrest occurred around August 17, 2530. Forge’s then-five-year-old daughter, Rion, and her aunt Jillian were waiting for John in a bar when Lieutenant Prosser started making sexual advances on Jillian. When the lieutenant made a suggestive comment toward Rion, Jillian struck Prosser, prompting him to shove her against a wall. At this point John arrived and confronted the lieutenant. They engaged in a fist fight, with charges brought upon the sergeant. However, Rion proclaimed her father as a hero and all charges were dropped, where he was later reassigned to the UNSC Spirit of Fire by Admiral Preston Cole himself. Spirit of Fire’s commanding officer, Captain James Cutter, came to trust Forge so thoroughly that he granted the sergeant a degree of authority significantly exceeding that afforded by his rank.

Reclamation of Harvest:

In February 2531, Spirit of Fire was sent to assist the crippled Marathon-class heavy cruiser UNSC Prophecy in the Epsilon Indi system. Captain Cutter ordered the Prophecy’s navigation database and survivors to be recovered, sending Forge and multiple Marine fireteams on board the vessel while Spirit of Fire engaged several Covenant ships. Forge’s Pelican dropship was hit by enemy fire and crash landed on the Prophecy’s hull. Forge and Team Lima breached and boarded the Prophecy, whereupon they were attacked by Kig-Yar Rangers. Forge’s ankle was broken during the engagement. With the guidance of Serina, Spirit of Fire’s AI, he was able to find the a terminal to recover the ship’s black box and wipe its navigation core while the rest of Team Lima rescued the ship’s survivors. Serina warned Forge that the Prophecy’s AI may “act peculiar” due to high radiation levels.

Upon scanning his retina to gain access to the terminal, Forge was halted by the ship’s AI, FitzGibbon, who explained he could not allow him to enter due to the latter’s poor service record. Forge reminded the AI of the Cole Protocol, stating that he was aboard the vessel to ensure the protocol would not to be violated. FitzGibbon then reluctantly allowed Forge into the terminal room and enabled radiation repair routines. Forge purged the navigation database and returned to the Pelicans as FitzGibbon activated Prophecy’s self-destruct sequence, which soon scuttled the ship. After the Marines and Forge escaped with the survivors, they were taken to Spirit of Fire’s medical bay. When Forge asked how the survivors were doing, Serina told him that they would all soon die due to all of them suffering extensive radiation poisoning. Forge was angered by the AI’s indifference towards the survivors and comforted them in their final moments, believing that even if they would soon be dead, they were still people and so deserved better.

Forge was sent to the surface of Harvest on his first mission to scout out Covenant activity in the northern polar region of the planet. He drove through Quadrant 4 to find a battalion of Sangheili that an AV-14 Hornet squadron had spotted earlier. Reporting the Covenant activity to his superiors, as to how the aliens had found a a Forerunner structure buried within the ice, he returned to the overrun UNSC Alpha Base, and helped organize scattered Marine units along the way. Forge and his rag-tag assault force were able to retake Alpha Base a short-time later. Before the Relic was demolished by the Covenant, the Forerunner site is captured by Forge and Marine forces. Professor Ellen Anders was then sent to the planet’s surface to personally investigate the relic, and Forge reluctantly escorted her inside.[14] He was present when Anders activated a Forerunner holographic projection of a star map, and protected her when they were ambushed by a team of Sangheili warriors. Spirit of Fire then evacuated most of her ground troops, including Forge, and set course for Arcadia, a UNSC colony planet to which the star map had pointed.[12]


After arriving at Arcadia, Forge was among the first UNSC troops to set foot in the besieged capital of Pirth City, where he aided the evacuation of civilians aboard three cargo vessels. When the civilian transports took off, Forge and his men abandoned the besieged city and fell back to the outskirts. There, he took part in the destruction of a nearby Covenant base, assisted by Spartan teams Red and Omega. He also participated in the battle to destroy a Covenant energy dome which was protecting an unfinished Type-29 Scarab. After a short battle, the UNSC forces succeeded in destroying the Scarab. While he and Anders were surveying the area, Arbiter Ripa ‘Moramee ambushed them. Forge was swiftly defeated and was about to be killed, until Anders stopped the Arbiter by agreeing to go with him without incident. After Spartan Red Team’s unsuccessful attempt to stop the Arbiter from escaping, they immediately retreated back to the Spirit of Fire. Spirit of Fire then made a slipspace jump in pursuit of 'Moramee’s retreating vessel.

Shield world:

After Spartan Jerome-092 recommended destroying 'Moramee’s ship and killing Anders rather than let classified information fall into Covenant hands, Forge confronted the Spartan. The altercation resulted in a broken chair, a seal malfunction on a bulkhead and a stern interruption from Serina. From then on, Forge and Jerome always ate together in the mess hall.

Upon arriving at a mysterious planet, Forge was sent to the planet’s surface, where he and his forces encountered the Flood. It was soon discovered that the world was not a planet at all, but a Forerunner shield world. Immediately following this revelation, Forge was put in charge of the evacuation of the Spirit’s ground troops and the decontamination of Flood from the ship’s dorsal surface. By chance, he came upon the recently escaped Ellen Anders in the shield world’s interior and escorted her back to the Spirit of Fire.

Forge was then put in charge of the strike team that would deliver the Spirit’s Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine to the Apex Site; the SFTE had been rigged as a bomb to destroy the shield world and deny its armada of Forerunner dreadnoughts to the Covenant. Atop the Apex, he once again faced 'Moramee in battle, while the Spartans of Red Team eliminated the Arbiter’s comrades. Although Forge was nearly killed, he overcame his foe at the last minute by tricking the Arbiter to look him in the eye, and then stabbing him in the neck with his prized combat knife, “Lucy”. He then picked up the Arbiter’s energy sword and drove it through the Sangheili’s stomach, killing him. As Alice-130 rolled the Arbiter’s corpse off the platform, Jerome examined the engine, realizing that it had been damaged in the fight.

When it became clear that the damaged slipspace drive would have to be detonated manually, Forge realized that the Spartans would play a far greater role in the war than he ever could. He volunteered to take the FTL drive into the shield world’s artificial star. Forge gave the Spirit’s crew the time they needed to escape the hollow planet and then detonated the drive, sacrificing his own life, but dealing the Covenant a massive blow in the process.


Spirit of Fire was declared lost with all hands on February 10, 2534, though many bereaved family members refused to accept the official statement. On his deathbed, Forge’s father encouraged Rion to keep up the search for the truth regarding the ship’s disappearance. Rion spent the ensuing years seeking closure for her father’s disappearance, eventually becoming a scavenger. In January 2557, she followed a series of leads that pointed to the log buoy Spirit of Fire had dropped at Arcadia, which in turn took her to the remains of Shield World 0459. There she encountered what remained of the former caretaker of the facility, a fragmentary ancilla she later dubbed “Little Bit”, which provided her the trajectory Spirit of Fire had followed when escaping the shield world.


Another shattering explosion shakes the small building you’re in, and you fall against the wall from the force of it, ears ringing and vision doubling. “Come on!” you yell over the noise, taking the young boy’s arm and continuing to lead him down the hall. 

This mission went to hell real fast. It was just supposed to be a simple capture, but the man you were trying to capture ended up having a small army at his disposal. A small army with guns and explosives. 

God, you hate Middle-Eastern missions. 

The citizens are either all for you, or pitted against you. This time, it’s mostly the latter. It’s been yours, Pietro’s, and Wanda’s job to clear a small hospital of all citizens, and you and the boy are almost to the exit.

Pietro stands at the end of the hall, just outside the exit into the street, waving his arms frantically. “This place is going to fall any second!”

At his warning, a large, cement crack appears in the ceiling above you. Eyes widening, you swing the young boy up into your arms and run faster. You’re only about twenty feet away. But then chunks of the ceiling begin to fall, and you know you have to make a choice.

Grimacing, you use your telikinesis to propel the screaming, crying boy down the last ten feet of the hallway. You don’t have the chance to see if Pietro catches him, or even if he makes it past the doorway, because suddenly the ceiling caves in. You raise your arms above your head, creating a dome of energy around you that propels the falling cement away. 

Good news: You’re safe for the moment. Bad news: You’re trapped. When the ceiling caved in, it blocked all of your exits. You lay coughing on the dusty ground, with only ten feet of space to move about in. The ground shakes every so often with more explosions, and you hear gunfire outside.

Outside, Pietro sets the young boy down and runs to the new pile of rubble that was the doorway. 

“(y/n)!” You hear Pietro’s panicked voice call from outside. “(y/n), can you hear me? God, please be okay, please-”

You stand up slowly, inspecting your surroundings for a way out. Any way out. “I’m fine, Piet. But I’m trapped. I can’t get out.”

A huge explosion that feels a lot closer than the other ones rocks the building. Tears form in your eyes as more dust and silt get in your eyes and cloud the tiny space your in. You cough. “Pietro, you have to get out of here.”

“I’m not leaving you.” His muffled reply is almost instant. “I’ll go find Wanda, and she can-”

“There’s no time.” Tears well up in your eyes as you realize that you are going to die. “Pietro, you have to go. Save yourself, please. Please, for me.”

“No. I’m not leaving you. I’m never leaving you, (y/n).”

For a Lost Daughter (Adult Faith AU): Part 12

Part 12 of For a Lost Daughter (Adult Faith AU) is below! 


♡ Bonnie

Notes: this story takes place in an AU where an adult Faith comes back into Jamie and Claire’s lives around the time of Voyager. There are a few points at which I intentionally take some liberties with the dates and years on the canon timeline for sake of the story. 

Also, for this section in particular, it’s worth mentioning again that a lot of my “special powers of time travelers” stuff is based on nuggets Diana reveals/teases in The Space Between. 

General spoiler alerts for Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager, The Space Between, and more.

Catch up on the story so far

SECTION ONE, Daughter : Part 1 Part 2  Part 3

SECTION TWO, Fae: Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

SECTION THREE, Seeker : Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10

SECTION FOUR,  Faith: Part 11

Part 12 begins below the break 

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[ATTACK] Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Kana: ムーン・ゴージャス・メディテーション
Romaji: Muun Goojasu Mediteeshon

Users: Super Sailor Moon, Double Moon (episodes 128-129, SuperS movie)
Item required: Kaleidomoon Scope
First appearance: Episode 128
Last appearance: Episode 162


  • Sailor Moon could not perform this attack unless Pegasus was present. Well aware of this in episode 143, Fisheye had had his lemures create an energy dome to prevent Pegasus from lending his power to Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibimoon. While Double Moon did execute Moon Gorgeous Meditation in the SuperS movie without the aid of Pegasus, some fans do not consider the film’s events to be canon.
  • An abbreviated version of this attack appeared in episodes 128 and 129. Sailor Moon did not use the vocal call until episode 130, though.
  • This technique was highly successful in terms of defeating an enemy. The only time Moon Gorgeous Meditation ever failed was in episode 162, and that was because Zirconia neutralized it.
Day #1: Circle Casting Chant.

Dear Readers,

What better way to start off the blog than to write about the first circle casting chant I ever learned. 

Circle casting at that time to me was but a vague concept of space delineation.

My first book on The Craft, The Idiot’s Guide to Wicca, by Denise Zimmerman, was never really clear on what exactly a circle was or why I needed one in any detailed way I understand now. 

All I knew was, I HAD to cast one before every ritual and then take it down afterwards. And it somehow made the space I was in special for magic. After reading Paul Huson’s Mastering Witchcraft, I came to agree that the circle is a field of protection against unwanted outside forces. That’s why you cleanse the ground first, to remove any negative influences that seek to harm you, and then you set up the shields, so the bad doesn’t get trap inside with you. The circle also acts like a focus lense, to contain the power raised, helping give it shape, before you send it through the circle into the greater world. Because the circle is made up of your energy as the focus, it will follow your will, letting in and keeping out what you will. So buckle down your mind and focus. Remember, the power you channel through you is focused through your intent, so as you intend, so will it be. So understand what you are doing or before you do it, and so will your power. Really some might argue that you would need to understand you need to intend for things, and your power will follow the focused intents in order for your power to do so. And that may indeed be the case. But witchcraft is not just philosophical ruminations, fun as they may be. What I do know as ninety nine percent sure in my distinguished running on six years career as a witch is. Your power follows your focus, over a duration of time, and is in turn shaped by the intent you focus on before you push with your mind it into the world to do what you have programmed it to do with your focused intent. 

So let your mind be involved throughout the process. 

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Harvey Beaks | Opening Theme [Extended]
(Q: What do DEVO, OINGO BOINGO, & BAUHAUS all have in common?)

I have a clear vision of my teenaged self in the early 90′s riding a bus after school doodling the logos of my favorite bands on my school books & folders. The DEVO logo was simply their four disjointed letters and a red “Energy Dome” hat. The OINGO BOINGO logo was this cool skull with a cowboy hat & cigarette. BAUHAUS had the best logo with this enigmatic geometric profile of a face (That one was the most fun to draw).

These bands, and many others, were reminders of what was most important to me at that point in my life. The members of these groups and the music they made existed on some distant holy plane of unobtainable cool. They were almost unreal to me. They were, and are, my heroes and sources of constant inspiration.

As a grown-up, I’ve been lucky enough to cross paths with some of my musical heroes. In the worst cases, they’ve been dismissive and rude, but in the best cases, They’ve become mentors and dear friends. So this year when I was recording the main titles to Harvey Beaks, I thought to myself, “Why not ask some of these guys to perform on it?” Over a week’s time in January 2015, I was able to put together a Bizarro World super-group that featured members of DEVO, OINGO BOINGO, and BAUHAUS to perform on my 30-second opening theme! David J (Bauhaus/Love & Rockets) on bass guitar, Steve Bartek (Oingo Boingo) on acoustic guitar and sitar, and Bob Mothersaugh (DEVO) on electric guitar. I also tried to enlist David Lovering of the THE PIXIES to play the drums; but alas, scheduling didn’t permit it.

I’m very aware of how difficult it is to be successful in this business and I have to pinch myself constantly when I realize I’ve been able to follow through on some of the whims of my childhood. My goal is still to make an impression on young people with MY music, the same way these guys did for me. And I am grateful to Steve, Bob1, and David J for playing such an important role in my upbringing, and now being a literal and permanent part of my music!

Hail! Hail! Rock n’ Roll!


Do not let anyone ever make you feel like you aren’t a “good enough” DEVO fan.

Do not let them ever tell you that you aren’t a good enough DEVO fan because you don’t own enough DEVO memorabilia.

Do not let them ever tell you that you aren’t a good enough DEVO fan because you don’t wear your Energy Dome often enough.

Do not let them ever tell you that you aren’t a good enough DEVO fan because you are missing one or two of their singles on vinyl.

Do not let them ever tell you that you aren’t a good enough DEVO fan because you don’t own DEVO frontman and co-founder Mark Mothersbaugh’s postcard book Collected Facts & Lies, which includes cards that are playful, strange, and absurd, sure to inspire artful correspondence.

Do not let anyone ever make you feel like you aren’t a good enough DEVO fan.

DEVO’s Energy Domes

“ We designed them (their hats), Jerry and I. We were influenced both by German Bauhaus movement and geometric fashion, and Aztec temples. We just liked the look. It looked good, and it didn’t look like any other bands out there. We weren’t interested in wearing groovy hats or groovy clothing. We kind of looked like Lego toys or something by the time we got those on our heads, and that was a positive thing.”

-Gerald Casale